Three Meals a Day in Gochang Ep 4

Three Meals a Day Episode 4:

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new liiiiiiiife! And we’re feeling chirpy, say the ducklings!

The first thing that HaeJin does once awake is let the ducks out of their cages and feed them breakfast. Hahahaha, it’s really like raising kids. He goes for a run alone in the woods behind, singing, after the ducks reject exercising with him. Meanwhile, Chajumma has awoken with a jump.

HaeJin enjoys the nature around him as he bathes in the scent of acorns and alder trees and after a very long way, he finds a birds-eye view of our guys’ residence. In that very residence, JooHyuk has woken too and is told by Chajumma to check on the Kimchi. Too bad for him his head hurts so much that he can’t smell anything. Ha. And then HoJun wears pants that the ahjumma calls “ddeokboki” coloured. Hahahah.

HaeJin returns to the residence and complains about his perspiration. He’d only travelled for 500m and yet he looks like he travelled 25km. Pffft, it’s all the slope’s fault! At least he’d found a nice lady with a car and had gotten a hitch back to base. She was a fan of the show and even offered him water!


Pfft, all of a sudden, he’s asking what JooHyuk’s name is and acting like it’s their first time meeting. But later, the two, wearing matching t-shirts, go off together to start the fire. Chajumma takes his Kkakdugi out and simply adores the taste. It’s fried kkakdugi with sausage and rice for breakfast, of course cooked by resident chef Cha SeungWon.

I think this is the simplest breakfast they’ve ever had this season and they just scrape it off the pan. It’s so delicious that JooHyuk even chooses this over the fast fermented bean-paste stew that was yesterday’s dinner. Heh, what childish taste buds he has! But on the other hand, all Chajumma can think of is his Manila clams. He wants to get 2 litres of those, heh.

While they take in the morning, they check the ducklings out, who are just running here and there and turning the water bowl over. Pfft, HaeJin gets them water and claps for them to come but nope, they’re divas who must have the bowl brought to them!

HaeJin had worried about the rice fields and the weeds growing there and so, last night, he’d suggested that SeungWon go get those clams himself while he goes farming. The young ones should just stay home and manage it. In the present, he makes a pun using the words “me too” (na ddo) and natto. Cough. Ha, the rest hear it but don’t react. That’s until Haejin says, “give me natto” and JooHyuk nonchalantly adds, “give me night/chestnuts too”. Hahahhaha! It makes SeungWon do a spit take. And in a solo interview, JooHyuk shares his delight over Ajae gags.


SeungWon asks for noodles from the young ones, a simple act that ends up becoming him giving very detailed instructions on how to make those noodles. I think you said you were going to leave it to them!

Mom and Dad leave for their respective work and eldest son HoJun just sits on the veranda, looking a little lost. Baby JooHyuk comes along with a comic book, making HoJun look at him in disbelief but the amazing thing is… there’s a recipe for making Cold Banquet Noodles in there. Are you… are you reading the comic version of God of Noodles?!

HoJun gives JooHyuk the task of making Jidan (some kind of thinly cooked egg, mainly made as a garnish) and JooHyuk makes yet another Ajae gag. But the Ajaes are not here and HoJun doesn’t give a very good reaction. However, HoJun ends up becoming the gag when he drops bottles of sauces/oil one after another even before he cooks anything, pfft.

SeungWon reaches the mudflat and while waiting for Na PD to pay the 10 bucks for the license to dig for clams, he takes a stick and draws “YOO HAE JIN” real big in the sand, aw. Then he ends it’s off with “Babo (idiot)”. Ha!

Now with the license, he takes a bucket and starts digging the ground, only to come up with nothing. Ooof, it makes him want to cry. But he goes deeper and nearer towards the sea and wheeee!!! It’s clams galore! Everywhere he goes, he digs them up by the handful. Heh, even Na PD gets in on the action.

He gets them by the dozens and get incredibly amazed to see them spit water out.  LMAO, the ajumma is having the time of his life.

HA, back at base, JooHyuk has to ward off the army of ducklings who charge towards him when they hear the water flowing while he washes the dishes. He has to get them another bowl of water just to keep them away, and even then, they refuse to move to where he’d stood, insisting that he bring the water to them, heh.


HoJun prepares the ingredients he needs for the broth, which includes some anchovies, dashima, mushrooms and a whole onion. He dumps the whole thing into a pot of water but… uhm… did you really just throw the whole onion in there without even cutting it in half?! Psh, he even has to ask if he should put the fire on now. Nobody tell SeungWon because just last night, he was wondering to the cameras in his solo interview about whether the kids will clean the vegetables properly and about how they’re going to make the broth.

