1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 139

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 139:

It’s time for “Games with the Public” with some very interesting rules: Win a game, and you get $10 from the other team’s account. Lose a game, and you have to give $10 to them. Pfft.

Both teams win while playing Cham-cham-cham, while JunHyun loses at Jegichagi. JoonYoung is up next for Palm Wrestling and decides that the strong guys in front of him won’t do. They look for the dad of a kid they’d made friends with and hit a slight snag, because that dad is off somewhere looking for his watch which he’d let fly while showing his son how to stone skip. Pfft.

But they soon find Dad and both guys head into the water. Their friends/families cheer on each other, though the kid adds that it wouldn’t be too bad even if his father loses, HA! Our guys praise him, with JunHo going over the top and saying that he’ll do big things in the future, and even become the president, pwaha.


JoonYoung and Dad start attacking and defending, their palms dancing around. There are a few close shaves, but in the end, it’s JoonYoung who wins. That means that they get $10!

Over at peaceful Dodam Sambong, TaeHyun’s voice splices the calm, having found out that Team JunHo has won a game. In other words, $10 goes out of their account. Hehehe.

They immediately search for their game opponents and a middle-age man here on his late honeymoon with his wife steps up. That’s so cute. They’re shocked when he declares that his all-time record for Jegichagi is above 50 and when he plays scissors-paper-stone with JongMin, he tells the entertainment veteran not to do anything stupid-like.

Hahahah, the honeymooner goes first… and gets a grand total of 4 kicks before losing his balance and falling over. Oops. JongMin easily beats that and Team TaeHyun gets $10 from JunHo’s team.

Over at Dong River, where Team JunHo has been playing, JunHyun goes into a game of Eating Lemons with a lady… and within three seconds into the game, which is also the time the lady takes her first bite of the lemon, JunHyun has already finished his and blown his confirmation whistle. Pfft. “Who chews fruits?!” he asks.


Defconn goes up against another lady for Palm Wrestling and even though she loses, it feels like she won, because she got to fall into BoGum’s arms, heh.

The games continue and, as TaeHyun once described 1 Night 2 Days in a past episode, our guys are at beautiful places, pulling ugly faces and measuring how big their mouths can get. Seriously, this show.

Team JunHo has finished playing all their games and won 4 out of 5 games. But Team TaeHyun hasn’t finished with their games, so they don’t know what the real outcome is yet. JunHo complains that TaeHyun’s team has way too much advantages, especially when they have Park BoGum, whom he’s sure, 10 000%, the ladies will lose to on purpose. HA!

Cut to Team TaeHyun calling for participants for BoGum’s game, Eating a Lemon. 4 participants volunteer and are told to come up to audition for the lucky spot, haha. And the first thing the very first lady-participant says is, “As much as I love BoGum Oppa, hwaiting!” (In other words, “I’ll  try as much as I love BoGum oppa”). Ha.

The rest of the members tease her, saying that she really swallowed the bait and that she doesn’t look like she can eat sour stuff well. She insists she can, but then visibly wilts when she’s told that it’s bad for “BoGum Oppa”. HAHAHA. She’s so cute.

Her name’s EunJi and she starts her “audition”, which is to eat a slice of lemon without reacting to the sourness. She does well, as do the other participants and so they just decide to settle this through good old fashioned scissors-paper-stone. She beats them all in one try, heh.

Before the game starts, they grill her about her love for BoGum but she can’t say much because BoGum just standing there stresses her out, hee. They make her look into BoGum’s eyes for three seconds and she can’t even last a second, ha. She even refuses a hug from BoGum if she wins, because she’s too sweaty and when they ask her mother, apparently, she was a quiet girl before this. Defconn calls her a rapper now, heh.


They start the game proper, each having to eat three lemons each, and it’s EunJi who succumbs to the sourness first but she powers through and her reward is a look from BoGum , which makes her heart flip and her turn away in shyness, hee. In the end, it’s BoGum who wins it. He even gives EunJi a hug even without request.

The final result is that Team TaeHyun gets $20 from JunHo’s team’s account and with that extra money, they decide to fill their vehicle up on gasoline.

Team JunHo also hurries to get to their next “brown destination”, but are encouraged by their accompanying staff to ride the Blob Jump there at the lake. They’re not interested, until they’re told that they’ll get 100 miles just for that and since neither JunYoung nor JunHo want to get wet again and all eyes turn to DongGu, who feigns ignorance, ha. JunHyun offers to be the weight that sends him flying.


