Unnies Slam Dunk Ep 16

Unnies’ Slam Dunk Episode 16:

They’ve prepared their costumes, they practiced the dances. They’ve sung and recorded the song and even managed to hit #1 in the charts. They’ve filmed the Music Videos and right now, all that’s left is the live stage.

The ladies reach KBS’ Music Bank 11 hours before their live telecast and already, the rehearsals for the sound system, the lighting and the camera work are fiercely underway. Haha, Suk and JinKyung look completely lost.

They see MADTOWN do their synchronised greeting and decide to create one for themselves. Tiffany’s “Hello, we’re Unnies, please take care of us” is a little too long and they muck it up, ha while practicing. They sit in the audiences and watch as idol group after idol group go up on stage to do their rehearsals, the non-musician members of the team becoming nervous.


They visibly cheer up when JYP joins them and he happily shares about their song doing well on the charts, obviously proud. In the solo interview, he says that he saw the news in the morning and had thought that something was wrong because he just couldn’t believe it, haaa. He credits the success to the sincerity of the members coming through to the audience.

In the present JinKyung thanks JYP for the good music that allowed them to get such good results and JYP jokes that he thinks it was JinKyung putting in that extreme amount of effort that moved people’s heart and got them to where they are. Haha, evil editor makes giraffe-JinYoung hop across the screen.

That does nothing to lessen the nervousness of our idol-newbies and JinKyung even starts praying, hah. She goes out, not to pray alone but to practise more in the waiting room, ignoring Tiffany’s advice to save her energy for later, since she can’t get rid of her nerves and anxiety.

She’s soon joined by the other girls, including performers Jessi and Tiffany and they do one last practice before heading out for rehearsal. HAHAHA, while waiting for their turn, MiRan and JinKyung just can’t hold it in and start doing jumping jacks.


They’re called up and they do their very long introduction. It’s a little out of sync, but still a wonderful one and then they continue to perform, getting a little confused as to where they should stand because it’s their first time. The song starts and they start dancing and though there are little mishaps here and there, overall, the performance makes the audience (I see Sistar) groove to it. JYP doesn’t look ecstatic, but after the song ends, he smiles reassuringly.

As they walk off stage after the rehearsal, Suk wonders what in the world they just did, heh. They review their rehearsal in the waiting room and agree that they didn’t use the stage very well. JYP gives them their last briefing, pointing out MiRan’s less than accurate dance steps, and Jessi’s off-beat rapping. Jessi complains that she’s a bit blank now, because she’s worried about negatively affecting the others if she messes up. After all, it’s her first time on stage with a group.

JYP gets to JinKyung and bursts into laughter. It’s not because she was terrible or anything but because because she really did better than expected. However, she shares the same problem as Suk, in that they both keep looking downwards.

JYP advises them to look at the audience and be natural and tells all the girls that the strictness to conformation to the original plans end at rehearsal. During the live stage, be as natural as possible – even if you make a mistake, it’s fine.

They do a dry run once more with their back up dancers in a spare room and Jessie starts messing around, singing that “I’ve got a bare face on!” And then for some reason, she gets insecure and asks if her bare face looks weird, heh. If yours looks weird, then I must be a monster.

It is dry run time and their choreographer helps to position them out. Over clips of them working hard on the dance, Tiffany narrates that because everyone did their best, she feels like that sincerity can get across to those watching and those listening. They get to the end of one cycle and Tiffany tells them not to move until “CUT” is called, since this is a live show and there’s no redoing it. Hah, JinKyung asks for how long that is. No one knows, so they just decide to follow Tiffany, only moving off when she does.


Sometime later, Jessie calls for the very last dry run and she thoroughly enjoys it, ha.

It’s 7 hours till their performance and Suk checks the real time chart to learn that their song has hit the the roof for three consecutive hours. That means that more than 50% of the users are watching or have watched it within the hour.

