1 Night 2 Days Ep 133

1 Night 2 Days Episode 133: Research of Life during Summer Vacation

Summer vacation continues and that means heading to the country for fun times!

Our guys are sent to do just that, though they don’t know where they’re actually going to. JunHo comments that he’s already used up all his 3 pairs of underwear and DongGu remarks that the real important phrase in that prepatory text must have been “bring three pairs of underwear”. But Yoo PD pipes up and says, “I told you to bring MORE THAN 3 pairs!” OOPS! They take a look outside at the passing signs and JoonYoung pipes that he’d like to go to GokSeong, also the real Korean title of the Korean horror film The Wailing.

But they’re taking the 1 Night 2 Days bus, so their opinions are not taken into consideration at all and the bus heads to SunCheon, the place filled with Korean-style houses. That’s the sight that greets them and when they head to a pavilion, they even see a something that one only sees in the countryside – a lady doing her laundry in the middle of a rushing river.


SunCheon’s not just any place though, because it’s also DongGu’s hometown, the place where he lived in up till the end of his elementary school years and JongMin happily chirps, “SunCheon! The place that DongGu gave birth- ah, no-” HAHAHAHAHA! This is the guy they all lost to in the ChunHyang and MongRyeong quiz this morning?

Not being from Seoul is something that our other guys relate to. JunHo’s from Jeonbuk while global-JoonYoung doesn’t even have a Korean hometown to call home. His is in Jakarta.  Hahaha. JunHo comments in satoori that these country bums have succeeded in the big city.


Yoo PD commands their attention and tells them that they’re going to be playing a very old childhood game – water fights, and they erupt into protests of “I HAVE NO MORE UNDERWEAR!” Hee! He even gives them combat clothes to wear, which are basically pants with heart shapes drawn right where their butts would be. HA!

He doesn’t even direct them to proper changing rooms either, just throwing them some cheap hospital folding screens to hide behind while they change in that open pavilion right there and of course JunHo doesn’t stay still and exposes JongMin while he’s changing, hur. JongMin goes to repay him, exposé for exposé, but then he looks at the innocent kids in the crowd gathered and hesitates. But it’s not Kim JongMin if he doesn’t care and pulls the folding screens away anyway and reveals JunHo wearing the pants the wrong side, so the heart frames his, uh, nuts! HAAA!!!

JongMin shows everyone his butt and does a butt dance, only for TaeHyun to kick him right there, heh.


Once done, Yoo PD continues with his game-explanation again and tells them that they’ll be playing for dinner this time, in a game will last for 30 minutes. Before that time, they must get to Buja Super (literally “Rich-person Super(market)”) and eliminate at least one person in the meantime. That elimination is done by successfully getting one’s water within the heart on the opponent’s pants. Hee, 1 Night’s choice of target is always cute.

The tools that each member gets differs too – there’s a commando’s (water)-gun, a pistol, water balloons, a small basin of water, an industrial pesticide spray machine and a pail of water with a scoop. Ha, it’s obvious which ones are the better ones. Each of them is conveniently filled with coloured water to help us define who killed whom later in the game.

Ha, JunHo plays with the industrial pesticide spray, first using it like a sniper’s gun and then like a dentist’s suction tube. “Suction!” he screams, and then opens his mouth and sprays his own face, ha.

The guys play rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets to set the order in which they get to choose the boxes that hide the weapons and DongGu wins it. He therefore starts ranking the guys, with him first, then Defconn and so on, choosing JongMin to round up the end again, HA.

So they pick their boxes and DongGu gets a really good one – the water balloons and a bag to store them (if he runs out, he’ll have to come back to reload), while JoonYoung gets the Commando Water Gun. Hur, the two young-uns share a high five, deciding that they’re set for the game. Defconn gets the worst one, the basin of water while TaeHyun gets the industrial pesticide pump. Heh, they’re so not happy, especially TaeHyun, who whines that the spray doesn’t even pack enough power to send a wet spot that shows his water’s colour. Lastly, JunHo gets the pail of water with the scoop while JongMin gets the small water-pistol.

