New Journey to the West 2 Ep 4

New Journey to the West 2 Episode 4:

It’s New Journey to the West 2 again and this time, whether it ends right here or not depends on Kang HoDong. What are the chances of him passing if the topic is IT? Lol, his entire head has gone red just thinking about it.

Na PD encourages him by admitting that he freely uses his mobile now and Eun JiWon has to counter that. Kang HoDong doesn’t send any messages on his LINE account because he’s afraid of someone  not in the group chat seeing those messages. Ha.

But at least this time, Na PD is reasonable and just asks him to stick a screen protector on a smartphone without bubbles within 60 seconds. HAHAHA, the guys fuss over him and tell him to wipe the phone, so he does so with his shirt. That done, he just haphazardly slaps the protective screen on, rubs the phone and it against his thigh with all his might then proceed to take both the protective screen and the protective layer above it off. HAHAHAHAHA! JaeHyun, the most eager and helpful of the bunch, starts to sigh when HoDong puts the screen protector on and then throws it back off. Psssh, at 52 seconds, he’s attempting to stick the plastic backing on the actual screen protector onto the phone.


At 1 minute 30 seconds, he finally has the phone protector on… full of bubbles under it.

Na PD gives him another chance and lets him have until 3 minutes.

Oooh! While he scrapes those bubbles away, SuGeun hogs the screen, since he needs to make the most of the limited programme length. In the end, HoDong still fails and seconds till the three minute mark, he does the closing, promising to come back in the next season as the screen turns to black. Heh.

The audio doesn’t cut off though, because Na PD is not willing to end it right there. While HoDong whines that it was such a boring mission, the staff strongly disagrees. Eun JiWon’s on the side of the staff and shows us the poor mobile phone.

SuGeun sighs for another chance and Na PD lets them play for the dragon balls or for food. SuGeun doesn’t see what the difference is, since if they win the dragon balls, they’re just going to wish for food. Good point. So they choose to play for dinner instead of the dragon balls and JaeHyun’s so sweet as he assures a forlorn Kang HoDong that it was a difficult mission.


HAHAHAH! JaeHyun asks what his mission was supposed to be and a staff admits that they never prepared any, because they were sure that HoDong would fail. What? That gets HoDong into a snit, and he works up a fuss about the production insulting the programme by not preparing the games for the dragon balls when the programme’s alllllll about them and glares at the staff for giving him an impossible mission. He rambles and rambles and even calls out Na PD out.

JiWon asks what they’d do if HoDong had passed and Na PD just retorts that they’d grant him his wish. Pfft, that’s like a bucket of cold water dumped on the poor guy who was insisting that the production team is evil.

Anyways, Na PD comes clean and says that he was going to make JaeHyun wrestle, just because he’d heard that JaeHyun used to work out a lot. Does that statement still stand if the guy last wrestled 18 years ago?

Meanwhile, SuGeun brags about being good at everything and therefore making it difficult for Na PD and team to come up with a game to stump him. JiWon has just the perfect idea though: SuGeun has to stay awake while HoDong whacks him 10 times. SuGeun just says that he’ll get amnesia after the second blow, hee.

It’s time for the dinner game and it’s just charades but this one’s called Silent Screaming. They’re given headphones to wear and words to tell each other. Because of the loud music, they won’t be able to hear what they’re saying and they’ll just have to try their best to say transfer the word from the first person to the last person in the row.


They all try it out and no one can hear anything. Like, SuGeun basically shouts “Iran, Iraq” at JaeHyun and all he replies is “kka-kka-kka-ka?” Well… the headphones work in drowning out any sort of noise unless HoDong’s the one screaming.

Na PD tells him to speak in a moderate volume but he doesn’t hear anything. SuGeun tells him just as much but because he can’t hear a thing, HoDong suspects that it’s something offensive, pfft.

Na PD promises them dinner if they manage to get 5 words right in 100 seconds and HoDong fusses over everyone, telling them to answer quickly. They stand in a line, starting with HoDong, then SuGeun, then JaeHyun and finally JiWon. The first word is Germanium and already, SuGeun gets it wrong. For some reason, a pig enters the word and JiWon screams out “Pig Dances (any-ol-how)!” PWAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!

They continue with their second word, with HoDong adding in gestures this time. SuGeun gets it right and screams it at JaeHyun, who suddenly turns the word into “Kang-Ho-Dong-Hyung!” PFFFTTT!!!


Of course JiWon fails when he screams exactly that at Na PD.

They go on with their third word and “Irresolute man” turns into “Milk bomb”under SuGeun’s hands. But that’s the word bomb-JaeHyun gets right and JiWon turns it into “gu-gu-bok-sal”.

