1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 136

1 Night 2 Days Episode 136:

Imbued with the Olympian principle of non-discrimination, 1 Night 2 Days shows that the Olympics are for all, even the old, as they carry on with their Ajae (Old Man) Olympics.

After last episode’s shenanigans with internet speak that somehow turned into pager-speak by mat-hyung Han JooHee, we’re on to the latest big hits in the entertainment sphere now. Announcer Lee JiYeon asks them which group “Yuri” belongs to and everyone balks at such an easy answer. Except for former badminton player Ha TaeKwon, former soccer player Lee YeongPyo, former gymnast Yeo HongChul and of course, soccer commentator and pager-ajae Han JooHee, HA!

As expected, the majority answer that she’s from SNSD, even Han JooHee! Ajae Yeo HongChul just wrote that he doesn’t know, Lee YoungPyo refers to a Sung Yuri from 1st Generation idol-group Fin.KL and Ha TaeKwon thought that there was a Yuri in Koyote (JongMin’s music group) just because JongMin kept repeating that. Ha, and then he changes it to an old group COOL.


The next question is about social media, asking them to come up with Hashtags for a photo of a brunch at Garosugil. The Ajaes, which include TaeHyun right now, don’t even have any idea what a hashtag is. As those in the first row reveal their answers, TaeHyun goes all flustered and stunned, and it’s revealed why when his notepad is grabbed by JunHo: He’d thought that a Hashtag was one’s entire comment of a photo! HAHHAHA!

Han JooHee unabashedly reveals that he uses a flip phone so he has no idea what the heck that it is. He presents his precious antique to the nation and kills the entire floor by explaining that the huge duct tape sticking out of the top of his phone is a handle that he’d made so that he can open the phone easily. Oh. My. … HAHAHHAHAHHAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Yeo HongChul is pleased to have a comrade in TaeHyun and while Lee YeongPyo passes with a simple #good, Ha TaeKwon has drawn an emoticon. And after everything, the elusive hashtag is explained to the Ajaes,and TaeHyun takes the opportunity to clarify everything about this new-found creature.


When Defconn asks if he doesn’t use the internet or something, Yeo HongChul replies that he does. He just doesn’t use social media because he doesn’t want his life to be known. He’s calls himself Lee SunShin and everyone takes a second before understanding that he was referring to the general’s famous last words “don’t let my death be known to our enemies” aka, don’t let [my private life] be known. HEH, that sealed his status as an Ajae.

The Ajae results are in and Lee YeongPyo gets surprised that he’d gotten one right. There is someone that has done worse than him – Ha TaeKwon , who got zero right and with a straight-face, he says that because he was putting all his efforts into the Olympics back then, he had no interest in anything else and therefore is clueless to all these, to which everyone else hurls his “Ah, geurae-yo” back at him, ha!

Lee YeongPyo and Yeo HongChul get into a death match because they’re tied at one point each. Lee JiYeon sings “Sunset Glow” and asks them to name the singer of the piece. Lee YeongPyo is certain that the singer is someone much younger than Lee MoonSae, and so he wrote “someone other than Lee MoonSae” while Yeo HongChul wrote “Lee MoonSae”. HAAAA, because this is a test to check for Ajae-ness, anyone who wrote Lee MoonSae is an Ajae and Yeo HongChul complains that she’d sung the original Lee MoonSae version! Still, because he wrote the old singer, Yeo HongChul gets labelled an Ajae.

In conclusion the Ajae Team consists of TaeHyun, JongMin, JunHo, Han JooHee, Ha TaeKwon and finally, Yeo HongChul.

The not-Ajae Team consists of Defconn, JoonYoung, DongGu, Lee ByungChul, Lee YeongPyo and Jo WooJong.

The Ajae Team is already feeling defeated just by looking at their members (while Ha TaeKwon tries to lift their spirits by declaring that he’s good at sports and gets a “Ah, geurae yo?” shoved in his face) and Yeo HongChul tries to weasel an advantage for the Ajae Team, all while touching his belt like a true-blue Ajae.