They’re given sometime alone to check out their equipment and TaeHyun exclaims in jubilation when his industrial pesticide spray manages to shoot out a deadly squirt of water, packing both power and distance, while he was tinkering with its spout. Hah, his lousy weapon just became the best one of the bunch.


JongMin tries to sneak-attack everyone right there and then, making our guys all suddenly defensive.

Yoo PD gives them one minute to head off before the game starts but that’s not enough time for Defconn who has to carefully balance his one basin of water and he requests for 5 minutes, hee. The request is ignored and as all the others move off in the direction of Buja Super, or something like that because not all the residents know where it is, JunHo’s the only one who stays at the pavilion and waits. JoonYoung even uses his Commando Water Gun to force JongMin to take the other road when they come to a Y junction.

Once he sees none of the guys in sight, JunHo heads the very opposite way, ha, thinking that he’s clever. However, Defconn follows right behind him, hah!

Just a few seconds left to the end of the minute, TaeHyun still plays with the kids while he walks whilst JunHo is already complaining about his heavy bucket, hur. JongMin hides behind a wall in someone’s garden and plans a spring attack.


Game, start.

JongMin immediately runs towards Buja Super when he’s told by a passing cyclist that the others are elsewhere (why’d you hide then?!) and even asks some kids where it is on his way there. They don’t know though, but that not JongMin’s immediate concern because DongGu comes out of nowhere from behind and tries to attack him with a water bomb. He misses and so he tries again… only to hit JongMin right in the chest with it. Pffft!!!

It doesn’t mean anything, because the target is his butt and they circle round and round someone else’s car, that coloured water dangerously sloshing right above it.

Defconn spots them and comes to join the party and JongMin and DongGu agree to team up to take him down. But all it takes is for Defconn to tell them where JunHo is for JongMin to break the 1 minute old partnership and run off, heh. Defconn uses his fingers to splash water on DongGu and DongGu attacks with his water balloons. Ultimately, neither wins or loses, because while DongGu did hit Defconn’s pants, his water never stained Defconn’s heart.

None of the other guys are even close to each other and TaeHyun himself is already lost.

At an intersection much nearer to Buja Super, JoonYoung plays with his water gun. JunHo’s not too far behind, but since neither sees any of the other guys or even each other, peace reigns for now.

Somehow, JongMin manages to take another road and shoot ahead of JoonYoung to become the nearest guy to Buja Super. He even asks someone walking towards him for directions and ha, that guy just walks on to meet JunYoung and inform him of JongMin’s location.

With that, he charges ahead to attack JongMin, though he manages to avoid the water in time. A chase soon ensues and they run down the street, only for JunHo to spot JunYoung running past him. JoonYoung sees him to and cautiously turns to face him, protecting his behind and giving JongMin the chance to slip away. They’ve all taken the fight to right outside Buja Super, their final destination.


Elsewhere, TaeHyun is happily ambling along and runs into 1 Night’s helicam-team. Hah, he takes that opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of the area and even manages to watch the three-way chase between JunHo, JunYoung and JongMin live, even though he’s far, far away. He’s so far away that he figures that he’s safe and takes the time to borrow someone’s electric scooter to play with, HA HA!

In between some heavy foliage, Defconn plays spy, telling his VJ that there must be someone unfamiliar nearby because the dogs are barking. Um, my neighbours’ dogs still bark at me, even after 10 years of living so close by and you’re the unfamiliar guy in the neighbourhood, haha.

Unknowingly, Defconn strides past right the building where JunYoung is hiding in and towards the side lane were JunHo’s hides. JunHo runs up to attack him with a scoop of water and Defconn barely manages to avoid him by backing into a wall. It’s not much defence and JunYoung pokes out of his hiding place to shoot at him with his Commando Water Gun, but achieves nothing other than giving his position away.


DongGu pops up from I-don’t-know-where to deliver a water bomb straight in Defconn’s face, earning the ire of the beast… who just flicks water at him. Hahaha. He runs off down the street, and is shot at by both JoonYoung and JunHo. JoonYoung screams that he got him and a staff goes to check. Nope, there’s nothing there except for the brown stain of his own water balloons. He lives to kill another day!