Even though it’s DongGu who’s the one supposed to go flying, it’s JunHyun who’s scared of jumping down onto the blob. To encourage him, their accompanying PD offers to give them another 100 miles if JunHyun takes over DongGu’s place thereafter and goes flying too.

DongGu flops onto the blob and crawls to his spot. JunHyun prepares for his jump and the moment he does, DongGu hurtles meters into the air, then into the water. It’s JunHyun’s turn to go flying, though because he can’t get his bearings right, he loses his balance and rolls backwards into the water, ha! Anyways, because he’s already wet, he decides to ride the blob jump, to get the 100 meters and also partially to check if he really can fly off even though he’s heavier than 100kg. And fly he does, even if he doesn’t fly as high as DongGu does. Once they dry off, they head off for the rest of their Brown Tour.

Team TaeHyun drives around, looking for a petrol kiosk. At the same time, they search for a place of attraction. They hit gold at Ssogari to find both at the same place andat the same time. Ha, they take pictures with the huge fish statue, the lighted up stairs and even the signboard that “elcomes” them to the place. That’s 50 miles earned.

They find the local market and are attracted by the Garlic Sundae that’s supposed to be the local specialty. They sit in a restaurant, choosing their menu and then suggest going out along the market to buy more. Heh, JongMin offers to go get those street food, but of course he doesn’t follow through because he just lied. BoGum and Defconn go instead.

They come back with 2 kinds of dumplings and the receipt for garlic-fried chicken, since it takes 40 minutes for the chicken to be ready. Their restaurant dishes arrive not too soon later and the combination of Soondae Soup, Garlic Soondae and Ddokbaegi Bulgogi (Beef in stone pot) earns them 60 miles. Never forgetting their Social Media Mission, they take a photo before eating.

They devour the food, particularly surprised by the Soondae Soup. Yoo PD instead is surprised by how much BoGum eats and then when they’re all full, the chicken comes, haha. No one can resist fried chicken though, and soon they’re eating through the box. All that food earns them a total of 100 miles.


On the other hand, JoonYoung wonder just how many miles Team TaeHyun has and goes on the internet to search “Park BoGum”. HAHAHA. As expected, he finds a photo of them at Dodam Sambong with a fan, where their badges are all on display all round BoGum’s bag, tipping off the team that Team TaeHyun has 840 miles accumulated. That’s more than JunHo’s 760 and so the guys carry on with their Brown Tour.

Hee, the Hyungs comment that JoonYoung is a scary kid and then fate throws them in for another one as the next brown sign they see directs them to the Gossi Caves, the very one they passed by that afternoon while teasing DongGu.

Ha, JunHo gets tickets and joke with the cashier that they took a whole day to find the caves. But the moment they’re in the cool caves, they are reduced to just looking around and gaping in wonder. They don’t forget to do their bobble head dance there before they leave though.


They find a “Mat-Jib” (a place that sells delicious food) right outside the caves and order practically everything there. While waiting for their food, they put in a call to TaeHyun’s Team, who was also eating. HAAAA, TaeHyun attempts to lie that they’ve got more than 1000 miles accumulated and JunHo calls him out for that, shocking them by telling them exactly how many miles they have right then and even tells them what they’ve been doing.

Heh, that stuns BoGum, who immediately feels guilty, the innocent puppy that he is.

Team JunHo’s food comes and they are amazed by the easy and efficient way JunHyun easily portions the Potato Pancake, lol. Other than that, they have Gondeure Bap (Rice with Thistle), Chilk Kal-guksu (Kudzu Knife-cut Noodles), Chilk Bibim-guksu (Kudzu Noodles with Bibim sauce) and Chilk Naeg-myeon (Kudzu Cold Noodles). Cut to them doing the bobble-head again, Pfft.

They ask the gourmet how to eat Cold Noodles and then ask him again the order they should eat food in. HAHAHA, JunHyun tells them to just eat, complaining that having to explain everything is work to him and this is supposed to be a vacation.

They just eat and eat, loving everything and JunHo has to ruin it by noting that all JunHyun did the whole day was eat and poop, eat and poop. JunHyun’s confident that his poopy scenes won’t make it to air but… the variety veteran knows better.

Once done with dinner, both teams search for accommodation. JoonYoung gets one for $70 while Defconn gets one for $100. Haha, TaeHyun and team get a huge welcome from the residents of Danyang once they leave the restaurant and together with them, they shout “1 Night 2 Days!”