HoJun gets a pumpkin and we flashback to Chajumma being certain and confident that HoJun will be able to cut it well. After all, HoJun has seen him do it lots of times and if he can’t do it well… Chajumma says that there must be something wrong with his head. Cut to HoJun wondering how to cut the pumpkin and making a mess out of it. Ha, he even frustrates himself.

JooHyuk has the fire going and both boys start making the Jidan, first, separating the eggs and the whites, so that the Jidan is a beautiful golden yellow and pure white. Only… they add water to the egg yolks, since it looked too viscous. No! HoJun ah! Why are you beating it so roughly like that?! Of course, instead of a nice golden Jidan, they get a very pockmarked one. Psh, they decide to just eat the failed Jidan but JooHyuk shakes his head at the taste. Did they have add salt to it too? Just how bad was the egg?


JooHyuk has a go at cooking the egg whites and… uhm, it doesn’t look very nice. HoJun goes to taste the broth, confident that it’ll taste amazing. I think his expression after tasting it says otherwise.

HaeJin had gone to the local hardware shop and gotten a handheld grass cutter, his new tools against the weeds smothering his rice plants! Meanwhile, HoJun is in deep thought, wondering what he should do to the broth.

Something goes well for them, because the egg whites JooHyuk made turn out okay. HoJun does well too, because after adding soy sauce to the broth, it turns out well, like magic. He puts the broth in the refrigerator and moves in to make the accompanying sauce. He cuts the garlic and mini chili peppers, which is fine, but the way he scrapes them off the knife and into the earthenware pot makes me fear for his fingers. He adds other stuff into the sauce and has JooHyuk give it a try. There’s too much sesame oil at first, so he adds chilli pepper powder. But then, he’d added too much. Oh no.

In a solo interview, SeungWon had said that if one doesn’t have talent/the skill, then one should have passion. If one doesn’t have passion, then one should have humility. If one doesn’t even have humility, then he should have sense. But to him, HoJun has a little bit of everything and therefore, he’s confident that HoJun can do well. After all, he has sense.

Cut to HoJun standing in the middle of the kitchen wondering what to, using his sense.

He settles on vinegar and adds 2 whole table spoons of it. That’s the thing that solves the problem.

Back on the mudflat, SeungWon has a happy time digging those clams with Na PD. Why is Na PD in on this? Haha! Pffft, Na PD keeps telling SeungWon to go already but he refuses to move from the clams. Are you going to clean the whole beach of its clams?! Also, I’ve never seen such a blissful smile on his face before this. Hee.


At the paddy fields, HaeJin is at war with the weeds and gasps to see his cutter become short. It was hard work, but he’s happy when he sees the clean weed-less land. And even though he worked so hard at it, 5 minutes of screen time is all he gets. Ha.

Most of the cooking done, HoJun and JooHyuk take a rest, with HoJun muttering that next time, they should be the ones going out to work. JooHyuk recaps the dishes that they’ve prepared, from the YangNyeom sauce, the cold broth to the garnish. Now all they need to prepare are the noodles and the other side dishes. The end!

They wonder if they are allowed to take a rest, uncomfortable since they don’t have much to do and yet are guilty about having their seniors out there working so hard.

They go on to cook the noodles, with HoJun constantly checking on where and when the seniors are coming. His actions get a lot faster the moment he’s told that SeungWon is on the way. JooHyuk cleans up the place and adds in a little cutesy muttering that HoJun doesn’t react to.


They gasp when they see the bucketful that SeungWon has brought back, almost spilling over with clams. Ha, even SeungWon admits that he’d dug too many, joking that they shouldn’t go to the mudflat anymore since he about dug up three years’ worth of clams.

And the first thing he does once he gets back is pamper the ducklings. HoJun looks on in envy. Or so the captions say, hee. HoJun sighs when SeungWon replies that he’s VERY hungry, since the noodles still aren’t ready. But it doesn’t seem like SeungWon’s a grumpy hungry person, since he jokes around with a shell, all nonchalant.

HoJun sees that the noodles are well cooked and take them out of the pot. He puts them in cold water and then puts his hands in the boiling hot noodles. HAHHAHA. Even though they’re in cold water, you haven’t mixed them yet, HoJunie, so they’re still hot.

Chajumma takes over the washing of the noodles and even portions them out. But it’s still today’s chef, HoJun who adds the garnishes and the broth, finishing his dishes up.

Chajumma is pleased enough to find that the broth is cold and he and HaeJin can’t stop praising HoJun for a job well done, slurping in those delicious noodles non-stop.

