1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 134

1 Night 2 Days Episode 134:

The night walk through absolute darkness to basecamp wasn’t so bad after all, since there was nothing really scary prepared for them (save for that random lady squatting) and since it was such a short walk.

They’re even greeted by Pororo and friends the moment they reach the light at the end of the “tunnel”, lol. It’s so okay that in the light, TaeHyun has the wits about him to start teasing JunHo when earlier in the dark, he was sticking his head near JunHo’s butt because he was so afraid of ghosts.

Base camp for today is located in GokSeong, a place with lush mountains and clear water, a place that’s not as scary as depicted in The Wailing.

HAHAHAH, when Yoo PD tells them that they’re going to play again, they complain and ask to study. SiYoon notes that playing too much can really make one want to study and TaeHyun decides that he’s going to do that to SuChan one day. Hee, he’ll just make him play, from when he wakes till the moment he sleeps, hahahaha.


Clip of SuChan: “Don’t lie!”

Yoo PD insists on them playing again and Defconn declares that even if he gets wet he won’t change clothes. JunHo: “If we continue like this, we’re all going no-panty!”

After a short rest, they gather again at a small clearing where JongMin comes along announcing that he’s not wearing underpants! Ha, DongGu gets so shocked when he finds out that it’s for real.

They joke that they’re going to follow the Hollywood system and sleep the moment it turns 1am like their timetable says.

This time, it’s playing hotly with fire – passionate, fiery love they mean.

They’re to play in pairs, with each person picking a random ball from a box. JongMin’s ball is labelled Jang HeeBin, JoonYoung’s is YeonSang Gun and JunHo’s is SukJong. They start comparing their characters, arguing about which one is more “powerful”.


DongGu’s gets Hwang JiNi and TaeHyun gets Byuk GyeSu, a name that confuses everyone since he’s not a real person in history. However, in the drama Hwang JiNi, he’s the royal relative who’s obsessed over Hwang JiNi(‘s poem). That means that DongGu and TaeHyun are a pair.

Defconn gets Jang NokSu and is therefore paired with “YeonSang Gun” JoonYoung. JunHo asks what the relationship between SukJong and Jang HeeBin is, asking if SukJong killed her (well… that’s not wrong…) but SiYoon explains that she was his concubine. JongMin has to explain to JoonYoung that Jang NokSu was the only lady that YeonSang Gun fell head over heels for. HA, why choose such difficult characters?

In conclusion, it’s TaeHyun-DongGu, JoonYoung-Defconn and JunHo-JongMin.

They’ll be playing a series of games, and in each game, first place is awarded 3 points, second, 2 points and third gets 1 point.

The first game is “Chagi-ya, aaahh~”

It’s basically a game where one will be blindfolded, piggy-backed by his partner and tasked to feed his partner Jajangmyeon like that. The one who finishes theirs first wins. What? Jajangmyeon in the middle of the night?

JongMin holds his Jajangmyeon and refuses to give it to his blindfolded partner, who just waves around helplessly, hahha.

The game starts and TaeHyun eats well while DongGu feeds him. Defconn practically drinks his and JongMin gets Jajang make-up. Ha, poor JongMin even spits his out, like he just drank the poison that Jang HeeBin was forced to drink.

Therefore, Defconn and JoonYoung win, followed by DongGu and TaeHyun who heaves a sigh of relief right after. They laugh at JongMin and while JunHo was annoyed at first, one look at JongMin’s jajang-covered face makes him burst out in laughter.

JongMin jokes that all he needs is to sleep now, no matter where that happens.


The second game requires them to wear bright yellow raincoats.

Its title is, “Lightly, Ardently”, which is also the title of the melodrama starring Kim WooBin and Suzy on KBS these days. The partners are to hug each other and roll down a hill, where a yellow balloon waits for them to burst it. Once done, they have to run off towards the starting/finish line and grab the flag there. Again, it’s a test of speed. LOL, what’s going to happen to skinny JoonYoung who’s paired with huge Defconn?

JunHo is confident of winning this game, since he’d rolled around with JongMin a lot.

JoonYoung lies on the ground, waiting for Defconn to join and starts complaining about the smell of Jajangmeyon when he does. Off they go, rolling down the hill… away from the balloon, haha. When they adjust their direction to get to the balloon, they manage to miss it, ahah. But once they burst it, Defconn drags JoonYoung and powers towards the flag, forcing a cameraman to shift away since he doesn’t avoid him. They get a record of 40.7 seconds.


