Yang BaekHee Has Returned Ep 4 FINAL

While answering all the lingering questions, this finale is perfectly lighthearted and warm. You can take a girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of a girl and sometimes, life is just that much better on a island with the people you love and the people who love you than be elsewhere. Plus, it’s so much more refreshing to be able to return to your badass gangster ways, heh.


Yang BaekHee Has Returned Episode 4:

After the emotionally draining confrontation, BaekHee and BumRyong relocate to the garden, where BaekHee asks why he didn’t tell her the truth. He hadn’t think that it would have made a difference and BaekHee admits that she probably would have stayed on the island and raised cattle. He thinks that it’s lucky then that he’d never told her anything but BaekHee doesn’t agree. At least, she wouldn’t have been so sad if he’d told the truth.

There’s nothing they can do now, since she’s married and doesn’t want to make her daughter a divorcee’s child after making her live as a child of a single parent. When BumRyong reaches for her hand, she turns to hug him, thinking that after 18 years of misunderstanding and grief, they should be able to at least do this.


KiJoon returns home and is confused when he doesn’t see BaekHee around. He goes into OkHee’s room and his mood turns sour to see BumRyong’s mother sleeping next to her. He even hears OkHee talking to BumRyong and when they both re-enter the house, he’s there waiting for them, a golf club in his hand.

He snarls and taunts BaekHee, pushing her hard in the stomach with the golf club, making both my and BumRyong’s eyes widen in shock. BumRyong puts his hand on the golf club to stop him and says in a small voice that he understands why KiJoon is angry. KiJoon doesn’t let the matter go though, and sneers at BumRyong to take BaekHee as his wife if still can’t get over her. However, he growls that BaekHee’s old habits will never die, pushing her in the abdomen with that golf club again and condescendingly tells him that she’s the girl in the red socks after all.

It’s that last line that makes BumRyong snap and he grabs the golf club and flings it away. He charges for KiJoon but BaekHee slaps him right in the cheek and yells at him to leave like she’d told her scared that he’d do something terrible just like 18 years ago.


Chastened, BumRyong piggy-backs his mother home, and this time, she’s wide awake and very unhappy with BaekHee, acknowledging that it’s because BaekHee makes him sad that she dislikes her. BumRyong warns her never to go to BaekHee’s house ever again or he’ll go die and she just says that she went because she wanted to see OkHee. He gets angry when she hopes that OkHee finds someone nice like him and then she gets sleepy, sure that she can sleep well now. The last thing BumRyong says to her that night is, “go to sleep now.” She looks too peaceful. Is what I think is happening here happening?

BaekHee sits in her bed, reviewing the desperate begs and the angry curses she’d sent BumRyong on her pager 18 years ago and cries.

In the morning, KiJoon grills OkHee about her mother’s whereabouts last night and she just snaps at him to just come home early if he’s so curious. She knows that he goes to play cards every night and reveals that she knows that BaekHee is paying off his debts. She scoffs to him that her mother’s not his “bread shuttle” (someone you can take advantage of) and declares that she doesn’t want to see her mother live so miserably like that anymore.

When he scoffs, she sneers that he never was interested in being a father or a husband. Therefore, she’s going to become her mother’s protector. He just mutters that she’s taking after her mother and OkHee smiles that she’s actually proud to be similar to her mother.

JangMi comes running to BaekHee’s house and pulls BaekHee aside to deliver the news that BumRyong’s mother had passed away. Oh no, what I thought would happen happened.

She insists that BaekHee pay respects to the elderly but BaekHee is mortified by the rumours that will spring up if she does go there. She warns JangMin not to try and being OkHee there and JangMi isn’t even interested in that, saying that she should just go visit as one of the few friends BumRyong has left. That sobers BaekHee and JangMi adds that he’s completely devastated. OkHee comes out just then and asks where they’re going to but no one answers her.


At the funeral hall, BumRyong looks like death himself and croaks that he’s really all alone now. Loyal friends DooShik and JongMyung chide him for forgetting them. They’re here for him.

BaekHee ultimately decides to pay the funeral hall a visit and the moment she steps into the place, people start talking, wondering why she’s here.

She pays the condolence offering but refuses to pay BumRyong’s mother her respects. He thus tells her to stay for a meal, saying that his mother would really like it and one look the lady’s funeral portrait and the shoes that she’d put on her just the day before at the doorway makes her stop.

