1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 140

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 140:

Time for a new theme for a new trip! This time, instead of childish outfits, they’re told to come looking cool.

So Kim JunHo comes in his grandpa’s outfit. Are you for real? Pfft. Meanwhile, Defconn pairs his black suit with a deep yellow shirt and some gold chain. Uhm… Are you trying to be a shiny bumblebee or something? DongGu comes in all black while TaeHyun just looks like himself. JoonYoung arrives in a suit too, but he pairs it with shorts and of course JongMin the fashionista shows off his high street fashion… that shows his man-boobs if you look at it from the side.

But if I suffer, then you have to suffer with me too, *evil grin*.

Ha, JunHo agrees with their complaints about his outfit and so he goes to change. Pfft, he calls it cool but he really just looks like he has a terrible hangover. JoonYoung helps him look just the part, heh.


They pull out their passports when Yoo PD tells them to, and he even checks that they’re valid for more than six months. Eh? Are you really sending them overseas?

He keeps the boys in suspense, not revealing anything and just tells them that they’ll be going as far as their accumulated mileage in the last trip allows them. Between them, they’ll split into two teams again – one team called Medical Services and the other called Dispatch Service. Er?

Ha, the guys don’t even know what the hell that means but everyone wants the Medical Services Team. So to solve that, Yoo PD pulls out a table full of blood testing equipment, because the test he’d prepared for them is a blood test. Huh? What’s with this episode?

And then he tells them that the member’s bloods won’t be tested. It’ll be the staff’s. Pfft. Of course they start laughing in joy, to know that they’re missing the needles, and scheme to get all of Yoo PD’s blood.

Yoo PD: “Take away the equipment!”


Pwaha, it’s not really a real, medically sound blood test this time. For this test, the members just have to guess the blood types of certain chosen staff members based on what they know of the person’s personality, playing into this Korean belief that your blood type determines your personality.

In summary, blood type A are those believed to be conservative and introverted, and may sometimes be seen as stubborn, blood type B people are believed to be passionate, wild and creative (that sounds like JoonYoung through and through), blood type O people are outgoing, energetic, optimistic and believed to be natural leaders while blood type AB people supposedly have personalities that are the a mix of blood type A and B and are the “rational thinkers”, so they say.

In any case, each member is given one question to ask the staff member before they have to decide what blood type they think the staff belongs to.

First up is Jang YooNa, who played the ghost who threw stones at them when they were at GokSeong. The forever oddball Jung JoonYoung commands her to sing like she’s here for an audition, hahaha, and she gets shy and flustered, refusing to sing or dance even though all six of our guys sing for her. JongMin’s question is, “among the members in 1 Night 2 Days”, who is your style. Pwahaha. She chooses JunHo and JunHo calls her the honest-type while the DongGu believes her to be a compulsive liar, pfftwha! Defconn’s the one who asks a real question, wanting to know whether she’d contact a romantic interest first or wait. She calls first. They decide that she’s not type A at all and when she answers that she doesn’t have a dream, JoonYoung screams that she’s definitely an O like him. You’re an O? That’s just evidence that the blood-personality stereotypes aren’t reliable at all.

Haha, they learn that she met her boyfriend here on 1 Night 2 Days and go on this huge investigation to find out who that is. He isn’t there with them though.

Pfft, the final guesses are O for DongGu, JoonYoung, Defconn and TaeHyun. JongMin guesses that she’s blood-type AB, if only because she’s “exactly like ShinJi”. Ha. JunHo guesses that she’s blood-type B. He gets it right! Pfft, JongMin stands to give him a high-five, because he got “half-right”.


Next up is Alpha-O, Lee GyuHan FD. HAHAHHA, they all just scream that he’s definitely a type A and don’t even bother asking him any questions. They guess his blood type and among them every single type appears. Defconn then asks if his blood type has appeared among the answers, HA! It’s TaeHyun who gets it right with blood type O. He’d chosen that only because of FD Lee’s nickname Alpha-O. Then they very bluntly tell him to leave, ha.

Third staff to come up is Yang EunJi and just looking at her makes them pull a fuss over how adorable she is. That’s nothing compared to when they learn that she’s the one who sends them their appearance fee. Hee. HA! JongMin asks how old she is and that’s it for questions from him in this round. DongGu straightforwardly asks her whether she naturally becomes the leader in  outings (no) while JunHo asks her if she has a blood-type that she would like in a romantic partner. Pfft, and then they both bombared her with questions.

Defconn asks her if she had many one-sided crushes when she was younger. The answer is no and JoonYoung is certain then that she’s blood type A, refusing to ask any question. And then he changes his mind to O like him when she answers that her dream is to be a vagabond. LOL!


Why are they asking her to sing a song????? Pwahaha, she sings the Korean nursery rhyme The Three Bears, which they end very loudly and enthusiastically for her. They reveal their guesses and TaeHyun points out the “cutie pie” Defconn had scribbled on the side of his answer sheet. Haha! JongMin thinks she has the same blood type as ShinJi, again, while DongGu says that his blood type is telling him that she shares the same blood type as him. What?