MiRan gets called out for shooting while in the middle of her make-up and she really just walks off, hair half done like that, pfft. She joins HyoRin, who hasn’t slept in 27 hours and 30 minutes and soon, they’re joined by the rest of the girls to prepare for the “Behind the Stage” filming. Suk complains when she finds out that they’re paired with newcomers Gugudan, whose average age is just 21.1.

Two of those girls come by just then, all bright and cheerful like new girl groups usually are with their albums. They greet their “Seniors” in perfect unison with perfect smiles and congratulate them for hitting #1 in the charts. In return, Jessie says that real-time charts aren’t important these days, and MiRan agrees – even though they did hit numerous #1s, they’re all not important, haha. Kim Suk adds that today is their last stage performance.


Even then, they’re still #1 as the juniors point out. They hand out their albums and our Unnies rush to find one for their adorable juniors, only to  find that theirs is so cheap that the production staff didn’t even bother to rearrange the photo and save piture-HyoRin’s abdomen from being cut out, haha.

Still that cheap CD is limited edition, since there are only 10 of it in the world and the Gugudan duo are super excited to get it. Suk asks them what their combined age is (39) and then disses JinKyung for being older than that. HA! Gugudan gives their “seniors” a last cheer and our ladies soon return to their own waiting rooms, where Song EunYi has sent some bentos.

They’re not even those cheap one box lunch meals but very beautiful and pretty boxes of delicacies. HyoRin wows that she’s never received these kinds of things while Song EunYi’s friend Suk mutters that something’s wrong with Song EunYi, and then jokes that she must have picked them up on the road, pfft, while sending her a thank you message.

They dig in and there’s prawn and even eel in the box. Wow.

Once done (during which they hit another #1), it’s make up time and the plain-Unnies transform into stunning-Unnies.  JinKyung takes particular “offense” with a camera guy who just won’t get out of her face, ha. She calls home, wanting to make sure someone watches her live telecast. But no one picks up, when just earlier, she was told by her mom(?) to pay her rental fees, hur.

Beautifully made up, our stunning Unnies are introduced via Computer Graphics. 5 hours to live telecast.

Our Unnies busily prepare for a live internet telecast, as is the trend these days and the moment they’re live, Jessie says, “where do I look?” Pfft. Suk is completely frozen.

Idol veteran Tiffany takes the lead and leads them in greeting the viewers. Jessie says hi to the international fans in English while MiRan lip-syncs along, heh, and Tiffany says hi in Mandarin. JinKyung busts out a random “Sawadeekap” and they tell her to introduce herself. Her voice cracks, hur.


Kim Suk almost introduces herself as herself as comedian Kim Suk but corrects to say that she’s number one musician, Kim Suk! And then she goes into this very long explanation about all kills.

Tiffany knows that it’s overkill, but can’t bear to interrupt Suk and so later, when Suk finally takes a break, says that introductions are supposed to be short and sweet and does one just for them. The other ladies follow and soon, they’re all reading the comments, which are mostly about sexy Jessie. There’s even Ra MiRan love. Suk reads some comments and goes, “JinKyung Unnie, Shut up!” heeeee, having read two different messages wrongly because the messages keep shooting up too fast.

Tiffany tells them that this is the time to connect with the fans and JinKyeong suddenly goes into thank-you-speech mode, ha. Tiffany tries to put a stop to that by clapping her hands but JinKyung has no tact and continues on, so MiRan reads from the comments, where their fans are telling them to just get on to the next part already.

It’s basically Unnies’ dance queen JinKyung’s dance time and she narrates it so methodically that someone comments that it seems like she’s on the home-shopping channel, ahha. She speeds though the first step, then during the second step, her awkward moves make everyone burst out in laughter. One commentator asks who’s teaching whom, hur.


She goes on to the third dance step that she calls really difficult and then messes it up towards the end, haha.

Kim Suk calls for the next section and… messes up her words, hee. Please understand everyone! Today is their debut, so they’re inexperienced!

