Moonlight Drawn By Clouds IMPcap Ep 2

Trying to get out of trouble:






…Only to get into more trouble.







Intimidating others: The Royal (pain in the ass) Way







Pants Wetter(s):







Test 1: You must have no balls

But I don’t have a stick either!






Same aged.

So they say.






Floppy work at display:

You pass!





Evil Schemers:

Queen is pregnant! Time to tame Princey~






What’s the Crown Prince like?






While going to visit stepmom…






*Thinking of mom*






Epitome of weaseling out of one’s duties:






(Make it seem like you’re doing them a favour.)






Princey gonna make someone get a headache again:



 save me!





Why does Yeong not appear during MY exam?!






The happy face of someone who just passed Test #2:






Third Test: Answering the questions to be graded by the Royals

I know the answer to that!







“I’d recognise a woman’s body anywhere.”
Of course you should.

Look at what you’re doing.






RaOn’s punished to sleep in a haunted house:







…one that’s haunted by pretty boys






When puppies don’t behave,






Firm training should be employed.





Just don’t forget that puppies can bite too.





YoonSung and Granddad:

Aw shucks, he’s the corrupt prime minister.






My baby prince got hurt!!!

And then he attempts to soothe the finger hurt by a mouth with his mouth, heh.






Oh dear, I just couldn’t think of an answer!








Dad has troubles

Let’s go party!






I have to catch twenty chickens!

   so you aren’t going anywhere!






Please, may a lighting strike me!

Your wish is my command.






Why is a eunuch so B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L?

(rather than handsome?)






Thanks to RaOn, the banquet had a feast (of chickens):







But’s it’s interrupted by Princey:






Too bad he doesn’t like our friend here







*Sad face*







Aaaah, so it seems like it was some dangerous prophecy that separated them

Away with you, HooDoo Magic! Let the Bromance stay!





Apparently, princey wasn’t the one who shot the arrow

*Who was it?*






RaOn sees that Princey is lonely

and so presents him with her (chicken leg of) affections






Princey’s sister reads RaOn’s friend’s examination answer:






That looks too much like
something from her love letters. Uh oh…





Deriding the Crown Prince


in front of the Crown Prince, Muahahah!






Oh no, the Princess! Not the pretty head!







But better than a knight in shining armour, our prince saves the day


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