She remembers the lady’s last words to her, “live well, you pretty witch” and bitterly sighs that BumRyong’s mother makes her uncomfortable to the end.

OkHee returns from school and then only learns from BoReum that BumRyong’s mother had passed away.

At home, KiJoon finds her in the middle of searching for black funeral-appropriate clothes and is surprised to learn about the funeral. He is suddenly scandalised that OkHee is planning to go there and demands to know if it was her mother who called her over. OkHee give his this LOOK that clearly shows that she thinks he has no brains.


BaekHee does stay at the funeral to eat but has to endure the gossips of the neighbouring funeral attendees who accuse her of being the Red Socks Girl and being promiscuous. When a nasty former neighbour asks her to pour him a drink like she’s a bar girl, she snaps and rails at them asking them if they have proof for what they’re spouting.

OkHee arrives with KiJoon and BaekHee has her by the arm, ready to drag her home.

OkHee insists on paying her respects, since she was close to the granny before and BumRyong, upon remembering his mother’s reason for visiting BaekHee’s house – “because I wanted to see the little witch” – interrupts to asks that BaekHee allow OkHee to pay her respects.

But BaekHee hates it and says just as much: “Even just the thought of her paying respects to your mother appalls me.” Ooof. Harsh.

That offends BumRyong so much that he grabs OkHee by the hand and brings her right in front of his mother’s portrait. He encourages her to pay her respects but BaekHee dares her to do just that, getting increasingly worked up.

Pig in the middle, OkHee says that she’s going to pay her respects and then get out like her mother wants but BaekHee shrills for her to get out right now. That rips BumRyong’s heart to pieces and he asks if she has to be that cruel.

He barely stops himself from giving into a full blown fit and it is BaekHee’s who bursts. She screams at her daughter to pay her respects and then go change into mourning clothes so that she can mourn her grandmother alongside BumRyong. In other words, she just revealed that BumRyong is OkHee’s biological father in front of half of the island’s population, if not all.

She flares at BumRyong, asking if he’s happy now and telling him that he’s just crushed Red Socks Girl Yang BaekHee for the second time.


That evening, BaekHee is a lot calmer and at the beach with OkHee. OkHee admits that the moment she saw BumRyeong, she had an inkling, since she he was her type, ha. She credits that to her being just like her mother and BaekHee suddenly goes into nostalgia-mode and sighs that her father was handsome back in the days. HAHA, OkHee is creeped out by that.

BaekHee doesn’t care and confesses that she really liked BumRyong.  OkHee isn’t surprised, since she’d tagged her mother for being a romantic and BaekHee acknowledges it. She was a romantic, but she wasn’t an easy girl and she tells her daughter not to be ashamed of her. OkHee isn’t. Instead, she’s proud of her mother.

If it were her, she wouldn’t have had the child at 18. She apologises to her mother for taking away her happiness and making her endure the pointed fingers of other judgemental people. Then she thanks her mother for bearing it all and having her and that comforts BaekHee.

That night, KiJoon is still at the funeral hall, though not out of respect for the dead lady but to gamble with the other people there. He’s playing with cheques and 50 dollar notes and laughs that he’s going to make money out of BaekHee, punish her and then dump her.


BumRyong thinks he’s playing too dangerously and when the cops come, he tells KiJoon to run off to the left.

KiJoon does run off but he falls and when he does, he jerks his head the very same way that bastard who had videotaped BaekHee 18 years ago in the club while running away from BumRyeong did. BumRyong notices that and chases him into the bushes.

BumRyong confronts him with a stick and KiJoon laughs that BumRyong is as rash as ever. 18 years ago, if BumRyong hadn’t taken his camcorder, then he wouldn’t have called the police. That video would never have been found and the news about the Red Socks Girl would never have appeared. BaekHee would have been fine and BumRyong would never have attacked that reporter and gone to jail, he says. Everything started from BaekHee’s current husband, this bastard right here.

BumRyong wonders how he’d ever ended up being BaekHee’s significant half and KiJoon smirks that he never intended to just stop at being BaekHee’s stalker. He derides both ladies and BumRyong soon has him by the collar and his hair, hissing that the moment his mother’s funeral ends, KiJoon will die by his hands.