JooHyuk completely agrees when SeungWon asks if HoJun did everything while HoJun replies “No”. Aw, come on, you don’t have to be modest about a job well done! JooHyuk takes credit for the Jidan though, and SeungWon jokily mutters that he’s not a useless bum after all, haha.

Job well done, HoJun!


Despite being the one who made lunch, HoJun also clears up the dishes and tables while the ducklings sleep. Still, dish washing is left to the maknae and midway through the peaceful afternoon, HaeJin claps his hands and wakes the ducklings up for their “schedule”, heh. They resist, but end up following him and chirping their “dissatisfaction” at him while he apologises to them, looking at them like they’re the most adorable things on earth.

HAHHAHAHAHAHA, the sound of running water while JooHyuk washes the dishes has them charging towards the tap, so HoJun prepares their lunch and drags them away. But like a stern father, the moment he thinks they’re done with lunch, HaeJin catches those ducklings to go work. Pffft, HoJun joins in the chase and they’re both stumped when the ducklings hide under the outdoor table/platform. Nothing that food can’t solve though, and soon, all twelve ducklings are in their ‘caravan’ and heading towards the rice field.

This time, now that they’re a lot bigger the duckies take to the place like fish to water… or should I say ‘duck to water’? Heh. They waddle their way through the rice paddy and automatically come out the moment they’re done, none of them resisting any more.


That’s because they have more oils on their feathers and are therefore more “waterproof”, something that amazes HaeJin. And because he’s not satisfied with this morning’s work, HaeJin goes to cut down more weed while HoJun watches over the ducklings. Those little duckies are like angels to our guys.

At home, JooHyuk is Chajumma’s little helper and this time, Chajumma decides to make more side dishes. He asks JooHyuk for 15 large green chillies and is surprised by the size of the chillies that he brings.  He worries that stir-fried anchovies (dish) are not to JooHyuk’s taste, but JooHyuk assures him that he does. It’s just that, like a kid, he only picks the anchovies out (and leave the chillies uneaten), haha. Turns out, that’s what SeungWon does too!

The smell has HoJun snitching a bite and JooHyuk too. Of course, since this is Chajumma’s work, it’s amazingly delicious.

Once done, SeungWon takes out a bag of larger anchovies that need to be cleaned. HoJun suggests some newspapers to put underneath and SeungWon praises him, saying that he can’t be without HoJun. But then JooHyuk mutters, “first remove the head…” and SeungWon is back to his gruffy ways, jokingly muttering that of course that’s what they should do. Who would throw away the body? SeungWon stares at HoJun, hee.

Once cleaned, those anchovies go into the pan, with some oil and gochujang and other stuff. This was made just for JooHyuk and the kid can’t get enough of it.

A summer rain showers through the compound, drizzling lightly on everything, from the lids on the pots to the leaves of the rice seedlings. They also fall on HaeJin, who’s still out in the field, hee.

HoJun worries about the ducklings and brings their caravan “roof” all the way to the rice paddy. He’s a little shocked when he doesn’t see his babies there, but that is soon allayed when he finds them hiding from the rain under some shade. Heh, he climbs down to the paddy to get them, and along with HaeJin, they rescue the duckies and put them in the caravan. All except the larger ones, who run away, forcing HoJun wade tough the mud to get to them, hee.


PWAHAHAHAHHA, the last one escapes and runs right before Na PD. But the guy is on land and refuses to get wet and so he directs HoJun to go get it.

Soon, all twelve ducklings are safe and sound in their caravan, no small thanks to HoJun’s efforts. He drags the ducks and the caravan back to base and in his solo interview, SeungWon sighs that HoJun is a really kind kid. Even his pants are kind. And because his pants are nice, even his shoes look kind. His shirt too, pfft. But you get the idea.

For the rice, HaeJin still works even though the sky still cries. Chajumma goes to get his partner and praises him for a job well done. And because it’s raining, HaeJin remarks that he’s fine with having dinner late.

Chajumma arrives back at the compound and immediately ask for scissors to cut some chives from the garden. JooHyuk gets some spicy chillies too, even before CHjumma asks for them and heads off to get a pumpkin when SeungWon requests for it.

He searches around the greenhouse and snips something that he thinks is the pumpkin.


A PD: “That’s not a pumpkin though…”

Cue JooHyuk’s shifty eyes, hee hee. He’d gotten a cucumber, the kind they use for pickles.

He searches around the greenhouse some more, while Chajumma wonders what’s taking him so long. That’s because he’d gotten a small sweet pumpkin too, and had searched outside for a larger pumpkin.