The athletes are sent off to change into their uniform and while the announcers and Han JooHee go on commentary duty. The Not-Ajae Team marches out in their white shirts and electric fans, with leader Lee YeongPyo leading the pack as their flag bearer and later, the Ajae-s enter the arena too, fanning their armpits, in white undershirts/singlets and to the theme song of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. HAHAHHA! They’ve even proudly pulled their socks up high! And the whole time, fellow Ajae Han JooHee gets drunk on the nostalgia.


JoonYoung declares that the gold is theirs, and then follows it up with a moment-shattering “did I say that right?” and JunHo complains about Lee YeongPyo, who’s wearing his “Not-Ajae” cap like a total Ajae. Ha TaeKwon seriously promises to do his best in this Olympics and then goes on to promote his bright yellow shoes. Although the others mock him for it, I kid you not that it’s true when he said that they’re new releases. For some reason, bright, eye-catching coloured shoes are all the rage in badminton now.

Cha TaeHyun is up for his speech but he doesn’t manage to utter a single thing as Defconn just renders him speechless with his “Mr Hashtag”. Junho asks for Makgeolli and pork after exercise and Yeo HongChul promises to show the world Ajae-power. His full Ajae-ness is bared for all to judge when Jo WooJong shares that he was the one who’d uttered, “Ajae-Ajae-bara-Ajae”, the title of a 1989 film when he’d heard that were doing the Ajae Olympics.


Yoo PD takes over for a while and announces that there’ll be three games in their Ajae Olympics. In each game, the winner takes the gold and the loser takes the silver and the team with more golds gets to eat the full-course healthy meal while the losers (at JongMin’s curious question) get plain rice and water. Ha, Yeo HongChul gets indignant that he and JunHo are already predicting that they’ll lose and JunHo puts his foot down and whines that the result is obvious.

Like the real Olympics in Rio, they have spectators in the stands and Yeo HongChul is confident that they’ll win this whole thing, just because it’s called the Ajae Olympics and they’re the Ajaes. And then the 2 seriously-Ajaes on the team start playing with their armpit hair.

In any case, they’re up for the first round and Announcer Lee JiYeon shares that the first round is the “Relay Obstacle Race”, which requires three men from each team. The 1 Night Ajaes try to poach JoonYoung, telling him to be the best in their team instead of suffering as the last in his team.

Before Yoo PD explains the relay, he asks famed match predictor Lee YeongPyo what he thinks the result will be and he answers without even a moment’s hesitation that the Not-Ajaes are going to win this. Ha!

So, the first part of the relay is running backwards while doing those Ajae/Halmoni claps. The second part involves picking up all those hurdles in their way and the last part is to run along the track, with each foot running along the white lines that bind the lane. Hahaha, this is a game for long-legged Ha TaeKwon. At the end of the game, they have to use their toes to turn the channel to 09 for the Ajaes and 07 for the Not-Ajaes. Anyone who turns to the Olympics broadcast first wins.


While Ha TaeKwon busies himself with his very long, elaborate and hilarious warm-up, JunHo creeps over to the announcers’ table to ascertain that Ha TaeKwon really is an Olympic medallist and not just some fake-sports-goods store owner. HAHAHA, Jo WooJong confirms that he really earned a Gold medal in Badminton in the 2004 Olympics and then sighs that he’s curious too when JunHo wonders what the hell happened to the guy over the years for him to turn out like this. Pfft. You say it like something seriously bad happened to him.

The games start and DongGu and Yeo HongChul are neck-to-neck with their backwards race. They tap over to JoonYoung and JongMin respectively, who go on to pick up those hurdles. JongMin reaches Ha TaeKwon first and he zooms off to the TV with Han JooHee’s enthusiastic “AH! GEURAE YO!”

Lee YeongPyo pulls up not far behind and now it’s just a race to put the Olympics on TV.

