1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 138

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 138:

It’s the second part of our guys’ Free Travel and right after riding The Slingshot (that left JongMin a little dazed, haha), Team TaeHyun wonders where to go next. Defconn makes it simple for them and suggests a theme park, bringing up the ride, The Viking, sure that JongMin will be able to ride that.

JongMin: “I’ll puke.”

HAHA. Thus, TaeHyun ups the ante and declares that he wants to go paragliding. Before JongMin can register what he’d just said, the rest have already settled on making that their next activity. Hee.

But before that, they go for lunch and on the way in the car, they all marvel over “BoGum Magic”, still in disbelief that JongMin rode on the stories-high ride with them. After all, this was the guy who couldn’t even leap off a mere few meters and JongMin admits that it was BoGum saying “it’ll be a memory” at him with that puppy-dog expression that made him give in.


BoGum checks for vacancies at a paragliding company and JongMin’s soul just about jumps out of his body when he learns that the entire ride takes 1 hour. Hahahah, BoGum tries his BoGum magic again by nonchalantly muttering, “it’ll be great if we all rode it together” and acting dumb when Defconn calls him out for his innocent bait-y ways.

Talk turns to how he became an actor and it turns out that while he was dreaming to be a signer-songwriter, he’d sent audition tapes/CDs/samples to all the large companies and it just happened that he finally chose TaeHyun’s company, the one that replied to him first.

JongMin all of a sudden asks if he was good at studying and BoGum just replies that he worked hard at it, heh. He tries to weasel his way out of revealing his ranking in class and Defconn jokes that he didn’t study hard after all if he only had average grades, heh. But he’s not one to talk, because along with JongMin, good grades just eluded them not matter how they tried.

It’s marriage talk next and when BoGum innocently but hesitantly replies that surely he won’t be reaching his forties as a single which inadvertently becomes a diss against Defconn and JongMin, both of whom are reaching that mark and are still nowhere close to getting married. HAHAH.


Then they start calculating how they can get the most mileage out of their trip and TaeHyun tries to make JongMin agree to paragliding again but JongMin just lets out a cute groan of hesitance that BoGum copies and does so even cuter.

Team JunHo are done with their extreme duck ride and see the Viking ride just across the lake. Of course they decide that someone has to ride that “extreme” ride but before that, JunHo creeps off into an air-conditioned convenience store to buy and drink banana milk in secret, leaving the rest in the sweltering outside. He gets busted when the others become suspicious about him taking so long to return. Hee.

They head off to the Viking and decide to play scissors-paper-stone to decide who rides The Viking. Heh, they tweak the rules, making those who win it ride The Viking and it’s DongGu and JoonYoung this time, with the latter very insincerely insisting that he likes it. Hee!

Ever-happy-and-bright-DongGu legitimately enjoys the ride, enthusiastically calling out “1 Night 2 Days!” while, sitting just a few seats right in front of him, JoonYoung looks like he’s halfway to death. Ha, JunHo mocks JoonYoung from his seat under a parasol, knowing that he hates the ride and tells JunHyun that much, and so JunHyun laughs and shouts at them to puke, because they’re riding an “extreme” ride right now. Pfft. He then wonders what the hell they, four men, are doing right now, doing such lame things.

For the young ones’ effort, they earn 200 miles, bringing them up to 360 accumulated miles. JunHo decides that it’s enough and suggests lunch. JunHyun proposes Cream-Tangsuyuk, which must be some kind of fried pork with cream, promising that it’s great. Before they leave for the place, they do the bobble-head.

They arrive at the restaurant soon enough and order 4 Jjajangmyeon. Heh? Luckily for them, they have a nice PD with them (and not Yoo PD) who reminds them that they get 50 miles for each kind of dish. Heh, that means that if they order only jjajangmyeon, even if it’s four portions, they’ll only get 50 miles.  So they quickly stop the waitress and re-order, this time calling for Jjamppong (Korean version of Chinese-seafood-noodles) , Naeng-Jjangppong (Cold version of Jjamppong) and Shrimp Fried Rice along with their previously ordered Cream Tangsuyuk and Jjajangmyeon, therefore earning 100 miles.


