Infinity Challenge Ep 495

Infinite Challenge Episode 495: Infinite Company Part 2 (BTS)

It’s 2016 and time to find out what our inflexible Boss Yoo and his short tempered Deputy Head Park are doing. Ever wondered what Section Chief Jung has been up to these days? Then you should tune in to Infinite Company 2016.

Whee! This time, we’re in very good hands, as we have power-couple director Jang HangJoon and writer Kim EunHee at the helm, her of the Signal success. Following the timeline of a true drama series/short, Infinite Challenge has chosen to show the Behind the Scene processes first and of course that means showing us the first solo meetings  with the actors and the director and writer.

HaHa is up first and right off the bat, Director Jang complains that the Infinite Challenge members are terrible actors. Ha! Well, I can’t say anything else when you have Park MyeongSoo throwing his jacket and KwangHee flailing all over the place during their auditions.


Still, they hope to make something worthy that shows off their talents and HaHa admits that he cut his hair just for Infinite Company, sure that the wigs are going to be difficult to wear otherwise. He gets informed that his acting is one of the better ones and will therefore be a main character but unlike his expectations, he’ll be working with Jung JunHa instead of Yoo JaeSeok.

Heh, they all agree that because JunHa plays a dim-witted character, he’ll notice things that others don’t realise and HaHa jokes that characters like him are the one killed off first because their doubt kills them. HaHa then frankly says that his acting is always the same and references his crying scene in the movie Holy Daddy where HoDong, JaeSeok and JongKook ended up pushing each other out of embarrassment while watching it. Ha. Writer Kim promises that there won’t be any difficult scenes to act in this short, but the next clip shows up HaHa having to cry in silence. Hee.

Then it’s gossip time as HaHa personally request that JaeSeok be shows topless, because the guys been working out a lot to pull them up from where they’ve been sagging. HAAAA, Writer Kim even asks more about it and HaHa laughs that they’re his type of people – gossipers.


Next is JunHa’s turns and he’s surprised to hear that he’s a main character. He’s so grateful that he starts describing Director Jang skills with superlatives that gets the power couple worked up, ahahhaa. He changes that to “director who was the best in the past”, hahaha, and then continues to say that becoming an actor is his lifelong dream. However, as a comedian, it’s been difficult to break into the sphere of serious actors with serious roles and Director Jang promises that his role will be a pillar in this drama. JunHa asks is he’ll have any wife in the drama, since he’s been wondering if he’ll have any love scenes when a production staff very plainly says that JaeSeok is here, meaning, get out, Jung JunHa. Heh!

JaeSeok sits in for his solo meeting with the husband and wife team and after exchanging some random stuff about the weather, Writer Kim asks if it’s possible to get him to take his shirt off for this production. HAAAA! Heh, Director Jang comes to her rescue when she stumbles over her words, outing that HaHa had told them that he’d “moved them up”. Even if he has, it’s still something embarrassing for him but when told that they’ll just film his back, JaeSeok answers okay immediately. Ha!

They move on to talk about Park MyeongSoo, worrying that he’ll spill their entire story to the public. Hahaha. JaeSeok admits that MyeongSoo does have the tendency to let slip secrets, but it’s not on purpose and suddenly both Director Jang and Writer Kim start spilling all the stress that they’ve been accumulating all this time because of this year’s Infinite Company.

Aw, Director Jang had stressed over the production possibly not faring well despite having stellar actors and an award winning writer and fears that he’ll be blamed by the public for it while his wife regrets taking up the project. Ha, apparently she’d agreed to the project under the haze she was in while writing the last episode of Signal and when JaeSeok assures them that if anything happens Infinite Challenge will take all responsibility, she just mutters “as long as I don’t get blamed.” Pfft. And they end the meeting with a group hug.

It’s time for Park MyeongSoo’s interview and he directly confesses that he can’t act. He therefore hopes that he doesn’t have a lot of lines, only wishing for one impactful scene. Director Jang encourages him by sharing that leading scenes are even difficult for professional actors and then breaks the moment by noting that they’re in agreement as to his lack of scenes in this year’s Infinite Company. Heh.


He then goes on to ask the Infinite Challenge staff that he shouldn’t show MyeongSoo the entire script, right, because he has the tendency to spoil the viewres through his radio show. Ha, why don’t you just ask the man before you? At least MyeongSoo remarks that he’s not interested in hearing anything and like this, they end their meeting of nothing much, but not before MyeongSoo entreats them to give any parts that they take away from him to KwangHee. Aw.

Heh, Writer Kim burst into a small laughter at that moment, because she has no idea how to write KwangHee’s part, since he doesn’t have a very strong character in Infinite Challenge to base his Infinite Company character on.