Lee YeongPyo manages to press a channel out but there’s no signal. On the other hand, Ha TaeKwon is greeted by a figure of Donald Trump on KBS1 and wins the relay for the Ajae-s.


The second game they play is to just throw water bottles as far as they can. Those that didn’t participate in the Ajae games have to participate this time and JoonYoung declares that the Ajae Team will lose because JunHo’s playing. HA!

In summary, the Not-Ajae’s really crush the Ajaes and highlights include the International Referee having a math-related breakdown (“minus 18 from 15!”) and Ha TaeKwon just throwing the containers out of range and in the standing opponent’s direction because he can’t win it for his team anyway. So the Not-Ajae’s win the gold. TaeHyun sums the whole experience up as “The backup [Ajae Team] members (aka, him and JunHo) are really too lousy”.

The last and deciding game is a simple tug of war, played as a team and spiced up with an inflatable pool of water in the middle. The winning team is the one that manages to pull someone into the water and it’ll be a game of the best of three rounds.

They prepare and once the whistle is blown, Ha TaeKwon slips and falls.  While the announcers narrate about what’s going on, Han JooHee only shouts for Ha TaeKwon to get up and with the fervent encouragement, Ha TaeKwon awakes the beast in him and with the other Ajaes, they pull the Not-Ajaes all into the pool.

While the Not-Ajaes recover, the commentators analyse the match and Han JooHee proves that he’s more than just an ardent fan for the Ajaes as he points out that JongMin on the Ajae’s team had the better strategy by using the edge of the pool to his advantage, pushing against it with his feet rather than just slipping and sliding on the wet grass.

They enter their second round, with the Not-Ajaes opting to chance positions while Ha TaeKwon on the Ajae Team not very wisely lets the rope hang around his neck. Of all things to comment, Jo WooJong points out that he looks like a butcher from the olden days, rather than point it out as a safety issue.


Oooh, this time, the Not-Ajaes pull the rope quite a distance and that angers Ha TaeKwon and so with a roar, he drags Choi ByungChul through the grass and sends the rest of the Not-Ajaes into the water, face first. Ha, Jo WooJong calls grass-covered Choi ByungChul a chives pancake.

The results of the Ajae Olympics have been determined and the Ajae Team rejoices in their unexpected win. Choi ByungChul the former pro-fencer can’t hide his frown and irritation at losing, never having lost his passion and zeal at all over the years and he requests for a one-on-one match with Yeo HongChul, even if it means losing the water that comes with his meal if he loses.

The game starts and he falls the moment the whistle blows. HAAA! But he recovers and this time, it’s Yeo HongChul’s turn to land on his butt. Pfft, Choi ByungChul also falls again and they pull the rope left/right/left/right/left/right like that, with neither winning nor losing and looking like they’re sawing a tree.


They restart the game with both standing and both of them really go for it, faces getting red and veins popping. No one wins because Choi ByungChul accidentally lets the rope slip and Yeo HongChul falls, complaining and whining about Choi ByungChul making him fall. Hahaha, Yoo PD decides that this MUST end in a clean win and since the two before have already exhausted all their energy, he suggests that Lee YeongPyo play against Kim JunHo.

JunHo: “Is he just telling me to get wet?”

Cue Yoo PD’s evil cheeky grin, hehhehe.

International Referee screams “1, 2, 3!” and with one tug from Lee YeongPyo, JunHo flies into the pool. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!

He reels in the water at that embarrassing display for a moment before laughing that he’s just not Lee YeongPyo’s match. He sends JongMin, the guy who even won over an active military soldier in an arm wrestling match, up, and at first, Lee YeongPyo teases him by letting go of the rope and then nonchalantly rubbing his not-injured knee. Soon, however, with a hop and a skip and a really terrible expression, JongMin plops into the pool too.

That’s no big matter, because the Ajaes have won their luxurious dinner.

