1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep1

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 1:

Since 2007, 1 Night 2 Days has been travelling around South Korea, showing you Korea’s beauty and its food. From original members Kang HoDong and Lee SuGeun to second season members like Joo Won and Uhm TaeWoong, it’s time for a fresh start, in order to create new memories. It’s a new beginning, with season 3.

(Hey~ So right now, I’m on a holiday… in Korea. Hence, this is a throwback post, since I most certainly won’t be writing any recaps during my stay there. Enjoy Crayfish PD! (Also, today is Korea’s Independance Day))

At a guest house which has welcomed numerous travellers, TaeHyun and JongMin, members of the second season come, for a visit with Yoo HoJin PD. Hee, he was still so filled out and healthy then.

They sit together and almost immediately, TaeHyun and JongMin collapse in laughter when they hark back to their rivers of tears in the previous shooting, also the last filming for season 2, and find their past selves ridiculous when they end up filming again just two weeks later. Hee!

It’s Yoo PD’s first time heading the show and he shares that he’s prepared a lot. But before anything else, JongMin wants him to remember that they, the team of the second season, really suffered a lot; both the members and the production team.


The two 1 Night 2 Days veterans walk down memory lane, talking about Kim SeungWoo and Uhm TaeWoong and since such talk should always be accompanied by a bottle of beer or two, Yoo PD brings them drinks. He gives one to TaeHyun to open and hands them the other two.

They clink bottles and our guys take a sip… of Fish Sauce. AHHAHAHA!!!! The hazing starts immediately!

Too bad they made it too diluted that TaeHyun calls it salt water, hee. TaeHyun gets so confused, because he was so sure that he had opened his own bottle. Nope! He’d opened ONE bottle, handed that to Yoo PD and then drank from the bottle Yoo PD gave them. HEEEE!!!!!

Yoo PD announces that they’re going to do this the right way. 1 Night 2 Days is not 1 Night 2 Days if there’s no suffering. After all this is the show where “We go to pretty places and do ugly things”. Who said that? I forgot! But it’s so apt. I’m betting $10 it was Kim JunHo. Or was it Cha TaeHyun?

The night before the real start of the trip, TaeHyun and JongMin are given their morning mission: Get to Namyangju toll gate along GyeongChun Expressway by 9 am along with the rest of their new members. They aren’t given anything except the addresses of their new members’ houses.


Our favourite guys turn into devils immediately, offering to do the fish-sauce flavoured morning coffee for the new members. Pfft, JongMin worries that they could cause someone to faint with the fish sauce so early in the morning and TaeHyun is like, “who cares, as long as it’s not me!”

But then their conscience takes over and they try to tamp the deviousness down. Not two seconds later, they’re requesting for spray bottles and going to sleep imagining how they’ll torture the poor new comers. Hurrr.

TaeHyun wakes up first and JongMin offers him a drink. TaeHyun eyes it suspiciously, correctly guessing that it’s salt water and demands to change. Faced with no choice, JongMin does… and takes a sip of TaeHyun’s drink and then spits it out immediately. That’s how they know that the salinity of the welcome drinks for their new friends is perfect, lol.

They head out and are stunned to see a 6 seater stick-drive van. At least TaeHyun has the license to drive it, even if he hasn’t driven on in a long time. Their navigator reminds them not to go over 60km/h and TaeHyun laughs that he can’t even move faster than 40km/h.

They head off the first member’s house, assuming it’s rocker Jung JoonYoung’s.

They head into the room and creep around, but nope! No Jung JoonYoung here! Say hi to unkempt Kim JooHyuk! They hand him a cup of their magic water and he reels, oh the poor thing PWAHAHAHAH!!! Who cares? As long as it’s not me! They laugh so loudly and then JongMin gets smacked because JuHyeok lives with his mother. JuHyeok whines that he hasn’t even gelled his hair and as he brushes his teeth, he mutters that he wanted to look good for the camera. On 1 Night? Forget it.

But that’s why he takes half an hour to dress up… in the most awful looking ahjusshi-jacket and the duo waiting outside can’t say anything because he’s older than them.