In the other car, JunHo provides the “Kim JunHo brand” of air freshener that needs the windows drawn down. He and JunYoung then mimick HyoJoo’s way of speaking and they turn into yet another “Brown” place of attraction. JunHo starts to drift off and the others relentlessly call his name over and over again.

Like zombies they make their way to the statue of Kim SatGat (real name Kim ByeongYeon), one of the most influential poets of humour and satire during the Joseon Dynasty. JunHo tries to make a poem out of the man’s pen-name and just ruins it, heh.


They each take turns taking a photo with the statue of Kim SatGat and when it comes to JunHo’s turn, they very obviously play around with him. But JunHo doesn’t realise it until he sees the picture, pfft. As expected, they’d just taken a photo of him alone, without Kim SatGat’s statue and in another photo, taken their own selves. They do the last of the bobble head captures that they’ve been doing the whole day and that combines together to become a rather cool short clip of them “bobble-heading” throughout all the different places they’d visited that day, to KC & The Sunshine Band’s That’s The Way (I Like It).

Team TaeHyun puts on Cheer Up, the song that will never die and I’m sure will earn the BEST SONG at the year-end Gayos or something. BoGum starts getting sleepy and even though he does his very best to keep awake, his eyes eventually flutter close and his head lolls around while he sleeps.

Team JunHo heads to their residence for the night too and on the way, JunYoung calls DongGu “East Nine”, a phonetically-literal translation DongGu’s name. (I don’t really think that’s what it means, especially when you look at the Hanja (Chinese characters), but if you only look at the Hangul (Korean alphabet), that’s not wrong.)


While waiting for their accommodation to be readied, the comedians of the team play around and only DongGu entertains them with laughter.  How sincere that laughter is, I don’t know, because it’s like he was only half-listening to them while using his phone, heh.

Team TaeHyun reach their accommodation too and are surprised by how good it looks. JongMin strips to his undies and with the way he slouches over, I don’t think I have ever wanted to NOT see a guy half-naked as much as now before.

They see BoGum go through his daily facial-cleansing ritual and of course can’t let that opportunity pass, wanting to try everything that he uses.

Before they end the day, they plan their Social Media Mission and again, it’s BoGum who writes their entire day’s itinery. They post their pictures up on the 1 Night 2 Days account on Facebook, as do JunHo’s Team. Pfft, that team decides that they need something more attractive than they’ve got and set their eyes on BoGum… or rather the group picture they took with BoGum that morning. They erase everyone not on their team off the picture, sans BoGum, and stick the “new and improved” photo on some preset backgrounds, pfft. They even put it on their account! Haaa! JooonYoung even goes international and asks his fans to press “Like”, with the Chinese translation being “Help JoonYoung a bit/please!”. So shameless, heh.

Their day doesn’t end yet, because Yoo PD tells them that they have to play their Sleeping-game too. And that’s “Will You Come, or Will I Go?” HAHAHAHAHAHHA. JoonYoung is a Fortune teller!

That game blows the minds of everyone at the two residences, even the staff, who have to follow the losing team to the other residence. It’s a word relay game, and the rule is that the players have to spit their words out within three seconds after the previous player does so. They’re playing for the best of three rounds and against each other, connected through video call.

JunHo notes how worn out BoGum has become and BoGum asks if they can’t just come over. Ha, the alcoholics JoonYoung and JongMin agree for the losing team to come over with alcohol.

Both teams are given a box filled with Korean Alphabets. They’re each to pick one letter at random and with the two letters picked, they have to come up with words starting with those letters. HA, JunHyun loses it for his team right away and while the young ones all tell their team to pack up, JunHo and JunHyun tell them to sit and rest.


They go into their second round and though JoonYoung took more than 3 seconds to answer, JongMin saves them all by continuing it. BoGum comes up with a word that takes the other team a while to understand, which means that it takes DongGu more than three seconds to provide his answer. In the end, it’s BoGum who supplies a word that’s already been used and loses the round cleanly for his team.

While Team JunHo rejoices, BoGum’s hyungs call out the two times JunHo’s team took more than three seconds to answer. Heh, Yoo PD tries to encourage them take the loss graciously, since they can just win the next round and the way he speaks, like he’s telling them to pander to JunHo’s team, makes JunHo reach out for HIS PD, Lee JeongWook PD. Heh, he tries to point out the time JongMin stretched out his word and therefore his time too, but in the end, can’t say a thing when TaeHyun explains just why they can’t accept the loss.

