1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 137

1 Night 2 Days Episode 137:

The episode opens and the first words that come up on screen are “A village in Jecheon experiencing a heat wave”. Damn, you don’t have to remind me of my sun-burns and my sun-ruined face so early in the episode…

Anyways, it’s way too disgustingly hot and scorching and our boys emerge from their vehicles into the rubber-melting hot sunlight, where TaeHyun gets teased for his oversized luggage. Heh, Defconn takes that as a hint that an actress is coming and JoonYoung dashes his hopes and dreams by pointing out that there’s no celebrity van nearby, meaning no actresses nearby, so let’s just go. Of course, they whine the whole way, complaining that going out while there’s a heat wave is not their idea of free travel.

Haha, they reach the station and complain even more when they see the name of the place – Mudori. That is also the same Korean word for “not reasonable” or “no duty”. Lol.

(Edit; 24/08/2016: Just checked the last episode when TaeHyun and JunHo were ribbing Yoo PD for being inflexible. Mudori is a self(?) (assuming he added the captions himself, lol) description of Yoo PD especially after all the netizen’s complaints about him being too inflexible/unreasonable. JunHo even went one step further and called him Yoo-dori, ha!)

They cheer Park HanByul’s name when they see JunHo pull up with DongGu and get into an ever bigger fuss when they smell cologne on him, since he never wears that kind of stuff on 1 Night 2 Days. And then they point out the name Mudori again and start teasing Yoo PD, hur. Yoo PD is even lower the totem pole than JongMin as he becomes the butt of all their teasing and jokes.


With all the guys gathered, Yoo PD launches the opening and explains that because Mudo 3-ri is the connecting transportation hub for Gangwon, Chungcheong and Gyeongsang Province, they chose it as their meeting point. JoonYoung refuses that explanation and is sure that Yoo PD first chose the name Mudori then realised as a bonus that it’s a transportation hub. Ha.

TaeHyun doesn’t care what happens – he just wants to go to an amusement park. JunHo is determined to head in the direction of Busan because he has a schedule there and DongGu offers to tag along, since he also has another appointment there, hur.

Yoo PD announces the results of the questionnaire they’d done two days ago and notes that there’s not a single question where all of them gave the same answer, meaning that they all have different styles.

TaeHyun says that he’d like his team members to bungee jump and immediately, JoonYoung with his distracting earring replies that he’ll be going to Busan. HA! And so TaeHyun offers to go paragliding instead. Defconn asks what difference there is and JoonYoung says, “Bungee jumping is dying immediately. Paragliding is dying slowly.” PFFFTTT!!!


The moment of the reveal comes and the first person to join JunHo’s team is DongGu. That’s good! And then JongMin is assigned to TaeHyun’s team right after that team’s leader said, “as long as it’s not JongMin.” HA! TaeHyun starts complaining that he won’t be doing anything extreme like he wants then and then JoonYoung starts angry-hitting the nearby banisters when he learns that he’ll be joining the team going to Busan. Hee. And he just said that he needed to get to Seoul!

Yoo PD shares some interesting answers from their questionnaire and to the question, “imagine that you’re with your lover at a beach. What is she doing next to you?” both the married men JunHo and TaeHyun wrote “she’s drunk from beer”. HAHHAHA! TaeHyun now remembers that he’d answered that question immediately without even thinking!

JongMin and Defconn had written, “she’s getting a tan in a bikini” and DongGu’s answer is “nagging”. Wha? Lol. It’s because he’s already expecting to have to treat his girl like a princess and expecting that she’ll be whining her orders at him. JoonYoung’s lady is a completely different kind and he imagines her asking him to head into a room because it’s hot. Hee! I thought this was supposed to be a travelling-type-test, not a what-kind-of-women-you-dated/want-test?

It’s time to reveal the guests that the leaders have invited and they all call out for JunHyun. Of course, JunHyun comes out and greets JunHo with “SsongDi” (some kind of Korean-bastardised version of the Chinese word for “brothers”). Ha, the guys push JunHo behind him and stand beside JunHyun noting that this was the line-up that has supposed to have happened 3 years ago.

