Police Unit 38 Ep 11

It’s an episode full of twists and reveals, though JungDo breaks a lot of hearts while trying to heal his.


Police Unit 38 Episode 11:

Back to when our duo were still itchy, smelly and devouring their lunch, once SungIl had gone off to pay Bang MinAh a visit, JungDo had called Chairman Wang to let him know that he’s starting his real con.

At the same time, Mayor Chun is summoned by Bang PilGyu and on the way to the meeting place, he worries that it’s going to be about something big and severe. Severe it is, because Bang PilGyu didn’t come alone. He’d come with the big boss, CHOI CHUL-WOO (Lee HoJae).

While JungDo gets a ride from an unseen man to Bang PilGyu’s house, Mayor Chun sits nervously with the two rich guys while they eat, not very hungry himself at all. Choi ChulWoo dismisses Bang PilGyu, who’s surprised at the turn of events, since he’d thought that they were meeting for his case.

JungDo reaches Bang PilGyu’s home and since the owner of the house is not there, he speaks to Bang PilGyu’s wife and all it takes is for him to introduce himself as Kim KyungAe’s son to gain access. Bang PilGyu is called home immediately.


Alone, Choi ChulWoo asks why Mayor Chun hadn’t told him about anything, wondering if it’s because he’s worried that his daughter will get implicated. The scene cuts to SungHee at work, clearly implying that she’s the daughter they’re talking about.

Choi ChulWoo warns Mayor Ahn not to keep anything from him any more since he can just pick another more obedient dog from the numerous people waiting to become mayor. Choi ChulWoo warns that if he won’t be nice and abiding, he’ll take his actions as a betrayal. Meeting over, they meet with Commissioner Ahn, who informs them that Bang PilGyu has taken off. Yes, without even bidding them goodbye.

JungDo waits for Bang PilGyu and when he arrives, the guy has the gall to laugh. He asks JungDo if he really did all that in revenge for his mother, who was a director at his illegal pyramid company, and JungDo replies that he’s also here for his father, Detective Yang.

JungDo admits that our gang has already taken all of Bang MinAh’s antiques and sold them all, something that SungIl is currently informing Bang MinAh of and just like they’d coordinated it, a call comes from Bang PilGyu’s daughter, confirming JungDo’s words.


That doesn’t humble Bang PilGyu at all, who simply praises the young uns for being smarter than their parents. He laughs that even if they submit the money in as taxes, he’ll get it out through Mayor Chun. JungDo isn’t impressed, and so he calls SungIl, like we saw last episode and says that he can’t submit the money as taxes. Like that, there’s no way that Bang PilGyu can get that money back without going through JungDo himself. HA! It’s a pretty smart way to force his hand, if I may say so.

All JungDo wants is an apology, for making his innocent mother the sacrificial lamb when his company was going down and for framing his father and ultimately sending him in on bribery charges. As long as Bang PilGyu apologises, JungDo is willing to return the $48.99 million he’d gotten from the sale of Bang MinAh’s antiques.

Bang PilGyu gets so furious that lets slip a “you bastard” right in JungDo’s face.

SungIl, now panicking, calls HakJoo and lets him know that JungDo has swallowed Bang PilGyu’s money for himself. From his, MiJoo and JaWang’s reactions, the rest of our gang hadn’t been in on this part of JungDo’s plan.

JungDo gets offended by Bang PilGyu’s cursing at him and calls BangShil, who was just waiting, to carry on with their plan, since Bang PilGyu apparently doesn’t want his money. He gets up to go and Bang PilGyu calls him back with a very rude “YAH!” and pulls that “do you know who I am?” shtick.

But nothing beats money, because he mutters an “I’m sorry” in plain speech. That’s not good enough, and JungDo demands it in Jeondaemal (polite speech).

While BangShil goes to the roof top of a certain skyscraper (what are you going to do there?), Bang PilGyu tries again, this time in pure polite speech while listing all of his faults. It’s still not good enough for JungDo who really wants a sincere, deep from the heart apology. Bang PilGyu hesitates, so JungDo helps him along by repeating what he’d cruelly said to JungDo at JungDo’s father’s hearing when he was sentenced to jail: “Don’t let what happened get to you. That’s life. We have to bear it.”


