1 Night 2 Days Ep 135

1 Night 2 Days Episode 135:

Heh, it’s time to get down but our boys are so disgruntled at not being allowed food that they refuse to get off the bus, deciding to stage a protest.

An incredulous Yoo PD personally asks them if they’re not getting off and JunHo mutters, “if you tell us to get down… we should get down.” HEE! OMG, the rest of the guys even blab him out as the one who instigated their short-lived protest.

They’ve arrived at Solbaram-gil, a place filled with trees with thankfully thick foliage that offers cooling shade. Pfft, DongGu comments that it would be great to come have a walk here after food and JunHo whines that the production should have given them food. Yoo PD’s response is that he gave them sugar tablets. HAAA!


But still, the guys walk along the path, even while threatening not to do this anymore. Their complains die down the further they go and by the time they reach the end at Cheongdo Unmunsa Temple, built during the reign of King JinHeung (which means that it’s about 1370 years old) they’re just gaping. Their jaws really drop once they get to the 500 year old weeping red pine tree there, the oldest tree in South Korea (I find this questionable) and also National Monument 180.

Heh, JongMin goes straight to the temple to pray, not because he’s a Buddhist but for the shade. YAPS himself is sitting with the nuns and exchanging hats with them. The rest of the guys call him over but he ignores. Therefore, YAP’s forever rival splashes him with water from a nearby water fountain.

The nuns that YAPS were sitting next to were actually Bikunis, who practice asceticism which involves severe self-discipline and avoiding all form of indulgence. Yoo PD asks them if they know of the Samguk Yuksa, or the Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms, and JunHo comes up with the other version, Samguk Sagi, or the History of the Three Kingdoms, though he doesn’t really know what the difference is between the two.


DongGu knows that they’re two different books though, offering that Samguk Yuksa is written by a Buddhist monk Il Yeon while Samguk Sagi was written by Kim BuShik under the orders of King InJong. Heh, the rest of the gang are impressed but try to fake their intelligence by saying, “I wanted to test you!” JunHo calls Kim BuShik his hyung while JoonYoung the international kid asks if Kim BuShik is alive. No… hehehe…

In any case, Yoo PD brought up the Samguk Yuksa because here at Cheongdo Unmunsa Temple was where it was written and explains that he’d wanted to play some games there but decided to relocate them to the nearby stream so that they don’t tarnish the sanctity of the place.

So off our guys go again, passing by a huge group frolicking in the water on their way and JunHo tells them not to pee in the water because they’ll be filming downstream, heh.

Once they’re there, they’re informed that the Bukunis endure the same heat that they’re suffering from right now through meditation. That’s their next game and Yoo PD has even prepared a refreshing change of clothes for them.

They finally get into the cool stream and rejoice in the relief as they head to their spot in the middle of the stream. All that water reminds them of the Pajeon they ate at the waterfall at the last filming but this time, instead of the Pajeon, they’re offered some local delicacies like Baeksuk, mushroom jjajangmyeon, mushroom tangsuyuk and then half a ripe persimmon, potatoes and finally, corn.

In order to choose their dishes, they’ll have to go through a series of games, and their total score from each game will be added up in the end, determining their ranking.

PPFFFT, the first game they’ll be playing is the nunchi-game. So basically, one will try and predict the rest of the group’s actions and call out a number. In normal games, that would be the number of people standing or the number of fingers pointed out. But in 1 Night, that’s determined by the number of people opening their eyes, and that’s highlighted by making the members wear huge, flashy fake eyelashes. Anyone who guesses correctly wins the round.


Heh, TaeHyun is terrible with putting those flamboyant eyelashes on and JongMin screams when someone tries to put eyelash glue on his eyelids. DongGu looks like a pretty girl.

The game starts and JunHo announces that he’ll call out zero. And of course he calls 1 but fails since there were three people who opened their eyes. TaeHyun WINS on his first try and there are five members left. JunYoung goes next and also WINS on the first try. What’s going on, hahaha. They usually aren’t this lucky.

Defconn and JongMin fail and it’s down to DongGu who answers the moment his turn starts. Hee, he gets it right, by opening his own eyes that he’d kept shut in all the other rounds.