If only JunHyun hadn’t gotten married then or if filming wasn’t so intense then, JunHo would have been the guest and JunHyun the member now. Hee, JunHo remarks that he’d thought he’d picked up on something rotten by getting roped into this programme but nope, it turns out to be a tasty, money-making dish that’s been steadily running for three years and counting.

And now it’s TaeHyun’s friend and there’re high hopes, given the people who picked up his calls the other day. JunHyun also laughs that his competition is too strong, having seen TaeHyun’s guest and it’s up and coming actor Park BoGum! Whew, he looks extra hot with his hair slicked up like this…

And then he breaks the spell by acting like an adorably lost puppy and Defconn has to guide him to his place. Hahah. JunHyun laughs that the reaction is so different to the one he got and JunHo hits the nail on the head when he comments that BoGum has got the face that women love because all the noona-stylists appear all of a sudden, hahah.


They ask him what he’s carrying like a baby and it turns out to be mosquito repellent. Whoa, he so nice. And Defconn’s life is saved by TaeHyun who points out that it’s not for the throat like he’d thought (because he heard BoGum wrongly). JunHyun has only brought anti-diahorreal and JunHo tells him to worry about getting food in first before worrying about how it’s gonna come out. And then he requests to share, hee.

Yoo PD tells them that this trip will be free travel but will also be a competition. Upon reaching their respective base camps, the team with the greater mileage wins. Mileage includes the distance that they’ve travelled, either by vehicle or by foot. 1 km = 1 Mile. If they visit local attractions, it’s 50 Miles per 1 spot. If there’s an activity, they get 100 Miles for each participant. 20 Miles for restaurant food and 10 Miles per street food. And when the trip is near its end, they’re to post their itinerary on social media and earn mileages that way too, so don’t forget to take pictures along the way.

Mr Hastag Cha TaeHyun gets worried upon hearing social media, but luckily for him there’s internet-nerd Defconn on his team.

And finally, the winners of the trip-competition get to win 24K gold. No kidding.

Yoo PD then announces that no trip starts without dance time and overrides all their protests with music. Hahha, they comply, like slaves to the beat, and even BoGum joins in.  HA! Defconn brings in the radio on his shoulder and JunHyun brings in his luggage on his shoulder. Yoo PD encourages them to go as crazy as they can and they suddenly start doing twirls and parodying “sexy” moves. Ooh, they’ve got BoGum all hyped up and revealing his true dance abilities but the one who’s really got his cray on is Yoo PD. Heh.

JunHyun ups the ante with belly popping. This must be gifed.


And then dance time is over and the real game comes up. Did Yoo PD just punk them?

The game they’ll be playing is “Human Magnet” and in the format of a relay, each person has to get onto the opponent’s mat and use whatever method there is to get those coins to stick on him and then with those coins stuck on like that, they have to deliver them to their own mat. They have to deliver as much as they can within a minute. After they’re done, the production will count the coins and the result multiplied by three will be their allotted allowance.  PFFFFT. What kind of game is this? Whoever came up with this idea deserves a raise. Also, BoGum’s entire face to having to strip is like “no. No. NO. NONONONONONONONONonononononoNONONONO! NO!” Ah hahah!

The leaders decide to go first and they strip down to their shorts. JunHo does a total sight gag with his skin coloured shorts pulled up high and running on the spot like a frilled lizard. Pfft. The game starts and the lizard rolls over, screaming about the hot coins… and then he slowly crawls to his mats… and then hops on his mat to get the coins off… Meanwhile, TaeHyun is like a dumpster’s electromagnet.

A minute comes to an end for them and it’s JunHyun and Defconn up next. JunHyun doesn’t get as many coins as expected of his size, at one point only managing three coins on his belly in a trip. They even manage to sneak in some YAPS-ness by standing over each other and refusing to let the other go in their game but it’s evident by the end that Defconn has done a much better job than JunHyun.