DongGu is super excited this time, to have such a free and easy theme for their trip and notes that with JunHyun, they won’t have any problem describing just how delicious the food is to the viewers, something that JunHo agrees they’re terribly bad at. That gets gourmet JunHyun started and now it’s time for Lessons on Food with JunHyun. Heh, he says that there are several kinds of light/clear tastes. There’s cool and poised clear tastes and warm and cozy clear tastes. Even though the tastes are all light, there are different ways to describe them. Heh, this is perfect for DongGu, the only one among the cast who actually can describe good food in words.

JunHyun shows JunHo how he comes with a word to describe several characteristics of a dish at once. DongGu the student asks what he should do if he doesn’t like the food and Teacher JunHyun replies, “even though the food is not to my tastes, it tastes really healthy, etc”. HA! JunHo brings up Han HyoJoo’s bland stew that she’d made for them in a previous trip immediately, where he was the only one to frankly criticize it while the rest either lied that it was good or kept quiet and with prompting from JunHyun, DongGu says that JunHo should have described it as a taste that’s “good for kids”. Heh.


Team TaeHyun arrives at their restaurant for lunch too and calls for Jjaguri, both the stir-fried and the soupy version along with 2 packs of ramyeon. Even during lunch, BoGum thinks about his team’s mileage record and then immediately searches around for tissue to set the table with without even any one telling him to. So nice.

TaeHyun suddenly thinks of their social media mission and worries that they don’t have enough pictures. BoGum has them all though and Defconn decides that they need one more at the restaurant and makes BoGum pretend to reset the table so that they can take a picture. HAHAHAH. BoGum even takes a capture from their handheld video-recording device, the 21st century person that he is, and Yoo PD laughs at the guest doing everything this trip. Oh, that’s true! Heee! And Yoo PD makes his point by showing us all moments of him doing everything, from planning the trip, to buying the tickets for The Slingshot and even checking the timing for their next activity.

During a lull in their conversation, TaeHyun wonders what the other team is doing, so BoGum calls JoonYoung. HAHAHA. Anyways, it just so happens that both teams are waiting for their food and while BoGum shares that he’s eating Jjageuri, JoonYoung brags that he’s eating Cream-Tangsuyuk, before going on to lie that he’s in Gangwon-do. Pfft. Defconn has his suspicions, loudly wondering how they’re able to go that far with their little gasoline and even though JunHo comments on his side that it’s so obvious that it’s a lie, JoonYoung pushes through by acting oblivious and TaeHyun falls for it, meaning that the rest of his team falls for it too. HA!

JoonYoung goes on to say that their basecamp for the night will be JongMin’s house and requests for his electronic lock’s password, hurr. Of course, JongMin refuses and they end the call then, just in time for Team JunHo’s food to arrive.

Food master JunHyun gets a bite of that Cream-Tangsuyuk. DongGu and JunHo wait in anticipation for his poetic waxing about the food, wondering why he’s taking so long and JunHo has to explain that they should bite a few times before declaring it delicious. If they say it’s tasty the moment they put their food in their mouths, it’ll just seem like a lie, haha, which gives JunHo huge enlightenment because all he’s ever heard when there’s good food is, “waa! Eum! Waa! Eum!” immediately after the food gets eaten, mostly from JongMin, hee.


What does Cream-Tangsuyuk taste like? According to Kim JunHyun, without the attendant vegetables, it could feel greasy but with it, it’s both refreshing yet still has the taste of Tangsuyuk (sweet and sour fried pork) with an Italian kind of feel to it. According to Kim JunHo, it’s just fragrant and sweet. Lol. But there’s more to it than that and JunHo uses onomatopoeia to describe the texture. Did Kim JunHyun ever cameo in the drama Let’s Eat? I feel like he should.