It’s Q& A and they’re asked what their fan club name is. Ra MiRan thinks that it’s “DongSaengs” (little siblings) and laughs that in the morning, she heard “(A)jummas” being touted around heh. Comedian Kim Suk jokes that the fandom name should be called “sister-in-law”. They mess around saying that it should just end in S, so someone suggests KBS. PWAHAHAHA!

However, they finally end up on DongSaengs.

Other questions come in, like “when is Unnies’ second album coming out” and “when are they going to hold a concert”. Haha, Suk whines that they only have one song to sing at their concert and JinKyung adds that after that, they’re just going to sing whatever they like, like at a karaoke. Someone jokes that they should go on the variety show Sugarman as a legend, hur.

A fan requests to see the Unnies’ aegyo so 45 year old Ra MiRan complies with a show that makes my skin crawl, yeesh. Tiffany dances the Shut Up dance in fast forward and then our ladies demonstrate how to do fan chants.

The live chat comes to a close and HyoRin promotes Unnies’ Slam Dunk, the programme. Kim Suk makes it better, by telling people to watch them on Music Bank, take a nap, and then wake up at 11pm to watch them again on Unnies Slam Dunk, haaaa. Just like that the live chat ends.

Back in the waiting room, the ladies are stunned that their song are still ranked first and JinKyung says that it’s the first time she’s ever gotten this much attention.


In her solo interview, she shares that she’s embarrassed and thankful and she keeps thinking, “why?” She doesn’t understand why they’re so well received. HyoRin tells her to enjoy the feeling right now, because it won’t last forever.

Music Bank finally goes live… but they can’t find JESSIE!!!!

Singer Tae JinAh comes to pay Jessie a visit, since her song keeps hitting #1 and Jessie asks if he wouldn’t have come if her song didn’t hit the roof. Suk and HyoRin join them and they present him with their album. He goes speechless, haha. He agrees with them that this is not it, saying that he would have done it prettily if they had tasked him with it.

He asks them if there’s nothing he should buy for them and they reply robotically, no, nope, nothing, oh you know there’s something you want. Kim Suk insists that he doesn’t have to buy them anything. She just wants his bank card, heh. They laugh off the joke.

The other half of Unnies go to pay their senior TaeYeon a visit and to give her their album.

“This looks so empty,” is her comment, HAAA!


She hands them all her professionally done album and JinKyung burns up in jealousy. And then she burns hotter in more jealousy as she moons over TaeYeon’s good dancing skills.

Suk asks for advice for their expressions and TaeYeon acts out her ending shot for them. She tells them not to be too burdened and to enjoy their stages.

Our Unnies go back to their waiting room, where they’re informed that people from KBS have even come. WOAH.

JinKyung super not-used to this level of attention and Kim Suk whines that if this goes on, she’ll get proud, heh.

The reporter for the morning news comes to interview them and JinKyung explains that this is all because of HyoRin’s dream. HyoRin attempts to joke around but is promptly chastised by Kim Suk and JinKyung for being disrespectful on the news, haha. Jessie just laughs that she sounded like an alien. HyoRin returns to her graceful and poised actress self and gives a real interview, as do the other girls. They really do end up on the morning news.

As the time for their debut stage inches closer and closer, newbie MiRan admits that she’s clueless as to how to approach it, while veteran Tiffany just remarks that there was no time to even take a sip of water.

They aren’t even given time to rest, because it’s “Behind the Stage” rehearsal time and they enter a room where everyone is a complete newbie to their roles, even the MC MinHyuk, so there’s no one to save them if they make a mistake, ha.

HyoRin does the introduction for Unnies and she goes, “we have a lot of imperfections, so a lot and love-” HUUUUURRRR…

They go on to JinKyung’s dance time and even the PD in the control room can’t help but burst into laughter. The section ends and HyoRin moans that she can’t ever be part of a girl group ever again.