DongGu and JongMin are up next and TaeHyun tells JongMin to do well, and to even use his face. 1 Night’s fool really tries that out and reels when the coins burn his face. HAA! Defconn tells JongMin to concentrate to his back and JongMin does, coming up like a silvery scaled fish every trip he makes. On the other hand, DongGu gets 3 coins each time. Their game come to an end and JongMin rubs his butt, since there are coins in there. He digs through his pants on national television and delivers the hidden coins.

BoGum tries to get those coins using only his arms but TaeHyun and reality tell him that it’s a no go. So he’s forced to use his back but that doesn’t mean that he takes his shirt off. He just pulls his shirt up his back and reveals his perfect wide shoulders and small waist. The game starts and luckily for JunHo, JoonYoung gets those coins pretty well. BoGum does similarly as well and by the end of the round, he even has some coins in his pants, so he innocently grabs his crotch (where the coins are) on national television. Oh kid. Hahaha.


Yoo PD admits that gasoline is pretty expensive and so he’ll give them a chance to get some of it for free. Hahah, they all joke that Yoo PD isn’t as inflexible as he seems and TaeHyun the 1 Night veteran is sceptical of his kindness, saying that if they give them a car without air con, he’s sure that even kind BoGum will punch them. Hahaha. No tricks this time and all they have to do is drink the gasoline’s volume in cold drinks. They get a maximum of 10 seconds of rest between mouthfuls if they need.

JunHo’s team chooses the iced tea and TaeHyun’s team chooses the sports drink for this round of “Human Gas Station”. The rule is to just drink as much as they can.

JunHyun gets asks how much he can drink at a time and while no one reasonable would even think to do that, JunHyun admits that there was one time when he drank 10,000 cc in a sitting. That’s like 10 litres. And that was when he also downed three chickens. He is amazing. JongMin calls him a real pig and JunHyun takes that as a compliment.

On the other hand, BoGum doesn’t drink nor smoke and he goes up first. JoonYoung says that guys like him never give up easily and while he downs mug after mug of his team’s sports drink, the others comment on his sexy adam’s apple. Rival team member JunHyun can’t be bothered about that and tells him not to push himself too far. He says that the drinking should be left to pigs and actors like them don’t need to push themselves that far. Haaa.


BoGum cleanly finishes off 4 mugs, earning his team 2 litres of gasoline, which is about 64km worth of gas. TaeHyun goes up and guzzles mug after mug, spitting halfway through his third glass. He gives up after finishing that and JongMin starts to drink… and struggles after just one mug. Heh. He struggles through his second glass with Defconn as cheerleader and then goes on to his third glass… where the drink comes back up. Oh no! Ew! Make it go down, DOWN! JongMin pulls his fourth glass up and blow some off the top, heh. His eternal rival comes to warn him and he chokes his drink back up and leaves it to Defconn to finish. OH GROSS! And then he tells Defconn, while, he’s drinking from the same mug, that he didn’t brush his teeth that day. BoGum just about collapses from the ridiculousness.

Defconn downs mug after mug and suddenly BoGum pipes up to say that he can drink another. JunHo’s team tries to discourage him, saying that if anything wrong happens, Yoo PD will get fired, haha! But BoGum downs a mug steadily and even goes for another after that. Any distraction, especially in the form of Kim JunHo, is dragged away by the hair by JongMin.

Seeing BoGum down his drinks makes the other flower-boy on the show, DongGu, competitive. Or that’s what JoonYoung says.

In total, TaeHyun’s team has earned 8.25 litres of gasoline, meaning that they’ve got enough to travel about 132 km.

It’s JunHyun on JunHo’s team who goes up first and he complains that it’s too sweet and laughs that he feels full already. No matter, because he believes that the stomach  is the only organ that’s controllable by the mind and he cleanly finishes an entire row of iced tea, which is 7 whole mugs and 3.5 litres, remarking halfway that there’s a method to drinking this much – drink it according to a slow rhythm.