The next game is meditation and basically, they can’t move for 10 minutes no matter what happens. They can’t even move their pupils. Psh, why do they have to choose the most ridiculous positions ever. JunHo is even resolute in staring at DongGu and 18 seconds in, he’s already complaining about his neck being in pain.

Ha, JongMin mumbles that JunHo moved his toes and Yoo PD takes total pleasure in spraying him with a water gun. And then Defconn breaks, unable to mimic a ventriloquist. A few minutes in, they’re distracted with a Big Bang song, the same one that they’d grooved to in just that last filming.

They start fidgeting, sure that someone will pop out from somewhere and Yoo PD sprays JunHo. He gets itchy from the water and just gives up in the middle of the game and scratches the itchy spot outright. And then he gets so indignant at being the only itchy one that he splashes water in DongGu’s and JoonYoung’s faces. By this time, they’re all complaining, from being irritated by a nearby buzzing fly to suffering from parched throats.

The next distraction is a TWICE song, Cheer Up, and suddenly, TaeHyun is bursting out in laughter. His reactions are so out of the norm for him that DongGu’s lips twitch and Defconn even turns around to check. The two of them, TaeHyun and Defconn, give up and just jump up to dance and JongMin is so curious that he just turns 180 degrees and screams. HAHAHA. The rest have no idea that the real TWICE has come because they’re looking in the opposite direction.


After the chorus, the ladies head into the water to stand in front of the three remaining players. JunHo’s resolve breaks down the moment he spies them while JoonYoung and DongGu remain respectfully still.

HA! All it takes is for the chorus to come on again for JoonYoung to get right up, bouncing, and seconds later, DongGu can’t resist either. HEHEHE, Yoo PD is so thrilled by their reactions that he just bursts out into laughter and basks in pride for himself for pulling it off.

They all failed meditation!

The game over, TaeHyun starts complaining about the production making the girls appear in front of his eyes and trips as he wails that he almost had a heart attack. HA!

The boys worry about the girls being in the water and they reply that they’re fine getting wet. Defconn takes that moment to splash them with water and gets called a bully, hee.


This is like a dream come true for our boys who have been talking about them since 2 years ago and then we see the Behind The Scenes of when TWICE was waiting in the shadows and away from the boys while they were meditating, all the way to when they surprised TaeHyun with their appearance.

Ha, TWICE-fanboy TaeHyun now comes back to his senses and regrets that he’d gone a bit too crazy earlier. But that’s not enough to stop him from shouting to his stylist to keep taking pictures of this moment and JoonYoung joins in.

The man-boys ask the girls if they don’t have any other schedules and try to insist that they stay for the rest of the day. Even till the next day! And then the ones at the end keep moving forward towards the ladies and blocking the cameras at the side, forcing the cameras to move, ha!

After individual introductions, TaeHyun remarks that he dreamt of JYP just yesterday. And the singer was criticizing his acting. PWAHAHAHAH! DongGu, who had once gotten excited talking about TWICE is just speechless and awed, since this is the first time he’s seen a girl group up close like this.


Hee, the girls compliment him but our other guys rib him for being able to resist during meditation and staying still in the face of TWICE, with TaeHyun scoffing at him to just eat everything!

TWICE laughs that they’ve watched the lunchbox episode and JunHo puffs his chest out, since he was the MVP of that game. Defconn asks them if they’re interested in anything and JongMin asks them who they’d wanted to meet the most. Heh, Defconn shuts that down pretty fast, muttering that the answer is always going to be TaeHyun, SiYoon or JoonYoung anyway. Aw.

JiHyo from TWICE says that since 1 Night 2 Days is famed for their games, she’d wanted to try participating in one.

Yoo PD allows that and lets them join the third game, by partnering up with our guys. And then JoonYoung hears that wrongly and exclaims, thinking that the girls will be following him home. HAHAH! Waa waaa…

However, since 1 Night 2 Days has 6 members and TWICE has 8 members, so they won’t pair up equally.

So, they go into a game of “choose your favourite”, where the ladies will stand behind the guys that they like most.  JungYeon from TWICE asks if it’s allowed for any of the guys to have no partners and Yoo PD says yes. Poor JunHo gets so worked up over it, already expecting emptiness behind him.