The food master’s recommendation is never wrong and they enjoy their food but before JoonYoung gets to enjoy his Jjajangmyeon, JunHyun adds about 15 spoonfuls of Jjampong soup into it, telling them all to trust him on this. He even remarks that it’s not right for noodles to touch knives/scissors, when JoonYoung asks if they’re not going to cut them. So, gourmet Kim JunHyun shows them how to eat noodles, sucking them in rhythmically. Ha, JunHo tries that and just finishes his mouthful in three slurps, looking totally different compared to how JunHyun does it.


While they clear out their plates, Team TaeHyun’s food comes too, and they take a photo together just before eating it. Come to think of it, did Team JunHo take a single picture of their food? Ah, Jjageuri is some kind of pork dish made a little in the style of Kimchi stew and while eating, because the broth has dried up, BoGum (him again, heh) wordlessly heads to the kitchen to ask for more, getting drinking water for his Hyungs in the meantime.

Hehe, TaeHyun finally asks if they’re not letting/making him do too much and Defconn takes the water away to serve himself, joking that he’ll get scolded if he lets BoGum continue serving them. Ha! He even dumps the plate of meat that BoGum had prepared for JongMin back into its pan and demands that JongMin serve himself. HEHEHEHE. Nyam-nyam-nyam-nyam is all one hears after a while and when asked how the food is, BoGum replies that it’s both sweet and salty, and Defconn wraps it up nicely by prompting him to conclude it simply with “it’s delicious”.

BoGum sees that the Hyungs are perspiring and automatically turns the fan to face them. Ha, Defconn notes that they’re out of tissues and before BoGum can move an inch, he orders the boy to stay still while he goes to get those tissues himself. BoGum makes a cabbage/lettuce wrap for TaeHyun but TaeHyun sends that in Yoo PD’s way. He’s so sweet, it’s almost beyond belief that guys like him exist.

After their 40-mile worth lunch, it’s time to drive again and while Defconn tries to make JongMin the driver, JongMin fobs it off onto BoGum, hee, and gets the shock of his life when BoGum replies “no” when he asks him if he drives well. You must not have watched Youth Over Flowers in Africa. Pssh, he starts interrogating the child about his driving-experiences and then quietly stews in frustration when BoGum slowly backs the car after taking a wrong turn. But he’s soon off to a smooth drive and TaeHyun asks him if he still takes the subway. He does, but it’s not like it’s a problem because no one recognises him since they’re all busy with their phones.

JoonYoung and team head out too and for once, JoonYoung worries about their mileage, since he’s having a bad feeling about losing, thinking that the losing team will have to go find the winning team late at night, and haha, DongGu, the guy who’s only been on this programme for a few months hits the nail on the head by saying that this show never really rewards its winners. It just makes the losing team suffer punishment.


Therefore, JoonYoung calls BoGum, since he can’t lie, and while Defconn replies to the call and tries lying about where they are, BoGum, in the seat beside him, as JoonYoung predicted, spills truths. Hee.

JunHyun is at risk of falling asleep so DongGu opens the Kim JunHo Show, heh. It’s a series of stories about their love lives and while JunYoung talks about his Jeju trip with Han HyoJoo, hahah, JunHyun talks about his wife, who’s currently 4 months pregnant with their child and is in awe at how the child moves around in her tummy. Aw. Psh, JoonYoung spoils it by telling him to name his child Kim JunHo.

DongGu requests for the song I’m in Love by Ra.D in memory of his love that ended 4 years ago, and while the others tease him, he misses the exit for their destination. Heh, thus, they decide to just visit whatever appears at the next exit and it turns out to be YongSo Waterfall at YeonHa.


The clear cool water is a welcome sight to them and JoonYoung tries to argue with the PD that getting into the water and under the waterfall is an extreme activity worth 100 miles. Heh, the production crew has to have a small meeting for this and finally allows 100 miles if one of them goes in. They play rock-paper-scissors again and when JunHyun and JoonYoung win their way out of the game, JunHo tells DongGu to play stone, sure that he’ll play nice. So he throws out paper, to DongGu’s scissors. HA! Yoon DongGu, don’t act innocent! Hee.

