Infinity Challenge Ep 496

It’s finally the premiere of Infinite Company 2016 (MuHan Company 2016) and dang, I can’t wait, so let’s get right into it.


Infinite Challenge Episode 496:

(Because the first part is related to another long-challenge that was done over several weeks ago, I left it out.)


Infinite Company: Pre-Premiere Shenanigans.

Not a programme to skimp on anything, Kim TaeHo PD has prepared a full red carpet ceremony for the VVIP Private airing of the movie for our Infinite Company actors, complete with the photo spot and the eager fans and reporters, pfft. It takes JaeSuk by surprise but what really takes him aback is the luxurious seats in the theatre.

Ha, while JaeSuk, MyungSoo and JunHa are a little embarrassed by the red carpet, HaHa rules the place. SeHyung comes along too, complete with sunglasses. It’s time to start the introduction and as usual, the Nation’s MC leads it. Too bad KwangHee couldn’t come today.


Director Jang and the other production head staff join them, but writer Kim EunHee isn’t there to see the finished product with them, because she’s in France, where someone had hired her to write for a new production. Whoa.

Therefore, her husband is alone at the premiere and his opening comments are that it was really more difficult to complete the production than he’d expected. Ha, they all joke that he’d grown from this experience.

CEO Kwon JiYong has joined the fray too, but not before getting completely confused when he’s directed towards the photo spot. Ha, he’s so adorably lost and perplexed, not believing that real reporters have turned up for the event. Also, that day is JiYong’s birthday, as is SeHyung’s. Oh, what a conincidence! (And Yoo JaeSuk moans that it’s too bad for SeHyung for being born on the same day as the international superstar, hahaha).


The entire cast therefore sing a simple birthday song for them, with JunHa being too happy and HaHa insisting afterwards that they have his birthday celebration party at JiYong’s house, pfft.

But JiYong can’t really focus on that because he’s still too busy wondering what the heck he’s doing on Infinite Company, unsure whether he’s supposed to be the cameo or the member. Well, when MyungSoo the official member gets lesser screen time than quite a number of “cameos”, I’m not sure you have to lose sleep over that.

Of course that turns into them inviting him to become one of them and JiYong innocently says that since KwangHee wasn’t here, he thought that he was replacing him. Pwahahahha, that’s so mean but hilarious.

They continue with the interview with JiYong, where he reveals that he really didn’t even know that Infinite Company was a serious drama. He’d thought that it was just a simple skit and that really threw him off. In fact, he had to welcome Lee JeHoon and Kim HyeSoo all by himself even though he’s not a member of Infinite Challenge. He might as well be listed as official member of Infinite Company then, heh.

More praises about JiYong’s acting abilities are heaped onto the guy by Director Jang, who calls him a pro, with the way his demeanour changes the moment the camera rolls. JunHa’s gets pointed out to be the even more enthusiastic actor though, as he gets into character while still in the waiting room, to SeHyung’s annoyance, because he keeps correcting his acting, haha. Even JiYong and Director Jang make fun of his eagerness.

Pwaahahhaa, JaeSeok announces that they’re all ready to start the private premiere and that sends JiYong into yet another identity crisis because the other cameos, aka, the professional actors, other than him there, making him question just what he is again – actor/guest or member?

Director Jang prepares to give his introductory speech but in the end says nothing because the Infinite Challenge members all talk over him, ha, and JiYong wonders if he really has to watch this. The rest of the members don’t want to watch themselves act either, but they’re all really interested in how JunHa appears, given how into it he was. He even refused to have his perspiration wiped off, since that’s part of his acting, according to him.


And just before the screen rolls, they give their pre-show greetings, where, in summary, JiYong is called out for talking like a pro, HaHa doesn’t let go of his obsession of going to JiYong’s house and they all make fun of SeHyung’s sunglasses.

The lights darken, and finally, the film rolls. Pfft, they just can’t shut up and watch it in peace and in just the first scene, their jaws drop already. Whenever JiYong appears, they tease him and cheer, amused to see him act so well.

Well, that’s enough commentary and finally we get to the part that I’ve been waiting THIRTY-EIGHT minutes too long for.

Haha, JiYong finally realises that he should act in a production.



Infinite Company 2016, the Drama/Movie Premiere:

It’s an average day, and average office workers go about doing their average jobs. The average office worker officially spends 2,113 hours at work each year, though a whopping 73% feel like they’re excluded at work and 53% feel like they’re just money-making robots. But when asked for their goal in life, most of them answered, “Happiness”.