DongGu runs far away from the scene and Defconn chooses to focus his efforts on JunHo, first flicking water at him with his fingers then choosing to just splash him with all the water in his basin. He empties his entire basin down JunHo’s front and JunHo returns the favour by emptying his entire bucket right in Defconn’s face, HAAAAAA!!!!

Defconn’s still safe though, because there’s nothing within his heart-shaped target, but JunHo’s not so lucky because JunYoung sneaks from behind him and stains his butt-heart proper. Mission accomplished, he leisurely gets to Buja Super.


Pffft, and from nowhere the real ninja, DongGu, appears from thin air, having taken a back route, and attacks Defconn, who simply swings his empty basin around in an attempt to deter him but nothing stops the ninja and Defconn is soon “killed”.

Having run elsewhere, JongMin takes his time to walk back to Buja Super, asking the residents nearby where for directions. It’s like a mini fan-meeting here where he accedes to handshakes and even gets called handsome, haha.

But suddenly, he spots TaeHyun riding by on a bike (was this guy’s mind ever in the game? Or was he just the resident sports equipment tester?!) and runs over to do a clean wipe out while he gets off the bike. Unexpectedly, TaeHyun just laughs though, because he’d already been eliminated by DongGu. Heh, a flashback shows him struggling up a hill on that very bike and DongGu coming from behind to easily take him out. He couldn’t even try to run or fight back just because he was too busy trying not to roll downhill backwards.


For some reason, despite having eliminated 2 people, DongGu runs back to the base-pavilion to restock on water balloons. At this point, the only surviving members in the game are JoonYoung, JongMin and DongGu.

Right outside Buja Super, JunYoung waits for the rest with Defconn and JunHo. He gets a little restless, so JunHo eggs him to go eliminate another person, hur. He gets up… and then sits back down, deciding not to gamble with his dinner. He’ll just wait for them to come to him.

While JongMin refills his pistol, he gets violently attacked by DongGu. DongGu is relentless, raining water bombs after water bombs at him while JongMin ‘s helpless as his pistol is “under-maintenance”.

DongGu eliminates JongMin and gets to Buja Super. They don’t believe that he managed to stay alive for so long and go to check his pants, though of course thinking of something else. They push him a little ways from Buja Super and crowd around him for a look. DongGu just naively shows it to them… which is when JoonYoung sneaks his Commando Water Gun in between all the people and “kills” DongGu, heh!


JongMin comes around squirting at all of them, having been eliminated by DongGu himself. The guys don’t take kindly to his water party and decide to throw one just for him, coming at him with all the remaining water they have left. Ha! JunHo even takes Defconn’s basin and just refills it with water from a nearby pool to splash it right in his nuts.

The game ends, where JoonYoung is the only one survivor.

Yoo PD directs their attention to Buja Super right behind them. The store’s already out of business, but it still holds dear memories, especially to DongGu, but not just because it’s a familiar place in his hometown because the house right behind Buja Super was where DongGu was born and grew up, with his maternal grandparents. Aw!

The guys exclaim in understanding of how DongGu could have popped out from nowhere all the time during their game, realising that it’s because he knew the neighbourhood like the back of his hand, which leads to DongGu explaining that he therefore had a slightly different mission compared to theirs – he had to eliminate three people, not one person, in order to qualify for dinner.

When JunHo points out a name engraved on the entrance to the house right beside the store, DongGu confirms that it’s his maternal grandfather’s name. He calls for his grandparents and they come out, his grandmother especially pleased to see her grandson. She even hugs him close, ignoring his cries that he’s wet.

Heh, JongMin remarks that DongGu looks just like her, laughing that they now know where SiYoon’s handsome features are from. While Grandma and Granddad is fitted with mikes, Grandma shyly waves to the residents who’ve gathered nearby.

When it’s summer vacation, one always thinks of stayovers at maternal grandma’s house, and that’s why the destination for this trip is DongGu’s maternal grandparents home.

Ha, she’s not interested in that explanation and walks past all the other boys to shake  Kim JunHo’s hand, whom she’s a fan of.