JunHo therefore goes into the water and plays around. He tries to entice the others in but all JoonYoung says is that it doesn’t look much like an activity to him and settles for having this place be marked solely as a nice viewing spot worthy of 50 miles, waving JunHo’s 100 miles activity aside, ha. And you were the one who suggested getting wet!

While JunHo sits and dries off, DongGu pipes up that they need a change in the way they’re travelling and JunHo shares if he were a university student, he’d definitely go in the direction of the sea. DongGu likes that idea and suggest that they go there… and go hunting. In other words, chase skirts. Pfft.

JunHyun suggests a food-tour but JoonYoung notes that it doesn’t rake up much miles. And because their idea of “activity” is extreme sports, JunHo and JoonYoung give up on them and decide to focus on going to beautiful places, each of which earns them 50 miles.

Pffft, then because most places of attraction are marked by brown signboards, they decide to just hit the roads and follow anything brown. Hee. This is a Brown-Tour!

On a cliff at Danyang, JongMin is about to faint at the height while the others gape at the other paragliders. Hee, they’ve struck gold because the place happens to be beautiful too, which earns them 50 miles just for being there. JongMin refuses to paraglide now and once they’re at the top, BoGum innocently remarks that he “drove really well, right?” Hee!

OOoh, JongMin looks like he could actually do it, as he runs towards the end of the cliff and even stands there while BoGum takes a paranomic picture of him there. Hur, but JongMin ends up using the car as excuse for why he won’t be able to paraglide. Someone has to drive the car down! And then they walk past an 80+ year old grandpa on his way to paraglide, pfft.


Heh, Defconn doesn’t look like he’s keen on this either and keeps asking the service crew if he, with his heavy weight, can paraglide too. He can, so there’s no wriggling out of this. TaeHyun and Defconn try a last ditch attempt to get JongMin to join them, even trying to guilt trip him using their miles but nope, JongMin just says that he’ll make it all up through food.

And then he moans that it’s such a pity that he can’t paraglide because he has to get the car down while they wait for their turn. Psshh.

They have their 5 minute preparation lesson where Defconn confirms that he’ll make it to the bottom ALIVE, like his shirt writes. Hee. BoGum gets suited up for his ride and the Thank-You-Angel thanks 1 Night 2 Days for this opportunity, just like he has ever since he’d started the trip.

Meanwhile, Defconn feels like he got duped, hehehehe. BoGum and TaeHyun run off into the freedom of the skies while Defconn worries. But his worries are for naught, because the moment he’s flying above the trees and among the clouds, he is at peace and enjoying the ride.


Hahahaha, JongMin sees Defconn falling down faster than the rest because of his weight and runs off to get the car. He even calls SuChan while he waiting and tells the child that his dad has flown into the sky. Heh, the smart kid just takes that to mean that his dad is riding something weird in the sky.

Sometime later, TaeHyun and BoGum wonder where Defconn is. He’d already landed, heh. Aw. On ground, Defconn praises his pilot for leading so well, putting him at rest even though he was nervous because there was nothing under his feet.

TaeHyun and BoGum enjoy their ride much longer but soon, they come down too. Hee, TaeHyun admits that JongMin wouldn’t be able to accept the ride, especially during landing, while BoGum is just all smiles.

In the car, Defconn proposes that they head to the local traditional market for food again and when TaeHyun balks a little at eating so soon after lunch, Defconn tries to sway BoGum into supporting him… to no avail, hee.

They leave JongMin to do the driving and of course TaeHyun takes the time to revel in the comfortableness of his recent paragliding experience. He even calls his kids and has a cute exchange with them.

Soon, they reach their destination, Dodam Sambong, or 3 Peak Islands, and take a picture there. Heheheh, BoGum is completely excited and TaeHyun brings up his forever grateful ways, which means that BoGum thanks the production for letting him join in this trip again. Then the guest becomes Tour Guide BoGum with the help of his phone and explains the place to his Hyungs, hee.

On the other hand, Team JunHo visits a brown toilet on their Brown Tour. Ha.