The very next day, KiJoon gets out of his room with a huge luggage in hand and tells BaekHee to be good because he’d installed a security camera right outside their house. BaekHee wearily just tells him to eat his breakfast, even if he doesn’t want to, because it’s the last time ever. She requests that they end their faux of a marriage.

KiJoon refuses to do anything of the sort, not because he loves her – he actually really hates how they’re living right now – but because he dislikes the idea of her and BumRyong being happy even more. What.

BaekHee wonders how she’d ever ended up with a loser like him and that triggers his neck spasm. He recovers and tells her that she’ll regret ever looking down on him then leaves.

Suddenly, JangMi and DooShik dash up, asking BaekHee if she’d sold her house. Why that damned @#%@^!!!!


While they fight over whether BaekHee did or did not sell the house, BaekHee searches everywhere, finding no traces of her signet, the very same one used to approve the sale of the house.

They arrive at the only conclusion, which is that KiJoon had stolen her signet, sold her house and taken the money, essentially robbing her.

She searches the rooms to find it cleared out of everything, save for a basket of red socks and a taunting note from KiJoon.

The next thing we know, she’s throwing tools out of her shed and swinging a jackhammer around her head, forgetting that she’s now delicate, nice Yang SoHee. Heh, Yang BaekHee has really returned.

The first victim of the sledgehammer is KiJoon’s stupid security camera and he sees that outburst of violence happen on his phone, ha. He hasn’t actually left the island yet and he stammers at the boat captain to just go already.


He turns his phone off and Yang BaekHee rejects JangMi’s offer to call the cops, huffing that she’s going to do her job herself.

Luckily for her, JongMyung is on the very same boat as KiJoon and a single call from the gang has him spilling the market ladies’ goods over and over again, effectively stalling KiJoon’s escape.

Meanwhile, BaekHee is driving herself into a snit, refusing to get on BumRyong’s speedboat. That’s the only mode of transport they have to get to KiJoon in time though and BumRyong just hoists her over his shoulder and deposits her on his boat. Off they go to catch the robber, to the theme of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Heh, that sends JangMin down nostalgia road and she narrates that the reunion of the original Becky’s Clique has her heart thumping.

Original Becky’s Clique comes speeding toward KiJoon, which he sees with horror. BumRyong sees BaekHee spotting KiJoon and he screams to catch… her, since he’d known full well that she’d jump the boat and go straight onto the ferry, heh.

She does exactly that and then sends KiJoon down with a fierce kick, HA.

When KiJoon comes to, he’s stared down by ALL of BaekHee’s friends and BaekHee herself. She flips open his suitcase, revealing the cash he’d gotten from selling her house and she demands to know why he’d refused to a divorce when he’d even gone this far.

KiJoon the rat stammers that no matter what, he at least wanted her to be his even if just legally. She doesn’t react to that and wearily asked why he’d posted those malicious comments online.

He’s not that remorseful, calling it payback for her looking down on him those years in the past and notes that there’s nothing she can do unless she wants to completely break her sophisticated Yang SoHee act and reveal to the world that she’s really the gangster, country bumpkin, Red Socks Girl Yang BaekHee.


JongMyung takes offense at that and gleefully points out that BaekHee has friends who can finish him off without risking anything on their part, which intimidates KiJoon but BumRyong sighs that this is BaekHee’s problem to solve. They should butt out.

BaekHee gives up and decides to do whatever he wishes, telling him to go home with her. At first, the rat is happy, but when she loads all the burdens of the head of a household on him, he shrivels. She gives him an out and he caves, signing the divorce papers in exchange for the cash in his luggage.

Happy now, the still deluded rat laughs that the whole thing was all BumRyong’s fault and inadvertently reveals with his own lips that he himself had filmed her and created the very video that turned her life upside down. That’s news to the whole gang except for BumRyong, and while BumRyong instructs DooShik to take his wife out, BaekHee doesn’t even care to wait till that’s done and kicks him in the face.

Several moments later, KiJoon trudges off the island, sleeve gone and nose bleeding, with BumRyong helping him carry the cash while the others lament BaekHee’s choice to let him take her money.


KiJoon has the gall to want them all thrown in jail and BumRyong just calmly tells him that there’s two more days left till the end of his mother’s funeral. Heh, two days later, if he ever sees KiJoon anywhere, that’s the day KiJoon’s going to the underworld. KiJoon lamely calls him a delinquent and scuttles off with his luggage of cash.