Pfft, their 100 seconds is up and HoDongs the only one who slumps in defeat. The rest still groove to the music, expecting the next word. HAAA! It takes a second for SuGeun to realise that HoDong is taking way too long to call him to turn over and once he sees that it’s game over, he taps JaeHyun and screams, “COME- TO-YOUR-SENSES!”

HAHAHA, JaeHyun screams that at JiWon who somehow interprets that as “Save your house”.

Then he lets out a celebratory exclamation when the staff tell him that he’s right. Both him and JaeHyun then return to their game-stance, hurr. HoDong whispers “It is Game Over” into SuGeun’s ears and SuGeun carries on the charade, screaming “It’s Game over you idiot!” HAHAHAHHAAH! While JaeHyun senses that something is up, he still turns JiWon over to tell him, “Get lost you idiot!” PWAHAHAHHAHAH!

For some reason, HoDong still has his head phones on and doesn’t know what the hell is going on, and especially not why the staff is rolling over in laughter at JiWon’s “Get farting!”


SuGeun shouts some kind of nonsense in JaeHyun’s face and while JaeHyun is definitely catching on, he holds his suspicions in and says that to JiWon.

JiWon: “Grandpa!”

Haaa, everyone in the room celebrates with him as Na PD lies that it’s the right answer. Also! They only need one more answer to win this! Or so JiWon thinks. Pfft. HoDong and SuGeun go back to their game positions and this time, SuGeun makes it super obvious by rapid firing “except for you, everyone’s fine”. Heh, JaeHyun rolls his eyes balls and is sure that they’ve been messing with him and though it’s so obvious, when he tells JiWon that and though JiWon repeats the exact same phrase, he doesn’t find anything out of the ordinary and goes into celebration! HAHAHAH!!!


JaeHyun begs for some answers after the game while JiWon is still in his celebratory haze. SuGeun tries to snap him out of it by marvelling that he got Grandpa “right” and JiWon finally senses that something’s not quite right when he wonders what in the world “get farting” means.

That’s how their trip at ChengDu ended and which was also when JaeHyun’s relationship with Gu HyeSun came into the open. This recap has been so damned late, hasn’t it? Heh, trust SuGeun to tease him about it and the production team to insist on having dinner at JaeHyun’s place using all sorts of excuses. Pfft, Na PD even admits that there was no real reason for doing that.

HoDong buzzes into what he thinks is JaeHyun’s flat and is mutters about JaeHyun not saying anything before opening the security gate. That’s because he didn’t even buzz into the right flat, heh.

He then goes around inspecting JaeHyun’s house and searching all the corners for “Mrs Ahn”. JaeHyun’s white cat Anju makes and appearance.


Na PD rifles through his clothes and checks out the spread he’s prepared. Upon seeing the soup, he asks who made it and JaeHyun’s non-answer just make him chase after the guy like a horse after a carrot.  HoDong the connossier takes a sip of the soup and waxes lyrical about it. He not so vaguely says that it’s difficult for a “young woman” to make soup with such a rich taste and says that she must have worked hard for “her fiancé”.

Ha, Na PD Does. Not. Let. It. Go. And JaeHyun barely escapes, saved by SuGeun’s arrival. SuGeun has come along with things that Gu HyeSun would like and comments that JaeHyun was being suspicious, having kept asking about marriage all throughout the trip in ChengDu. Then we see his marriage proposal to HyeSun and back in the “present”, HoDong asks if there was any reason to rush into the marriage. It’s not that. He just because he likes “this person so much that I want to marry her”. Oh the cheese… but that’s so sweet.

And his choice of May 21st for the wedding is not a coincidence – it’s because it was Married Couple’s Day.

The married men don’t know anything about that. This is the first time they’re even hearing anything about it, ha. While JaeHyun busies about the kitchen, HoDong calls him over because he has a lot to ask about.

The spread is so lavish that it surprises even Na YeongSeok, producer of Three Meals a Day where all he does is see people make food and eat food (and mess with them, of course). While Na PD wows over JaeHyun’s culinary skills, HoDong is only interested in everything about JaeHyun’s love life. JaeHyun reveals his nickname for HyeSun and when asked what he calls his wife, HoDong just says that he doesn’t call her at all. Hahah. The food fighter then stuffs his face with a wrap.