Grandma shares that DongGu lived right here until he’d graduated from elementary school, arriving when he hadn’t even yet been a 100 days old. When Defconn asks what he was like as a child, Grandma replies that he was “Ddabong”, which is basically “thumbs up” and of course means that he was the best. He was kind, was polite and greeted everyone well no matter how many times they asked. He’s still the same now and Grandma goes on to say that she didn’t really know much about his looks until he grew up, haha.

JunHo agrees that DongGu was really kind, bringing up the lunch from earlier that afternoon Grandma really likes that DongGu managed to come visit with his 1 Night 2 Days castmates, calling them excellent people. Seems like Yoo PD doesn’t agree though, because the captions… haha.

Yoo PD announces that today’s dinner will be at granny’s place and Defconn sighs that it must be the best food in the world.


Our boys enter DongGu’s childhood home and proceed to view, comment and exclaim all over his family portraits and pictures. There’s a portrait of his grandparents posing for their 50th wedding anniversary. There’s even a picture of SiYoon with his grandmother at his army discharge ceremony and of course it doesn’t stop there as photos of child-DongGu stream out from their hiding place for all to see. Hah, SiYoon even points out that there’s a girl in all his toddler-day photos and he says that she was his girlfriend.

A certain photo catches TaeHyun’s eye and he laughs that DongGu knew from a very young age that he was going to be on 1 Night 2 Days, because child-DongGu had a thumb up on one hand and two fingers on the other.

Yoo PD asks Grandma what kind of grandchild he was to her and Grandma says that he was the very first grandson born to her so everyone, from his uncles to his aunts really loved and doted on him. DongGu shares that because there were never any electronic games or toys in the home that he shared with his grandmother and grandfather, during the holidays, his aunts and uncles would bring him out to play.

Grandma reveals that she never really brought DongGu to the local bathhouse, always having cleaned him at home and DongGu jokes that he’s going to go on an expose!

He laughs that whenever the grandmas go to the bath house, they’d bring all their laundry with them, resulting in the bath house being covered in washed laundry. Haha, aw. He says that he has super-dry skin type, so whenever he’s scrubbed against, he loses skin. Grandma had once held him down and scrubbed him so hard that blood spilled. OMG, ha.

After that, Grandma never ever brought her grandson back to the bath house and it ended up being the world’s most careful and detailed grandpa who would clean his grandson up, wiping him up with a cloth and changing the water over and over again, just so that his grandson gets clean without getting hurt.

In any case, he really grew up really well and SiYoon says that he just grew up a little differently compared to other kids but he never lacked for anything.


Defconn asks Grandma what DongGu on TV is like to her and she answers that she really likes it. She likes that he has great seniors and points JunHo out, who just forces a smile as he remembers the time when he really taunted DongGu after his table tennis losses, hee!

Grandma is asked to pick who among the cast (minus DongGu) is the most lovable and she points out JongMin. Hahah! She loves his crinkles and his ever smiling face and JunHo complains that she had said that she was his fan! HAA, Grandma puts her foot down and explains that though he does make her burst out in nonstop laughter, the one who looks the most lovable is JongMin.

She says that as the eldest, JunHo will have to lead the rest of the members with his experience and JongMin laughs that he very recently got another experience, referring to when JunHo was conned by his company’s co-partner.

The sun sets and they guys are ready for dinner. They ask Grandma what DongGu’s favourite dish as a child was and Grandma replies that it was Eel soup. DongGu shares that when he was younger, even when he’d awake at 7am, she’d already have gone to the supermarket and Grandma adds that she especially went to the fish market to get the freshest catch.


JunHo sighs that that must be why DongGu is so strong and fast and Granddad says that you can see that from the way he plays soccer. Uhm… hahahaha… The grandparents laugh awkwardly when table tennis is brought up.

It’s really time for dinner and SiYoon says that his grandmother really cooks well. JongMin asks for meat and TaeHyun and JunYoung laughs that he never ever asks for vegetables of any kind.

Grandma learns that her precious grandson won’t be able to eat the food that she’s prepared and the boys direct her to Yoo PD for scolding. “Even if you kill someone, you kill him after he’s got a full stomach!” HAHAHA!

Defconn moans that it’s too much of a pity to send her grandson upwards to Seoul without even letting him eat her food after he’d come all the way down so far. He and JongMin say that they’re okay not eating Grandma’s food but it shouldn’t be that way for DongGu. JunHo doesn’t agree, declaring that he MUST eat that eel soup!