They gather for dinner, finally, at a time that must be ridiculously late because Yoo PD blurs the huge clock behind the Ajae Olympics flag,ha, and because they won an extra game, the Not-Ajaes get to choose one main dish from the winners table, namely, loach soup, fried loach or bossam. They choose the boiled pork and continue on to eat without even a single word.

JongMin emerges from his bowl to ask where the loach soup is from. JunHo retorts that it’s from CheongDo, the very place they’re in right now. Ha. And then JunHo attempts a lame joke that no one reacts to. Ha TaeKwon on the other hand just devours and devours and says nothing.

Even with the Bossam on their table, the losers stare at the loaches on the winners table and Han JooHee retorts that whether there are leftovers or not are not the loser’s business because they have no rights to it anyway.


Announcer Lee JiYeon offers a fried loach for everyone who comes up with a good Ajae joke and DongGu gives it a try.

“Which neighbourhood has the cutest breeze?”

No one knows and the answer, “Bundang” sends Lee JiYeon into a little squeal of excitement and Lee YeongPyo looking embarrassed. Ajae Yeo HongChul doesn’t even get it. Okay, explanation now:

“Baram-i bunda” is the Korean phrase for breeze or more literally, “wind blows”. Bundang is a neighbourhood in Seongnam, Seoul, Korea. Koreans nowadays add “ng” to their word endings to seem cutesy, like the popular “Annyeong haseyo~ng”, “Kamsahamnida~ng” and basically any word that ends in a vowel is perfect for this cutesy addition. Therefore, “baram-i bunda” à Bunda +ng = Bundang = a neighbourhood in Korea. Tadaa…

DongGu earns his fried loach and Choi ByeongChul goes next.

“What is giving birth on a high-place called?” Hyena (Koreans pronounce it as “hai-yenna”.)


So basically… the Korean phrase he’s referring to is “ha-i ae na-a” which literally means “ high kid birth(ed)”. And then because sounds similar, it becomes “ha-i-e-na” which is the Korean word for Hyena. That’s… lol…

Through out the whole thing, Ha TaeKwon just eats. Hee.

Lee YeongPyo goes next and asks if they know how his daughter greets her friend Anna.

“Hi Anna.”

There’s silence so deafening you could hear a pin drop and Lee JiYeon positively freezes in shock.

I’m not explaining that! And JoonYoung adds that Hyena could also mean “High Yen”. As in the Japanese money.


The Ajae Olympics come to an end and back to their real personas as sports commentators, our former athletes and announcers remind the viewers to watch the Olympics on KBS, as clips of them commentating over the passionate and exhilarating displays of their countrymen in previous matches and competitions play over, hope and encouragements overflowing in their every word. Choi ByungChul’s screaming after Park SangYeong’s gold medal win in fencing is hilarious. Did I just hear Choi ByungChul scream a “Merci Beaucoup”? Hahahaha.

Aw. It’s so weird watching this after the Olympics.

1 Night 2 Days is now back to being what it’s really all about as our guests go off and our members carted off to a hanok somewhere else.

The scaredy cats eye the creepy tree and the well outside the rooms. This episode’s sleeping game is simple. Choose between two rooms and entering one that’s well stocked means that one’s sleeping inside. Otherwise, out to the tree and well you go. There can only be three members a room.

They play rock-paper-scissors to determine the order and DongGu ends up first.


DongGu chooses his room and Defconn follows after him, since DongGu has a track record of sleeping indoors, only sleeping outdoors once with JoonYoung at the theme park.

JongMin chooses his room and makes a hell of a noise that he’s sleeping inside that obviously means that he’s sleeping outside (It’s JongMin. It’s what he always does).  TaeHyun chooses DongGu’s room, since he definitely, no matter what, even if he has to sleep outside, want to sleep in the same room as snore-tank JunHo.

And of course, the result is that DongGu, Defconn and TaeHyun sleep indoors while JongMin, JoonYoung and JunHo sleep outdoors.