JunHo: “Is it that you can’t play table tennis well?”

HA! In the end, her blood type is O, which none of them guessed (JoonYoung had stuck to his answer that she’s an A blood-type ).

The questions and guesses come flying but in the end, the only ones who guess anything right are JunHo and TaeHyun. So they settle the rest by rock-paper-scissors, with Defconn volunteering to join the Dispatch Services Team and JongMin follows that up with, “and I choose the Medical Services Team!”

They’re shuttered off to their respective vehicles and given their little items – scarves for the Medical Services Team while the Dispatch Services team get sunglasses.

Hahaha, those sunglasses are bad news for DongGu, who interprets them to mean that they’ll be made to suffer under the hot sun. And then they suddenly talk about the American military and all JongMin has to say is that the food there is great (so he heard), hurrr…

In the other car, the two team’s names remind JunHo of the drama Descendants of the Sun and suddenly they’re all fluttered by the idea of meeting Song HyeGyo. Heh, DongGu and gang have also made the Descendants of the Sun link and are now imagining themselves as Yoo ShiJin complete with Yoo ShiJin’s sunglasses, heh.

The Medical Services Team arrives first and they’re awed by what they see in front of them. A helicopter! Are you for real?! Who’s paying for this? Yoo HoJin, you stingy crawfish you actually allowed money on this?!


DongGu’s team arrives first and PWAHAHAHA, he’s all enthusiastic cheers and then does a double take to see the helicopter. Meanwhile, JongMin hides in the back seats and Defconn has to assure him that they’re not riding it. Oh, right, he has acrophobia.

Are they really going overseas?

Ha, JongMin tries to act like he doesn’t have his passport with him and DongGu reassures him that it’s with him.

They open the doors to see the other team already inside, hehe. Team Medical Services try to chase the Dispatch Team away, to JongMin’s delight and Yoo PD tells them that they’ll have to ride it together this time. HEHE. It’s like fate is trying to play with JongMin.

But JongMin’s actually the only one among them who’s ridden a helicopter before. Whaaat? Lol, you never know what surprises life might bring.

Whoa, they’re really going and they all gasp in awe when the helicopter takes off while JongMin gasps in terror. While the others marvel over landmarks and the bird’s eye view, JongMin forces himself not to think of anything terrifying. And JunHo and JoonYoung drift off to sleep.


At 5pm, they start bugging Yoo PD for food and wow, he actually has prepared in-flight meals for them. But forget images of luxurious prawns and hot food because all they get are hardtacks and water. HA! Yoo PD even steals JongMin’s biscuits! And then he tries to steal JongMin’s water because he didn’t bring anything for himself. Pwahahha. Why’d you put yourself in this position?

He suffers through the dryness of the biscuits, and pouts when JongMin refuses to let him drink JunHo’s share of water, haha.

While they bicker, the team flies over hills and mountains of lush green foliage. Haha, TaeHyun notes that JongMin isn’t as terrified as expected and JongMin credits that to BoGum egging him into riding the slingshot. So TaeHyun tells him to go skydiving. Hahaha!

Pwaha, JunHo groggily  wakes then, and JongMin has a bottle cap full of water waiting just for his face.

They see the KBS relay point at Mt HamBaek, where they’d spent a winter and soon, they land at a place that looks very much like it came out from Descendants of the Sun. Oh? I guess the set at TaeBaek must be done rebuilding, huh. Is it open to the public already?

Pfft, the respective teams put on their gear, pretending to be as cool as the stars of the hit drama. But the moment they step out of the helicopter, they can’t be any more different from a bunch of ahjusshis. Save for actor Yoon SiYoon, that is.

They are herded into the waiting bus and on the way, TaeHyun guesses that they’re heading to the filming location of the drama. Heh, JongMin quips that he’ll immediately ask Song HyeGyo to date him if he sees her while JoonYoung is determined to declare his love to her. Meanwhile, the comedian who didn’t watch the drama is busy searching for famous quotes from the drama on his phone. HAHA.


Indeed, they arrive at the rebuilt filming location of Descendants of the Sun, where Kang MoYeon’s Medical Cube and Yoo ShiJin’s barracks wait for them.

Pwahahahaa, the reason for the passports become apparent the moment they get closer to the place – 1 Night 2 Day’s Kim Seong PD is there in an army uniform, waiting to welcome them to Uruk. Heh, he can’t do that without betraying a laugh.

They head to the Medical Cube and wonder just what virus there might be in there. JoonYoung suggests the Zika virus, ha. They go in and see that everything looks exactly the same as in the drama.  And then they demand dinner, LOL!

For the first time in forever, Yoo PD gets them to come out with just one call and now that they’re gathered, he announces that the theme of this trip is “Drama Road” and the very first set they’re visiting is that of Descendants of the Sun. But instead of Descendants of the Sun, they’re going to be filming 1 Night 2 Days’ Descendants of TaeBaek. Pfft. No Song HyeGyo then.