When he finally comes out, TaeHyun scolds him for taking so long and offers him coffee. Of course, it is fish-sauce flavoured. *grin*

In the van, JongMin chirps that he’s a fan of JuHyeok’s movies and starts listing all the 19+ movies he’s worked on. HAA!

No one knows who the rest of the members are and at the next house, they creep into a married person’s place (they know that because there’s a note by the wife on the table). JongMin creeps into the room and sprays the poor unsuspecting guy in the face over and over again and it’s Kim JunHo who sleeps with his pyjama top open. Hee, he’s so disoriented, it’s so cute and TaeHyun gives him his morning coffee. They delight in his reaction and JooHyuk the first-victim takes pleasure in seeing that and follows up with the salt water, heh.

They rush JunHo out and when TaeHyun offers a coffee to wash down the saltiness, he has to drink it first to show that it’s safe otherwise JunHo won’t even touch it.

Contrary to JuHyeok, JunHo runs out with a toothbrush in hand, haven’t even washed up.


At the van, Taehyun tries to fob the driving off to anyone else who has a manual license and that’s Kim JuHyeok. Too bad the last time he drove a manual vehicle was in 1993 in the army.

The moment the car moves off, JunHo asks JuHyeok if he has a kid and JuHyeok has to tell him that he isn’t even married yet. HAHAHAH! And then they start rolling back at an uphill. The rest are forced to get out and push the vehicle while driver TaeHyun laughs in total amusement. Pfft, all that trouble just to gather their members.

Next stop, Mapo! The sun’s up by then and they guess that Defconn, their next member, will be awake. Right now, JuHyeok has totally turned to the dark side because he suggests spraying Defconn continuously for 20 seconds.

PFFFFTTTT, they do that and Defconn’s wriggling around is so hilarious. He’s so shocked and confused and basically disoriented that he takes JuHyeok’s hands and stands to greet him, showing the world that he sleeps in his bright orange, cartoon-filled boxers, hee!

They give him the fish-sauce-coffee and Defconn collapses from the horror. So they give him salt water to wash it down. Wakey wakey, Defconnie!!!

They ask about the huge luggage in the living room and Defconn explains that he was told to bring lots of winter wear for their trip. So, he’d packed five sets for an overnight trip as Yoo PD has told him to. What?

It’s a little before 8 and they still have JoonYoung’s house to visit. Defconn takes over driving and does well. Meanwhile, JunHo gets a message from his wife, asking what that coffee on the table was, because she almost threw up after drinking it. HEHEHHE!! And JongMin gives them a taste of what JunHo’s wife is feeling by spilling all the Fish Sauce in the car.

They reach his house and prepare the fish sauce coffee and salt water, the new members gleefully taking part in it when earlier, they were the sad victims.


JoonYoung isn’t awake when they visit him, so they start off with the spray.

“MORE! MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE!” the predators go. HAHAH.

They offer him their ice-coffee but JoonYoung says that he doesn’t drink iced coffee. Oops?

Defconn guilt trips him and so JoonYoung obliges and he spits it out immediately. Wash it down with sea-water-like salt water then! Heh.

JoonYoung mutters that he has to go to the salon, which is nonsense-talk on this show. But then, since it’s already 9 and since they’ve already failed the mission, he asks to go to the salon again anyway, hee.

Finally, after such a long time, they head off to their final destination. No one knows what’s waiting for them.

At 9:47am, they finally arrive at an unassuming patch of grass at the side of the highway, all awkward, and TaeHyun asks what’s the difference between them and the members from the previous group. Ha! JongMin even says that the visuals here are worse and Defconn chides him for that, saying that they’re lucky that they have handsome Kim JooHyuk and Jung JoonYoung to fill the pretty-boy quota, implying that JongMin is nothing much to look at himself, so shut up, haa!


Yoo HoJin tells them that they were supposed to be here by 9, which is when a plane flies overhead, drowning him out, and Defconn gets a message. Hee, when he was new, no one took this Yoo PD for real too.

