Three Meals A Day in Gochang Ep 5

Three Meals a Day Episode 5:

Night breaks into day, but instead of bright sunshine, little pitter-patter drops of rain fall over GoChang. The land is peaceful and calm and by now, the garden is full of edible produce. The ducklings are the only ones awake and chirping but luckily for them, their breakfast isn’t served late, thanks to Chajumma.

Once he’s fed his (duck) babies, Chajumma proceeds to clean his room up and then do some stretching. He creeps past the two young ones and heads over to the kitchen to wake “Yoo” who slept in the room just next to it. Pfft, He curses when HaeJin doesn’t respond at all, completely knocked out by the exhaustion from cutting the weeds the previous day. Tapping him doesn’t work either.

There’s a reason Chajumma wanted to wake HaeJin – the cabbages that they’d prepared needs to be made into Kimchi now.


It takes a while, but soon the whole family is up. Haha, JooHyuk totally comes out with bed hair. HoJun cleans up first and then takes over JooHyuk’s work while the kid goes to wash up. Soon, they’re both cleaning and peeling the vegetables, and to Na PD’s surprise, JooHyuk knows about peeling a ginger using a spoon. That’s because of sunbae HoJunnie’s advice!

Pwahaha, Chajumma tells HaeJin to go out and work for money and then requests the crew invite some guests already. He’d be totally happy with an idol group with 15 members. Heh.

The ducklings don’t stop chirping and while Na PD asks if they’re still hungry, HaeJin knows them better and interprets their chirps as wanting to get out. Haha, he coos over them for a while, then wonders whether they’ll lose all their cuteness by next week, seeing how fast they’re growing.

He takes them to the rice fields and by now, they’re one with the water. Seeing them play makes HaeJin think of the younger times he used to play by the Han River and hehe, he calls them out with promises of Kimbap and hotdog. It doesn’t work at all.


Amazingly, they do come out like he wanted in the end and one of them even does slapstick humour. Pfft, none of them are willing to get back into their caravan though, and while they rush back into the rice plantation again, HaeJin has to chase after them. Of course, HaeJin wins in the end and all the ducklings are dragged back home.

Back at the compound, Chajumma works his magic, making sikhye while HoJun deals with the garlic. That minced garlic is added to a huge metal bucket along with other Kimchi regulars like carrots, salted shrimp, chives and of course, red chilli pepper flakes.

HaeJin arrives just as they’re done with the Kimchi mix and takes JooHyuk off to work, picking watermelons. Ha, HoJun not so secretly tells JooHyuk to steal one back. Tch, HoJun doesn’t even do anything while at home with SeungWon! It’s SeungWon who mixes the kimchi alone while HoJun just licks his lips by the side, heh. Then Na PD shows us a series of clips where that kimchi changes their meals at Gochang forever.

Back in the present, JooHyuk rides with dad HaeJin, feeling very at home. Oh dear, HaeJin’s fingers start itching for a snack and they head off to the local mart. Even there, JooHyuk manages to pull an ahjusshi gag.

JooHyuk: “Sunbae, what do you call milk (우유) that has fallen over?”

HaeJin: “What? I don’t know at all.”

JooHyuk: “Aya. (아야)”

Pfft. You get points for creativity.

It’s back to the truck for them and they share their bread and Aya. Rows and rows of watermelon lie waiting for them to pick, deep green on the outside and rich red in the middle.


They learn the proper way to cut those watermelons off their stems and soon JooHyuk is deep in the fields, bending over again and again just to cut those watermelons off their stems while HaeJin picks them up and brings them to the waiting truck. Even with the help of the wheelbarrows, it isn’t easy work for HaeJin, whose wheel gets stuck in the mud. Several minutes in, he starts asking for a machine, hee.

While they labour, HoJun and SeungWon wander around with nothing to do, though SeungWon argues that as the “food department”, the two of them are more important than the “facilities department”, referring to HaeJin and JooHyuk. Because there’s nothing more important than food, heh. He then jokingly complains about JooHyuk leaving the trimmings all over the place in the washing area. HA, he goes on to add cultured milk into the kimchi.

