Three Meals a Day in Gochang Ep 3

Three Meals a Day in GoChang Episode 3:

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day! It’s yet another summer shower and that means that our guys can’t go do their jobs of picking black raspberries and Dad Yoo HaeJin isn’t taking that well. Even if they have no debt, he wants the money so that they can buy meat in the future (and we cut to HoJun and JooHyuk, ha).

Chajumma sees JooHyuk still washing up and tells him to rest but baby refuses and together with his Hyung, they clean everything up. Meanwhile, handyman HaeJin can’t sit still and has to meddle with their door.

Oops, JooHyuk must have eaten too much because he breaks a bowl while washing it and Na PD insists that they have to repay that, psh. HoJun comes along and tells him to glue it back together, pfft.


Chajumma is deep in his inspection of the garden for edibles and picks out a bunch of cherry tomatoes for dessert while HaeJin does yet another old man pun-gag and soon, it’s just a series of “nyam, nyam, nyam”.

The rain starts to stop and Na PD prompts them to start working. HaeJin tells Chajumma to stay here while he goes off with the kids so that he doesn’t have to hear him nag. HAHAHA! And they’re now truly residents of Gochang, as they greet everyone they meet on their way to the farm.

Chajumma fashions a mirror standee with a handheld mirror, a chair and some duct tape and shaves that way. And because he decides that the clean cut is not fashionable enough for him, we end up seeing him prune his 소-stache afterwards. Then it’s back to the kitchen to make stew just because he has nothing to do. He needs to be my mom, haha.

Also, just because JooHyuk and HaeJin have different tastes, he makes two kinds. This is what happens when you let an ajumma go loose. He complains about tearing up because of the smoke in the fire pit getting into his eyes. He runs in between the kitchen and the fire pit like that, throwing the fan he used to fan the fires down in annoyance after a while, ahaha!

But all that work is worth it, because he makes rice that Yoo HaeJin’s sure to adore. But they don’t come back fast enough and so he rests and leans back on his arms and complains.

The group plucking the blackberries are busy at work and HoJun seems to be lagging a little behind, not understand how JooHyuk is picking those berries so fast. HaeJin mumbles about getting Ramyun back home and once they’re done, they head back home together with the neighbour’s dog named Winter. The moment Chajumma lays his eyes on it, he mocks the Corgi for having short legs, haha.


They sit down for lunch with Winter prancing around behind. Na PD tattles on Chajumma’s stew that’s sweetly made considering HaeJin’s tastes and knowing that JooHyuk won’t like it much, HaeJin asks him what’s missing in it. Of course, he answers beef, as in meat, and Dad HaeJin comments that with the $60 earned today, they should add it in next time.

After meal, HaeJin tries to play with Winter but it won’t have anything to do with him and even hops onto the eating area. Ha, and then it’s food time again as Chajumma puts HoJun on shopping duty with him… again. But before they leave, they make and down several gulps of black raspberry smoothies that they can’t get enough of.


That marks the end of their first shooting and next thing we know, the ducklings have all emerged from their eggs, over a two day span. It’s 15 days after their previous shoot and like fate, the first person to meet the little balls of fluff is HoJun, who shares the same birthday as the firstborn and came back just to see them.

The animal lover starts cooing and playing with them all. The earlier born ones are yellow and oh-so-fluffy while there are also some that came out on the very day HoJun came over. A little birdie squeezes itself through a hole in the box and HoJun and Na PD just laugh over their antics like a couple of dads. Daddy HoJun then decides that they need a larger enclosure and start planning… to use the mini table that they eat all their meals on.

“SeungWon Hyung won’t kill us right?”


But he decides that the ducks are more important and uses the table anyway. He even adds that if SeungWon gets angry, they shouldn’t air this portion and let whoever made the table a duck’s home be a mystery forever, haaaa! Once done, he tries to direct the ducklings to their new home but no one moves. So he uses food as bait and finally personally transfers them over himself. That’s not all because he fires up the fire pit himself and boils eggs for them too, all while sighing that he never knew that ducklings would be this cute.

I guess he must have left after that, because later, after yet another summer shower and a few days, our ducklings have grown so much more and become so much sturdier. The rice has grown too and while the rainwater drips off the rice leaves, JooHyuk reports at the compound for their next shooting.

He’d come with a remote control car, saying that it’s for when they have free time. Na PD doesn’t believe that such a time will come. Then the kid drives the car under himself, ha.

HoJun comes along too and like a true dad, the first thing he runs towards is his kids. HaeJin arrives too and comments that there must be WiFi here now. He’s referring to the WiFi sign someone had scratched onto the floor, HA!


He gets his first look of the ducklings and asks HoJun if he became their mom/ made an impression on them. Is that disappointment in HoJun’s voice I hear when he says “no”? Hee. With twelve new additions to the family, the trio is a little busier but there’s also more joy as they all laugh, seeing how the ducklings gobble their food.