Anyway, since they were late, they have to do their punishment and that’s to listen to some speech… by the Section Chief of the KBS Entertainment Department. HAHAHAHHA!!!!! His speech is played loud and wide across the expressway and is peppered with interruption from his own mike and then the members themselves as they clap before he’s even finished.

Time for the next speech by the KBS Entertainment General Manager coming out in a suit that Kim JongEun would be proud of. HAAAAAAA!!!!!! This is a pretty creative punishment. He calls 1 Night 2 Days KBS’s treasure and pride and piles on the burden by informing them that It’s even gotten a presidential commendation efore. Plus, many people are watching! Oh dear, hope they don’t’ break from the pressure or anything, hee.

He asks JongMin if he knows KBS’s new slogan and JongMin goes, “Replacement?!” What?! You can’t be so blunt on national TV!

Nope, it’s “KBS is getting younger” and he tells them all that they’re young people, to which TaeHyun shouts that their average age now is actually higher than the group in season 2. HAAA, are entertainment general managers all like this? Saying whatever they want without thought for reality? And do they talk continuously for 20 minutes after that? Pfft, this guy is so insufferably funny.

The General Manager gifts a representative of the gang (JuHyeok) a scarf and so JunHo gives him coffee in return. The one that’s the barista’s special on cafe 1 Night 2 Days. Welcome to 1 Night 2 Days General Manager!

Finally, the speeches are over and it’s time for oath taking.


JuHyuk goes up as representative and they read off the page:

I swear! I, Kim JuHyeok, and the members 5 members of 1 Night 2 Days Season 3 members will,

One! We’ll do our best to show our viewers the beauty of nature in Korea.

One! In order to deliver the true feel of the wild variety of 1 Night 2 Days, we’ll offer our minds and body.

One! In order to provide big laughs to the viewers’ living rooms on the weekends, we’ll throw away our pride and honour.

They burst out laughing after that but Kim JunHo has his eye on what’s really important and tells JuHyeok to read the date. November 22, 2013.

And the first thing they’ll do as members of Season 3 is to separate into groups of two, lol. Yoo PD tells them to announce their ages and TaeHyun, JunHo and JoonYoung comply.  After hearing JoonYoung’s 25, JuHyeok refuses to co-operate. HAHA!


They stand in line according to their ages and JongMin laughs to discover that JunHo is younger than JuHyeok. And then Yoo PD tells them that it could be difficult to get close if there’s a huge age gap… meaning that JuHyeok is pairing up with JoonYoung, which was something that they both didn’t want. HA! They have a 17 year difference between them and JongMin makes it worse by saying that if it were in the Joseon ages, they’d be father and son. Heh, neither have anything to say.

Even in the car, the two remain quiet and only speak in short syllables. Defconn pairs up with TaeHyun, muttering about being hungry and getting up only now if the days schedule were left to him while JongMin admits that he didn’t know that JunHo would join them.

“Right? I didn’t know I would be here too,” replies Kim JunHo. Ahhh, the privilege of knowing the future… heheheheh. They all look so cute then.

JuHyeok drives Junyoung to their destination, both suffocating in the silence. Meanwhile, JongMin is comparing JunHo to a genius and they trade compliments like that. Only, JunHo’s compliments are a bit backhanded, ha! In the end, their conclusion is that they’re both childish. TaeHyun learns Defconn’s real name, DaeJun, and that they’d once met at Yoo HuiYeol’s Sketchbook, a music programme. Defconn even sneaks in a bit of banmal but TaeHyun doesn’t even react to it and just continues smiling.

Then he says that they can speak comfortably, not that oblivious after all.

Another way to avoid speaking banmal and offending the other person is to not speak at all, like JoonYoung and JuHyeok do. Uh oh.

Finally, they start talking, but only about random things. At least JunYoung gets more general knowledge.


At 3 minutes and 30 seconds into their drive, a sound from somewhere suddenly pops up. It’s Yoo PD on the walkie-talkie, announcing the results of their mission. First place, JunHo and JongMin. Second place, Defconn and TaeHyun. Last place, JuHyuk and JoonYoung. Heh, the mission was to ask about the other’s personal details first and chatterboxes JongMin and JunHo had revealed everything about themselves to each other.