While they wait for their tents to be set up, JunHo lies on the floor of his chosen room while JongMin bugs him, calling him “JunHo-hyung” over and over again. And then JoonYoung comes on to join the fun and records it all, playing it by JunHo’s ear over and over again. HAHHAHAHAH.

TaeHyun is just knocked out already, and I’m not even sure that he’s washed up. Whatever, this is 1 Night 2 Days.


The outdoor-sleepers settle in for the night and JongMin shouts a very loud “JunHo-Hyung! Goodnight!”

Nothing’s better than a lullaby before sleeping and JoonYoung puts on his recently produced record “JunHo Hyung! JunHo Hyung! JunHo Hyung!” for JunHo and JongMin gets rewarded for his musical contributions with JunHo’s annoyed slaps to his head. HAHAHA! One more time!

Morning comes and ARGH, THAT ANNOYING INSECT NOISE. It haunted all my mornings and evenings when I was in Korea. Anyway, just like Yoo PD told them the night before, they get up when the morning song is played and run in the direction of the arrows the production had prepared. The competition is neck and neck for JunHo and JongMin and YAPS secures his win by flinging JongMin’s hat onto the ground.

The team is lead to a peach orchard where Yoo PD shares that CheongDo has a 200 history in growing and producing peaches. And because it’s peach season right now (I concur with that. I just ate a peach in Korea last week. It was the sweetest and juiciest thing ever), JunHo gets a box of peaches for arriving first.

Of course, he shares the peaches with the rest of the team and JongMin earns smacks to the head for taking two bites when he was supposed to only take one. Heehee, they marvel over the fruit, since it’s crunchy yet not too hard and perfectly ripe and sweet. Even JoonYoung, who doesn’t enjoy fruits enjoys it. Ha, JongMin just takes peach after peach from JunHo’s box, making JunHo burst out in exasperated mock-anger, asking him if he’s the owner of the peach orchard.

It another day and this time, it’s a meeting at KBS’s headquarters. JunHo has come with black iced coffee. TaeHyun immediately suspects fish sauce in all of them and JunHo laughs that there’s no such thing! He’s just going to put that only in DongGu’s cup. HAAA!!!

While the veterans prepare the 1 Night 2 Days delicacy, Defconn and JoonYoung wind through the halls with JongMin tagging along, complaining about JongMin making them late. YAPS with the YAPS-hat re-enacts how DongGu always reacts to pranks played on him with cute-adorable-whines like, “~What is this~” and acting like there’s nothing wrong. Haha!


Everyone’s in on the prank, save for the one getting pranked and when they’re all together, they start the meeting by calling for coffee. HAHAHA, TaeHyun even ribs Yoo PD for all the mean comments that he’s gotten from the netizens for being apparently too inflexible, all in an attempt to get him to approve the coffee. They even make JongMin pay and order for the coffee.

Hur, of course the coffee that comes in is the one that JunHo bought and prepared and they hand DongGu his coffee, marked with a red straw. Hehehe, as expected, DongGu takes a sip and tries to endure, not making a peep, but his eyes tell everything and his clenched jaws deny nothing and soon the rest poke fun at him and he comes clean, letting out a cute “~what is this~”. Hahahaha.

JunHo revels in his correct prediction and the editor replays his re-enation and DongGu’s reaction a total of SIX times. Yoo IlYong PD-nim, please, three times is the max before it’s too much. Make sure to check this.

And back in the meeting room, JunHo swears to continue all his pranks on DongGu until he gets a straight reaction from the man. Pfft, TaeHyun shows them just how far JunHo is willing to go by revealing that he’d though of putting poop in DongGu’s deonjang stew and JongMin doesn’t help at all by asking if that’s possible, because he would really like to try that. No! Please! Some limits!


JoonYoung then asks if they can go home now. Hee.

Nope, because they’re really here in preparation for the next trip, which is a “free trip” free as in freedom.