JiWon comes along for dinner and when he hears that JaeHyun and HyeSun aren’t doing the wedding ceremony because they’re going to donate the money meant for that, his eyes go big and notes that JaeHyun has met a good person since a wedding ceremony is some people’s dream. Aw, Na PD has to rub salt in the divorced man’s wound and ask how he’d know something like that and SuGeun lightens/darkens the atmosphere by repeating his last words during the last game at ChengDu: “Except for you, everyone’s fine!” Aw.


The offended guy then retorts with a full mouth that he wishes that this marks the end of all wedding ceremonies and HoDong nags at him to get a wife so that the four of them can go on a trip with all their wives.

HoDong then calls it a blessing that their relationship was outed since they now can get married and talk turns to the moment when they were caught by the paparazzi. They wonder what they were talking about since, he had looked at HyeSun with such adoration and he just says that he was trying to coax her after pissing her off a little while messing around. Lol, only the women at the table are impressed.

And because he cooks endlessly without stop, acting like the perfect gentleman, the men at the table start to get huffy and HoDong remarks that things that one liked about the other while dating will become topics the couple will fight over during marriage, accusing JaeHyun  of being too good to the other ladies. Ha, and then they start badmouthing him for stealing their marker back in ChengDu.  “He who steals a marker will steal an ox,” says SuGeun. The ladies just say that he was smart and swoon over his gentlemanly ways while HoDong gripes about everything.


But eventually, the men are bought over too, when JaeHyun pulls out his little cups along with his carefully prepared ice balls and little individual bottles of wine but HoDong insists that they cut off this whole part from airing because JaeHyun’s going to make couples fight by being such a dream-man.

SuGeun rattles nonchalantly that when couples have sons (like him), wives don’t really look for their husbands anymore. Which is why he’s going to spend the night here. Cue JaeHyun’s panicked face, haa!

Heh, he has his revenge when HoDong asks him if he bought the place and he replies yes. He didn’t have his parents get it for him. Plus, he’s a model tax-payer too, throwing a pot-shot at HoDong, the guy who had to go into a hiatus because he didn’t pay his taxes and now HoDong is insistent on sleeping the night. Haaa!

JaeHyun reads though his messages with HyeSun with Na PD breathing down his neck and HoDong explodes in nonsensical blabber as he offers to reveal his messages with his wife so that JaeHyun reveals those messages with HyeSun. You don’t say that in a room full of camera (wo)men!

Na PD proposes that they choose their Monk XuanZhang for the next trip now, just based on who gets a text saying “I love you” first and while SuGeun dithers, JiWon has already given up.

Unfortunately, JaeHyun gets some laughter in response to his, “Yeobo, I love you” and is therefore out of the game while SuGeun’s wife doesn’t even read his declaration of love. Kang HoDong can’t swallow his pride and hasn’t typed a single letter.

Loool, he writes and erases and writes and erases  and then starts off with “SiHoo’s mom”… because ShiHoo is his child’s name. JaeHyun gets a text but that doesn’t mean that HoDong is off the hook because Na PD insists that they’ll read JaeHyun’s message only after HoDong has sent his message. HoDong suddenly squeals and screams and that’s all because he’d typed out “HyoJin-ssi, I love you” to his wife. Pfft. Na PD has to press the send button for him and then the guy screams that he’s officially gone crazy.


JaeHyun gets an “I love you” and so does SuGeun. Even JiWon gets an I love you from New Journey to the West 2’s male writer.

Ten minutes later, HoDong still doesn’t get a message back, aw, and JaeHyun burns him by offering to get him something comfortable to wear. A long while later, she still doesn’t answer and HoDong first melts into giving excuses and then dissolves into straight out shouting at the phone.

JiWon finds a couple of walkie talkies that are definitely JaeHyun’s. Since HyeSun lives in the building just beside his, he was going to use those walkie- talkies for their sweet talk (or something) but they can’t because they keep getting interferences. That’s just more pain for the guy whose wife hasn’t replied.

Talk turns into JaeHyun’s love life again and when they learn that JaeHyun never once fought with his fiancé, HoDong-the-pissy goes into this huge rant that there’s only one way to ensure that you never fight with your wife – don’t talk to her. Even skin-ship is not allowed! Pffft. A certain wise lady there comments that that’s how fights start.


All of a sudden, HoDong goes bashful as his phone chirps a notification. He hovers over it, ready for some good news and it just turns out to be a notification on his line app that a certain Yook SungJae has accepted his friend request. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

End of “Where are you, ShiHoo’s Mom? Episode 1”.

A long, long, long, long while later, HoDong finally gets a message from his wife. Hahaha, he doesn’t have the courage to read it so he makes JiWon read it first and tell him whether the result is hopeful or not.