Next up is KwangHee, who understands them being worried over his role. He admits that he doesn’t act as well as Im SiWan and Park HyungShik, his group members, even though he started learning acting even before they did. He shares that he’d acted in “The Beautiful You” and “Vampire Idol” and tries to convince them that he’ll be able to do a good job the moment he steps onto the completed set. Writer Kim just tells him to act comfortably as himself this time and Director Jang chirps in too. Talk about Sign, a drama that Director Jang had directed (partially) reminds KwangHee that they’d met each other on the set of Strong Heart and suddenly he and Director Jang are like old best friends meeting after years of being apart. Ha!


After the solo interviews is the script reading!

JunHa wows the second he sees the script, along with the other members, since it’s their first time seeing scripts in booklet form. Along with our regular members, we have Yoon SeHyung with us too. Director Jang admits that because he was a last minute addition, they didn’t have much prepared for him and SeHyung jokes that he’s fine, since he has a large heart, unlike some other people on the team, eyeing Jung JunHa, hee.

Before they start, they comment on the Director looking terrible and he confesses that he has to take pills to sleep just because of the stress. Even Writer Kim didn’t even try to act modest when JaeSeok says that it must have been hard on her and nods when HaHa asked her if she ever badmouthed Infinite Challenge’s Director Kim TaeHo. HEHEH. And then when JaeSeok spills that they and HaHa had gossiped about the rest, she replies that it wasn’t enough.

They go through the introductions, which MyeongSoo tries to do while seated and gets scolded for, and where we learn that SeHyung has a lot of experience in acting… as a cameo. It’s then onto the formal script reading and narration is up to Producer Park, who reads out what is evidently a thriller before accidentally skipping pages, taking a second to realise that, ha!

Whoo, this is evidently the work of Kim EunHee because even the narration is intense and she has to tell JaeSeok to read his lines. As they go further into the script, they exclaim in surprise to learn that GD, Kim HyeSoo, Lee JeHoon, Kim HeeWon and even Kunimura Jun will be joining in the production and it starts to dawn on them that this is no kindergarten’s end-of-year play. Hahaha, they have to change narrators after some pages because Producer Park can’t read properly anymore. But then the job goes to SeHyung who can’t even pronounce his words properly, haha!

Whoa, Lee JeHoon will be acting as his character in Signal and they are floored again when the acting hard-hitters’ names are called out. Midway, HaHa gets the goosebumps but the reading continues, all the way to scene 81, which is when the reading finally ends. This is hyping me up!


Of course the Infinite Challenge members remark that they have to do a good job with their acting this time, having given such a good script and Director Jang tells them to memorise their lines. Haha, SeHyung laughs that he’s already memorised all of his (just how small is your role?) and when Director Jang warns them not to leak anything, MyeongSoo turns his script in, saying that he’s not gonna take his home. Hee. But you have to memorise your lines!

Pre-production done, it’s time for the acting to start and the first scene to be filmed is HaHa and JunHa’s who marvel at the filming set that looks exactly like that of a police station’s. They meet Director Jang there, who’s busy checking everything and head off to get their makeup applied, practising their lines at the same time. In a solo interview, JunHa shares that working with movie-making staff made him nervous and worried that he might make a mistake.

JunHa and HaHa do a rehearsal for their scenes and after JunHa gets the royal treatment in terms of prettifying him, they go into real shoots. It takes them several tries and lots of time to cool off and even then, Director Jang never really smiles even when he says that their scenes are okay.


That didn’t go unnoticed by HaHa, who shares that that made him start getting afraid in a solo interview. Back during a break in filming, JunHa has his wig and jacket taken away from him because they have to be dried of his perspiration.

They meet Lee JeHoon just before their scene and HaHa tries to force a close hyung-dongsaeng relationship with JeHoon just because JeHoon had appeared on Running Man with him before, hee. They go through their lines and soon, it’s time for real shoot.

It’s Lee JeHoon’s solo scene they shoot first and even though all he did was walk, Director Jang has a smile that stretches from ear to ear. Even HaHa and JunHa are impressed that he only needed one take. JunHa tries to walk like JeHoon and basically just ends up ambling and when HaHa tries the same walk, he’s way too over-the-top. Heh.

HA! Even Director Jang has a go at acting as he spots the unit stills photographer and pretends to work hard with HaHa and JunHa, acting cool while he’s at it, pfft. Also, I think that it’s great that he’s a director and not an actor, heh.

Their scenes with JeHoon are shot and Director Jang ends it off with several loud okay-s.

It’s another new scene and this time, MyeongSoo and KwangHee join in. In a solo interview, MyeongSoo says that it was the best acting he’s ever done and of course we cut to him having to repeat the scenes over and over again because he keeps messing up. Heh. He even adlibbed “let’s go home” in the middle of nowhere, taking Director Jang by surprise.