Kim JunHo: “Hey, just close the computer.”



JunHo decides to just cancel the round they just played and go again. He cutesy-tells them all to buck up… and then it’s him who loses the next round for them. Heh. Off to pack your bags you go! JunHo throws his letter balls at the screen and then has to endure the beatings from his other members. He screams another word at BoGum but JongMin shuts the computer for real then, hehe.

The staff with Team JunHo packs up while JunHo goes around cheering them up, since he’s feeling too guilty.

They load up onto the bus and jokily complain about WiFi, Yoo PD and JunHo. Meanwhile, BoGum is out like a light and the Hyungs have to tuck him in.

By the time JunHo and team arrive, TaeHyun’s team has already all fallen into deep slumber. They call out for blankets but are told that the other team has taken them all, haaa, so DongGu sneaks into their room and steals some. He gives the blankets to his hyungs, but JunHyun says that he’s okay without one. JoonYoung just goes to the other room to sleep, heh.

In the morning, day breaks and the guy who said he didn’t need blankets is all cocooned up in one. Pfft, he groans as he wakes, but DongGu has already long woken up and is already packing his luggage. Defconn comes along to greet JunHyun.

The morning song plays and BoGum sits right up, like a boy scout. He’s the only one who folds his blankets.

They gather outside for the closing, where JunHo complains about the cameraman wanting to hit him with the camera, ha.


They get the results for their Social Media Mission from last night and while JunHo’s Team got 1,406 likes, Team TaeHyun got 2,030 Likes, meaning that the latter wins… 20 miles. Pffft. All that hard work for one dish’s worth of mileage. JunHo loudly wonders why they got so little likes even though they had BoGum with them on their trip, referring to the haphazard photo-shop they did last night, hee.

Then it’s time to accumulate all the miles they’ve earned.

JunHo’s Team gets 143 miles while TaeHyun’s team only gets 122 miles for the distance they’d travelled. In terms of food, JunHo’s Team gets 210 miles while TaeHyun’s team gets 140 miles. JunHo’s Team gets 250 for visiting places of interest while TaeHyun’s team got 200 miles. For activities, JunHo gets 500 while TaeHyun gets 700.

In total, that means that JunHo’s Team earned 1,103 miles while TaeHyun’s team earned 1,182, after the addition of the 20 miles the earned for winning the Social Media Mission. Therefore, Team TaeHyun wins the 2 days and 1 night long competition.

Pfft, Yoo PD offers to gift them as much cash as their accumulated mileage and the rest balk, because 1,182 won basically translates to about $1.182 dollars. HA! Even BoGum mutters “Mudori” when JunHyun remarks that the people here are funny.


In any case, because they promised them yesterday, the winners get 24K gold, in the form of gold rings. But then those boxes are numbered, because only one of them is real gold. PWAHAHAHAHHA!

Yoo PD: “It was more expensive than I’d expected.”

JunHo helps them mix those boxes up, under JongMin’s watchful eye and the winners now choose their boxes.

JongMin opens the paper that came with his box to find that he’s missed the real gold ring. Heh, JunHo bites on it to check that it’s real silver and puts a dent in it, heh. Defconn misses the gold ring too and it’s down to BoGum and TaeHyun.

The two put on their rings and amazingly, the rings fit BoGum perfectly. They both open their papers at the same time and it’s TaeHyun who has the real certificate guaranteeing that his ring is real gold.

JunHyun and BoGum give their last words and when BoGum promises to come again the next time, JunHo proposes waxing for him. Pfft, TaeHyun makes him wear “Walrus Teeth” and he adorably waves his hands like one.


JunHyun: “For delicious food,”

JunHo: “For interesting activities,”

JoonYoung: “For feel-good meetings,”

DongGu: “For memories that you’ll never forget,”

JongMin: “As long as you’re with your friend,”

Defconn: “Then that’s the best vacation location.”

BoGum: “If you’re hesitating over whether to go or not,”

TaeHyun: “Then just go!”





Next Week:

Yoo PD can’t raise his head as the members all attempt to save each other. Pfft.




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  1. On season 2, Joo Won slept like a baby because he was so tired shooting Gaksital. So, i guess, Bo Gum also too tired because he was shooting Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Tae Hyun did drama as well but I dont remember him looking tired. He’s awesome by the way – good/loving hubby n father, good manners, not smoking nor drinking. Tq for the recaps.


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