Moonlight Drawn by Clouds IMPcap Ep 4


We have to get the approval of the Qing.

So I’ll show their ambassador just what I can do.






Let me be head of your 40th birthday celebration!

/*How DARE you challenge me*/





“Lee Yeong. That’s my name.”


This is nuts.





Hah! You have a screw loose!










This is RaOn thinking:

Do I really have to kill you?








And RaOn begging for her life.








I don’t want to kill or save you


Because we’re friends.

You said so.





Sir! Let me transfer to any other place but here!



You don’t like me?








What impudence!

For that, dress me!




So that I can say sorry


For not telling you, friend.




 And because we’re friends, I’m allowed to tease you.






More scheming.

So not interested.





Don’t you want to go out? I’ll let you!


How can you

be so predictable?

Surely you’re not faking a stomachache, right?






Crown Prince…

You are not the Crown Prince! DIE!





He snuck out to get tips…


On fighting with a dog?





RaOn goes out too…







When you’re with me, you can be yourself.





Caught in the rain.

Caught in memories









Almost caught by Yeong.












To win, kill your enemies


But you don’t always have to shed blood.










So I’ll do it through the arts.





You, stay with me 24/7, all the time!



And me?

Pretty me,

your highness?











So clumsy, hee hee.






But as always,

(s)he amuses him.





/*No, I wasn’t smiling!*/







Comfort her.


I don’t want to!




Who’s the puppy now?






To have someone on my side…


I can’t help smiling.

Thank you, friend.











Hears an entire mob coming:

Hides in the most conspicuous spot.





Good Morning.











I TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTALLY worked all night. Totally.

Nobody asked.





Day of the King’s 40th Birthday








Of course she has to muck it up.








RaOn learns that the leading lady disappeared…







So he became her.



















For the Prince


I must do well.






And now for the finale…







I’ll show you who’s boss.







But where is she…





That dancer?

Who is she?







Recapping takes hours... leave me a comment please? 😜

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