Infinity Challenge Ep 497

Infinite Challenge Episode 497:

Part 2 of Infinite Company 2016


HaHa and MyeongSoo go chilli pepper picking:

Nyahaha, because of the results of the comic-making challenge, the two last place have to go work in the heat wave under the hot sun. The end.



Infinite Company 2016, the Movie/Drama Part 2:

After a recap of last week’s episode, the episode now opens at an elegant Japanese restaurant, where CEO Kwon is treating Hwang and Mr Park to lunch. He tries to dig into the affairs of the team and while Newbie Hwang is all ready to spill, Mr Park is a lot more careful. In the end, he hesitantly tells CEO Kwon of their suspicions that Boss Yoo’s accident was premeditated. He does name Mr Ha and Mr Jung as the really curious investigators though.

Speaking of them, they’re tittering outside Mr Maki’s house, afraid to go in because the gate’s open. Ha, they’re not helped by Kim HwanHee, a child actress from the movie The Wailing, complaining angrily into a phone nearby.

They gather their nerves and enter the dark house, armed with nothing but a small torchlight. No one answers their call and as they walk further into the place, they find a wall of pictures which includes pictures of their deceased colleagues. They find the musical box there too and then Mr Jung snaps at Mr Ha not to tap him. It wasn’t Mr Ha though, and they turn around to see Mr Maki staring down at them.


A the lunch with CEO Kwon, Mr Park explains more about their suspicions, including news of those four people accepting back margins that range into the millions. Hahahaha, CEO Kwon takes that news with some amusement and growls, super exaggeratedly.

Now that they’re a lot calmer, Mr Ha and Mr Jung sit with Mr Maki, telling him that anyone who had that music box died. They know that it was Mr Maki who gave their colleagues those boxes as presents and ask just what’s so special about them.

After a short beat, Mr Maki asks if they would believe what he’ll say. Of course, they agree and Mr Maki tells them that the music box was just something Mr Yoo had once seen in a shop and pondered over. It reminded him of his life – it repeats itself over and over again, just like how he his life is a constant loop of repetition, going to work and going back home, over and over again.


Mr Maki knows that there have been rumours of the team accepting back margins, but he insists that no such thing happened. They’re the most honest company men he knows of. He’d met them while working on a project two years ago and formed a friendship that lasted past his retirement. And as a gesture of goodwill, he’d gifted all of them with those music boxes.

Mr Ha and Mr Jung don’t beat about the bush and tell him that anyone with the box died and ask him about it. That doesn’t have anything to do with him though, because like he told Boss Yoo, he’d just met up with the rest. But something strange happened just before they parted.


That day, after drinks, they’d travelled together in a car, without Boss Yoo, with Mr Kim, the only one sober, driving. All of a sudden, a call came for him and he’d put it on speaker. Whatever was said stunned everyone present, though Mr Maki didn’t understand anything because he doesn’t understand Korean.

While Mr Ha gets taken away by a phone call, Mr Jung sits in awkward silence with Mr Maki, since none of them have a single language they both understand. Mr Maki offers tea, which is when a thought strikes him and he writes down the last numbers of the phone call that shocked everyone in the car – 0825. Pwahahaha, because number in Japanese (ban-gou) sounds a lot like fart (bang-gu) in Korean, Mr Jung keeps insisting that he didn’t fart.

Outside, Mr Ha ends his phone call, the last digits of which are 0825. Ooh.


Mr Ha returns to the meeting with Mr Maki and Mr Jung immediately asks him to ask Mr Maki what those numbers mean, earning him an impatient look from Mr Maki, haha. Mr Maki explains just what those numbers mean to Mr Ha… who tells Mr Jung that they represent the date of his flight back to Japan. HUH? Mr Maki’s face noticeably falls. Did he lie about not understanding Korean?

They leave the man and while Mr Jung mutters and complains outside about still not knowing what the heck is going on, Mr Ha looks after him, a bit uneasy.

In the hospital, while Boss Yoo sleeps, patient Jung HyungDon (in a cameo!) smiles from outside his room, telling Boss Yoo to persevere and promising he’ll come back when he’s healthy again. AW, Doni…

In his sleep, Boss Yoo dreams about him investigating Mr Kim’s hit and run himself. With the numbers 0825 in his hand, he wanders to the road where Mr Kim had hit and killed a school-girl, something that’s odd, if only because of the location and because the guy never drinks.

He knew from Mr Kim that he has evidence that the hit and run wasn’t his doing though. So Boss Yoo searched though Mr Kim’s things and finds the precious thumb drive that Mr Kim was so protective over. He opens it to find a file – a copy of a blackbox footage – and in it, there’s conclusive evidence that it was CEO Kwon who ran over and killed the school-girl. WHAT? The call that Mr Kim had received while the others were with him was of CEO Kwon fussing that he’d killed someone.


In his sleep, Boss Yoo remembers being chased by men in black, cornered wherever he turns and eventually being hit by a truck of doom. It’s that last image that shocks him out of his coma, and though he tells the nurse to call the police, she calls CEO Kwon first. And Boss Yoo knows that’s trouble.