They drive on the expressway for quite some time, not seeing anything brown for a really long time and DongGu wonders if they should just go to Yeongwol like they’d decided on earlier. No, real men follow their convictions and soon enough, they see… three brown signs, sending them into a panic as to where to go. HAHAHAHHA. And as if that’s not enough, they travel a bit further to find EIGHT brown signs.


At least all the brown signs point in the same direction, making their lives somewhat easier… until they see yet another row of eight brown signs, this time one of them even pointing to a buffet. Heh, even JunHyun wonders if they’re doing the right thing and JunHo insists that they have to keep to their convictions and says, “Men’s promise, Brown!”

All their brown adventures leads them to a picturesque place and while they wonder what that huge rock structure in the middle of a pond is, they end up at an automobile campsite, which is home to a blob jump that gets JoonYoung excited.

It’s a place with clean air, clear waters and green hills that they stop at and insist on getting 50 miles for the place. Their PD allows it, but only after they introduce the place to the viewers, which means that smart phones come out. HAHAHA, and then JoonYoung and JunHo read off a website, and after two sentences, they’re done, because JoonYoung says, “this is where the captions come out”. Ha.

They get their hard-earned 50 miles and PD tells them that since they’re going on their Brown Tour, it seems like they’re going to need more money and so he’ll give them a chance to earn some.


Trips are meant for one to meet new people and so, he sets them off on a competition against the public around them. If they win, then they get money, courtesy of TaeHyun’s Team’s account (what? hahhaa). The opposite happens if they lose. There’ll be five rounds and therefore 5 showdowns. This means that in the worst case scenario, Team JunHo could lose $100, as noted by usually-optimistic-but-terrible-at-games Yoon DongGu.

Team TaeHyun gets the same opportunity to earn that money and learn that the games for the five rounds are Cham-cham-cham, Jegichagi (hacky sack), Palm Wrestling, Comparing whose mouth is bigger (lol) and eating lemons quickly.

They divide out the games, with TaeHyun taking Cham-cham-cham, Defconn taking Palm Wrestling, BoGum taking on Eating Lemons and JongMin taking on Jegichagi and that mouth game. Ha.

They try to compare BoGum and JongMin’s mouth sizes and laugh when JongMin rolls his eyes backwards. It’s not even done on purpose because it’s a natural reaction. Heh.



Next Week!

JunHo mouths “Babo” at TaeHyun’s team.


12 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 138

    1. Hahah, that’s true. But I don’t watch Youth Over Flowers on Fridays either. There’s more than just live-broadcast. It’s just a throwaway line, don’t worry about it. 🙂


  1. The song that donggu requested..the Ra.D one..well… ok taecyeon sang that song to kim so hyun in bring it on, ghost! The show fans have been looking up for that song. My, my..


    1. What? It’s a pretty popular song and sung/played in probably lots of marriage proposals. I thought everyone would know about it. Interesting to hear that people don’t know about it. I think he wrote it for his wife and there’s another version out there by Narsha, she of the Brown Eyed Girls fame.


  2. I knew it, when I heard Bogummy will be in 1N2D I first said: “Well, he is going to be put to work for the whole bunch, cause he is too nice!” LOL haha. But how is he a complete opposite of Taekie now, taking care of everything? He was such a baby in Youth over Flowers Africa. Maybe he is a quick learner…he didnt want to lose to Ryu Jun Yeol?


    1. Well in Africa, JunYeol was the one who could speak the most understandable English. It wasn’t just BoGum who was like a baby, ha. It also doesn’t help that he was left all alone to figure out very unfamiliar stuff for himself in that part before he even joined the rest of the group.

      But now, he’s on home ground and surrounded by three very experienced adults and knows the straightforward rules of the game they’re playing so all he needs to do is follow instructions. That’s easy and requires little flailing, heh.


  3. Hahaha. The members are already lazy and unmotivated but with Bogum, they’ve become more lazy.

    The paragliding was awesome and that 360 shot is so cool. Thanks!


    1. You’re welcome.

      Heh, I thought that with DongGu the always-optimistic-and-enthusiastic, they’ll buck up a bit but no, they instead turn him lazy and sneaky, if these episodes are anything to go by. BoGum is just sweet and adorable.


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