W Ep1 Part-cap

Testing out what W would look like if it were in comic form:

In the 2006 Athens Olympics, there was this guy, KangChul, who was fighting to win the gold medal in piston shooting.




He messed up his 2nd to last shot.




He took his time for the very last shot, shooting only in the last minute.




The gamble paid off and he got gold.




But one day, this parents got murdered. First his mom,




then his dad.




Then his younger brother and sister, right in their home.




Because the pistol used to murder them was his, he got summoned. He didn’t get a very nice prosecutor.




Here’s an ajusshi telling him that they buried his family without him. *sad tears*




He goes to court.




The prosecutor asks for the death penalty for him. I think they need to investigate more because it seems like Kang Chul doesn’t agree.




In another world where pigs live,




I mean, exhausted doctors live,




A crazy dogc calls our lady, Oh YeonJoo.




She hurries all over the hospital to find him




Just to hear that he’s a fan of her father’s work.




Well, no problem, because she’s a fan too.




Doc tries to find out spoilers for the last, unpublished chapter of the comic that her father wrote, and is on the brink of carrying out a malpractice just to do so. Addiction kills, people.




She’s so overjoyed that she may get the opportunity to kill someone that she calls her father’s assistant to weasel out the ending from him. Only thing is, her father’s gone missing.





See, he was in his office at 9 pm. And then gone at 10 pm, when no one had seen him leave. Also, he plans to kill Kang Chul. (The above represents two pages, left and right.)




They are very perplexed.




She picks up a picture of Goya’s “Saturn devouring his son” on her father’s desk and is somehow pulled into Kang Chul’s comic world.




She faints and then she wakes up, and the one who’s really comatose is Kang Chul, who has a bullet hole in his chest. See, she’s surprised.




She tells the kitchen staff, of all people, about the situation on the rooftop. Kang Chul’s lungs are filling up and so she needs to puncture it to let him breathe. She does so with a waiter’s pen, praying that it goes as successfully as it usually does in dramas.



Oh he lives!


And this is what happens when the comic “creator” gets tired. The end.


yeah, I think it’s a better idea to just watch the drama.


8 thoughts on “W Ep1 Part-cap

  1. Hahaha. But I still love your part cap though. Although recapping episode 2 took forever for me because so many things kept happening and I kept going back to check it all out. Love me W. Love me so much. And I’m not just saying so because Lee Jong Suk is my number one bias. Hehehehe.


    1. This was such a crazy attempt. Now I know why my manga only comes out once a month and only has the equivalent content of 5 minutes of a drama. This takes too damn long and I wasn’t even drawing it.
      Also, Yes to that W love.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehehe. It makes me understand just how much of a crazy Seong Moo sunk into and now I think of Masashi Kishimoto and Tite Kubo as brothers of his: going mad with having to keep a manga ongoing for over a decade. But I’m also sure it’s because they think like him that they made and are making a mess of the endings their mangas. Thank the universe for Kuroshitsuji and the calmness it brings me


      2. You should count yourself lucky. At the end of Naruto, I wanted the years I’d spent reading and writing and reading fanfic, watching fanfic and scouring the fan sites, back back and even though we’re trudging towards the end in Bleach, I know I’ll be feeling exactly the same way.


      3. Heh, it’s that bad? Back a long long time ago when I was still a certified kid, one of my best friends kept talking about Naruto like it’s the second coming of Jesus.


      4. Oh it’s that bad. Things just took such a nosedive in the final arc that it would have you scratching your head than the worse makjang in dramas. Ask your friend if you don’t believe me. Who knows, she might be one of the few people who actually liked the ending.

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