JunHo and JongMin go next and they start grabbing each other’s heads. Pfffft. They ask for some time to rev up and Yoo PD plays with them, dragging out the word “start”. They grunt while they roll and moan when they go totally off course. They switch positions, choosing to grab each other’s legs instead and wobble all the way to the finishing line, hee. Their record is 1 minute and 18.15 seconds.

DongGu and TaeHyun are up, finally, and TaeHyun laughs that DongGu feels warm. They barrel down the hill, with TaeHyun screaming “direction! Direction!!!!” the whole time and they manage to burst the balloon in one go. TaeHyun gets up to run, complaining about being dizzy, so DongGu takes the lead and pulls him all the way to the finishing line, zooming there with his crazy speed.

Therefore, teams TaeHyun-DongGu and Defconn-JoonYoung get the same score while JunHo and JongMin are last in place.

The other guys try to make them play another game to see who gets to sleep outside but JunHo is not interested at all. Hee, scaredy-cat TaeHyun laughs that it’s not that bad, only for his smile to be wiped off when Yoo PD puts an end to their bickering by telling them that they’re going to be sleeping alone anyway.

They all demand to know why and when he goes, “while you guys are in deep sleep…” Defconn interrupts to say that he’s certain that’s when the ghosts will come. HAHAHAHA, Yoo PD doesn’t correct them and lets their imagination run wild.

TaeHyun-the-teaser requests to use his pastry-wish he’d earned earlier that morning to sleep in the same room as DongGu and is granted that wish. Poor ghost-terrified JoonYoung is left to sleep alone.

Yoo PD says for some reason that when they sleep well, sometimes they may wet their beds, so please, do not wet their beds. JoonYoung quips that he’ll definitely not sleep, 100%. He’s going to play games on his phone the whole night. With that, they’re sent off to bed.

Defconn gets into bed and tells himself that he’s not going to sleep. “I’m not sleepy, I’m not sleepy, I’m not sleepy~”


Meanwhile, JoonYoung is mosquito hunting in his room.

JunHo snuggles in his bug proof tent and goes straight to sleep, complaining about the bugs and TaeHyun sighs that he was saved by the wish.

All their declarations of “I’m not sleeping” are lies because they soon visit lalaland.

At 5.30 am, the staffs send out the instructions for their morning mission via posters near our members’ sleeping quarters along with a bottle of blue liquid and only JunHo wakes early, mostly because of the sound of tape ripping.

It’s the “find the bed-wetter” mission! The guys will have to wet each other’s beds using the bottle of water and the catch is that one bottle can only be used to eliminate one person at any time.

He smirks as he comes out of his tent, ready to make someone pee. Hee.

JunHo steals JongMin’s bottle, then proceeds to empty half his bottle right near JongMin’s butt. He scampers off and heads to JoonYoung next, who groggily wakes up with bed head only seconds after he’s escaped. His next victim is Defconn, who gets no head or tails of the mission and wakes up with a start.


JunHo runs back to his tent after assuming that he’s all done and bumps into JongMin. Lol, even though he’s eliminated, JongMin demands his bottle back so that he can do some mischief.

JunHo is super happy, and says that the gagman that rises early… is the one who makes others laugh first. Haaa…

However… Yoo PD is completely perplexed as to why YAPS would risk it and go eliminate three people when the instructions wrote nothing of the sort. Hee.

Back in his tent, JunHo reads the instructions again and goes “AAAHHH!!!!”, when he realises that it didn’t say to eliminate three people. It said to eliminate someone before the rooster crows three times. HAA. And it’s only then that he learns that one bottle can only eliminate one person. Pfft, therefore, he doesn’t know who he had eliminated.

As the saying goes, read carefully or suffer the consequences, haa.

A flashback shows that when he was “killing” JongMin, he’d used his own bottle. When “killing” JoonYoung, he’d used JoonYoung’s own bottle. Is this what they mean by “killed by your own gun”? And by coincidence, he’d used Defconn’s own bottle to “kill” Defconn. Haaaa. That means that he did indeed eliminate all three of them.

JongMin goes around valiantly but uselessly attacking other people’s bed, using his one bottle to try and eliminate JoonYoung, DongGu and TaeHyun. LOL.

JoonYoung decides to just head back to bed, since he’d already failed the mission. Pfft. The rooster crows not one second after he lies down.