That important time is closer than ever and everyone gets increasingly nervous. MiRan declares that she has to use the toilet, and HyoRin adds that she, too, needs it. Kim Suk gives too much information as she groans that she needs to shit.

The very last full-dress rehearsal is scheduled next and they stun UKISS when they reveal that their very first debut stage is also a live to air performance. On standby. Cue, to the stage.

They’re welcomed with loud cheers on stage and some guy even screams out, “Jessie, you’re pretty!”

Jessie screams back, “I don’t know who it is, but I LLOVE you!!” Hahhahaha, Suk warns her not to get the dance wrong, probably a little envious, hee.

Sistar does the introduction for them and wheez, they mess it up a bit, ha. Luckily this isn’t the live show.


As our Unnies dance, in the waiting room, our ladies’ staff all have their phones out, recording their every move as shown on the in-room TV screen.

As the ladies come up for their respective parts, the PDs in the control room busily order the various cameras to come on  live, calling for a cut over each time the singer changes. The rehearsal comes to an end and immediately, the ladies check out their full-dress rehearsal recording. While Suk laughs at her haughty expression and how her eyes flit everywhere, JinKyung is also caught on camera looking around for assurances, hee.

They review the video over and over again, amazed at each other’s performances, especially JinKyung’s. Jessie even explains it in detail, “in the past, you were so terrible and even though you’re still terrible now, you’ve improved so much like you just did something even a dead person can’t do.”

Time waits for no man or woman and Music Bank comes on live.

While the new MCs, Kang MinHyuk and Solbin, complete their own welcome stages, Unnies stands by the side, flowers in hand. They’re there to cheer the new MCs on since they too are newbies and once the MC’s stages end, our Unnies get on stage to present them those flowers and to congratulate them, earning screams of excitement from the crowd.

They come together for that “Behind the Stage” introduction again with Gugudan, but this time, it’s live. Totally, utterly live. Kim Suk gulps as HyoRin goes over her lines over and over again, just praying that she doesn’t mess up. There’s a little problem with the filming, since the cameraman can’t film anything below their waists, which is super important if JinKyung is to show off her dance moves. Jessie tells him to film from outside the room, hur.

HyoRin aces her introduction and when it comes to introducing the song, Ra MiRan take over, emphasizing on the name SHUT UP so forcefully that even the PDs in the control room let out a chuckle. Behind her, Jessie and Tiffany can’t even hold their own laughter in, hee.


It’s soon JinKyung’s dance time and the cameraman manages to pull through for them by tilting the camera so that JinKyung’s full body is shown. The PDs in the room laugh again, hur. In just a few minutes, the segment comes to an end, and the cameraman walks off, commenting that even he got nervous.

It’s into the 4th performance right now and Unnies waits in the waiting room until it’s time for the 18th performance, theirs.  Suk enviously watches the young girls pull off the dances and expressions perfectly while MiRan imitates their nasal voice, hee. Young boys come on screen too and the ladies all moon over how handsome they look.

JinKyung gets up suddenly, to go practise yet again, even though MiRan tells her to stop and Suk tells her that she might die (obviously an exaggeration).

JinKyung dances, and dances, thinking back to the time when she was so bad and had it so bad. She’s super uncomfortable and manages to mess up her dance, making her even more uneasy. It’s only 30 minutes to their live stage and she admits that she finds it really hard right now. If she ever makes a mistake, she tells the production crew not to find her.


Her confidence spirals downwards just like that, but she never stops practising, even for a minute.

It is 10 minutes to Unnies’ hotly awaited debut.

JYP comes to visit them and just the sight of him relaxes them. Suk remarks that he’s like the countryside dad coming to give them strength and JYP tells them to just do their best; don’t curse themselves even if they make a mistake.

JinKyung walks out and sees the rain that reflects her feelings right now. Heh, she talks to herself, pepping herself up and then jokes that the door right beside her will be very important, because that’s from where she will either run out into the rain crying or walk into the rain with an umbrella and a happy smile. We’ll know the answer after the performance. Heh.