The game starts and the guys all scream. The ladies choose their men and TaeHyun is teamed up with JiHyo and ChaeYoung. Hee, he looks at the others and laughs that it’s tragic. JoonYoung gets teamed up with JungYeon and NaYeon. TaeHyun suggests that they skip JunHo for now, so Defconn turns around and he sees DaHyun and TzuYu there.

JongMin screams when he’s skipped over and DongGu turns around to see… no one. AW!! His face of shock!

JunHo and JongMin turn around together, and JongMin screams, “let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” to no one behind him. Waa waaaaaa… JunHo has MiNa and SaNa.


Aw, poor DongGu and JongMin whom no one chose.

TaeHyun asks the ladies if they even know their music artiste sunbae JongMin and the guys marvel over DongGu’s zero votes. Even DongGu can’t keep his own mouth shut, his jaw dropping from the shock.

It turns out that JungYeon had been in a dilemma choosing between JoonYoung and SiYoon, but then… heh, for reasons unknown to the writer, she ultimately went with JoonYoung. I think it’s because DongGu didn’t immediately welcome them, ha.

HAAAAA! And then Yoo PD provides comic relief by slipping into the stream. Seems like the presence of pretty little ladies makes the men puff and preen and TaeHyun comments that his throat is dry from screaming for an hour. Partner-less JongMin and DongGu steely say that they’re going to only focus on the game.

Yoo PD introduces Barugongyang to them and JiHyo and ChaeYoung mumble that it’s about the way Buddhist monks eat. Hur, uncle-fan TaeHyun high-fives JiHyo and calls her smart.


Baru refers to the bowl that the monks eat out of and the whole thing, Barugongyang, refers to the act of eating everything in one’s bowls, down to the last grain of rice and drip of water.

That’s the theme for the third game where they’ll have to empty an entire bowl of food in the fastest time and at first, they think that they’ll all be eating but the boys (minus DongGu and JongMin) perk up to be told that they’re the only ones eating. The TWICE members will be feeding them.

Partner-less DongGu and JongMin pair up, with DongGu eating and JongMin feeding him. Pfft, JoonYoung complains that he can’t even finish a packet of ramyeon and JunHo threatens to throw his partners into the water if they don’t win. Hey!

Yoo PD allows the TWICE members some spoonfuls of the dessert if they want which so happens to be a refreshing bowl of Bingsu, traditionally luxurious one, shaved ice with dried persimmons.

The ladies get first bites and then the game starts for real. Defconn chokes on his food while TaeHyun has a brain freeze. JoonYoung however, is in paradise, since JungYeon is right in front of him. DongGu eats like a general with JongMin loudly cheering him on.

Halfway through, TaeHyun starts to slow down and Defconn unfortunately spits in DaHyeon’s face. EW! And he blames the ladies for feeding him so roughly. In the end, he’s the first to eat it all.

JongMin and DongGu were supposed to get second place but JongMin sabotages them by spilling the rest of the liquid into the stream. They’re disqualified. JunHo gets that that second place and TaeHyun becomes third. JunYoung is eating like a sheep, not even halfway done with his bowl and he even requests JungYeon feed him like a baby, complete with coos.

HAHHAHAHAHA!!! A line suddenly forms behind him and the boys all get their turn getting fed.


The final lunch scores are Defconn in first place, with TaeHyun and JunHo in second place and finally, DongGu and JoonYoung share third place. JongMin is just not even considered with zero points and he blusters that it’s all because of TWICE. You! Don’t go blaming others for your own mistakes!

There’s a break in shooting and TWICE joins Defconn, DongGu, TaeHyun and JoonYoung for a sit. JunHo comes to join them but that’s the moment the ladies stand up to get away and he whines and complains, hahah! They all laugh at the coincidence and JunHo gripes that he has to go shit. Pssh.

To solve the problem of shared ranks, they go into tie-breaker round and the game is Jegichagi, the very game that TaeHyun is a disaster at.

JongMin goes up to give them all a demonstration, in barefoot and the moment he’s done, he grabs his foot in pain.

