Lightly, Ardently IMPcap Ep 5


If I’m dying, I’m going to live recklessly


“Will you go out with me, Noh PD-nim?

For just 3 months.”





Of course! A huge star just asked me out!





Let me just die.




No such thing as keeping it down at this restaurant






Should I just marry you?


No. You’re too good for me.






I’ll only work with Noh Eul







Whoa, I lost my job and I just got dumped.

It’s just a bad year, that’s all. Lets keep it up.





남(의)편              talking to        개새
(Other’s side) talking to (Son of a Bitch)








Thanks for informing me that I can woo you


“I don’t have a husband so of course I don’t have kids.
Because I don’t have a house and no pride,
I live at my friend’s house, why?”




That guy you just called a psycho

saved you your job.






Because I love you to death,


I’ll feed you enough salt to preserve you forever.






Noona, be careful of Shin JoonYoung’s fans.


They’re the real psychos.





the girl I liked asked to marry me.




Of all people to fangirl over,

why Shin JoonYoung? WHY?!




World’s coldest mother




At Shin JoonYoung’s concert


People who liked him and people who don’t like him.
Came and didn’t come.




You must have the best Oppa in the world

If just his one outburst has you crying like that.




Now I really see…


how far he’s gone away from me.






No longer a prosecutor-wannabe


but an untouchable star






The wife that isn’t that clueless about Shin JoonYoung.




That’s my pride and dignity I’m buying back!







Thanks for confirming that you’re completely single and woo-able.








I’ll publicly confess to you if that’s what it’ll take for you to accept me.




Nope, Love doesn’t work that way.

In fact, you just made it worse for her.




How can you look proud for doing this?




Because you didn’t choose me,

I went with the guy that did.


4 thoughts on “Lightly, Ardently IMPcap Ep 5

  1. I just watched Episode 4 and now I’m moving on to Episode 5. I actually never expected to like this drama but surprisingly, I’m liking it. I’m liking it a lot. I don’t like it as much as I will be willing to sell everything for W, but I like this. Hehehehehe.


    1. HAHAHA, sell everything for W.
      But yes, it was surprising that I picked this one up too, since I’m super allergic to melodramas. Seeing Kim WooBin and Suzy play their roles, it’s now evident to me that they’re not exactly the best actors but they are very natural and charming.
      It just occured to me that W is perfect for IMPcapping. It’s like making a webtoon out of a comic.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. No they aren’t. But we can’t deny that they bring as much heart as they can to their characters. But I have a feeling that I shall watch the last episode of Uncontrollably Fond/Lightly Ardently (ep.20) before the last episode of W (ep.16) because I need to brace myself just incase the former goes full melodrama and actually does kill off Joon Young. That way I can be guaranteed my happy ending with “W”. Wait, the writer will give me a happy ending for “W” right? She’s not failed me in the dramas I’ve seen so far so I shall be holding onto my hats. As for our Kim Woo Bin/Suzy melo, I’m preparing the tissues.


    1. Ha. Ha. I don’t know. I don’t know what to expect with W’s writer at all. Writer Song JaeJung gave Park SunWoo such an ambiguous ending. And barely saved the romance in Queen InHyeon’s man with a questionable mobile phone.


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