JunHo catches on that they should learn as much about each other as they can and Yoo PD tells him that he’s right. In fact, lunch is on the line. So he asks JongMin about his girlfriend and his parents. JunHo has a way of choosing the worst questions because JongMin doesn’t have a girlfriend and he only has one living parent. Ooops.

TaeHyun and Defconn start their story telling time and Defconn suddenly asks about how big TaeHyun’s house is, as if he’s a real estate salesman.

Hee, JuHyeok and JoonYoung talk about girlfriends too and they learn that they’re both single right now. It’s worse for JuHyeok since he’d broken up with his most recent ex only that year. Poor JoonYoung doesn’t know what to say, and mutters that his own friends are too young to introduce to JuHyeok. Ha!


And then Defconn starts telling TaeHyun about his schedules and how he’d made 1 Night 2 Days his dream. He was there at the shooting for the opening for an episode of Season 1 and was so inspired that he wondered when he’d ever be able to stand at the steps of KBS and do that exact same thing. So in a sense, his dream came true “today”.

On the other hand, JongMin feels like this season is the last chance for 1 Night 2 Days, which had been experiencing huge declines in ratings, and JunHo understands, saying that even if they get slapped, they should understand that it’s for the best of the programme. Uh, no need to be that extreme! And then he starts squishing JongMin’s face, hahaha!

It’s still silence in JoonYoung and JuHyeok’s car… mostly because JoonYoung is so random that JuHyeok doesn’t know how to reply. And because there were no distractions from driving, like talking, they arrive at the destination, a restaurant, earlier than anyone, even the production team.

TaeHyun and Defconn arrive next and JuHyeok’s first sentence is, “why did you come so late?” Psh, and then the mat-Hyung-Maknae duo lie that they got really close.

JongMin and JunHo have already arrived, but they’re still in the car because they’re going through everything about each other, like they’re preparing for a test.

Finally, our guys are gathered and Yoo PD tells them that they’re going to do a quiz for lunch. There are different difficulty levels for each team that correspond to the different amount of time they get to eat: 0.5 seconds, 1 second, 5 seconds, 30 seconds and finally, 20 minutes.

TaeHyun complains that they won’t be able to eat everything in that short amount of time so Yoo PD announces that it’s why they’d only prepared 3 bibimbaps with herbs, ha! And then JunYoung earns Defconn’s love by announcing that he only needs 2 spoonful of rice for lunch.


Why… why are there so many side dishes just for 3 bibimbaps?

JunHo and JongMin get to go first and choose the 5 seconds questions. They have to write the same answer at the same time.

First question: What is the catchphrase that Kim JunHo is the proudest of? It’s kka-buri. That’s the catchphrase he made? I thought it was a legit word. I really like the way it sounds though. Hee, JongMin gets it wrong! He chose JunHo’s recent catchphrase, “jya-na~”

JunHo chooses the 30 seconds question and it’s: Kim JongMin once ran away from home. Why did he return?

JongMin messes around and loudly lets slip “season” as a hint. They get it right, but since JongMin cheated, they only get 3 seconds to eat their food. They decide to eat just the eggs and the others make life difficult for them. They can’t even bring the food plate over to themselves before their three seconds and Yoo PD gives the excuse that it’s because the setting is part of the restaurant’s tradition, so they should follow it, PFFFT.

And then TaeHyun messes with JunHo’s egg, not letting him eat whatever hung out of his mouth.


They go again for another 20 minute one, and this one is a 50/50 question, since they only have to answer a yes or no. Hur, but the question is from the latest judicial examination, just because JongMin did his public service duty in Korea’s law courts. Anyway, they have to decide whether someone posing like a guest at another person’s wedding and collecting and running off with the congratulatory money is theft or not.

They debate over it, and JongMin proposes that it’s a con and therefore not a theft. They run with the answer and… “DDAENG!” I  bet Yoo PD is dancing inside, just like Na PD used to do, hee!

TaeHyun and Defconn go next and they choose the 30 second question: During his latest breakup, what did the girl say to him?

Aw, it’s “Oppa, are you a beggar?” And TaeHyun gets it wrong.