Ducks are not the only ones who need food and the three boys themselves start to feel famished. But since Chajumma’s not here, HaeJin’s solution is to just… wait. HAHHAHAHA. They think of the $60 they have saved up and imagine buying take-out and imagine SeungWon’s shocked expression when he realises that their money isn’t there.

Luckily for his sanity, SeungWon arrives at that moment and ha, he agrees when HaeJin proposes buying Jjajangmyeon for their lunch. Cooking is way too troublesome sometimes, even for an ajumma.


SeungWon has come armed with kitchen appliances to make his life better, and he’s even brought some ice-pop moulds and fruit juice concentrate powder. He sets about making those ice-lollies immediately and in that time, HaeJin has already gone missing.

Missing he’s not, because he’s off wondering how to build the duckling’s next home. He looks around the mess behind the house and then wonders if those ducks can’t just live with their chicken but eventually, his eyes rest on the wheelbarrow. HA, he has a ball of a time with Na PD imagining the way they’ll play with the ducks in it.

But nothing beats food and in 30+ degrees Celsius weather, the sign that summer has really come, they head off to the nearby village centre. It’s so hot that JooHyyuk has to stick his head out of the window while the seniors wonder about the cost of those Jjajangmyeon.

When they reach the restaurant, they find that most of the menu cost above their estimate of $5 a bowl. HaeJin and JooHyuk decide that they want the $6 “teuk-jjajang” and try to make HoJun buy something more expensive than his $5 “gan-jjajang”. SeungWon arrives that that moment and with his eyes glued to the menu, he insists on getting the usual jjajang.


There a tense moment as they wait for his response, possibly expecting him to nag at them for eating above their budget but, nope, he just lets them order as they wish. He actually even persuades them to buy another plate of dumplings, ha! I think it’s established that when it comes to money, Chajumma isn’t stingy. After all, he was the one who put them in debt in the first episode, hee.

The noodles are quickly slurped down and the dumplings disappear before they know it and in a quiet moment, HoJun sighs that it’s great having money, haha. HaeJin just tells him to watch his spending because even 70 cents can get them in trouble, HA!

They’ve spent $26 on lunch and have $44 left for groceries. They head to the supermart, for their groceries and also for the air-con and finally, SeungWon grumbles about HaeJin always talking about money, sniping that he won’t buy anything anymore! Humph! HAAAA!

The guys head back to their blue-roofed pension where HaeJin works his magic on the wheelbarrow. While JooHyuk helps HaeJin with his task, Hojun gets nagged around by Chajumma, hee. Chajumma chops and chops while HoJun snips and pulls the vegetables. They pull a carrot off the ground, expecting it to be huge and large like the leaves above ground… but all they get are tiny stumps and a heck lot of soil. Cue Chajumma complaining again, heh.

Ah, turns out, Chajumma’s been preparing to make kimchi and needs those carrots for it. Pfft, faced with no choice, HoJun just pulls the largest bunch he can find and hands those little thumb-length carrots to the chef. This looks so ridiculous, haha!

HaeJin mutters to JooHyuk that the stuff he makes aren’t as easy to make as they seem on TV. The real fact is that it takes him a while day just to make them and when JooHyuk pulls out a little too much tape, SeungWon the sensitive chef-without-carrots is there to complain. Hurr…


But HaeJin just does things his way and once he’s done with the roof, he sends JooHyuk off to find something to make the gate with  and when he comes back… omg… he teaches the young-un how to deliver uncle gags. And JooHyuk’s just spilling them out by now!

Meanwhile, Chajumma has no time for them as he hurries to make his Nabak-Kimchi (watery kimchi made of sliced radishes), which includes straining a Red Chilli Pepper powder and water mixture through a bag. Of course he complains about the carrots again.

JooHyuk oohs when he sees HaeJin bend a nail to secure the chicken-wire, not having thought to use it like that and once done, HaeJin brings the hose over for a rain-test, surprising Na PD with his thoroughness. That’s not all because even though the roof works well enough, he still finds areas to improve upon, like making the roof slope so that the water can slide off easier.

He then pulls out a fan… for a wind test! Pwahahah!


The ducklings are brought out to feel the grass for the first time in their lives and Chajumma starts naming them, starting from Oh-ri (5-li), Ship-ri (10-li) Ship-Oh-ri (15-li) and so on, making a play on the Korean word Oh-ri, which means ducks and the number 5 (Oh in Korean) and the Korean unit of measurement for distance, li.

And for all his grumbling, SeungWon ends up cooing over those ducklings and marvelling over their mesmerising black eyes. Upon seeing them gobble their food down, he compares them to JooHyuk, haa.

They prepare a water bath for the ducks and it just has a very anticlimactic ending as the one duck they put in there just stood, pooped and got out. Ha, Cha SeungWon imitates it.