Bang PilGyu gets desperate and falls to his knees but it just really looks like a terrible show to JungDo and so he calls BangShil to carry on with the plan: throw Bang PilGyu’s $50 million off those skyscrapers and onto the people walking below.

As money literally rains on the surprised passer-bys, still face to face with Bang PilGyu, JungDo comments that the money is returning back to the people, to whom it belonged in the first place.

SungIl barges into HakJoo’s office, where the rest of the gang are beside themselves with worry as they still have no idea where JungDo is.

News of the falling money is broadcasted throughout the city, and everyone from DeokBae, SungHee and Mayor Chun learns of it.

Once he’s done, JungDo calls BangShil who’s busy walking in the middle of that money-rain. She tells him not to thank her or be sorry that they didn’t make any returns even though she’d spent so much on their con jobs as it was Chairman Wang’s money that she’d used to help him all those times. She’s more interested in whether SungIl will be okay but JungDo doesn’t say anything to assure her of that. For the last time, he wishes her well and promises that he won’t ever call her in this lifetime, after she honestly says that she’d only helped him because of Chairman Wang.


At JungDo’s apartment, SungIl drinks like a fish while MiJoo cleans up after him. How’d you two get in there? In any case, MiJoo is done waiting for JungDo and bids SungIl goodbye, since she’ll be on the run from now on. Even though she’d continued working for JungDo despite being threatened by a detective (JaeSeong), she was betrayed by him. But she doesn’t have much ill will towards JungDo because when SungIl swears that he won’t forgive JungDo, she tells him not to hate him too much. After all, he didn’t take the money for himself but returned it to the people.

Choi ChulWoo sees the news on his television and pays Mayor Chun a visit. At the City Hall, he’s greeted by a nervous Commissioner Ahn who tries to rearrange the meeting to somewhere else more private. Choi ChulWoo says that he’s a citizen, even if he’s one who doesn’t pay his taxes and righteously says that he has every right to enter the City Hall. What animal’s skin is thicker than a sperm whale’s? Because I think we have the answer right here.


Choi ChulWoo demands to know what Mayor Chun will do about the chaos from now on and supplies that they should be cutting off their tails because if they don’t, the investigation into Bang PilGyu’s money will direct the law officers to him.

Therefore, he’ll drop Bang PilGyu like a hot potato and send him for a nice long vacation behind bars along with his two kids. Like this, the link between the dirty money and him will be all gone.

The other tails in the form of Baek SungIl from Division One and Commissioner Ahn get cut off too and the corruption that he’d made them do as favours for him can no longer be linked back to him.

Our SungIl sees Commissioner Ahn get carted away and surprised, he calls out to. Commissioner Ahn fights his guard and demands to know if this was all SungIl’s doing, addressing him as “Hyung”. SungIl returns the question with a confused expression and Commissioner Ahn hisses that he’ll tell the authorities all about SungIl’s side job as a conman.


Talking about SungIl, he’s Choi ChulWoo’s next target. Mayor Chun seems draw the line at that and Choi ChulWoo lets him solve that matter himself. However, he also requests for the disbandment of the tax collection team.

While SungIl sits in a daze on a bench in his office building’s walkway, SungHee calls SungIl, chiding him for taking a sudden day off. There’s no heat in her words, just pure worry as she looks at the news of the raining money and asks if he’s okay. SungIl assures her that he’s just fine and promises to meet her early at work tomorrow. They end the call and SungHee lets out a helpless sigh, then goes to clean up SungIl’s desk.

Even if Mayor Chun seems hesitant to disband the tax collection team because that’s the division that the public likes the most and has the most interest in, Choi ChulWoo presses that it must be done, because he’s too big of an offender to that division. As a guy who has $100 million in tax arrears, he can’t let them continue to exist. He advises Mayor Chun not to worry too much about public sentiment, because in his opinion, the public is not to be protected but to be shoved around, because without rich guys like him, they won’t exist. He sets the deadline for Mayor Ahn, and wants the tax collection team gone within the year.


HakJoo waits outside BangShil’s office and calls SungIl when she arrives back. HakJoo gets out of his van along with all his butchers. Ha, JaWang is with them, looking just as big but totally out of place.

HakJoo and his boys face off against BangShil’s daughter Choi JiYeon and her men in black.