Next, they choose the 5 seconds question: When Defconn goes to sleep, what is the thing that he needs to have a good night’s sleep?

HAHA, everyone else knows the answer since they saw it in his house but TaeHyun remains oblivious. In the end, TaeHyun eventually gets struck by a bolt of inspiration and they get it right, earning their 5 seconds eating time. Hehe, TaeHyun and his pancake tongue!

Finally, it’s JuHyeok and JoonYoung’s turn. They choose their 5 seconds question and it’s “what is actor Kim JuHyeok known as in Korea?” JuHyeok’s attempt to give JoonYoung a hint doesn’t work out because the only JoonYoung is interested in is Transformers. The answer is Hugh Grant. I… don’t see the resemblance…

They score miserably in their quiz, earning no time to eat at all, and so Yoo PD lets JuHyeok and JoonYoung try again for a chance at eating within 5 seconds and asks what club JuHyeok was head of during his college days. TaeHyun knows the answer and offers to give him a hint. He sways from side to side and even JunHo adds the hint that comedians graduate from the club.


“Was he a decoy?” he asks. HAHAHHAAH!

Kim JuHyeok was head of entertainment and luckily, JoonYeong catches on and they get it right. The gang asks JuHyeok what he did as the head of entertainment and he inadvertently utters that he did Shin HyeongRae impersonations.

They get their 1.5 seconds of food but it was more like 4 seconds because JongMin was the time keeper and never stopped saying start. He never even said “stop”! HA!

Defconn suggests an all or nothing round and so JuHyeok’s innocent slip comes back to bite him in the butt as Yoo PD asks him to do that Shim HyeongRae impersonation now. HEE HEE!


And then he adds that when he’s a little more comfortable later on, he’ll show them funnier things.

Therefore, all six guys get a chance to eat everything or not.

The question is, “if one takes a signet from a lady’s table, uses it for an official document and then puts it back, does that equal to theft?”

They discuss among themselves and JuHyeok decides that it isn’t. Why? Because the answer was yes to JongMin’s previous question. Exactly half of the group doesn’t agree – JunHo, JongMin and TaeHyun – so they decide to just split down the line like this and bet their lunches this way.

The answer is… no. In other words, JunYoung, Defconn and JuHyeok get to eat everything on the table! Ha, JongMin tries to join their victory hug but is pushed out.

Defconn asks for a bowl to share… so that he doesn’t spill anything, not because they want to give the others some food to share.

JunHo is completely taken aback when he really doesn’t get to eat. Just because you’re new, it doesn’t mean that you get food when you lose! This is 1 nNight 2 Days! Get your head on straight!

After lunch, it’s time to get to basecamp and their mode of transportation… is a super old truck. HEEEE!!! It’s spilling rust and the seatbelts at the back are simply loops of string. Pfft, it’s a 1992 model and of course is a stick drive. Defconn is secured a seat in the front because he has to drive but the others have to play rock-paper-scissors to earn that privilege.


Ha, all the newcomers get stuck in the back, ready for a freezing trip down the road.

They pass by some army men, who do the gesture for 1 Night 2 Days. JuHyeok gets excited but JunHo’s confused as to how they knew it was filming for 1 Night 2 Days when they’re all newcomers. It was because of the sticker on the back of the truck.

Talk gets lesser and lesser as the trip continues on, except for complaints about it being so cold. It’s so cold that JoonYoung craves an ice cream. As the road gets rougher and the curves stiffer, the old men start complaining about body aches and JuHyeok in particular looks like his ear is about to freeze off.


That’s the moment JoonYoung picks up the walkie talkie they have and calls the front, asking to change seats in 5 km, being purposely vague about his identity. HEEE, JongMin falls for it, calling him “PD-nim” and JoonYoung rolls with it, giving them the excuse that Kim JuHyeok is too cold, so they have to change. PPFFTT, he’s already adapted to the show.

He continues the ruse with JunHo as accomplice and the two veterans in the front completely fall for it.

When they stop to switch seats, JunHo even dares to say that it can’t be helped because it was the PD who demanded them to change. He suggests a look-ranking game to decide who gets to sit in the warm icabin and JongMin starts complaining.