BumRyong returns to the gang and compliments that BaekHee did right. Like this, she gets to start over again completely and BaekHee tells the rest to take the day off. They’re adorably confused until she reminds them that she just got divorced and the dear darlings agree to accompany her for the rest of the day. The poor cows though, because without JangMi, there’s no one to make their food, haha.

Becky’s Clique spends that day – where else – on the beach drinking soju and fishing. JangMi tells her that this is not the end of her life and DooShik offers her a job at his cow shed scooping cow poop with a special pay rate of $10 per hour. Haha, money isn’t that nothing in front of friends and JangMi argues to cut that down to 8 bucks per hour.

Rich man JongMyung offers to lend her money to get her a house and BumRyong glares at him. Heh, JongMyung’s helping out only because he still thinks that OkHee is his daughter, not having been there when BaekHee had that outburst, and so does DooShik.

BumRyong has had enough and tells BaekHee to set things straight herself and reveal the truth of what had happened on those days.

She lets out a sigh and asks if the guys are strong enough to handle the truth, singling out DooShik first.

She tells him to give that bracelet to OkHee, the current head of Becky’s Clique, since the bracelet that he’d thought was BaekHee’s… is a legacy of Becky’s Cliques and was actually fitted right on JangMi’s hand that night. Heh, JangMi, is that water you’re guzzling down or soju?


JongMyong laughs at him and is immediately chided by BaekHee. She swears that she was really going to take what he’d done that day to the grave but now, she spills everything. The day he’d almost drown in the sea? BaekHee had brought him back to life through CPR and screamed curses at him. Ha, he’d muttered nonsense after that… and then shat in his pants. OMG, HAHAHHAHAHHAHHAAAAAAA!!!! No wonder she told him to forget that night! She was kind enough to have cleaned his pants in the seawater but wasn’t nice enough to wait next to him through the night and so left that message.

Pssh, what are best friends for if they don’t harshly tease you for that?

Finally, she later sits alone with BumRyong and when BumRyong lets out a sigh, she wonders if he’s afraid that she and OkHee will cling onto him. He actually wishes that would happen, though he feels that he won’t be able to support them in anyway, being as lousy as he is.


BaekHee replies that she never wanted his money anyway and is determined to work hard to survive from here on, since “BaekHee never dies”. Even when people had judged her, even when people had thought she’d died, she’d given everything of herself and raised OkHee well. BumRyong sees through her strong façade and takes her into his arms, which is when she finally succumbs and lets out loud heart-wrenching girlish sobs, never having changed much from when she was 18-year-old Yang BaekHee.

That night, BumRyong sits with OkHee on his boat, with bowls of ramyun in their hands. The air is awkward between them and when BumRyong tries to play dad, she rebuffs his attempts and says that she’s old enough that she doesn’t need a dad any more. However, her mother needs someone to protect her and the child tells the guy to stay by her mother’s side. If he does well, then she’ll think about letting him be her father.

BumRyong doesn’t have much to say to that, so he just reveals that he’d solved their housing problem. He’d gotten a good chunk of money for accepting a job on a big vessel… that’s going to take him away for five years and the girl who declared that she didn’t need a daddy is flabbergasted that her newly found father is choosing to sail far away from her and stay there for 5 years.

BumRyong doesn’t sense anything wrong and she calls her mother, yelling at her to raise her standards in men, since this one is striked out as he’s getting on a vessel.

BaekHee comes to find them, but it’s OkHee who gets all in BumRyong’s face and makes him sit. BumRyong explains that no matter how he thought, there’s nothing else he could offer them except for that money and OkHee storms off in a huff, snapping at the blockhead to go sail for 10 years then and earn enough money so that she can study overseas.


BaekHee isn’t very much gentler with him and when he REEEEEAAAAAALLLY still doesn’t get it, she punches him in the gut and spells it out for him. OkHee never needed much money. All she ever wanted for in all 18 years of her life was a dad.

BumRyong explains that Yang BaekHee is now the sophisticated Yang BaekHee and OkHee herself is a smart girl and so he couldn’t dare to let the loser-like him interfere with their lives. BaekHee gapes, stunned and angry at his way of thinking and makes to walk off. However, BumRyong grabs her back and asks if he really can be greedy enough to want her and swears that this time, he won’t ever let her leave him. BaekHee doesn’t know what to say to that, so ByumRyong swoops in for a kiss. BaekHee doesn’t push him away.