JiWon does and sighs that it’s ambiguous so HoDong reads it. He doesn’t think it’s ambiguous and passes the phone to SuGeun and JaeHyun, both of whom just stare at his screen in silence. Ha, turns out, the message that HoDong was so proud of was “can’t you tell me that you love me every day”. Lol, the ladies sigh in understanding while HoDong groans.

SuGeun orders him to send back the message “I love you every day, even this moment. Except for weekends.” Why weekends? Because he thinks that weekends are me-time. Lol. At least HoDong refuses to do so and JaeHyun offers the poor guy some alcohol.

On the day of their departure to the next destination to find the dragon balls and in the bus, JiWon asks HoDong how he’d met his wife. HoDong goes a little embarrassed and then burst out in laughter to admit that he met her while on a blind group date that he’d gone with Yoo JaeSeok, the nation’s MC. Hee.

He goes on to say that the moment he saw her, he thought “she’s going to be the mother of my kids”. What an old fashioned way of saying he fell for her at first sight. Hahaha. But I remember Choo SungHoon saying that he proposed to his own wife simply by using that. And JaeSeok had seen HoDong’s expression then and helped him out by playing match maker.

That first impression was so strong that HoDong still remembers it, even though he can’t remember their first kiss. He remembers the way he couldn’t focus when an acquaintance was speaking to him because he was so focused on her and the other men in the bus nod their heads in understanding.


A staff member then asks him if he remembers the clothes was wearing, since he claims to remember everything about that moment and his answer is… no. Way to ruin the moment.

We rewind back to the moment just before they boarded the bus. Monk JaeHyun arrives first and promises to keep the peace in this trip. There’ll be no competitions whatsoever, he says. Uh huh.

He’s relaxed and fine, mostly because he’s got all his necessities with him, so it doesn’t even matter if the production steals his luggage again. HA! Na PD gives him the Monk card but he says that he won’t spend any money, not even for eating. As a monk, he says he should meditate and he’s fine not eating anyways, since he has a small appetite. Uh, but you have HoDong to take care of! Also, he says all that while opening a bag of chips.

He shares that he did homework about Monk XuanZhang, impressing the ladies. But in true JaeHyun fashion, he forgets everything 30 seconds after he made that announcement. JiWon comes along too, but not before putting on make-up for all his Sechkies fans. Also, this is the first time he’s hearing anything about spending a week in China. Heh.


The guys are driven over to IlSan, because that’s where the other two are and along the way, they share stories about JaeHyun’s preparation for his wedding (he personally designed his fiancé’s necklace, earrings and rings and all JiWon gets out of that is that she won’t be able to complain if she doesn’t like it) and JiWon’s stories about his recently reunited Sechkies members.

He starts comparing idols today and idols in the past. In the past, idols had their own specific roles and no one ever did anything outside that. If it’s singing, only the lead vocal sings. No one else will barge into his territory. Na PD comments that even though JiWon was the leader, he’s not good at anything. HA! HA! Grandpa JiWon  blames it all on his old body.

Talk of Sechkies makes JaeHyun brings up his wife’s past fan-girl self (she was a fan girl of Sechkies) and then suddenly it turns into talk of Sechkies fans vandalising a reporter’s car when they disbanded because they’d mistaken it for the company’s CEO’s. HAHAHAHA! The lengths fans will go. To make it better, the reporter spent the rest of his days complaining about that even though the company repaid him with an even better car.

A slight dull comes into the conversation so Na PD asks JaeHyun about his drama (it should be Cinderella and the Four Knights, the drama that he’s excelling in as the cheeky bastard). JiWon pleads JaeHyun to put his acting career on hold and join more varieties and even reveals that his goal this trip is to give JaeHyun a review on how to excel at variety shows. HEE.

He complains about JaeHyun’s monotonous voice and asks him if he doesn’t have to use emotions to act. HAHA, the guy replies that he’s been scolded a lot for that. Oops. JaeHyun complains that while he knows that voice tones need to change according to emotions, his voice is low pitched at that range, the tone doesn’t change very much. So JiWon gives him an example of him screaming at Kang HoDong when he eats again but that doesn’t appeal to JaeHyun because shouting is too cliché. Instead, he’ll express his reactions through actions and kicks JiWon’s chair for emphasis. Oooh…

Ha, JaeHyun continues that it’ll make the other person feel angry and thus make him show some kind of reaction and JiWon confirms that by getting offended. Heh. Then the master-wannabe mutters that he has no more reason to go on this trip anymore.


A staff brings up JiWon’s hilarious mistakes in the quiz last trip and tries those questions that he got wrong. JiWon just answers the exact same way, with his hilarious wrong answers. Finally, HoDong appears with his staff and both guys wow at HoDong charismatic staff while SuGeun climbs up the bus. Hahaha.