Our boys all gather in the morning and learn that JoonYoung, Defconn and JongMin have failed the mission, since their beds have gotten wet. However, DongGu and TaeHyun haven’t because JongMin had already used his one chance and one bottle to try and eliminate the already “killed” JunYoung before heading to their rooms, rendering his water useless in his attack against them.

Also, JunHo has failed the mission. HAAAAA. What just happened?

TaeHyun admits that it was him and we get a flashback of the crime as it happened. Hee.

30 minutes before the rooster had crowed, DongGu had woken up and read the instructions. For some reason, he pours his entire bottle on the floor, saying that he’s setting up a booby trap. Lol. He’d then gone back to sleep and it was TaeHyun who woke up much later and stepped in the puddle, walking past JunHo while complaining about his empty bottle and then climbing into JunHo’s bedspreads, effectively wetting it with the blue liquid via his wet socks, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

In the present, JunHo grabs TaeHyun by the collar and laughs when he learns that he was “out” the moment TaeHyun stepped into his beddings.

The losers are therefore up for punishment and it’s… dipping into water. HAHAHAHAHA. I know it’s summer but isn’t this a bit too much water in one day? Defconn warns Yoo PD that if his stylist quits after this, he’s going to come after him, hee.

They head off to a nearby stream and JongMin is up first. He jokes about being scared of diving into the shallow stream and is about to jump in when TaeHyun suddenly interrupts. Hahah, it was just a tease.

JunHo goes next and jumps feet first into the stream, flapping in there like a new born chick, haha.

Defconn does a full body-splat into the stream that shocks everyone and makes his chest hurt, pfft, while JoonYoung does a flip into the water.

TaeHyun isn’t about to let it end here and demands that Producer Yoo HoJin come up to the rocks with them to give a speech, hur. He refuses and wants to say it behind the camera like he’d always done but soon acquiesces. He tells us that he’s returned from break well and says that he always thought that he was given more credit than he deserve and he’s happy that his junior Yoo IlYong did decide to take up the job of 1 Night 2 Day’s head PD, even though it was hard. He promises to do his best as producer to keep the atmosphere as happy as it is, which is Defconn’s cue to talk about his interview, where he’d promised to be the strongest supporter of 1 Night 2 Days and which he’d conducted with his fly open. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Producer Yoo tries to run away, but DongGu has him locked in position. HEE. Crayfish can’t crawl away.

He accedes to the jump into the stream, jokingly moving to pull his pants zipper down, and then plops right into the water, making Yoo IlYong PD grin in excitement. Where is DongGu?

HEH, he’s right behind the grinning PD, pushing him into Defconn’s waiting arms. Mwahahhaha!! Say hi to the viewers too, Yoo IlYong!

TaeHyun suggests that Yoo IlYong PD do his greeting while carried over Defconn’s shoulder like a potato sack and he does do that but ultimately, he is deposited onto the “diving rocks”. Ha, TaeHyun wonders why their staffs are so gullible.


Yoo PD tells us that he was surprised to be made the PD for 1 Night 2 Days and knows that he has some imperfections. Even then, he hopes that people will watch the show while laughing and the other guys insist that they like him. Except for his inflexible character. And then they complain to Yoo HoJin of all people that they don’t even get rice with this new PD, haaa! TaeHyun screams to get sugar tablets at least!

To that, Yoo IlYong just announces that he’ll continue the traditions of 1 Night 2 Days and falls in to the stream backwards. HAAAAA, our boys all get their revenge once he’s in the water, especially Defconn, who brutally pushes him into the water several times, hee.

It’s time for the next trip and the new area to explore is Gyeongbuk CheongDo!

Yoo PD sends a message to our guys before shooting to come in festival clothes and so Charlie Kim JunHo comes in full Charlie Chaplin cosplay. TaeHyun has a pair of earphones on and Shy Shy Shy JoonYoung comes in a micky-mouse headband. JunHo promotes the comedy festival in Busan that’s coming up, to be held from the 26th August to 3rd September.


DongGu comes along dressed almost exactly like TaeHyun and they agree that they fashioned themselves after people from Music Festivals. They roar in laughter when they see JongMin because he’d come in full Phantom of the Opera costume, complete with the golden mask. Haaaa! JoonYoung weakly says that it’s okay while TaeHyun doesn’t ever stop clapping.