So they get a larger bath and laugh when they see the ducklings tread water and desperately try to waddle their way out and coo even more when they see the ducklings bathe themselves.

They then move the ducklings to their new hay-lined house and use the water in the bath to water the plants in the garden. The “caravan” is put to the test as they bring the ducks to the rice field, where they’re meant to be to roam free to eat insects and weeds.

They worry about the ducklings since they’re all so young and try it out with the larger ones. Those ducklings don’t take well to the water, and SeungWoo’s mama side comes out. But, ducks they are and the guys pull out a few more ducklings, hoping that they’ll gain courage in numbers. And it works!

As the ducks do their thing, the guys look on in wonder, seeing nature work out right before them.

SeungWon is totally mesmerised by them (not that the rest aren’t but he’s just that more enamoured) and notes that he really hated birds but now, he’s grabbing them and treating them like precious little kids.

The test over, all four men and their ducks head back home.

They anchor the ducks and immediately, Chajumma puts the whole family to work making dinner. Or well, just the kids. HaeJin reads alone in the corner.


He makes a simple cucumber and onion casserole as a side dish that earns JooHyuk’s approval. He then tackles a radish while the rest… what are they doing? Cleaning bean sprouts?

Eeeps! The wheelbarrow topples off and that sends HaeJin off to make a weight with three bricks and some rope. While he’s at it, he notices that the ducks are cold.

Chajumma heads into the greenhouse and steps through some really dense foliage to get to a young pumpkin. It’s stir-fried pumpkin for dinner! HaeJin sees the bag of garlic JooHyuk has pulled out and asks if it’s enough. A staff member replies that it’s enough to last them till the end of the current shoot and HaeJin is like, “nonsense”. Hah. And then it becomes the family’s catchphrase.

Oh, turns out the stir fried pumpkin is just yet another side dish. What’s for dinner then?

JooHyuk takes his remote controlled car out and despite complaining that there’s no such thing as free time at this place, SeungWon has a go at it… and promptly crashes it into a camera stand. HAAA! After a playing with the car a little more, they upgrade to chasing the ducklings around.


Dinner! It’s Cheonggukjang, or fast-fermented bean paste stew. Because it cooks fast, Chajumma decides to just cook it in a pot. Radishes, zucchinis, green chili, red chilli pepper and of course, fast fermented soy beans go into it.  They don’t cook it on the portable stove though, but on their drum-can fireplace. Reminds me of Manjae Island.

Just smelling the stew makes their mouths water and HoJun says that if you have no appetite, Cheonggukjang will cure it. SeungWon wonders what to do, since his appetite is very healthy now, haha.

He sees the flames lick the pot and, like all ajummas, wonder what that means for his precious pot.

HaeJin takes a sip of the stew and when he chirps to JooHyuk that surely he doesn’t not like it, something that SeungWon is sure of, he finds no one behind him, because the boy has gone to get eggs. Hahaha.

JooHyuk’s asked by a staff if he likes Cheonggukjang, and he just answers that though he hasn’t eaten much of it, he doesn’t have any bad experiences with it. His bigger concern right now is how to get into the chicken coop without the chickens running out.

Hee, he manages with a huge grunt and a lot of “sorry!” and earns two eggs that way.

The stew boils and HoJun lets out a huge sigh of satisfaction when he tries it. Even their rice is perfect and they get huge bowls of it, a mark of hardworking farmers.

Along with their numerous side dishes, their Cheonggukjang and their rice, their dinner table is filled with nary any space left for anything else. Wow. Commence the feast and the food-eating show! My poor stomach.

Na PD tells JooHyuk that this is Cheonggukjang and he laughs that he tried it a lot. I thought you said you didn’t eat it much! But of course, anything that Chajumma makes is food straight from heaven or paradise… nyam, nyam, nyam, nyam.


Near the end of dinner, SeungWon asks Na PD what’s up for tomorrow and he replies that since the mudflat at the sea’s predicted to be good tomorrow, he’d like for two of them to go digging for shellfish. Immediately, SeungWon volunteers himself and HaeJin to go dig those shellfish while pushing the dishwashing off onto the young ones. Ha.

JooHyuk’s stunned for a while and HoJun just betrays a small smile. Heh, SeungWon wonders off-handedly if they can’t handle it and HoJun just waves it off, adding that he’ll try making lunch tomorrow. You can do it! You’re a disciple of Chef Baek JongWon!


Ha, Na PD piles on the pressure as he pushes for Manila Clam Knife-cut noodles and while head chef SeungWon tries to save him by pointing out that it takes quite a while to clean clams, HoJun asks if he should buy clams from the market tomorrow. You mean you’re going to pay money for clams while your seniors dig those very same clams up by the dozen from the beach?

And the episode closes with the guys laughing at the ducklings hurrying across the lawn, as if they’re super busy superstars rushing off to a fan sign.


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