JunHo’s team goes first and it’s Sana who starts them off with a terrible one kick. PFFFT, YAPS shouts that she didn’t says start (Shi-jjak) and she aegyos TaeHyun to let her go another round. That works… but then she yet again gets only one kick in, ha. JunHo insists that she said market (Shi-jang) instead of start and when Sana rolls with it, JunHo’s the one who tells her to tone it down. HA!


Basically all the TWICE ladies are terrible at Jegichagi, along with DongGu and the final results are Defconn > TaeHyun > JunHo > JunYoung > Donggu > JongMin.

It’s time for lunch and the food choices come out, making them all stare at it all longingly. JYP, please feed your artistes.

Defconn lets his partners choose the food and while he promotes the duck-stew, they ultimately choose the mushroom jjajangmyeon. Heh, he totally fakes enthusiasm. TaeHyun’s partners choose the Baeksuk (the duck-stew) right off the bat and JunHo looks like his world is crushing down around him. He doesn’t do too bad for himself because he gets the mushroom tangsuyuk. For some reason, JunYoung’s ladies choose the frozen ripe persimmon for him, HAAA, and DongGu chooses the corn while JongMin gets the potatoes, which JunHo says looks hardy like him.

They dig in and ChaeYoung says that her grandma made the duck-stew a lot. Taiwanese TzuYu comments that the jjajangmyeon is different from the ones you get at legitimate Chinese restaurants. DaHyun teases the rest of the members with the taste of the jjajangmyeon and feels bad so she goes over to feed them. But getting free food is against the core rules of 1 Night 2 Days, so she offers to give anyone who can make a poem with her initials that moves her heart a mouthful.

JongMin goes first and his, “DaHyun-ie, I met her” is met with TaeHyun’s derisive, “oh did you?” HAHA. And then he continues it with, “among all the girl group members I’ve met, she’s… *shifty eyes*… the most pretty.” PWAHAHAHAH

DaHyun: “I don’t feel the sincerity.”

JoonYoung makes her heart flutter with, “I want to see DaHyun under a microscope.” That just sounds weird to me, but them ladies like it and DaHyun jumps up to feed him a large mouthful.

JunHo makes a pun with TzuYu’s name: “TzuYu, I want to see her, under a gastro-scope.” PFFFFT! TzuYu doesn’t even understand and even when it’s explained, she doesn’t look very impressed.

JunHo takes TaeHyun’s left over duck thigh bones and bluffs that his partners Sana and NaYeon ate them.


DaHyeon feels sorry for DongGu who didn’t even get to give the poem-creating a go and asks him to come up with a poem using “Tu-Wa-Ee-Seu”.

And he goes, “TWICE! Waaaah!!! This… sends goose bumps down my arm”.

Hah, JunHo looks like he’s disgusted while the TWICE ladies eat it up.

JongMin tries and he goes, “don’t burp! Wasabi, did you eat it? Look at your teeth! It sends shivers down!”

Someone tries to make them come up with a poem using JongMin’s initials and JongMin jokes that he’ll make anyone who comes up with a terrible one eat his saliva covered potato. YUCKS.

The time comes for TWICE to leave and they’re all reluctant, both the guys and TWICE. However, the girls have to leave for practice and while the guys wave them off, they shout back, “see you later!”

JoonYoung wonders why they’re saying that and JunHo just replies that they’re just empty words of comfort.


They bundle up on to their bus to head to the next destination. DongGu still hasn’t fully recovered from getting no partner and admits that he was so shocked and was keeping a straight face only for the cameras sake. This is not even the first time this kind of shock happened to him, and he describes how he’d thought he’d be up for the KBS Entertainer Awards, only for JongMin to upstage him, leaving the cameramen to go all in his face.

JunHo comforts him that it might be because the ladies didn’t want to make their crush so obvious and so didn’t choose him while he is certain that no one chose JongMin simply because they didn’t like him. Don’t be mean!

JoonYoung sighs that today’s the best day ever and already, he wants to turn back time.


They arrive at a place that literally stuns DongGu, ha. It’s a sport stadium and Defconn notes the two vans in a corner, if the model that most celebrities use. JongMin guesses that TWICE is coming and then gets confused when he sees lots of people nearby.