While he goes off for a short break, JunHo takes over and has trouble even finishing his first cup because it’s just too sweet. He attempts to prolong his rest time by wowing about it’s origin (the tea is of the olden-days version, once commonly sold along the street) but Yoo PD is not having it. JongMin also tries to be strict and point out the tea that JunHo is letting flow onto the ground and YAPS spit-yells his tea out at JongMin and even splashes some in TaeHyun’s way while acting angry, HAHAHAHA.

JoonYoung drinks two mugs and leaves.  DongGu steadily downs… four mugs I think, and when he about reaches his limit, JunHyun the master comes to pace him like DongGu is gonna give birth. PWAHAHAHHA. Who the hell proposed this game? Another raise for this guy!

And finally, JunHyun is up again, drinking another 3 mugs. JongMin marvels at his how stomach gradually gets bigger and JunHyun has to assure him that stomachs don’t just burst so easily. The more likely consequence is him puking it all out.


JunHo encourages JunHyun to drink as much as the other team did, saying that winning is always good, even in a game like this where there are no winners. Pfft. And then JunHyun finally matches gasoline volumes with the other team… but picks up one more glass and has to spit it out in JunHo’s face because he just couldn’t hold it in anymore but also because JunHo was being a complete annoyance at his side. HAHHAHAHAH! And then he downs the rest once JunHo shuts up.

The games end and it’s time to start planning for their trips. BoGum loves the idea of paragliding and tries to encourage JongMin by saying that they’ll be strapped in anyway. That’s not much of an assurance. They’re much more horrified when they learn that they have to settle their accommodations themselves and all the production team will provide is a mosquito net. The end.

Meanwhile, JunHyun is stuck in the toilet, with boss JunHo joining him soon after.

TaeHyun’s team all settle down to plan their itinerary and BoGum goes all frowny faced while he searches the net and suggests That Ride. I have no idea what it’s called so I’m just going to call it that. Apparently, That Ride is the very same one JongMin once saw in a past episode in season two with Kim SeungWoo and had run away from, cursing and screaming and then crying in the corner. Yoo PD asks if that went on air and nope, it was so bad that it didn’t make the cut.


TaeHyun suggests another itinerary and BoGum whips out his photo of the mileage scoring system, impressing both TaeHyun and JongMin. Normally, they’d just ask the production staff. Hahha.

On the other side of the room, JoonYoung wonders where the heck the old men in his team are. They’re still in the toilet. A staff tries to rush them out, since the other team is already all set to leave and JunHo quips that being in the toilet all day is vacation to him. Lol.

The planning is therefore left to the young-uns and JoonYoung just steals Defconn’s suggestions.

JunHo finally gets out of the toilet, followed by JunHyun. Before they go their separate ways, they take a photo together, just in case they never meet up like that again before the trip ends.

Both teams get into their cars and their managers and stylists happily bid their bosses goodbye.

JunHo’s team heads over to Uirimji Reservoir, which was the place Defconn had suggested while TaeHyun’s team heads over to That Ride. BoGum puts on some music and JongMin unfortunately sings along. BoGum gets asked if acting was his dream. Nope, it was to be a singer-songwriter. He’s never written any songs nor has he ever received training though. He just puts some chords together and JongMin suddenly asks if he likes the C-chord. Lol. And then the musician sighs that he should have done music too. What. Well, I guess if his best friend ShinJi had to go on a huge mission to prove to the world that he CAN hold a tune while she was here during the best female friend special, he’s gotta buck up in that area, haha.

They ask him what food seemed the most delicious on the show and then JongMin suddenly asks if he has a girlfriend. HAHAHAHHA.  No, he doesn’t, and then he adorably rejects to answer JongMin’s question of “HyeRi or Irene” with a simple “That’s too boring”.

He did date before though, and JongMin cracks me up with his “WAAAAH!!!” “come here!” and whatever other funny noises he makes while trying to describe passionate love. BoGum laughs that he didn’t love that way.

They arrive at the gas station and TaeHyun sobers when he learns that they’ve only got $10 worth of gasoline.

In the other car, JunHo puts on “Cheer Up”. OMG, that song. It’s everywhere in Korea… and in this car, it’s recently-discharged-from-the-army DongGu who sings/chants the loudest. What is going on here, hahaha. They’re having a party and it totally feels like a men’s vacation.