They find a group of students nearby and decide to settle everything based on their votes to three different questions. JuHyeok whines that they won’t know him. Because all you ever film is 19+ movies? Hee…

Defconn calls this the most important vote in their lives and the girls don’t even look in his way. Hee. JunHo gets a cold reaction too, but JoonYoung gets a warm response. Ha! A girl even sneaks in some pictures while asking them questions.


TaeHyun tells her to rank the members according to whom she’d go on a trip with and it’s TaeHyun in first place. 2nd place is JunHo and that stuns JuHyeok, HA! Her third place is Defconn and JoonYoung refuses to accept reality. 4th place is JoonYoung and he laughs since that gets him out of having to seat in the backseat. Last place is poor JongMin and JuHyeok is suddenly all smiles and flowers.

The next question is based on looks and JuHyeok gets red in the face since he gets passed up from 1st to 4th place. And then she cruelly answers Defconn when Defconn himself bluntly asks who’s the ugliest between them.

They make the last vote a huge one, involving the whole group, making the kids stand behind the member that they like the best.

Hee, last places Defconn and JongMin comment a whole lot before the reveal of the results and JunHo embarrasses himself on national television by saying that he expects heaps of people behind him when there’s only one boy.

JuHyeok is feeling completely defeated, expecting none. And a pre-turn shot shows that there really is no one!

JoonYoung screams when he sees a long line of girls behind him and JuHyeok laughs, embarrassed, when he sees Defconn right behind him. AW!

TaeHyun thanks the kids and as they walk off, Defconn insists on broadcasting to the entire village that the guy the kids just rejected is a movie star! HAAA!!!


Thus, JuHyeok ends up in the back of the truck again, when he was the reason they even stopped to switch seats in the first place. The losers laugh over JuHyeok’s misery and the headlines that they expect when the episode goes on air and when JongMin revels in that misery a bit too much, Defconn snarks that he’s the ugliest guy he’s ever seen. Pffft, getting comfy here, are we?

Hur, the two squabble over their looks like that while JuHyeok gets jealous.

The trip goes on, through the birch forests, and powered by TaeHyun’s driving.

JongMin complains about the cold and they stop at a restaurant.

They ask the granny-owner in there who she’d allow her granddaughter to go on an overnight trip with. She replies none, HA!!! But they insist, so JuHyeok just about begs to be picked so that he doesn’t have to sit in the back.

They make her choose her top three and JuHyeok is not among those she picked. AGAIN! HAA! He gets so upset that he jokingly(?) threatens to quit the show then. On his 1 Night 2 Days debut.


TaeHyun says that he doesn’t dare drive the car anymore, since it’s so difficult that it scares him. Since Defconn has driven, and there’s no one else who can drive a manual vehicle, it’s all up to JuHyeok. He says he hates that more. Pfft.

But they entice him with the warmness of the cabin and that’s enough for him to agree to “drive the truck for driving practice”. It’s just going straight and then reversing a little, after all! HAAA.

He ends up doing so well, even better than TaeHyun, and Defconn remarks that life’s like that: people deliver when they’re backed into a corner. Hurr.

How long are they going to drive for? The sun has already set!

Not much longer apparently, because Yoo PD calls them to stop, like 3 minutes into their drive and makes them swap into a more modern car because of the rougher roads ahead. After making JuHyeok lose his pride like that? So cruel, hee.

They’re sent deep into the darkness and the guys get increasingly nervous, especially as the place is not even registered on the Navigation (GPS).


Defconn asks the veterans what this is supposed to mean.

It means that it’s going to be tough.


The wild is back.


6 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep1

  1. After all this is the show where “We go to pretty places and do ugly things”. Who said that? I forgot! But it’s so apt. I’m betting $10 it was Kim JunHo. Or was it Cha TaeHyun?

    It was Tae Hyun!, in the episode where they had MMA Chu Sung Hoon as a guest. That’s how he described the show.


  2. This is fantastic! Thank you so much for recapping. I come here mainly for 1n2d recaps and this S3 1st episode recap is a real treat! 🙂


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