They see a food tuck with the words “Sha Sha Sha” on it, and the words “starting from us”, wondering if that means that GFRIEND or TWICE are coming and they get excited, especially when they think back to how TWICE was saying “see you later”. Yoo PD has to bite his lips from spilling his secret.

The sports stadium, ChungDo Cultural Sports Centre has a huge banner over it, with the words, “Ah, Yuk, Dae”, and is where they’ll be playing their games for dinner.

They all try to guess what that means and eventually end up harping on girl groups again. They’re all confident that TWICE will come out again and TaeHyun shares that his wife scolded him for not calling that afternoon, guessing from the internet articles that it must be because he’s busy getting enthralled over TWICE. HA!! JoonYoung gapes that the ladies should stay till tomorrow and they cheer as the celebrity vans come into the stadium.


From the first van, a lady comes out… but she’s not from TWICE. It’s announcer Lee JiYeon. She’s not alone and they watch as another announcer Jo UJeong appears. Pffft, the way their faces fall is hilarious.

One by one, other ahjusshis come out of the van, from former soccer player and now soccer commentator Lee YeongPyo, former king of vaulting and Olympic gold medallist and now commentator Yeo HongChul to eloquent soccer commentator Han JoonHee. Hey! It’s Ha TaeKwon! HAAA!! I remember him as the hilarious coach on Cool Kidz on the Block during the badminton specials. Sometimes I wonder how in the world he’s able to get serious enough to focus and claim the gold medal in the men’s double in the 2004 Olympics. Last is Choi ByeongCheol, gold medallist for fencing.


Our guys have a totally different reaction from mine, completely disappointed to see these men, heh.


With all the guests gathered, Yoo PD finally lets the banner drop to reveal the full name of the dinner games: Ajae (Charming old men) Athletics Competition. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

All the members start complaining and insisting that they’re not old men and in flashback, we see that all the clues they based their TWICE hopes on were planned by Yoo PD. HEE.

Of course, this is a special for the Rio Olympics and a way to cheer Korea’s national team up, from regular medal winners like Badminton Men Doubles player Lee YoungDae to Gymnastics fairy Son YeonJae.

Yoo PD brings up Ha TaeKwon’s TV-stunt and he explains that it took him 30 minutes and a whole lot of editing to pull it off. HA! They make him do it again and JongMin and JunHo fight over becoming his victims. He chooses JunHo for his “hit the can on his head using a shuttlecock” trick and then he insists on JunHo wearing his glasses as protection. Too bad those glasses are lens-less. Hurr, Korea and their funny lens-less glasses fashion statements.

JunHo lets out a nervous laugh when Ha TaeKwon informs them that the shuttlecock can hit speeds of up to 300km/h… and then he hits JunHo in the collarbone, making him jerk and in turn making the can fall.

“It fell anyway!” exclaims Ha TaeKwon. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

He’s so quirky that Defconn asks who he is, heh.

The first game they play will be the one that determines how they’ll be divided, between the Ajaes and the not-Ajaes. It’s the Ajae test!


The first task is to make a heart and the Ajaes makes those over the head hearts while the young ones do finger-hearts. Pssh. I must be an ajumma. What is that finger-heart! It looks like you’re asking for money.

In any case, JunHo refuses to be labelled old and changes his over the head heart to little finger hearts, as if no one will see that. Meanwhile, Lee YeongPyo the soccer hero has just fallen over in laughter from the shock of his age. HAHAHA. He insists that hearts are supposed to be full and over the head and the others rib him for even making one that has perfect angles.

The not-Ajaes in this round are JongMin, Defconn, DongGu, JoonYoung, Yeo HongCheol , Jo UJeong and Choi ByeongChul

Out of three possible heart moves, they all only did two and when introduced to the other one, the one that one makes with both hands near the chest, it reminds the 1 Night members of Gutaeng Hyung Kim JooHyuk.

And from now on, it’s a series of Korean specific questions.

Next, they have to guess what a specific internet speak (ㅇㅅ) means. Defconn seems to know and hints that it’s something that they use in everyday speech.

They all lift up their notepads with their answers and Defconn goes into brutal-mode as he runs towards Yeo HongCheol, lifting his answer for all to see which says, “OOOH, JO-TA (Oooh, nice!)!” hahahha!