They see the Duck Boat in the reservoirs and decide to go for the “extreme sport”.


TaeHyun and gang see That Ride and JongMin declares that he’s going to die. TaeHyun just about dies with laughter to recognise the place as the very place that JongMin cursed at cried at.

They arrive and JongMin refuses to get out. So BoGum checks through the window on JongMin’s side and lightly taps the door. He opens it and gently whispers, “Let’s go together” and that’s the magic that pulls JongMin out of the car.

And immediately, the acrophobic is greeted by the sight of someone bungee-ing off. HAHA. BoGum just enjoys the sight and says that it would be a good memory while JongMin must be thinking them all crazy people because he doesn’t understand why anyone would do this.

BoGum finds That Ride and happily reaches out to JongMin, saying that it can take four people at a go. They can all ride it! JongMin just about looks ready to cry and BoGum really fascinates me because he reaches out to JongMin that moment and says that it’s okay. His sensitiveness about other’s states of being is so clear and accurate and it seems like he just knows what to do to put them at ease.


He tries to persuade JongMin to come along for the ride, adorably whining to do it together and saying that it would be a good memory and even says that it’s doable. Meanwhile, TaeHyun keeps repeating that JongMin cried over That Ride the other time, ahahha! BoGum keeps assuring him that they’ll all do it together, all 4 of them, and he wows real loud when the PD tells them that if JongMin does it too, they’ll earn 400 miles. And then BoGum says that he’ll Bungee jump after that. HAHAHHA.

That sends goosebumps up JongMin’s arm but BoGum takes JongMin’s silence as consent and goes to get four tickets for That Ride. And then he calls them all over because they’re going to ride it immediately. Defconn and TaeHyun pull JongMin over to the preparation room, with Defconn assuring him that they’re all going to be with him the whole way.

I think I know what BoGum’s persuasive methods remind me of. He reminds me of a Kindergarten teacher. He gently coaxes and encourages and never tries to belittle or demean the fear. He doesn’t raise his voice or show frustration and when faced with the wall the other person puts up, he very gently and sweetly calls out to the person, showing that there’s no threat. And his adorable excitable puppy self makes people unable to reject because everything he does says, “Trust me, it’s okay,” without him ever uttering those words and then people really start to question if it’s really okay and gain courage from that.

His method is to make you melt your own walls yourself rather than him melting your walls for you, which means that you only come out on your own terms and you’re comfortable the whole time. And sometimes you don’t even know that you’re doing that. All he does is say that it’s going to be okay and when your walls come down, whether you know or not, he goes in for the kill and pushes you into doing something you thought you couldn’t do.

And that’s how JongMin ends up getting suited up for That Ride. HAHAHA.

Elsewhere, JunHo and his gang go to Uirimji Reservoir for their extreme sport of riding a Duck Boat. Uirimji Reservoir was built in the era of King JinHeung of the Silla Period and then the awe-inspiring moment is interrupted by DongGu laughing at JunHyun walking around with his camera stick like a rich kid on holiday.

Even though the weather’s hot, the shade of the trees makes it cool and they take a photo together in front of some manmade fountains. Then they play rock-paper-scissors to decide who rides the Duck Boats. It’s JunHo and JunHyun.

They get a cup of boiled silkworm pupae and suddenly JunHo feels like a rich kid and orders another cup, earning 10 miles for eating street food.

JunHyun tries to fob off ride-duty by asking if a huge-sized person like him really can sit on such a boat but the owner has prepared for such occasions and says that he’ll just give them a bigger boat. He actually gives them a boat for 4 people but because the two have no sense of balance whatsoever, despite the owner’s loud advices, the duck boat tilts to one side.

DongGu calls this an extreme sport, ha!


JunHo screams that the boat only moves to the right but soon after, they get the hang of it and a little while later, they’re peddling their boat “Romance 15” all the way to the other end of the reservoir. It seems like the staff don’t trust the guys to get usable footage and have cramped 4 guys to a Duck Boat to follow them. And then those 4 guys ask JunHyun to stop for a moment because they have to get to the front to get a front-shot of them. HAHAHHA.