Morning comes and just like 18 years ago, they creep out, though now out of a boat. And just like 18 years ago, there’s a flower in her hair and he goes, “and now there are tw-”


He doesn’t complete the sentence though, because a sudden rush of déjà vu comes over them both and BaekHee frowns that it seems like a bad thing is going to happen. HAHA, is this the coming of OkHee’s younger sibling?

They separate ways at the dock, so cute and so happy. And so childishly gleeful.

Heh, DooShik and friends saw the whole thing, having hidden behind a seawall and JangMi sighs that there’s nothing that can stop the two romantics now.

Time passes and OkHee and her fellow mates are still up to their hot passionately rebellious ways while JongMyung has become the neighbourhood watchdog. DooShik is still fuelling up on raspberry wine and that wine results in BoReum getting yet another younger sibling, hee.

On the island that’s getting filled with “love and fertility”, BumRyong bums around with his two ladies. When he presents OkHee with a flower, BaekHee steals it, saying that the only girl with flowers in her hair on this island is her. BumRyong does his “there are three flowers” thing again and laughter abounds. Lol, BumRyong and BaekHee are so cheesy and lovey-dovey that OkHee gets creeped out.

BaekHee and BumRyong just off to behind her to continue their lovey-dovey ways, nothing able to stop them.

OkHee laughs helplessly and narrates that “the happy Yang BaekHee has truly returned”.




Awesome, awesome, straightforward end to a very light hearted short show which was as warm as the people on Sumwol Island.

It was such a treasure to witness such precious friendship between the members of the original Becky Clique and even if time comes in between and embarrassing stories are spilled, if you have friends like these who stick beside you no matter what, who cares about being sophisticated and worldly? Being gangster Yang BaekHee is the best.

It’s no surprise that KiJoon is the jerk who started it all, though I still really don’t understand his motivation. Was it really just because he was offended by them “looking down on him”? He was so ridiculously petty when he said that he disliked being in a faux-marriage with BaekHee but refused to end it because he didn’t want BaekHee and BumRyong to be happy. It takes a special idiot to give up his own happiness just so that he can see someone he hates not get their happiness and I think this is what we call a hater. Also, I guess there’s no really questioning his motives since his logic doesn’t even make sense to me already. If he weren’t crazy, he wouldn’t have been a stalker I guess.

OkHee’s someone who’s prickly as a porcupine and has this strong mask that she wears all the time. But like her own mother, she’s ultimately a girl inside and still needs her dad. It’s lovely to see her become proud of her own mother after feeling rejected and unwanted all those years and so self-assured now. It’s no longer just an act now and she’s not rebelling because she wants the attention. Right now, she’s still rebelling because she’s a curious kid and has to uphold her reputation as Becky’s Clique’s leader, heh. It’s amazing that the club still exists.

BumRyong was such a tragic character and almost remained that way. He was so lifeless and his “can I be greedy” broke my heart so bad because it’s so clearly a sign that he’s been shouldering so much guilt that his self-esteem had hit rock bottom. For the once promising Taekwondo star that he was to suddenly ask that, ouch. Thus, it was such a treat to see him return to his goofy self when reunited with BaekHee and OkHee’s helpless smile at the very end mirrored mine.

BumRyong also seems to be the perfect guy for those two ladies because unlike KiJoon, he adores BaekHee, has OkHee as the apple of his eye and most importantly, knows when to back off and let them handle things their way. Like when JongMyung and DooShik were fighting over who was OkHee’s dad and when the same two guys and JangMi were itching to flip KiJoon over and under, he’d let BaekHee handle everything herself, content to just support her from the background and for such a hot-headed and independent girl like BaekHee (and her daughter), he’s the perfect fit for them – giving them space to do their thing while always protecting their vulnerable selves.

Uhm, what else do I write? Okay, I apologise for the late recap but since it never seemed like anyone was reading it, I just dragged and dragged and draaaaaaaaaaaged and procrastinated, thinking that no one was waiting for it anyway. Whoever said I had a lot of discipline? Thanks to Ihjj for reminding me. Here’s a toast to you and all of you who’d stuck with this and read through everything.


Recapping takes hours... leave me a comment please? 😜

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