In his swanky office, CEO Kwon is pleased to hear that he was informed of Boss Yoo’s revival first. He flashes back to his hit-and-run, where Mr Kim had come running for the drunk him, flustered after hearing the news. Mr Kim advices him to turn himself in, something that CEO Kwon isn’t interested in at all. Instead, he tells the man to take the fall for his offence, promising him a huge promotion if he does so.

He’d gone so far as to bribe a cop (Park HaeYoung!) and from the black box that Park HaeYoung had gotten, he’d learnt that Mr Kim wasn’t alone when he made that call. Eeps, that marked the start of his killing spree,  and we now see that Mr Jeon was killed though a poison-induced heart attack, Mr Son was pushed from behind and Mr Kim just had a visit from an assassin. He goes crazy laughing as he thinks back to how all those guys were offed, remembering too, how he’d almost offed Boss Yoo.

But Boss Yoo doesn’t want to die and using every ounce of his energy, he falls out of bed and crawls to his locker to get his glasses and the thumb drive, which he’d hidden in his music box. He watches the nurse from his room, then sneaks out the moment he can.

She discovers his disappearance very soon though, and out in the halls, Boss Yoo hides in the cleaning store of the men’s toilet, while someone stalks after him. A falling mop handle gives his position away and though the stalker was about to walk past the toilet, he now enters the toilet, forcefully opening every single stall.

Boss Yoo sits in the last stall, bracing for the moment he gets discovered.

Step by step, the stalker gets closer and finally, he slams open the door Boss Yoo is hiding behind… and it’s just Mr Ha. Phew. He worries over the injured man and when Boss Yoo insists that Mr Kim wasn’t the culprit of the hit and run, Mr Ha mimics Park HaeYoung and asks: “Is there evidence?” HA HA.


Turns out, he didn’t ask for innocent purposes because a flashback shows us that during his talk with CEO Kwon, owner of the phone number ending in 0825, CEO Kwon had asked something of him. But in the present, he stares into Boss Yoo’s eyes and assures him that he can trust him with the thumb drive, something that Boss Yoo had informed him was very, very  important.

Back in the office, Mr Jung wonders about those numbers 0825, and through a translation app, learns that Mr Ha had lied about those numbers being a flight number. A conveniently placed call to Mr Park’s phone informs Mr Jung that the number belonged to CEO Kwon.

Up in CEO Kwon’s office, Mr Ha hands the thumb drive over to CEO Kwon.

Mr Jung runs into Mr Ha in the lift while rushing to find out what the heck is going on. He soon has Mr Ha by the lapels as he goes a little mad, knowing that Mr Ha is keeping something from him, something that relates to the deaths of their colleagues. They relocate to an empty bathroom and while Mr Ha screams at the unfairness, shame and frustration of them forever being looked down upon, Mr Jung can’t say a single thing as Mr Ha cries that all those will go away if they’d just turn and look away once.


CEO Kwon calls his assassin and tells him to complete his job. At the same time, Mr Ha presses “send” on his phone, sending a particular video to the entire company, though Mr Jung still doesn’t understand what is going on.

Back at Mr Ha’s meeting with Boss Yoo, we learn that Boss Yoo knew exactly what Mr Ha was going to do with the thumb drive. He didn’t let his subordinate go and for once, admits his failure in his part as a boss for their forever abysmal sales. He emphasizes with Mr Ha’s feelings of helplessness and desperation but insists that rather than gaining a position to lord over the others through unethical means, he’d rather live as a fool, but an honest one.

CEO Kwon gets that incriminating video too, as do the rest of the office, and he orders his secretaries to book a flight ticket and prepare a car, all while he packs a bag. At the same time, the assassin reaches Boss Yoo’s bed and injects a vial of nasty stuff into his IV, where he lays seemingly vulnerable. Boss Yoo sits up and rips that IV out. Whoa.

Hey! It’s Kim WonHae! He played Park HaeYoung’s sunbae in Signal. In this drama, he arrests Boss Yoo’s almost successful assassin and puts in a call to Investigator Cha. Oh, you mean Cha Soohyun? HEE.

Said Cha SooHyeon (Kim HyeSoo) is right where CEO Kwon is standing, there to arrest him for a hut-and-run and three other murders. Whoo! CEO Kwon growls, indignant. He tries the “do you know who I am” schtick but of course that doesn’t get him anywhere.

Now safe, Boss Yoo ponders over the senseless murders, wondering if they were all carried out only to cover one hit-and-run. Turns out, he and his colleagues were involved in something illegal – collecting back margin profits… but for CEO Kwon. Oh, dammit. Furthermore, that slush fund reached upwards of 12 million. He knows that he CEO Kwon will be released sooner or later, since he has the backing of money anyways, and so he decides there’s only one way to punish the crazy CEO.