In his solo interview, KwangHee moans that he really got very much lesser parts in the production than he’d expected, even though he was told up front that he would get little parts.

It’s yet another break in filming and suddenly, while they’re getting touch ups, JunHa and MyeongSoo complain about KwangHee and HaHa having nice clothes. Heh. HaHa insists that he has to wear modern clothes that modern people wear and suggests that they play an electronic version of the ladder game to decide who pays for ice-cream for the entire team. Heh, it turns out that KwangHee’s the loser, though he had tried to fob it all off on JaeSeok.


While they eat their ice creams, JunHa gripes about his old-looking clothes again and the explanation from the style coordinator doesn’t comfort him. Neither does the oil that HaHa and KwangHee had added to the fire. Still, it was a peaceful end to the first shooting.

The next scene to shoot is JaeSeok’s which is also the production’s opening shot. It involves him running, and running, and running even more. He and his chasers run for three days just filming that scene, over and over again because they need footages from all sorts of different angles.

Oops, there was a time when JaeSeok slipped and fell and in his solo interview, he laughs that it was really difficult. A certain part took the whole night to film and the people chasing behind him were getting cramps.

Next up is filming for the original Infinite Company. Hee, they rehearse it and kick up a fuss, trying to decide how to make it as exciting as possible. Pffft, these guys’ ability to adlib is amazing. JunHa gets slapped  in this scene and when he hears that he has to film it again and again, he cradles his cheek. Aw! In another take, MyeongSoo adlibs some Japanese in during the rehearsal and then mixes Korean and Japanese in the real shoot and messes it up, haha!


HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Another scene has the workers explaining to Boss Yoo why they were late to work and this time, the actors have to come up with the excuses themselves. JunHa goes with, “I thought it was my grandmother’s memorial service yesterday, but my wife said it was today. I was going to go but my grandmother called and told me not to come otherwise.” Heh.

HaHa almost makes an NG while JunHa films his scene according to those lines and even Director Jang has to hold his laughter in. JaeSeok heads off and JunHa complains when all the cameras go off along with him leaving only one to focus on them. Hee, that’s not the first time JunHa’s complained about it and when the Infinite Challenge’s team decides to give him the royal service, he gets flustered to have three cameras on him even though he’s not doing anything much.

Yet another break in filming has KwangHee handing out health drinks and MyeongSoo trying to steal a chair for his child.

Filming and filming and more filming happen and the next part is all about G-Dragon, or Infinite Company’s CEO! The popular Big Bang member arrives in a super grand car and flails when he meets with Director Jang. Hee, a recap of the last Infinite Company production shows him as the lowly new recruit turned CEO’s son and in the present, Director Jang says that even while they were conceptualizing the character, they had their eyes on him.

He tells the bashful not-actor not to be too pressured because even if he messes up, no one will get mad at him because everyone in the production is his fan. HA! He even weasels a promise for a picture from the guy for his wife and daughter who are his fans.

G-Dragon/GD/Kwon JiYong/JiYong heads into the set to do his first scene and Director Jang inadvertently piles on the pressure by informing him that he’ll be acting alongside veteran actor Kim HeeWon. Still, work must be done and JiYong’s one wordless scene has Director Jang oohing in awe at his better-than-expected acting. Then guy goes flail-y again the moment “cut” is called, hahaha.


He mutters that he’d accepted the role only because he thought it’d be light and fun like the other time but suddenly, this production ended up being more severe than he’d expected, with established actress Kim HyeSoo joining in too, and he wonders what the hell he’s doing there. Hee!

In a nearby room, MyeongSoo grumbles about JiYong coming around and while KwangHee calls him out for his lies, he has to defend his hair from HaHa’s remarks, he having thought that it was a wig, heh. HaHa suddenly gets the jitters, imagining himself meeting JiYong and even tries practising his greeting. Grumpy MyeongSoo tells him to just kneel in front of the man, psh.

But when he actually meets JiYong, the first thing he calls out for is the camera, ha, to make sure that they share the same screen and then he complains about JiYong not having to wear a wig. Pffft, a staff just plainly replies that JiYong has to look cool and HaHa hits the nail on the head by wondering how in the world the production is expecting serious acting from the Infinite Challenge members when they put them in ridiculous wigs.


He suggests watching JiYong’s acting replays and JiYong refuses vehemently. Then MyeongSoo pops up just to meet JiYong and complain, ha.

JiYong and HaHa head for their scene where JiYong flails again and wonder again why he’s doing this when he never once accepted a single acting gig in his life. Filming goes well and HaHa complains about his old clothes again. Then he stares at the camera and tells JiYong to get his head on straight because on the Infinite Company cameras are off, it’s Variety Time with Infinite Challenge’s cameras. He then pulls a mike down and insists that JiYong sing a song for the viewers, heh.