Defconn’s costume is so underwhelming that TaeHyun says that he’s dressed up for his own festival and Defconn declares that he’s dressed for the Bucheon animation festival. That’s what JoonYoung dressed up for too!

JongMin suddenly feels a little embarrassed to have gone overboard but JunHo thanks him for it because that means that he’s not he only one who did.

They walk off and gather at some old, unused train tracks where Defconn shares that JunYoung had recently caught 50 Pokemon (through the latest gaming craze Pokemon Go) and TaeHyun remarks that it’s great that at least there’s someone among them who follows trends, ensuring that they don’t fall behind.

Defconn asks if his son didn’t talk about it with him and TaeHyun reports that it was only not two days ago when the kid had finally received his phone back after a month of going cold turkey. Heh, the kid had smiled so wide like he’d received the whole world and best uncle in the world Kim JunHo says, “I knew you would be like this. You deserve it”.

Yoo PD tells them that the theme of this trip is, “If you’re hot, luck (bok) will come”.

Hur, JunHo goes to shake JongMin’s hand, since they’re both wearing the hottest costumes among them all.


Yoo PD brings up the three days that signal the beginning, the middle and the end of the hottest time of the year, “Chobok, Joongbok and Malbok”.  And tells them that today is the hottest day of the entire year so far. It’s said in the past that it was so hot that ram horns would melt.

Suddenly, JunHo asks for a game of rock-paper-scissors so that he can switch places to stand under the shade instead of the sun like now.

Yoo PD continues to narrate that summer is the time for festivals, and so, 1 Night’s first festival will be: Buy My Summer Heat Away Festival. What kind of title is that?

And then he asks the guys if they want to participate in the festival. WHAT? Did heat get to your brains? Lol, our guys grumble about his nonsense, since they have to take part in it anyway.

They are presented with dubious mikes and put in front of a “rock festival” banner, making them all confused. What in the world are they doing there, under the hot sun on the hottest day of the year in the middle of some old, unused train tracks?


HA, Yoo PD brings up the Kim JongMin game from when Han HyoJoo was a guest, the one where he had to sing to one song and write the lyrics to another at the same time.

Pfft, talk of Han HyoJoo makes them complain in annoyance now, since she’d kissed on TV recently and JongMin spits out Lee JongSeok’s name like it’s a curse, hee.

This time, it’s a team relay, where they have to count out money while singing. Before the end of the song, everyone has to finish counting out whatever they need from a stack of $1 bills. Ha, Jongmin tries with his song Saligo Daligo while JunHo tries with his own Zombie song and they both fail. Pfft, there’s no hope for this right?

Anyways, the first guy has to get $9, the second, $11, the third, $15 and so on like this to the order of $17, $18, $20, meaning that they should get a total of $90.Yoo PD allows them a pass as long as the total adds up to $90. They’ll get allowance if they get it right, starting from $90, though the amount falls with each round they try. JongMin tries to strategize but just gives up, figuring that it’ll never reach him.

The first round starts and JunYoung goes first, singing terribly. He passes the remaining bills to DongGu who takes a really long time. TaeHyun lets slip a “is this right?” in the middle of his turn and then it’s JunHo who bounces as he pulls those notes out. Defconn does his own version and then whole stack is passed to JongMin too late for him to count anything.

They’re blasted with air to signify the failure of the round and instead of taking it as punishment, it’s a welcome treat in that hot weather.

They count their money and no one except for JoonYoung gets it right.

They switch places, and then complain about the heat. But it’s on with the second round after they’re done complaining about Yoo PD not taking the earlier round as a practice round and being too inflexible.


It just ends at the first-in-line-JoonYoung because he’d mumbled some kind of gibberish in the middle instead of the song lyrics. HAHAH, it’s only now that TaeHyun realises that they’ve been singing Festival all these time, written by Joo YeongHoon, only because they’re at a “rock festival”.

Ha, they go for the third round and it just ends at JongMin, who was second in line. They get a blast of air as they requested and JoonYoung wonders if he should just buy that air-blaster. For the next round, the song changes to Gee by SNSD and they’re a lot more excited during the dry run, counting out the Gee-s, Oh-s and No-s. Haha.

They rearrange themselves and it’s now JunHo who’s first in line. They get yet another blast of air as requested and Charlie has his moustache blown off.

HAHHAHAHA, they all sing their pre-determined lines, purposely choosing lines with the same number of syllables as the bills they should pull out but it’s no use because JoonYoung flubs his turn and takes up half the song. Heee, Defconn fails it for them.