HoJun lazes on the veranda, mesmerised by the picturesque view outside, with calm falling rain blanketing the greenery. Snack is pan-fried vegetable pancake and HoJun likes that a lot.

To make pan-fired vegetable pancake, first add pancake flour to a bowl, then some starch for that chewy crispy texture and salt. Add chives and any other vegetables, though now, Chajumma adds pumpkin to it. Add some water and mix for a complete batter.

To make the sauce, add red chilli pepper flakes, a little vinegar and sugar to a bowl. Complete it with some green chilli.

Once done, it’s time to fry the pancake and the combination of rain and cooking pancakes makes JooHyuk burst out into a song. Pssh, Na PD takes that time to demand his $10 back (for the clam digging licence) and just seeing money go out of their household bank account again makes HaeJin itch for work. HAHHAA, SeungWon snaps at him not to talk about money.

Na PD informs them that there’s an opening picking watermelons and without even asking anything else, HaeJin is all, “I’ll do it!” Haha. Then the guy who had snapped at him not to keep talking about money asks how much the job pays. Pfft.

It’s 10 bucks an hour per person and HaeJin is like, “I’m not always talking about money. It’s just that we should always have some money in our account.”

Na PD: “Who asked you to go eat Jjajangmyeon?!” HAHAHAHAH!

While they argue, the vegetable pancake is done and the moment it’s cut, everyone goes quiet, because they’re all busy eating. While they enjoy the snack, HaeJin jokes that the ducks worked hard too and asks them to come join them.


Chajumma asks for the radish water-kimchi he had made and it makes a perfect pair with the crispy chewy vegetable pancake.

They’re still hungry even after that and they make Kkakdugi pancake, this time making a reddish pancake that’s no less delicious. I am not kidding when I write that all I hear is “nyam-nyam-nyam-nyam” and “oohm! Oohm~” Yeah, okay , there was an interruption from JooHyuk who had rushed to eat his pancake and scalded his tongue.

Finally, it’s time for rest and they add head to their respective rooms to lounge, just like the ducks are doing in their 5-star caravan.

While our guys sleep and wake up, Na PD puts on the song I Can Fly by R. Kelly, adding in shots of the duckling flapping their wings, pfft. SeungWon wakes too and goes to make the rice. Since he’s alone, he acts cute in front of the camera, pffft.

HaeJin wakes up too and the first thing he asks is, “what are you doing?”, seriously like a dad.


He heads to the chirping ducklings and tells them that they can’t come out now. He wonders if they’re hungry and mom SeungWon comes round to coo over them too. Heh, they really are hungry, because the moment HaeJin puts the food bowl in their caravan, they smother it.

Chajumma sighs that they’re really pretty.

Cut to HoJun squatting on the veranda, looking totally out of it, with the captions: “Tell me I’m pretty too”. Na PD seriously, haha.

Instead of being told that he’s pretty, HoJun gets a playful smack to the back. He gets a bite of the rice and HaeJin comes round, asking if he should fire up their drum-can firepit. Hurr, he totally does a narration while doing it, like he’s doing an English documentary.

HoJun works on the potatoes, and Chajumma calls for them. Narrator HaeJin walks past them and continues his voice-acting practice, sharing that SeungWon is always ordering HoJun around, either asking for chilli, if not potatoes. “Back then, it was really annoying.” Heh.

With just a few movements, Chajumma has the ingredients for dinner all set up and prepared. Meanwhile, HaeJin gets the fire really going. All that’s left to do is wait for it to boil.

JooHyuk does dishwashing duties again and has a problem separating the bowls. Something that he couldn’t do, HoJun does easily in one swift movement and newcomer JooHyuk has a moment to learn tricks from the pro.

Ha, no one can take their eyes off the pot of stew or the fire underneath, except for Chajumma who prepares the rest of dinner.

Welcome to Chajumma’s house, where dinner is nothing short of a feast. There are two kinds of anchovy side dishes, Kakdugi, vegetable pancake and Gochujang stew. To complete it, HaeJin picks a green chilli right off their garden.

Then it’s yet another satisfying dinner at Three Meals a Day and the episode comes to an end, just like their day. Even childish-taste-buds JooHyuk loves the food.


2 thoughts on “Three Meals a Day in Gochang Ep 4

  1. Hi, thanks for the extensive recap…i love 3MAD series too… just a question in case you are able to enlighten me… do you know the background music they inserted while Chajumma is on the beach/mudflat carving Yoo Hae Jin’s name on the sand? I find that it has such a catchy tune…. not sure how to search for it since I don’t speak korean and couldn’t catch the lyrics that fast…


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