JiYeon tells them to run off before they get hurt and HakJoo lets his boys do just that. No one moves, except for JaWang who’d come with a pig’s leg, ha!

With no other alternatives, since she can’t bring JungDo’s head like HakJoo demands, she tells her men to take care of this, though she commands them to go easy on HakJoo and his guys.

Hur, a short time later, by the time SungIl comes, HakJoo and gang are all beaten down and on their knees. JiYeon informs SungIl that BangShil would like to see him and leads him to BangShil’s office.

SungIl asks BangShil where JungDo is and when she replies that she doesn’t know, he asks why she’d betrayed them. She doesn’t think she did that, since all she did was follow her boss’s orders. SungIl continues to demand to know where JungDo is but she really doesn’t know. She would really like to help him though, because he’s a good person, and gives up the only clue she has.

She reminds him of the time when they were taken in by JaeSeong and tells him that there was someone who’d called her to go help JungDo and the rest of the gang. She’d recorded the call and when she plays that recording for him, SungIl is shocked to hear DeokBae’s voice, loud and clear.

SungIl heads over to DeokBae’s workplace and steely says that he’d checked with the Regional Investigative Unit, where DeokBae had claimed to have a colleague who got that file of a list of people someone in jail (JungDo) had requested for, and had learned that DeokBae’s colleague doesn’t exist.


He demands to know DeokBae’s relationship with JungDo and erupts into a scream when DeokBae asks to take this outside. SungIl refuses and punches him. It takes everyone in the station just to hold him back and the bear turns furious, screaming that he was DeokBae’s long-time friend, so how could he do this to him?

Later that night, DeokBae and his long-time friend speak over soju.

DeokBae explains that JungDo was his mentor’s son. What he meant was that a long time ago, JungDo’s father, Sa JaeSeong and he were in a team. They’d been one of the best teams, with the highest arrest rates in all of the country. However, one day, JungDo’s mother falls into Bang PilGyu’s pyramid scheme and JungDo’s father and his team starts to look into the case, having found it fishy. It was high profile, with lots of media interest but suddenly, everything just went down the drain, with Bang PilGyu pinning the whole con on JungDo’s mother, buying Sa JaeSeong over and framing JungDo’s father for bribery, which eventually sent him to jail.

JungDo had tried to come up with a con to take revenge for his parents but had gotten caught by Sa JaeSung. Just like that, within a few months, JungDo’s entire family got sent to jail. JungDo only barely escaped long term incarceration by acting as dumb as a moron during his interrogation and innocent and naïve as a baby.


The truth sobers SungIl and he easily concludes that JungDo had planned his new con job while he was in jail, making sure that he has escape routes this time. He guesses that JungDo approaching him earlier was no coincidence and his initial car-buying con was no mix up. He accuses DeokBae of suggesting him to JungDo as the fall guy, bringing up all those things he’d done in the past that a good detective would never do.

In flashback we’re reminded that it was DeokBae who’d brought up JungDo while offering to catch SungIl’s conman, DeokBae who had provided JungDo with the amount that Ma JinSeok had owed in taxes, DeokBae who had offered to release JungDo over and over again if SungIl wants it. DeokBae had even allowed JungDo to make a call in jail through his cell phone. Even though he’d once worried over SungIl possibly getting fired, DeokBae had still gone through with it.

With all that, SungIl can only conclude that DeokBae was in cahoots with JungDo to set him up as the fall-guy.

DeokBae tries to clear his name and explains that all he ever did was connect him to JungDo. After all, it was also SungIl’s wish to take revenge for his brother-in-law MinShik and it was also SungIl who’d always pitched a fit, saying that he was going to get Bang PilGyu and all those who sent his brother-in-law down.

SungIl doesn’t accept that as enough reason to send him down the rabbit hole and weakly says that he’s going to catch JungDo. And when he does… he’ll do something. I don’t know what that “something” is, because he never finishes his sentence.

Elsewhere, Choi ChulWoo gets off his car alone at a very average neighbourhood. He stops in his tracks, sensing something wrong but soon continues on his way. In the shadows, JungDo watches him go.




Whoa. Remember last episode when I said that I would remember writer Han JungHoon’s name forever? I’m changing that to “it has cemented itself in my brain already”.