Night falls and the offices go from bustling to quiet. A particular floor lies dark and lifeless, except for the presence of one man, Department Head Yoo (Yoo JaeSeok). He sits at his desk in the dark office, illuminated only by a table lamp, looking completely troubled. Before him, a music box with a cat figurine plays, its tinkling tune chiming creepily throughout the empty place.

Serious, he gets up to leave, though uneasily. He looks over his back repeatedly but finds nothing and he eventually just walks out. But unbeknownst to him, the moment he turns, a hooded figure pops up from among the tables. What the *beep*.


Department Head Yoo reaches the elevators but gets the shock of his life to see two men in black staring back at him when the doors open. He keeps his face stern and still, though his eyes reveal the fear he feels inside. He notes their running shoes that conspicuously mismatches the suits they wear and sends them off first, before backing into the stairs behind him.

He runs down the stairs, each step faster than the last. He has good reason to run, because the men in black have come for him, though they don’t reveal themselves when Department Head Yoo abruptly stops to look back.

Eventually, Department Head Yoo reaches the parking lot, perspiration dripping from his every pore. Thinking that the worst is over, he unlocks his car using his electronic key and searches though his bag for that musical box. But the lights in the carpark suddenly go off, one by one, dak-dak-dak-dak, in rapid succession and the doors to the stairs burst open, the men-in-black charging for our unfortunate salaryman.

Department Head Yoo runs for his life, nearly tripping over himself when some unknown guy pops out from his car’s backseat. With no other recourse, he speeds through the carpark lot, towards the exit, his breaths becoming shallower and shallower, faster and faster. Near the exit, the men in black close in, but just like how they came, suddenly, they’re gone.

Department Head Yoo steps out of the carpark and onto the road, looking back while trying to catch his breath. He breathes a sigh of relief when he sees nothing coming after him.

And then a Truck-o-Doom slams into him.

As he lies prone on the ground and bleeding from the head, Department Head Yoo wonders just where it all went wrong. In the background, the music box tinkles its tune.


-Half a month earlier-

The four members of Department Head/ Boss Yoo’s team creep into work, nervous about their tardiness. To make it worse, Boss Yoo has been touchy lately. To their dismay, Boss Yoo is already in the office and staring out of a nearby window while waiting for them. They start spitting out ridiculous excuses, like Mr Park’s (Park MyungSoo) “I pee a lot at night” to the newbie Hwang’s (Hwang KwangHee) “a street casting made me late!” to Mr Jung’s (Jung JunHa) very special “I thought my grandmother’s memorial was today, but it was actually yesterday. So I stayed up all night drinking with my grandmother, and woke up late because my grandmother didn’t wake me up. Anyway, she passed away, so I don’t think I’ll be late again.” Pfft.

Boss Yoo starts turning around and they flinch when he greets them a good morning. They can’t believe their ears when he shares that their sales numbers have risen 150% compared to last year and that their boss is so happy that they’re all going to get 300% raises and all-paid cruise-trips. They break out into unbelieving shouts of joy and Mr Jung’s so happy that he can’t stop asking Boss Yoo if this is a lie.


“IT’S A LIE!” Boss Yoo screams, slapping Mr Jung across the face. As usual, their sale numbers are dead last among all the teams in the company and their boss has even asked Boss Yoo how he dares to live each day. He chases all of them out of the office, only to scream why there’s no one at work, hahahah. They scuttle back to their seats and Mr Park even pretends to call Japan, loudly saying “Good evening” when it’s only morning.

Boss Yoo screams that they don’t deserve to eat, not done with his ranting. But just as suddenly as he’d started ranting, he turns around and apologises to them for his harsh treatment, reminding them to never skip a meal.

He gathers them for an encouraging cheer and starts his pep-talk. But he’s constantly interrupted by his subordinates’ phones’ notification ringtones, and he eventually bursts out screaming in anger again.

He throws Mr Jung’s phone in anger, pictures of a certain Mr Jeon’s birthday party displayed all over the screen. In narration, he wonders what would have happened, if only he’d known about the secret behind those pictures.


In a dark eatery, Mr Jeon (Jeon SeokHo) sits, resting against the wall behind him, eyes closed. He ignores the gossips of his acquaintances nearby, accusing him of making money off Japanese slush funds. The eatery owner tries to chase him out, but when she shakes him, he flops to the ground, limp.

Elsewhere, a teenaged girl in her school uniform screams to see a dead body at the bottom of a flight of stairs.