JunHo declares it impossible and requests for them to do it individually. They call for a Koyote song, tempted by the many easy ooohho ooooh.


JongMin starts to look so terrible that Yoo PD asks if he’s okay. He lets him take his outerwear off and JunHo gets to do that too. JunHo challenges the rest of the guys to do well, saying that anyone who gets it wrong this time will have to take off his clothes.

They go into yet another round, playing for $10 and do pretty well… until they get to DongGu who takes up a bit too much time. TaeHyun barely has enough time to grab a handful before the song ends.

They get down to counting the money and OMG, it’s a miracle here with all of them getting the right amount. Even TaeHyun got the required $20 properly! But they don’t rejoice yet, because there’s JunHo’s stack still to be counted… and he’d pulled out $19 instead of 18 as he was supposed to. Hee. YAPS has to reveal his one pack again!

Too bad that day’s a hot one, and JunHo jokes that he can smell meat grilling.

They go into their second last round, with a very simple song. OMG, DongGu takes up half the song again and fails it for them. Hee, time for six packs. Too bad we don’t see any packs for long because they cover up with guitars.

In the very last round, they go with that Koyote song and DongGu still takes up half the song, haha. Even then, the stack reaches TaeHyun, who’s last in the line, meaning that they at least get a fighting chance.

HEHHEHE, Defconn starts off counting in English and then counts in Korean after 11.

Turns out, JunHo’s stack has the wrong amount of money, even after he’d sneaked some in between his tummy and guitar. DongGu gets too much and JongMin gets too little. They still have a fighting chance to get a total of $90! Defconn is sure that JongMin didn’t hide any and when TaeHyun gets one bill too little, JunHo demands a dollar and JongMing pulls it out of his sleeve. Hee! Also, someone in the editing team must have failed math. Look below.


That means that they got the total amount required, right?

Nope, because Yoo PD commands JongMin to step forward, which is when two bills fall out from his shirt. Hee.

Too bad, they fail the entire mission and get no money. Still, Yoo PD lets them enter the 1km long wine tunnel right behind them. It’s a place that’s always between 15 -16 degrees Celsius in there, even during the scorching summer. It’s a popular place, because there’s a café in there and the guys all laugh at Yoo PD’s very Korean pronunciation of Café. Aw, heh.

They go into the tunnel, exclaiming about the refreshing coolness but don’t manage to  go far before TaeHyun calls them back, because there’s a photo standee of Kim JooHyuk at the entrance. Even without his face, they all recognise him.

They walk towards the café , asking for samples everywhere but there’s none whatsoever. However, they at least get some wine at the table and do their first “Remember this member, forever” cheer since DongGu’s joining.


HAHAHA, and then the production treats them to some sugar tablets.

They get nothing out of the second-in-command PD and in the end are ordered out by the head honcho.

They walk past a fruit stall on their way to their car and JongMin munches on some sample peaches. Hee, Yoo IlYong drags him away. They complain about him being too strict regarding food.

In the bus, they start getting into an uproar about not getting food and start coming up with funny ideas, remembering back to the time when they’d gone rogue and forced Yoo HoJin’s hand.

Once Yoo IlYong gets off the bus, they decide to go on strike, hee!

Yoo PD goes back and asks them a little incredulously if they won’t get off. JunHo mutters something in return.



Next Week!

Their strike breaks down with a few sprays of water and JunHo declares Yoo IlYong to be the best. HAAAA.


Speaking about festivals, here’s a clip of JongMin and JunHo at a music festival singing their “What does the zombie say” and “Saligo Daligo”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF8jH2-bttY. Watch it till the end!


5 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 134

  1. Donggu took a long time…i supposed his math is still terrible. Those who watched him in barefoot friends will know how bad he is when it comes to counting!


  2. Another fun episode! Dong Gu said he wasn’t greedy about food but after he joined the show, he justs wants to eat every food he sees. Haha! I love that they got both the Yoo PDs to dive, albeit forcibly and that Jun Ho was outslyed by Tae Hyun. Hee. Thank you for recapping


    1. There is nothing better than food. Food rules the world. Anyone who turns from good food is a criminal.

      LOL, but I would be like him too. I liked that they at least had a handover ceremony on a 1 Night 2 Days episode.

      You’re welcome! Continue commenting! I live for them.


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