The next day, bags of money are distributed all over the city, adding up to a total of $10 million. What happened to the other 2 million? And are you parodying Police Unit 38? Haha.

But even though CEO Kwon was arrested, the company still continues as it always has, while the dead are slowly getting forgotten. Boss Yoo stands on its roof, overlooking the city below, bathed in the yellow rays of dusk. If he’d died too, wouldn’t the world still  be just the same?

His team joins him (without KwangHee) and this time, Boss Yoo has real good news for them –they’re not at the bottom of the charts anymore. Sales Team 3 is not the worst performing team anymore! Haha, that’s nothing much, but every little achievement is a celebration to them.

Hard work pays off after all. Even though after 20 years has dulled his passions, hopes and dreams, Boss Yoo still believes that there’re still more exciting things that world has to offer to him in the coming days.

The team turns to walk off, the warm sunlight hitting their backs.


The End.


Behind the scenes:

#1: With Nakamura Jun and Kim HwanHee:

Pwahaha, the scene where the present switched to the past, that really was just a simple switch between JunHa and HaHa and JaeSeok. JaeSeok had been sitting behind them the whole time they were talking to “Mr Maki” and then switched in when the camera panned to focus on Mr Maki alone. And they had to do a re-take because JunHa’s butt insisted on making a cameo appearance during JaeSeok’s scene.  HAHAHHAHA!

Nakamura Jun can’t stop laughing at that, and he can’t stop laughing at them while they figured out how to scream in horror too, hee.

Meanwhile, Kim HwanHee has to endure that “who is your favourite” question and wows the adults with her acting that only needed one take.



#2: With Kim HyeSoo:

Pfft, she’s so awkward with JiYong, who’s also just as awkward. Of course the veteran actress’ aura stresses JiYong out, though he doesn’t do bad himself either. And the poor thing gets slammed against the wall over and over again, though that’s okay because Kim HyeSoo massages his arms, hee. His acting also gets Kim HyeSoo’s recognition!


#3: With Kwon JiYong alone!

Pfft, that exaggerated expression of amusement at hearing about back margin was done on purpose! Director Jang had purposely asked for it, wanting to parody Yoo AhIn in the movie Veteran. And then he tells MyeongSoo and KwangHee not to take pictures with JiYong, before do so himself, complete with very cute gestures, HA!

Shooting comes to an end soon and in their last scene, JunHa and HaHa call for pictures as celebrities, but the staff just pass by them, not interested in the least. HAHAHA! Did they have to beg for people to join them in their photo? Pfft.



Dang, Kim EunHee doesn’t play around. Just when you think the reason is something so simple stupid as CEO Kwon wanting to cover up a single hit-and-run, she throws in the slush fund, giving us a more plausible reason for 3 murders and 1 attempted murder. Just when you think that Boss Yoo and his colleagues are good guys, it turns out that they were up to no good too – even if they weren’t keeping the money for themselves, they were still doing illegal things. Mr Kim wouldn’t have died a criminal if he hadn’t given in to the temptation of money and promise of an unfairly gotten better life. Even Mr Maki’s face fall was a clue to the end. She is awesome man, dropping all these little hints throughout the show. But of course, a good production isn’t great only due to one person and credit must be given to Director Jang, the rest of the crew and of course the casts too.

Challenging acting with a movie-making team: Success!

Infinite Company, The End!


And this marks the end of my Infinity Challenge project! See you around!

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8 thoughts on “Infinity Challenge Ep 497

  1. Thanks for the recap! Even the BTS. Ha!
    I wonder if they will be able to have another Muhan Company project in future? It will have to be something that tops this. Maybe a production in another genre. Rom com? Horror?


    1. You’re welcome!

      I suggest a documentary on Boss Yoo and his team going to the moon. Because there’s a bigger secret behind all their colleagues’ deaths – it’s mysteriously linked to the pull of our only natural satellite; not just because of their errant CEO.


      1. I admit to not being a regular watcher of Infinite Challenge, but I am in awe at what they do. And maybe… are there any MUST-SEE episodes that you think should be recapped? I recapped this a bit and it’s like a whole different ball game compared to 1 Night 2 Days. Like… the tone and the concepts/dynamics are different.


      2. The episodes where they were chased by the police in Busan were awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed myself watching those. Since the episodes were action-oriented, the tone might be in between “action experimentation documentary” and a variety show like 1n2d.
        Another episode which i liked was the guerilla concert by 90s idol group Sech Kies. Thanks to IC i got to know this wonderful group and it also spurred me to read the Reply 1997 drama recaps from Dramabeans. For weeks i kept hearing the song “Couple” in my head.


      3. I think it’s a challenge to recap some of the IC episodes, especially when they are just talking and talking. Even if their talk is entertaining. Haha…


      4. But I agree with you. All the main shows, Infinity Challenge, Running Man and 1 Night 2 Days have very distinctly different tones. And, yes, IC sometimes just talks and talks and talks….. hahhahah. It makes for very boring recaps since it’s not like I should put everything in it. That’ll be subbing it.


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