The food department then heads into the garden and picks a ripe aubergine/ eggplant/ brinjal to make side dishes out of, even though both SeungWon and HoJun don’t eat them. It’s for HaeJin, who likes them. Even then, they don’t make haphazard work out of it, adding stir fried spring-onions, chilli and onions to it, turning it into a real dish. SeungWon even does a taste test to check that it’s delicious and he does so well that HoJun falls in love with it.


After an hour’s work, HaeJin’s dripping with perspiration while JooHyuk continues to load those watermelons up, without rest. JooHyuk isn’t immune to the sufferings of hard work and had muttered that he’d wanted to join the “food department”, something that Na PD doesn’t miss and rats him out to HaeJin for, heh.

They reach a stage where they’re so comfortable with the watermelon that they start throwing them to each other and throwing the knives they used to clean the wheel of mud into the ground.

And while they suffer, the food department decides to clean the manila clams SeungWon had dug up the day before, just to stave off the boredom, lol. They find one that resolutely sticks its tongue out and are reminded of cutie pie Sanchae, the pet dog that accompanied them in Manjae Island.

HoJun is tasked with setting the fire up while SeungWon deals with the ingredients as usual.

Those clams go into the water to boil and while waiting for them to be done, the two guys take yet another rest, popping vitamin tablets while they’re at it. Pfft.


The clams get wonderfully well cooked and HoJun can’t resist eating a few. The water used to boil the clams doesn’t go to waste and Chajumma uses them to make lunch, adding his prepared ingredients into it. Pwaha, HoJun has a taste and asks just what he’d put in it to make it so tasty.

SeungWon: “Love.”

SeungWon cleans those clams free of their poop and cuts vegetables to make one more side dish. He continues to make the sauce while HoJun just hovers around and has a taste of everything. In no time, SeungWon has a clam salad done.

Back at the watermelon farm, they’re finally done with a truckload. Heh, Na PD finally knows just how hard it is to load up even one trunkful of watermelons and regrets flippantly telling the farmer-owner that they’ll load up two, three trucks. The hard work also puts money into perspective for JooHyuk and HaeJin, the former of whom thinks it’s okay to just eat porridge instead of meat now.

They’re done with their work, finally, but when JooHyuk asks if he wants to transfer to the food department, he says no. He’ll forever belong to the facilities department!


They get a gift of a watermelon from the farmer and reach home, where despite his earlier words, JooHyuk now tells SeungWon that he doesn’t want to ever go back again. He says he’ll never eat meat anymore, haha and then struggles to pull a Popsicle out.

With hungry mouths to feed, the food department gets cracking for real now and dishing out their prepared food. Clam soup, clam salad, aubergine stir fry, kimchi, anchovies and more. That’s heaven to the two who worked all morning and no one says a single word while they all eat.

Heh, JooHyuk can’t decide which department he wants to be loyal to now. Rain falls again, just as JooHyuk predicts. HoJun brings an umbrella for the two workers who still aren’t done eating while SeungWon makes iced watermelon soju. And then JooHyuk is back to saying, “once in facilities, forever in facilities”.

They all sit on the veranda, just enjoying the rain. The watermelon dessert just makes their day worth it. End of the second trip.


Spring passes and summer comes, and in the ten days they were gone, the rice plants have stretched up even higher towards the skies.

As usual, HoJun is the first to arrive and he’s surprised to see his ducklings turned into ducks now. Those that were fed through a bottle cap now have to be fed through a pail. Yellow turned into white and pfft, a flash forward shows them using brooms to keep the ducks in line.

Summer is no joke and HoJun starts feeling the heat. That’s not just from the skies though, because Chajumma had called him to scold him for putting a whole unpeeled onion in the broth the last time. HAHA!

Speak of the devil and SeungWon arrives just then. But the ducks surprise him so much that he blurts out “Annyeonghaseyo” in Jeondaetmal (formal speech), forgetting about HoJun’s blunder. Or he didn’t, because the next thing he does is take his apprentice to task for embarrassing him with that onion, pfft. HoJun totally explains himself, with his hands put together.