The spread that Grandma prepared comes out and there’s like everything, from acorn jelly, to grilled fat fishes, octopus, pajeon, that eel soup and so much more.

There’s even a delicacy unique to the area, some kind of fermented rice cake that smells a little of alcohol. It’s only available in summer and DongGu shares that when he was younger, he was the class representative a lot and it was tradition to buy some food and distribute it out to his other classmates.

That day, he’d though they would get hamburgers like most people usually get, but instead those fermented rice cakes came, and he honestly was a little embarrassed and disappointed. He wasn’t going to eat it but one bite later, there was no resisting it. Taehyun agrees, and then sighs exasperatedly that his SuChan eats waaaaay to much of it. HAHA!

Everyone hankers for that piece of fermented rice cake, saying that it’s not dinner. It’s a taste of the past! Yoo PD doesn’t relent at all. Wait, DongGu is really not eating his grandmother’s food?! YOO IL YONG PD!!!!! Not allowing people to eat is bad but not allowing them to eat their Grandmother’s food is a CRIME! A CRIME!

JoonYoung really ends up being the only one eating while DongGu and Grandma look on longingly. Grandma comments that when you play a game, you definitely have to win, no matter what, haha. But she plays fair and says that the other guys can only get a bite after the winner is done eating.

JoonYoung takes a sip of that eel soup and likes it. Then he likens the experience to when you go over to a friend’s house and that friends mother would sigh, “oh, why did you come today when we don’t have anything special to eat”, only to come up with a feast. Haha, that’s exactly what happened when they’d gone to JunHo’s house, where “nothing special”, turned out to be a feast with more than 20 dishes.

SiYoon shares that he even has grandma’s food in his refrigerator in Seoul because she would send things over from time to time.

Yoo PD asks JoonYoung to describe the dishes and he’s like, “me?” so DongGu takes over. JoonYoung eats the food, and SiYoon would describe it and JoonYoung says, “oh, we’re of the same mind!” pfft.


DongGu really describes everything, from taste to texture to how the tastes clash yet match. He should really, really be someone’s food ambassador.

JoonYoung takes a bite of the most expensive dish on the table, and really really likes it. Grandpa pipes up to say that he should feed DongGu a piece, haha.

That gets to Yoo PD because he acknowledges that if they really let SiYoon leave without even eating the food his grandparents had worked so hard to pay, then their hearts would really ache, and lets DongGu play a telepathy game with his Grandma for a chance to eat.

The other members agree and want in on it, though Yoo PD is stubborn like a bull and says that it’s only for DongGu. Defconn is so not happy and asks that they bet on the food once more, and JunHo takes offense at the word “bet”, hee.

DongGu and Grandma just have to choose between Soup and Rice and they both choose Rice. DongGu therefore earns a bowl of food and grandma comes with the huge mixing bowl, hahahaha! She goes to change it to a large bowl-cup and argues that it’s a ramyun bowl so it’s a real food/rice bowl!

She fills the bowl for DongGu and stuffs a whole quarter of a kimchi-cabbage in there but takes it out when Yoo PD remarks that he has to eat it all, haha. Finally, the grandparents faces light up and as DongGu eats, he describes the food again.

The others try to sneak in a chance to eat and Grandma tries to help but Yoo PD puts a stop to that. He lets them call out a dish that they’d like and everyone mostly chooses the rice cakes. JongMin says that it’s because without rice, the other dishes would be too salty and JunHo screams that he’d like rice-soup! HAHAHAHA!

They get to eat if they win against Grandpa in a game of rock paper scissors.


JongMin wins his round and suddenly rattles out a list of how he’d like his mouthful to be like, speaking at bullet speed and getting all excited, ahahhahah, and then goes, “nononono” when Grandma puts fish on his food, because it has bones. Heh, he finally gets his huge mouthful of food and keeps quiet.

Next, it’s Defconn’s turn, he who says that “men put out rocks”. Right behind him, JunHo signals to throw out scissors and Grandpa does just that. HAHA, Defconn attempts to change his choice to rock from a questionable paper and gets disqualified.