Boss Yoo pays a visit to the deceased, Mr Son (Son JongHak) and learns that he probably died because he lost his balance after a few drinks. It turns out, his death comes shortly after Mr Jeon’s, who died of a heart attack. That’s not all, because their other colleague, Mr Kim, got involved in a hit-and-run. In narration, Boss Yoo says that he didn’t know yet then.

Their CEO (Kwon JiYong), Mr Kwon comes in right then and they rush to greet him. He basically acknowledges that there have been quite a few incidents in the company and tells them to keep their spirits up. While CEO Kwon pays his respects, Boss Yoo thinks back to the last time he and his other now-deceased/in-trouble colleagues gathered together for drinks.


There was laughs and drinks and back then Mr Kim (Kim HeeWon) even played black knight for Boss Yoo, even though he’d only put water in his shot glasses. Ha, they were close as thieves, not afraid to rib each other, though it should be noted that Mr Kim was particularly protective of his USB.

In the present, Boss Yoo calls Mr Kim, to ask after him. But all Mr Kim vagely mutters is that he’s next. Also, the hit-and-run wasn’t any of his business. He hangs up, and never picks up another call, prompting Boss Yoo to pay him a visit at his home.

Boss Yoo finds the gates and doors unlocked, although the lights are off. He makes his way to the only lit room, where the computers are on and everything. But when he opens another door, he falls over in shock, to see Mr Kim hanging from the ceiling.

As the creepy tune from the musical box plays, pictures of our four deceased office workers flash by, along with images of their dead bodies. Someone puts up a picture of Boss Yoo and the scene cuts to him in the present, lying prone and bleeding on the road. “It may be late, but everything must be revealed,” he thinks.


Boss Yoo is rushed to the emergency ward at the hospital and is subject to defibrillation and CPR but yet, he flatlines, to the dismay of his other colleagues, who wait outside for him. Ultimately, he’s saved, though unconscious and no one knows when he’ll wake up.

While his wife weeps over his body, Mr Park picks a fight with his other colleagues, who pessimistically worry about having to stage their fourth funeral in a month. Just before they leave for home though, Mr Jung and Mr Ha (HaHa) bump into Boss Yoo’s wife and son. The musical box in Boss Yoo’s son’s hand catches Mr Jung’s attention, and he learns that it was what Boss Yoo was clutching when he had his accident.


The next day, a lady looks for “Sales Team Three” (HAHAHA, you mean the team Jang GeuRae belonged to in Misaeng?), meeting Mr Jung instead of Boss Yoo, whom she’d come for. They relocate the rest area on the roof, where Mr Jung learns that she’s the deceased Mr Kim’s widow. She’s here because she heard of Boss Yoo’s accident and surprises Mr Jung by telling him that Boss Yoo had once told her that her husband’s death might not have been a suicide. She came because he’d told her that he’d tell her more if he managed to dig something up, but even though she’d been calling these few days, he never picked up her calls.

At the end of their meeting, Mr Jung sends her off and asks her if her husband ever had a music box, the same one that Boss Yoo was clutching. She recognises the photo of the music box he shows her, wondering just how he’d come to know of it. Her husband brought it home a month ago, claiming that it was a present.

Late at night, Mr Jung works in his office, but he can’t get his mind off the music box. He remembers seeing that same thing at Mr Kim’s house too, and now that he knows that all his recently injured/deceased colleagues had gotten the same thing, it bothers him.

He prepares to get off work, but that tinkling tune plays again. He warily walks in its direction, only to see that same music box playing on another co-worker’s desk. He reaches out for it, and having a bad feeling, he looks around, only to have the soul scared out of him to see Mr Yang (Yang SeHyung) standing right behind him. Hahahaha.

Mr Yang can’t understand why Mr Jung is so worked up over the music box, which was given to him by Mr Son.


The next day, Mr Jung drags Mr Ha to the police station, insisting that there’s something funny with their colleagues deaths and points out the music box they all had. Mr Ha isn’t really interested in his conspiracy stories though and begs for them to just get lunch.

But Mr Jung has him by the arm and after guilt tripping him, storms into the police office. Ha, they’re almost scared off when they see a tussle happen right in front of them, but Mr Ha pulls through and asks for Detective Park HaeYoung.

He tells the Detective about their worries and conspiracy stories and basically it boils down to: Mr Kim, who was the perpetrator of a hit-and-run didn’t actually commit suicide and the one who found him ended up becoming the victim of a traffic accident.

Mr Jung knows that it just sounds too funny and his nervously lets his words trail off. However, Detective Park HaeYoung agrees to look into it, with a huge smile and they leave. Once they’re gone though, he sits back down, a mildly-annoyed expression on his face.