Old man YoungPyo has written, “A-ju (very)” and Ha TaeKwon has written, “Eung! Cha! (Eung, sleep!)” What was that last one?!

JoonYoung wrote, “A-jik (not yet)” while TaeHyun just wrote “A-jae”. DongGu wrote, “In-Jeung (prove)” while Han JooHee wrote, “In-Jeong (Accepted/ Recognise)”. Oooh. Someone’s not an Ajae because Han JooHee is right. Jo UJong had written, “Al-ji (I know)”. No, you don’t know.

In this round, the not-Ajaes are Defconn, JunHo, Lee ByeongCheol and Han JooHee.


And then the old men are all asked what yet another internet-speak lingo (ㅇㄱㄹㅇ) means. No one knows what the heck that is, and Defconn takes pride in being an internet nerd now. JoonYoung doesn’t know what it means either but has a feeling that he knows.

Han JooHee is from a totally different world as he reads them as 0720, which just brings up a whole different teen-code speak, back when pages/beepers were the in thing and all the rage.

Ha TaeKwon asks if they can use a “calling chance”, yet another hark back to the old days when it was frequently used in the old variety shows of yore. They all call him old fashioned but I kind of remember this tactic being used in just the last filming when no one know what a Ciabatta was…

No one knows (except for net geek Defconn) and they all ask for a hint. They get the clue that there’s an English word in it and when JunHo suggests Rio, JoonYoung follows it up with, “YeoGi(n) Rio (Here’s Rio)”. Ha, the real Ajae Yeo HongChul jokes that they should at least write that as their answer.


While the young-uns argue between “Yi-Geo Re-ol (This is real)” and “Eun-geun Re-ol (Quite Real)”, the Ajaes come up with interesting alternatives like Lee YeongPyo’s “Yeo-Gi Ro-ul (I think it’s some kind of bastardised “here, yo!”)”, JunHo’s  “An-geu-ri-yo (Angry yo!)” and Ha TaeKwon’s gut-busting “Ah, Geu-rae-yo? (Ah, really?)” LOL. Even his handwriting is old fashioned. And then he provides another one, because he heard there was an English word in it: “Ah, Geu-ri-YOU?” (If I’m not wrong, “You” is Korea’s southern provinces’ dialect (satoori) version of the formal particle “yo”, used at the end of sentences to give them a polite tone.) I really wonder sometimes how someone can be so different on court and off court. HEHEHE!

In any case, the correct answer is “Yi-Geo Re-ol (This is real)” and Ajae Ha TaeKwon answers that with his “Ah, Geu-rae-yo?” hehe! I bet it’s going to be the new trendy phrase.

JunHo asks how old Ha TaeKwon is and learns that they’re of the same age. The Ajae then says that the other Ajae seems older than he is. HURR…




Next Week!

The Ajae quizzes continue and JunHo gets pulled straight into a pool of water.


Trip Highlights:

Unmunsa Temple: http://www.koreabridge.net/post/unmunsa-temple-%E2%80%93-%EC%9A%B4%EB%AC%B8%EC%82%AC-cheongdo-gyeongsangbuk-do-dostoevsky2181?page=1


5 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days Ep 135

  1. I always find the finger hearts weird too since in my country, it’s the symbol for asking money. The Ajaes are so funny, Lee Yeong Pyo is always great. I’m excited for next week. Thank you!


  2. Not sure if it’s the editing or the fact of being tired (from the drama shooting and all), but DongGu has been quite quiet. I think it is also his personality.
    I felt bad for him when none of the girls chose him. I was actually quite surprised. I wonder if it was scripted (as in the director might have asked them not to choose him for whatever reason) or maybe the girls were too shy ?


    1. Eh, I just think that the girls wanted to pair up. I don’t really think much into such things, haha. But yes, SiYoon has been quiet. So quiet. I wish something happens to put him at the fore front and center again. It doesn’t have to be the whole episode. Just a small part because he’s not like JunHo or JongMin who are boisterous and easily get attention. He’s more of a background kind of person, helping out whenever there is a need and really doesn’t know how to compete for attention.


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