Moonlight Drawn By Clouds IMPcap Ep 3 Part 1/2

Just send him to the Euigeumbu/ Investigation Department







“You know that you’re not the kind of person who can handle this. So why do this?”








Why don’t you let “him” know?

Because I don’t want “him” to look at me like they do.






The last examination before “he” becomes my Eunuch:





I’ll grant him his wish of passing.
(He did give a good answer anyway.
It’s just not written here.)







or not?!




Gat ByeongYeon






The fan girl is not a modern construct.






He may be heir to the throne but

Pfft, so petty.






You look cool on purpose, don’t you?


I see through you!






You want cool?






I’ll give you cool.







Beware sir! Sad puppies are dangerous!

They may smack you!







You can’t see the Crown Prince whenever you wish, you know.


Stares at Crown Prince.






“The palace is a tolerable place…


If you have someone you love in it.”







Driven mad by nightmares. Again.







Eunuch Kim’s first charges:








The sickly Suk-eui that Princey cares deeply for:











And while he’s all sad…

Someone is turning into a Flower Eunuch.







“So what do you think I am?”


“A playboy”






If we’re not friends,


Then what are we?






“Master and meong-meong-ie!”

“Stop calling me a puppy!”





Tsk tsk tsk… puppy has been naughty…


I don’t like it!







Visit your wife.


Stop being an idiot.






RaOn gets the King’s answer before he even sees Suk-eui’s letter:







And because she refuses to accept it,


She gets smacked.

That’s it! You’re officially evil! How can you smack a puppy?!






YoonSeong sees her sad:


And tries to make her take a break






The King has replied!


But it’s not one they expected.









Princey knows though,

That those letters aren’t really from his dad.




Link to Part 2


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