This whole episode is like an argument for why petty con jobs always rush their victims – because when given time to think, the loopholes will always be found. However, if given enough time, the perfect crime can be made and more cons can be created just to cover up any loopholes in the bigger job, just like JungDo did this episode. Or basically like Na PD does in all the Youth Over Flowers series, hur.

With episode 11, we’re getting to the real meat of the story, which is JungDo’s, and I’m pretty sure that we’re going to find out what happened 6 years ago soon.

It says so much about JungDo’s personality and character that even though he’d kept MiJoo out of the loop and essentially conned her too, she still took his side and told SungIl not to hate him too much. The fact that he was able to get DeokBae (ha, surprise of the year), Chairman Wang and therefore BangShil on his side… I didn’t need to be told that he’d cleverly acted ignorant during interrogation to know that he’s a smart guy. I’ve always said that he impresses me with his ability to quickly read situations and how he understands people and though all along I knew that he’s been manipulating people, this episode was the one that took it one level higher and made me think that he’s actually a better manipulator than YooJung from Cheese in the Trap or Lee YoungOh from Beautiful Mind because he does it so naturally and never reveals himself in the middle of the con or even after the con unless he explicitly says it. Plus, the advantage that he has over the latter two is that he’s very clearly in touch with his own feelings.

Seeing the arrogance of Bang PilGyu at the start of the episode made me scoff in disbelief at his gall to act so high and mighty. He isn’t even some magnate who really does proper business but a con man who scams thousands of people under the guise of a company. He’s not Samsung or Hyundai and it just astounds me to see him already be so insufferable about his riches when he’s really just such a small fry. Heh, I’m now thinking that if Chaebols actually turn out normal, then they’re the special ones since it seems like money can really warp a person’s sense of ethics, morals and meta-perception.

Chul ChoiWoo’s readiness to drop his long-serving right hand man just like that didn’t surprise me at all but Mayor Chun’s willingness to go through with his suggestions to send in his subordinates did catch me off guard. Maybe it’s my biasness (I once said that I think he’s corrupt not because he’s greedy but because it’s a necessary evil to give him the power he needs to implement real change) but I really didn’t peg him for someone so callous, though as with all things in this show, since we haven’t actually seen anything happen to Commissioner Ahn and Baek SungIl from Division One save for them getting arrested, I can’t really say that he’s really abandoning them with full confidence right now.

Choi ChulWoo’s line about the public not existing without rich people really ticked me off because if you really think about it, the ruled and the ruling have a two way relationship, not one way. The rulers only get to rule because the ruled allow themselves to be ruled and the rich are only allowed to stay rich and have all their powers only because of the masses that abide by the rules and laws of the country. Sure, big money may be able to influence such rules and laws, but when the people as a whole decide that enough is enough and they don’t want to play nice anymore, you get your local version of the Arab Spring. Money doesn’t mean anything when I can just shoot you and having deeds don’t mean anything because I can just steal from you. You won’t even have a business if your employees just decide to cripple it by all going on strike or if the consumers just take from your shelves. One person may not do a lot, but if you piss off a whole bunch, be prepared to face their wrath. If you want to last long, don’t you dare order people around or trample on their dignity; you have to gain people’s respect.

Choi ChulWoo shouldn’t be getting so smug and thinking that he’s god because even the rich can fall from grace, especially one so dirty as him. (He has a whole business just to con people!!) Just look at what happened to Lotte Group in just the past few months. I’m not even sure how big and strong he is, because he doesn’t say “Look what I’ve done for the country” but rather “Look what I’ve done for the Seowon city”. When your claim to power is just doing something for a precinct, not even an entire country, I think you better not act all that high and mighty. I’m not even sure if he’s actually contributed to the wellbeing of the citizens other than through normal economic means where he gets to benefit from every exchange, because from what I’ve learnt from Bang PilGyu, these people think that giving their employees their due salary in return for good work done is equivalent to donating money to them. Come on now, let’s be real. You’re just a businessman, not god. Nothing is free in life. Not for the masses and definitely not for you too.

2 thoughts on “Police Unit 38 Ep 11

  1. I think Jung Do has to be my favorite Seo In Guk character. I thought Hyun would hold that title but Jung Do’s won it. I mean, woah. Talk about an episode that’s totally blown everything I thought I know out of the water. I’m still trying to recover from the shock of it all O_o


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