HaeJin comes along too and doesn’t miss the duck’s growth. They try out the kimchi made last week and find it so fantastic that they decide to make lunch with it. They find a gopro in the fridge and joke about making a dish with it.

Last to arrive, JooHyuk rushes his way to the house, and SeungWon asks if he’d studied up. On what? Ajusshi gags. Pfft, why is this a thing?

HaeJin tests him with, “what comes after “’Before Busan sea (Busan ap ba-da)’”? He takes a mere second to think and then correctly replies with “Busan mother! (Busan Eomma)”. Pfftt… Ap-ba sounds like Appa, which is the Korean word for dad. So, since the opposite of dad is mom, the answer is therefore Busan Mom.

You pass! So ridiculous, seriously. Hahah.

They praise HaeJin for his stylish glasses and then head off to the mart to buy chicken for dinner and this time, SeungWon is calculative with the money. HaeJin jokingly runs away from the three and then sulks that they look so good together, without ugly him in the picture. Hey! Aw.


On the way back, JooHyuk totally suffers from a brainfreeze because of his popsicle. HaeJin asks the two young ones what they’d like for dinner and they answer cold dishes. On the other hand, HaeJin wants the very fiery hot, boiling in a pot, budaejjigae. In the middle of a crazily hot summer?

They arrive home to see the ducks messing around their ingredients cupboard, a place several steps higher than they’ve ever managed to go up before. A flashback shows that they’d climbed the little ramp their roof had made… and then getting bolder, they just hopped up. HaeJin prepares the fireplace and the ducks attempt to get in there. Are you trying to become Beijing roasted duck?!

HoJun has to catch them all and put them away, but it’s not that easy now that they’re so big and are rebellious teens. The ducks can even jump out of their caravan themselves!

In the end, HoJun and JooHyuk use brooms to chase them to the rice fields, JooHyuk totally not treating them like kids anymore, heh.


Chajumma starts to cook the rice and the image is too white that HaeJin requests some beans be put in there, even though the beans haven’t got time to soak yet. Ever the head chef, Chajumma continues preparing the ingredients for their meal as usual, though this time, it’s a lot harder to do, because of the heat. Even just walking to the garden makes him tired.

Talks turns to JooHyuk and their desire to turn him into their gag successor, lol. Speaking of that kid, he’s stomping around the ducks and chasing them to the fields, though they’re not cooperative at all. It’s so hot that all they want to do is hide in the grass, which is HoJun and JooHyuk’s worst nightmare because then they can’t even find them.

So JooHyuk returns all the way back to the house to grab a bucket of water and bring them their caravan. Now that they’re in their comfortable caravan and off the scorching hot road, they’re much more calmer.

HoJun and JooHyuk send them off to do their thing in the rice fields, which they do with great pleasure. Pwaha, JooHyuk totally wants to tie them all with string to keep them in check.


Back at the house, Na PD tells the two there that there’s a job picking (sweet) potatoes in a 40 pyeong plot of land. That’s about 132 square meters of potatoes to get. SeungWon hates money now and suggest that they all go out and work together. HaeJin worries that they’ll have to get a lot but SeungWon thinks of HoJun’s desire to eat ribs.

The heat reminds HaeJin of some Joseon era construction principle, where houses were purposely situated to that the air flow would keep the main room cool, almost like the one they’re living in right now. SeungWon just points to his drenched shirt.

JooHyuk and HoJun return at moment, in time for lunch and in no time, HaeJin’s bubbling budajjigae is done. Add some cool refreshing water kimchi to contrast the heat, well-cooked purplish rice and beans and lunch is done. Sensible HoJun sees the others perspiring and automatically gets a fan, an act that endears him to SeungWon.

Hot as it may be, Budaejjigae is perfect for summer and they laugh over the old saying “fight fire with fire”.


Next week!

JooHyuk attempts to trick SeungWon to no avail. Hee.



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    1. Nope, not at all, sorry. It’s only available in English sub on TvN’s channels and they’re mostly shown on screens in the Asia Pacific region.

      I know that Maplestage has Chinese subs for those though.


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