With all four members gathered, JaeHyun announces that this trip, he’s going to teach the values of sharing and peace. He gets asked what he’ll do if HoDong reacts with his violent tendencies again and all the monk of the trip says is that he’ll come up with a punishment then. And he’ll be giving no mercy to anyone who creates trouble.

This trip, they’re going to spend time in the Venice of the East; the magical city LiJiang. It’s situated right under the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and also where the Tea Horse Road begins. At an altitude of 2400m, it’s not going to be easy. HoDong suddenly puffs up in confidence, telling the others to ask him anything they absolutely don’t know, since he’s watched the documentary Tea Horse Road.


While JiWon talks nonsense about the road being too tough for human’s to walk, Na PD gives us the low down on the Tea Horse Road. It is the oldest trade route connecting the East and West and starts at LiJiang, the place famed for its tea. The trail heads to Tibet or India and includes having to string their horses up to a rope and slide them across like that between mountains.

Ha, HoDong remarks that they should be ready this time because they might actually die and JiWon starts whining as he remembers Monk XuanZhang from the books always riding a horse. HoDong suddenly advocates for creating a documentary while JaeHyun the Monk narrates that mountains are for looking. People should go there and destroy them. HAHAHAHA. And because the others agree with him, Na PD agrees to just letting Kang HoDong go there himself, creating “Zhu BaJie visits the Tea Road House”. And  a flash forward shows HoDong actually struggling up the mountain, but with his fellow members behind him.

And soon, they’re on the plane, where HoDong teases JaeHyun  for always carrying a Chinese book around with him when he speaks the worst Mandarin HoDong has ever heard. But JaeHyun says that studying is better than giving up and while he browses his books, HoDong has a short Mandarin conversation with the flight attendant serving food. And the moment she’s done with him, she turns to the other side and speaks fluent Korean. Hee.

He eats his food and once he’s done, he insists on we-fies for the four members. Cue funny faces!

After a short stop at ChengDu, the team finally reaches the 800 year old city of LiJiang in China’s YunNan province. The moment they reach stop out of the airport, they marvel at the different air and the chip-bag that’s become inflated.

Of course, their first mission is to find their lodging and Na PD kills two birds with one stone by making it a race. The last person to find the place becomes the Monkey King and will have to wear a monkey tattoo made using henna on his face for the entire week. Lol. SuGeun proposes that Monk JaeHyun join in the competition too and JaeHyun just nonchalantly agrees, since all he has to do is avoid being the last.


Na PD tells them that they’re going to separate the moment they get off and whether they cooperate or betray each other, he doesn’t really care. Hehe, they all hold hands, but when it’s time to choose their individual vans, JiWon and HoDong push each other around for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

The guys then turn nervous when they’re told to lie on their tummies and that’s all because the production team needs to tattoo the clues to their lodging to their back. Genius. The clues aren’t even all the same, with JaeHyun getting a math problem to solve in order to get the phone number of the lodging while JiWon only gets the map and names of some stores nearby that he can use to find the place. HoDong gets a huge map of the place but without any indication of where the lodging is while SuGeun gets a dot. Just a dot, on his lower back. If SuGeun and HoDong work together, they have the best clue.

While they’re sent off to different areas of LiJiang to start the game, JaeHyun shares with his camera-woman that he’s going to try everything not to be last. Next, he’s going to help SuGeun, only because he heard from SuGeun that if you help people on broadcast, that increases your screen time. Ha.


SuGeun himself is twisting around and trying to see his clue. Of course he sees nothing.

HoDong just directly messages his juniors, even adding emoticons and trying to match up with someone. But JiWon’s not having it because he’s sure that his clue only needs him to cooperate with JaeHyun. That’s because he’d seen a copy of the clues pasted at the back of the vans. Haa! And then a little while later, with the help of google maps or something, he decides that he doesn’t even need JaeHyun’s help.

The guys are deposited at their locations and while HoDong just strips along the road to take a photo of his back, JaeHyun heads to the toilet to do the same. Ooh! JaeHyun apparently studied engineering and is confident that he can solve it. He goes into a MacDonald’s to borrow pen and paper to solve the problem.

He’s sure that the problem is easy for Junior high students and should therefore be straightforward but… he loses confidence and thinks of asking some students for help. So he heads to a nearby map…

Meanwhile, JiWon just has a random Chinese person take a photo of his clue and asks practically everyone on his way to the lodging.


Recapping takes hours... leave me a comment please? 😜

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