MyeongSoo and KwangHee’s scenes with JiYong are filmed next and even though he’d complained about having to bow his head for his junior, MyeongSoo goes above and beyond during the real scene and pulls it off flawlessly.

KwangHee is bashful meeting JiYong and JiYong has to tell him to stand closer. HEHE, he’s so awkward that JiYong tries to lighten the mood in the way he knows how – by dissing KwangHee.

When KwangHee says that he should rest, JiYong replies that he was going to until KwangHee came along and followed him. When KwangHee says that he was surprised to hear that JiYong was coming for shooting, JiYong replies that he’s surprised that KwangHee is still in Infinite Challenge. Aw.

But that’s all just nonsense, because JiYong did send KwangHee a personal message, telling him to cheer up on Infinity Challenge that KwangHee now reads to the entire nation to JiYong’s mortification. Hee. KwangHee requests for a picture and when JiYong’s stylist comes to give him a touch up, KwangHee takes that chance to steal the superstar’s foundation, insisting that he do the make-up himself. Apparently, he’s not talented at make-up either as JiYong comments that it looks like musical make-up.

It’s another day of filming for JiYong and this time, he has a scene with actor Lee JeHoon. Hehe, they’re so adorably awkward while waiting to film their scene and JeHoon takes that moment to fanboy and exchange numbers with JiYong. Ha, their scenes are all over in a short moment and in a solo interview, Lee JeHoon admits to getting more excited about meeting JiYong than filming for the scene.


While the Infinite Challenge members run around during their games for another episode, JiYong has a night shoot with Kim HeeWon. That’s goes well too and even later in the night, the Infinite Challenge members come together again to film yet another scene. Hee, MyeongSoo fools around while waiting for filming to start and then complains that his lines have been reduced. Pssh, that’s all his own fault as KwangHee points out that it’s because he’s been refusing to do his own lines.

JaeSeok finally meets JiYong for Infinite Company shooting and immediately after the camera rolls, MyeongSoo messes up, ahhaha. Even Director Jang complains that it’s not like he has a lot of lines. Still he does a good job, because flattery (which was required in the scene) is his forte and soon it’s time for a meal at dawn.

KwangHee acts all awkward with JiYong and JiYong has to point out to the others that he and KwangHee are not awkward with each other when JunHa points it out. It’s just that KwangHee keeps acting in ways that make him uncomfortable.


After all the non-actors, it’s time to introduce the pros and that includes actress Kim HyeSoo, actress Jeon MiSeon, actress Shin DongMi, actress Ahn MinAh, actor Kim WonHae and actor Jeon SeokHo. Actor Son JongHak has come along for the ride too, and of course actor Kim HeeWon too.

Before we wrap up, we get scenes of our members working hard under the hot sunlight, through a heat wave that sent temperatures up as high as 36.4 degrees Celsius and battling fatigue as they film late into the night.

They realise that acting’s so difficult and HaHa remarks that he’s fine with cameo roles but he’ll be giving up on leading roles. Heh, he gets asked who acts worse than him and after a small chuckle, he reveals that it’s KwangHee (who the production staff can’t help chuckling at when he tells them that he has acting experience in sitcoms), MyeongSoo and SeHyung.

It is also while shooting Infinite Challenge that SeHyung has a huge epiphany and realises for real that JunHa is his senior because he doesn’t try to be funny and his acting is authentic. Heh, even though he’d acted all modest in front of SeHyung, JunHa, in his solo interview, mutters that he’s got real experience acting in a big project, so don’t look down on him.


Acting’s not all hard work though and somone pulls a joke on JunHa by labelling a stool as his while JaeSeok gets a real portable armchair. HAHAHAH and in his solo interview, he says that he’s way above the other members when it comes to acting. He sticks to his professional side and insists on re-filming a scene even when Director Jang says that it’s fine and he’s tired. Pfft.

Then he goes on to praise Director Jang, along with HaHa and we’re shown clips of him keeping the atmosphere light and comfortable. Of course, he’s the hidden factor that pulls everything together and helps everyone reach their fullest potential.

We end off with the casts all hoping that people will love their drama. Has that been enough to whet your appetite for a thrilling new drama? If so, stay tuned to next week for something amazing, because it’ll surely be fantastic.

I’m not quite sure what to call this show. I casually call it Infinity Challenge but it’s official English name is Infinite Challenge, lol.

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  1. Thanks for this recap! Just caught this episode on tv. Very entertaining ^^ and i’m looking forward to see the actual movie (or drama?)
    This show keeps coming up with interesting concepts. (Thumbs up!)


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