The Unnies are called for standby.

JYP leads them in one final cheer, reminding again to be as comfortable as ever and forget everything that they’ve been told until now. Just be as natural as ever. It’s all in the expression.

In her solo interview, the PD asks if the ladies will be able to pull off a perfect stage and HyoRin calls it an of course. She has to believe her group can because it’s her group and her dream. After all, her group is so cool.

Meanwhile, JinKyung prays. Hee.

JYP watches the screen in their waiting room and UKISS’ stage come to an end, meaning that they’re up next. One last check, one last deep breath, one last encouragement to themselves. This is the moment to show everything they’ve practised.

And it comes.

The clips recapping all their hard work and tears play onscreen, almost making HyoRin cry. Even JYP is not spared as he complains about getting Goosebumps. 3, 2, 1, start.


HyoRin struts out like a boss, MiRan pulls of her part fiercely, Tiffany switches in effortlessly, Jessie rules the stage with her power, JinKyung even elicits a proud giggle from JYP and easily, they pull off the chorus. Suk calmly leads them into the second verse and HyoRin flawlessly takes over. The cycle repeats, over and over, without a mistake, delighting JYP and the audience. The performance goes off without a single hitch. They ace it.

Their stage had started at 6:06:14, but at just 6:09:54, it’s already over. HyoRin wonders if there’s really no way to make time stop, just for today. They hold their poses and revel in the loud cheers from the crowd, moving off only when the lights go off, a little too fast.

They hug each other back stage while MiRan walks off first to the waiting room, into JYP’s waiting arms. He gives them all long, strong, hugs, praising them for a job well done. Kim Suk barely holds her tears back and Strong-Unnie Jessie laughs that she wants to cry too. They really end up crying, even though they didn’t want to and little baby dreamer HyoRin can’t stop the tears, no matter how JYP tries to comfort her.

Finally, she just runs into the Unnies-group and thanks them for everything. Those are tears of extreme happiness, not sadness. Heh, Jessie carries her.


JYP crows that he really can’t evaluate them objectively, because to him, they were perfect. From expressions, to adlibs, to dances, everything was too perfect, just perfect. They erupt into unabashed screams of “Manse” like little excited kids and the experience finally, ends.

Then, just a short while later, JYP tells JinKyung to do her famous awkward hand movement during the final Music Bank ending stage if she ever gets captured. Hee, she does, complete with that awkward expression and then shoots finger hearts when the camera just won’t move away.

The shoot for Music Bank comes to an end, but there still the last shoot for Unnies’ Slam Dunk. It’s time to say goodbye to JYP and Tiffany moans loudly, since JYP now feels like one of their members.

Kim Suk laments that they’d only paid him 10 bucks for that good song and JYP jokes that he’s gotten requests for a song as good as theirs, but also with the price as low as theirs, hur. With just one project group, his price point tumbled.

He hadn’t even asked for commission or anything even though he’d put in all that time with them and Suk asks if he doesn’t find the song exploding in popularity a pity. HAHA, what do you expect him to say?

He admits that he had wanted to steal the song for Miss A and MiRan jokes that she’ll allow a remake, pfft.

He sighs that he regrets being a little too harsh on them, realising it only after watching the broadcasts and Suk adds that even looking at him makes her pee go back up. In contrast, MiRan laughs that she’ll only pee in JYP’s direction, hur.

The show flashes back to the very start, when they first met JYP. He’d told them to experience what being in an idol group is like – stick close together, let the best one help the others and may the others help those falling behind. Like this, show their very best together to the audience.


JYP repeats what he had said in the present, that the process is more important that the position. Even though they did get the #1 position, the reason they’re so happy right now is because of people like JinKyung working so hard to get them to where they are today.

They present JYP an Unnies signed, customised basketball and JYP sighs that he’s really going to display it in his office.