JunHo goes next and Grandpa throws out scissors while JunHo throws out rock. That’s how he gets his mouthful of food and the moment he eats it, he looks like he’s in heaven and sighs that it’s such a pity, a sentiment DongGu shares, because they can’t get more.

TaeHyun plays against Grandpa and Grandpa throws out the exact same scissors. TaeHyun wins the game and gets a mouthful of that fermented rice cake.

Defconn complains, sad that he’d the only one who doesn’t get to eat and requests to go again, saying that he has a real good feeling about this. HAAAA!!! This time, Grandpa throws out paper and Defconn doesn’t get to eat to the end. Later, Grandpa admits that it was TaeHyun who told him to put out paper.


The meal comes to an end and soon, it’s time to leave. They all do the 1 Night 2 Days cheer and immediately after they’re done, DongGu turns away, his eyes welling up in tears. We get a flashback of all the times when they’d visited the other member’s family, from JunHo’s who gave them a spread, to JunYoung’s whose mother talked about hearing JoonYoung’s song in the car to visiting JongMin’s father’s grave. This time, they’re here at DongGu’s maternal grandparents’ home for summer vacation.

Yoo PD tells them that they’ll be going to their base camp now, somewhere else. Their time-chart states that it’s time to play hotly and DongGu loudly asks if they’re going into hot water. HAHA.

While Yoo PD checks his papers, JunHo, Defconn and JongMin sneak pieces of that pajeon. And then JongMin goes for another round but is promptly caught by Yoo PD, HAAA!

Yoo PD announces that they’ll be going to GokSeong tonight and the scaredy cats go into shock. JoonYoung says that he’s watched The Wailing and it was too scary. Noo!!!

Before they leave, the staff get to try grandma’s food and Yoo PD is especially insufferable as he practically hunches over the table. Hahahahhaha.

Grandma and Grandpa walk the boys off to their car and DongGu is all smiles for them only letting loose the few tears he really couldn’t hold back once in the safety of the car.

HAHA, and then he’s back to telling the scaredy cats a ghost story just as they’re about to enter a tunnel.


TaeHyun sighs that he won’t be able to drive for a while and JunHo says that he won’t be sleeping tonight. JoonYoung, who’s on driving duty remarks, “not bad”, while putting on a brave face.

They arrive at a completely dark place, with JongMin screaming in the phone that “IT’S NOT HERE!”,  a place that’s not even on the navigator. I don’t think that phrase is going to die soon, haha.

Defconn switches up for driving duty and they turn back, muttering over and over about the road that’s not on the navigator.

They stop at a sign clearly made for them, telling them to start walking to base camp from here.

They’re given personal cameras to film themselves and all the staff get on the cars. The boys try a flimsy attempt at stopping them but they soon find themselves in complete darkness as the car drives off.

HEH, they’re not even doing anything and already they’re screaming that there’s something behind them. There’s nothing though… but I’m not sure because they can’t even hold the camera straight.

DongGu takes over camera-duty and finally we at least get to see something. PFFFT, I can’t believe these guys… They’re just screaming the whole way through and making a heck lot of noise.

They pass by a lady squatting at the side and throwing stones… and then go on their noisy way.




Next Week!

The horrors continue.


4 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days Ep 133

  1. “Ultimately, neither wins or loses, because while DongGu did hit Defconn’s pants, his water never stained Defconn’s heart.”

    Bwahaha! This is even funnier out of context. Thanks!


  2. Thanks for the recap!

    I’ve been missing racing games, so this episode was fun for me. It did look a bit similar to the Running Man name tags type of game, though. But I’m not complaining.

    Looks like DongGu tends to keep his true feelings to himself, at least when he’s in the public or on TV. Perhaps it is due to the show editing , but he seemed to stay quiet despite obviously feeling emotional after visiting his grandparents.
    He still looked like a little loving , and loved, boy next to them 🙂


    1. Yeah, DongGu is a private guy. His cheerfulness sometimes seems like a mask, but to me, it’s not really him putting on an act because he wants to but because it just comes naturally, because he’s protecting himself and others, which makes me feel like it’s natural. That’s odd, isn’t it?


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