Moonlight Drawn by Clouds IMPcap E1

*Regretting all my life choices*


As befitting the future ruler of an entire country, the young Crown Prince reads, absorbed in the words…

…of a romance novel. Ha. Are you reading naughty stuff?






Elsewhere, a lowly man consults a love guru


who’s actually a girl in a man’s disguise.






By the way, where can I find this technology


In Joseon?





Her (his) advice works


Though it kind of involves trickery

(and stunts that endanger lives…)






The prince is not all play and no work


And his father, His Majesty, is pleased to see him study hard.








 But it turns out, he’s just putting on a show. Yeah, okay, I take back my words.







/*I am not nearly paid enough for this!*/

The prince’s royal teacher







The king is angry! It’s time to beg for forgiveness!







… …






The face of carefree joy:

(and embarrassment after making such a huge blooper *coughcoughcough*)







RaOn with her non-biological father, who’s trying to chase her away for her own good:







In order to find inspiration for his plays,








Princey likes to steal his sister’s secret love letters







And sneak out of the palace.

Too bad for him he sees RaOn and her dad putting on a play, mocking the royal family:


He gets livid                                                                                               and nervous






RaOn’s cowardly client pays her to meet the (unrequited) love of his life:






which is how she ends up meeting the lady’s brother:


Pffft, she thinks her client’s gay.






She takes Princey to lunch

where they get cursed at.





But what really bothers Princey is her bad eating habits:








“Take me to your home!” he orders







 RaOn’s home:






Princey is tired of waiting and tries to send her out for help:






Too bad he has foot in mouth syndrome.







Park BoGum when he’s desperate:

Park BoGum when he’s angry:






You know that foot-in-mouth syndrome?

Yeah, she has it too.







Ha! She finds out that she had abetted in adultery:








But she’s narrowly saved from a painful death by a pretty boy:





That doesn’t mean that she’s in lesser trouble though






Because she’s about to have her balls cut off

(don’t ask me what balls)







She tries to make the quack drink to oblivion so that she can escape:






Only for the quack to slash her thigh while drunk:


Meaning that she couldn’t run to safety. Oof.






While Princey tries to sooth his sister’s heartache (that he indirectly caused):








RaOn is forced into registering for the Eunuch Recruitment Examinations:







She tries to run in the middle of the night:
















“Nice to meet you, meong-meong ah!”





She runs into Princey:





Oh crap.



Episode Summary:

Lee Yeong (Park BoGum) is a troublemaker prince.

Hong RaOn (Kim YooJung) is a girl disguised as a man, working as a love-advisor… to men.

RaOn and Lee Yeong meet when they each stand in during a “love-meet” for their client and sister respectively.

RaOn kicks Lee Yeong down a hole and flees after he helps her get out, sarcastically promising to do anything he says like a dog if they ever meet again.

She meets Kim YoonSung (Jung JinYoung) who saves her from being identified and caught for helping a lowly man seduce the daughter-in-law of a rich household.

In order to repay her debts, her debtors kidnap her and “turn her into a eunuch”.

While trying to escape from the eunuch examinations, she (literally) bumps into Lee Yeong. Hi there puppy.


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