All of a sudden, static sounds cuts through the silence. Detective Park HaeYoung sees that from a nearby walkie-talkie and stares at it as the OST for Signal plays in the background… He picks up the walkie-talkie, curious… then throws it, since it seems to be broken, HAHAHAHAHA.

He leaves his office, deep in thought, and calls someone as he walks through the halls.

In some remote, quiet place, he tells the other person on the line that “some annoying people” came. Ooof, Park HaeYoung… He doesn’t think that they’re much of a threat, since they don’t look smart, but he suggests “getting rid” of Boss Yoo. HaeYoung…


The hospital where Boss Yoo lies prone at gets a call and a nurse (cameo by Jeon MiSun) promises to tell the person that she’ll update him/her on Boss Yoo’s status. Unknown to anyone, Boss Yoo’s finger twitches.

It’s another day at the office and as usual, Mr Park is up to his grumpy ways, even though he just had an expensive lunch with CEO Kwon. He tells them all to work hard, like Mr Jung… who’s staring at a picture of that music box on the web, hee.

Mr Park recognises the box, saying that it was something Mr Son had given Boss Yoo.

A flashback shows Mr Park taking a break and witnessing that moment. Apparently, it was a gift from someone else and Mr Son was just the messanger. Mr Son was uncharacteristically stiff though, and Mr Jung now knows for sure that something funny is at play here, especially when he heard that all the deceased/injured got that music box a month ago.

While Mr Ha brings Mr Park up to speed, Mr Jung goes searching through Boss Yoo’s things, looking for his scheduler.

He finds it and in it, there’s an interesting item, about a meeting with Maki-san (Mr Maki).


Mr Park recognises that name, Mr Maki from the Nakamura Company. He even knows, even though it’s really only a rumour, that the employees in Infinite Company who worked with Mr Maki received bribes, through a back margin. He doesn’t really understand what that’s all about, though he doesn’t have much time to think because CEO Kwon calls him then.

That new piece of information has the gears in Mr Jung’s brain turning and with a bit of asking, he learns that Mr Maki is currently in Korea, and has been since a month ago. A month ago is also when their colleagues started dying.

That unnerves him and he gets determined to clarify the whole thing with Mr Maki. Hahaha, Mr Ha asks him if he even knows how to speak Japanese (no, not really), making him snarl, “Hai! Ippai! (Yes! A lot!)” when Mr Jung throws the question back at him. Suddenly, it’s Mr Ha leading the charge, heh.

Somewhere else, Mr Maki (Kunimura Jun) stares at his wall of pictures… or more like his wall of victims, with a grin on his face. (A throwback to The Wailing, which starred Kunimura Jun.)



All hail Kim EunHee, goddess of crime thrillers. Damn, when Infinite Challenge goes hard, it really goes big or goes home and for a variety show, this challenge just blew me out of the water with how well it was done. Oh, I hope Director Jang can now sleep in peace.

I really think that Jung JunHa should be praised as much as he worked, because he clearly was the best actor among the six. The others are really green, heh, but Writer Kim and Director Jang really nailed it, choosing him, JaeSeok and HaHa to really play the main characters. Not to say that the rest were terrible-terrible-no-hope-just-die-lousy though.

Noooo…! It hurts me so much to think that Park HaeYoung and CEO Kwon could be the bad guys! Not after Signal! Not our sunbae-worshipping kiddo! Ha, okay, that was a silly fan-girl’s overreaction and the show must go on.  I’m just going to trust Kim EunHee on this.

Right now, I’m just excited for the next part, and to see how all this will unravel. She said there’d be lots of twists right? I’ll wait then. I’ll wait… but why is Saturday so far away?!


2 thoughts on “Infinity Challenge Ep 496

  1. Thanks for this recap! Just caught this episode. I’m amused with the opening – from the red carpet and backdrop for photoshoot to the speeches they made to the empty theatre..haha…
    GD’s bewilderment and attempts at hiding his embarassnent behind a cushion was funny.
    I must be one of the rare few who has yet to watch Signal. I didn’t understand the part of the walkie talkie until you explained it in your recap. Hee. And i agree that Jung Jun Ha should be praised but he got teased so badly by the rest. Oh well.. i supposed they’re all playing to his variety persona (jus like how the 1n2d cast teases defconn for being the “concerned pig”). I hope to catch the next episode soon. I don’t know if detective park is the good or bad guy but one thing i’m sure is that Yoo Jae Suk will surely survive the truck of doom!


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