The dart board of presents comes out again and they make JYP choose who he wants to give his “random” gift to. He chooses JinKyung, whom he gave so much grief to and throws the dart.

It lands… on the mosquito net. Ha! She therefore is presented with that from the production team.

Suk whines for yet another chance, offering JYP’s singing as exchange. HAHAHA.

He plays the piano and MiRan goes up for adlibs like the lady at the piano and it smooths into JYP’s acappella version of You’re the One.


He goes up to the dart board and chooses to give his pick to Jessie. She gets $30, ha! She’s happy enough since it is money.

He tries again for fun, thinking of MiRan this time, and she gets the mosquito net, ha! Tiffany is up next and his dart ends up on the floor, PWAHAHAHA. He throws for HyoRin and she gets the best possible present, haha.

“Are you saying that my luck is fantastic now? Is that it?” she asks.

JYP gives his ending remarks, thanking for the time spent with the real and sincere them and then he leaves.

HyoRin prepares to give the ladies a little something for helping to fulfil her dream, and bursts into tears, so JinKyung jokes that there’s a long way more to go because she has to fulfil their dreams as well and her own dream is not a joke at all.

Last night, HyoRin had written heartfelt letters to all of them and Jessie demands to know where her present for fulfilling Suk’s bus-driver dreams is. Haha, Sorry!

HyoRin offers to treat them all to dinner later and Tiffany can’t hide her tears. A call comes for HyoRin and she really crumbles into huge tears right there, because it’s a call from her dad. He laughs, asking her if she thought she did well, heh.

But he was nervous too and HyoRin ekes out her thanks while JinKyung cries too, haha.

Suk takes over the phone for a while and talks about HyoRin fulfilling her childhood dream and suddenly can’t stop crying, hahah! The phone goes to JinKyung and then SHE sobs too. This is so funny and so sad, pfft, aw.

The phone finally ends up in the daughter’s hands again and she promises to call her dad at home.

The call over, Suk laughs at her ridiculousness and MiRan asks what they’ve done so well to be crying like that.


HyoRin makes her last comment, and says that even though she hadn’t had anything impressionable in her life so far, this moment will become one. She really, really thanks them all.

In her solo interview, she sighs that they were not supposed to cry, ha.

Jessie shares that even though it wasn’t her dream, she also learned a lot, and Tiffany says that she was really happy, and Jessie continues, with “because I could help her”.

Suk says that even just looking at each other, they gain energy from each other and MiRan thinks that tomorrow morning when she wakes up, she’ll think that it was all a dream.

JinKyung is practically sobbing in her interview and swears that she won’t ever forget the happy day forever. She’ll keep it in her heart forever.


HyoRin says that if she were younger at 19 and saw Unnies on TV, she would have let her dreams fly.

It’s really the end of this part of their journey and HyoRin is completely reluctant, sighing about whether she should leave a bone of hers in Music Bank. The PD notes that she hasn’t slept in a really long time and she laughs that that’s not the problem. She really wishes that the day never ends.

She walks off, reluctant… and is called back to return her mike, heh.

A week later, the production meets up with HyoRin to choose the next person whose dreams they will fulfil. Who will it be?

LMAO, it’s so obviously Jessie, with her loud laugh and “AH, FINALLY MY DREAM IS COMING TRUE HUH?!” And then she says that she’ll show them a more tiring dream than the one HyoRin had just completed.

What? What is your dream?



2 thoughts on “Unnies Slam Dunk Ep 16

  1. I was scrolling down the older recaps when i saw this. Thank you! I didn’t manage to catch the whole of Unni Slamdunks actually when it was showing (and i certainly didn’t catch this episode at all, so thank you for this detailed recap. Enjoyed reading it 👍). I only caught bits of Hyorin’s dream. They were hilarious when they filmed their mv (especially jinkyung). And my, how these ladies can strut and pose (even Ra Miran!). A pity i didn’t manage to catch the whole part where Kim Junho appeared. Ha.


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