Moonlight Drawn by Clouds IMPcap Ep 3 Part 2/2

Until when? Until when will you continue to be such a coward?!





Just like when you lent me your arms when I was sad


I’ll lend you my embrace when you’re sad too.






No such thing as talking for this one:







There’s more to the letter than the eye can see:






“I’m going to call you Hyung! Hyung-nim!”






With that letter, Suk-ui finally gets to meet up with her husband:


And that gets Princey thinking



“I… I can’t do anything.”

“I shouldn’t do anything!”



“When I acted as the King, I lost 2000 of my people.”

“When I acted as the King, I lost my Queen!”





The only way not to lose more of my people,

“Is to do no-“

“Is to do nothing at all!”








“And now I finally understand,

That before he’s the King,

He’s the admirable husband to his wife,

And my one and only Father.”





King goes crazy:


“You’re all against me!”




“But it’s okay. I know I still have the Crown Prince!”







Okay Daddy.






I hereby appoint you… as my regent!


Why would you feed me to the wolves?!”


Wolf ——————————>








There is no way, NO WAY!








“Come to think of it, reasons that forbid me to do it…”




“There are none.”




“I, your humble son, your Majesty’s Command…

“will willingly, happily, receive it.”















But when I lose courage and falter,
Be a father I can rely on.




Welcome to the Poop Palace!

Your first task is to return His Highness’ books.






Sees a guy in the place she knows only the Crown Prince can stay in


And still thinks her/his friend is an ordinary fool.






/*can’t stand it*/ So…





“You asked me what my name was.”







“It’s Lee Yeong. My name.”


Recapping takes hours... leave me a comment please? 😜

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