TaeHyun says that he wants to go on a roller coaster and see JongMin bungee jump. You mean the guy who can’t even jump off a four meter rock into water?

And Defconn wants JongMin to go skydiving on the season’s fourth year anniversary, in a wing suit, without even a parachute. Wow, how time flies. And then they have a blast over imagining Defconn on yet another wingsuit, filming him and following behind and eventually falling further because he’s heavier, haha.

Yoo PD tells them that they’ll be divided into two teams and Defconn offers that TaeHyun, JunHo and JongMin go together, for extreme sports. Pffft, TaeHyun laughs that it’s a good idea and guy-who-couldn’t-jump-off-the-cliff-number-2 asks what’s wrong with him.

But TaeHyun and JunHo won’t be in the same team, because they’ve been appointed leaders of the respective groups and they decide to just divide themselves down the line, according to how they’re seated. JongMin is terribly reluctant when DongGu grabs his hands and happily chirps, “extreme!” HAHAHA. So JongMin offers to do that if they wax their bodies with him. Pffft.

Yoo PD sees the mess and disagreements and offers to divide them into teams according to their travel styles. Heh, of course they burst into protests and attack Yoo PD because “WHAT KIND OF FREE TRIP IS THIS?!” and then they turn apologetic when he presents them with questionnaires made by professional experts in this matter. HAHAHAHA, aw. Don’t be mean to the new PD!


Once they’re done with the questionnaires (the results will be announced on the day they leave for the trip), the two leaders are made to invite guests for the filming the day after to show their strengths as leaders.

HAHA, JoonYoung and JongMin swear to be on TaeHyun’s team then but change their minds when TaeHyun says that he wants to travel with men. Heh, JunHo is determined to being an actress in and when embarrassedly laughs when he’s greeted with a “the caller is not available” after a few rings when he calls Park HanByul. No one knows where to hide because it means that she’d purposely cut him off, not even because her phone’s not on or something!

And then TaeHyun twists the knife further by having Jo InSung pick up his call. Too bad the actor has a school reunion the day of the filming and can’t come. JunHo offers to try calling Hanbok designer Park SulNyeo and mutters that the Park ChangShik that Defconn sees in his contact list is a congressman. Oooh.


They one who really impresses the people in that room is TaeHyun, who gets Kim WooBin on his phone and too bad, he really has a shooting on the day of our guys’ filming. Lol, JunHo interrupts to say that he’s a fan and after Defconn learns that he and Kim WooBin come from the same area, JeonJu (I was just there! You should go too), JunHo tries to force a blood relation with the guy, since they’re both Kims. Nope, sorry, they’re from different clans. Hahah.

It JunHo’s turn and too bad, even his fellow gagman doesn’t pick up. TaeHyun follows it up with a call to Song JoongKi who also can’t come because of a movie shoot. And then he casually asks about In Sung and WooBin. Haha, everyone’s just amazed. JunHo calls Song JoonGeun, because the gag follow up to Song JoongKi is Song JoonGeun. And JunHo’s like “oh, you’re not free the day after right?!”

Lol, he ends up calling fellow comedian Kim JunHyun and swears that he’s the first person he’s called. He definitely isn’t asking for Kim JunHyun as a backup! Definitely not! What a liar, haha. Even JunHyun doesn’t believe him and learns that JunHo had hopes of Park HanByul coming.


They check his schedule and he’s super free on the day they film 1 Night 2 Days so JunHo promises to confirm his appearance tomorrow afternoon.HAHAHAHA.

TaeHyun calls someone and gets a bright greeting that can only be from Park BoGum. He even innocently asks why there’s an echo and TaeHyun has to inform him that their call is on voice speaker and recorded by 1 Night 2 Days.

Aw, BoGummie seems to be busy on Friday too but…


Next Week! (Yesterday)

He surprises the 1 Night 2 Days guys by appearing as TaeHyun’s guest and he gets to drive. He gets to drive?!

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