JunHo orders JunHyun to pedal forwards like a ship commander and while JunHyun speeds past the staff’s boat himself, he complains about the nonsense the show has made him do since morning, hahah. For all their efforts, they get 150 miles, meaning that they now have a total of 160 miles.

While JongMin is convinced that his life will end in the middle of That Ride, BoGum is super happy and excited. He even takes JongMin aback by asking for a commemorative shot, haha.

TaeHyun laughs that if it were left up to JongMin, he’ll never pull the rope that’ll send them flying and declares today to be a historical day.

JongMin shouts that he doesn’t hear anything and then almost curses when he sees That Ride.


JongMin climbs all the way to the platform and wonders how in the world he ever ended up there and TaeHyun bursts into laughter, just as amazed. After all, he’d seen first-hand just how distraught JongMin was the last time they came here.

BoGum nonchalantly tells them to look at the camera and Defconn, the other person who’s personally experienced JongMin’s acrophobia, loudly announces that this is “BoGum Magic”.

HAHHAHAHHAHA, TaeHyun really, really, can’t believe that this is happening and keeps asking what got into JongMin and JongMin mutters, “I don’t know”.

He finds a disconnected rope and screams, and then is lifted off his feet and he screams and the platform goes off away from him and he screams.

And then he screams, “Park BoGum, you!!!!!”

And BoGum completes it with, “love you!”

They’re lifted higher and higher, all the others smiling and unbelieving while JongMin has his eyes closed the whole time, his face looking like he ate something really terrible.

They reach the top and Defconn pulls on the rope… But nothing happens!

He loudly wonders why it doesn’t work, all within earshot of JongMin, hahhaha, and solves the problem when TaeHyun tells him to pull it with both hands. And then they go flying.

Like water exploding through a dam, they hurtle towards CheongPung Lake, and are then pulled back. JongMin screams for dear life and even screams out several “Park BoGum” but there’s not a single curse word at all. Once more towards the lake! BoGum puts his arm out like superman while TaeHyun laughs in exhilaration. I see veins popping out of Defconn’s neck and, is that a smile I see on JongMin’s face? I feel so proud for them even though I don’t know them personally.


They slowly come to a stop and BoGum asks the audience to clap for JongMin. While they prepare to get off, he asks them what they’re going to do next, heh.

Once they get off the ride, BoGum’s first words to JongMin are “it was fun wasn’t it?” and even though JongMin denies anything of the sort, he agrees when BoGum says that they made a memory and suddenly gets excited to think that he’d done something he’d never ever tried or did before.

And just like that, a historical event happened that day and they got 400 miles for their mileage record.



Next Week!

It’s an eating competition between the largest men on the trip and BoGum tries his magic again, in hopes of getting JongMin to come along for paragliding.


7 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 137

  1. I’m glad I read your recap first, so I knew to avoid watching them throw up. Gross! Next week looks great, I love watching people eating.


    1. Well, there weren’t any scenes of any one straight up doing a waterfall so I think you’re okay on that front.

      I love eating more than watching people eat! Haha! But if there’s anything that I’m feeeling a bit wistful about regarding 1 Night is that I hope they up the focus on the places they visit and their charms. And I think this is the trip to see it.


  2. PBG is so easy going and polite ! Glad he enjoyed the ride so far !

    I have yet to see the next episode (I only saw a few snippets) but I wish DongGu was able to join some of those extreme sports. He seems to like them and he seems to be more in his elements with those types of activities, rather than the who-can-dance-better or the who-will-drink-the-fish-sauce type of games.


  3. hay! nice post! ive been searching for about many post about 1n2d eps recap, and yours just fantastic! apparently i want go to korea a few month later and im making an itinerary rite now. and i REALLY WANT TO TRY THAT RIDE lol (the one with bogum smile widely and jongmin dying :)). i wonder if you can help me to find where the location of that ride. i cant find the location :”
    Thanks before.


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