He tells them that they’re going to be playing for dinner in their current teams now and they all wonder what’s for dinner. Oh, the winning team gets Samggyetang, the dish that the guys in Descendants of the Sun made for the ladies when second lead Yoon MyeongJoo came down with a scary virus. The losing team gets army rations.

Pfft, they continue to watch iconic scenes from the drama and end up having to play games inspired by them.

Since the first scene was of Kang MoYeon choosing to treat a dying patient, their first game is “save lives though gags.” Lol and now Writer Yook, whom DongGu has never seen laugh even in their dinner gatherings, appears. Their task is to make her laugh, with the constrain that they can only say two lines, the first two syllables of which are pre-picked. It’s the best of three rounds with this game.

Oh My Gat, DongGu goes the super swoony way, going all close towards her and touching her neck. Heh, she gets flustered and smiles out of embarrassment but she doesn’t laugh in the end, so he fails.

On the other side of the bed, TaeHyun has such a terrible case of cringes that he hides between JunHo’s legs, hee.

It’s the veteran gagman’s turn next and he just chooses to go with slapstick comedy, imitating a frilled lizard. It’s so ridiculous that she bursts out laughing, HAHAHA.

Refusing to admit defeat, JongMin tries and his two-liner is, “Oh My Gat! Hair is growing on your neck!” Beeeeeeeeeeeeep, goes the heart monitor beside her.

So the Medical Services Team wins the first round and with round two, TaeHyun clinches their second win for them with JunHo’s help. Heh, no one can beat the veteran when it comes to eliciting laughs. It seems like JoonYoung has talent too, because he manages to get a laugh out of her through a very ridiculously magnificent display of gibberish: “canocaon@#%@#$%^ nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu”.


Their next game is inspired by when ShiJin and his team barely saved MoYeon from a bomb vest.

So this time, 1 Night 2 Days has prepared a bomb of love for them. That’s essentially a huge water balloon of water. Ha, that means that they have to shove someone under there. Their task is to cut through one of several strings each time, only one of which actually hold the balloon up. Whoever makes that bomb drop first is the loser of that game.

The poor “MoYeon-s” chosen are JoonYoung and Defconn, the latter of whom is persuaded with the words: “if you just shave, you’d look a lot like Song HyeGyo!”

TaeHyun snips the strings first and nothing happens. So it’s DongGu’s turn and he tells Defconn suavely that he’ll save him, before cutting a string. Nothing happens either! It’s JunHo’s turn and he tells JoonYoung that he’ll definitely save him – his luck is good! Then he does the Korean version of eeny-minnie-miney-moe. PWAHAHHAHAHAAA. Luckily for him, the balloon doesn’t fall.

DongGu is up next and all he says is to trust him before swiftly cutting a string, giving Defconn no time to prepare himself for impact at all. Fortunately for him, that’s not the string holding the balloon up and he comes off as impressively cool.


It’s down to three strings each for each team, meaning that the chances that they’ll cut the critical string next is 33.3%. TaeHyun goes first. Heh, JoonYoung whines for them to save him, moaning and then suddenly making monkey sounds the closer TaeHyun’s scissors gets to a string.

He snips it and… the balloon comes right down, bouncing off JoonYoung’s head and bursting only behind him. PWAHAHAHA! That’s a “technical fault”! That’s so perplexing for JoonYoung and unable to let it go, JongMin takes his team’s balloon and hovers it over him. He drops it and it goes down with a huge splash, hee.

They prepare for their next scene, which is the icing of sick MyeongJoo in the drama. Pfft, by now, the guys know the production team well and TaeHyun knows what’s coming up. DongGu calls for swimming trunks.

As they expected, their next game is to see whose temperature dropped more within a minute. JoonYoung refuses to be the victim in this shenanigan, leaving it to TaeHyun and JunHo to battle it out. TaeHyun cleanly loses for himself.

Over at Dispatch Services, they do things democratically, so the position of the poor to-be-iced guy is put to a vote. Heh, JongMin doesn’t vote for DongGu but DongGu doesn’t return the favour and votes for JongMin. Defconn votes for both. That means that it’s two votes to one and JongMin is IT.

The contestants are given one minute to raise their body temperature and that’s JunHo’s cue to hug TaeHyun, hahah. In JongMin’s team, that means turning him upside down and helping him work out like that. Why would you do this?! And stop pulling his pants off!

Yoo PD personally checks their temperature and they turn out to be the same at 37.4 degrees celcius.

HA!!! TaeHyun doesn’t enter the cold water easily, but JongMin is a real challenge. He practically braces himself against the tub and refuses to go in despite being carted there.


The ice pouring starts and even though TaeHyun declared that he’ll endure a full minute in the tub, he hops out much earlier than that. But he obediently sits back down when his team brings the whole tub of ice over.

Meanwhile, JongMin has totally given up on the mission and spends all his energy rejecting his teammate’s tub of ice. Left with no choice, Defconn just dumps the ice in his pants, aiming straight for his butt. PWAHAHAHHA! I cannot! And the rest join in too, even JunHo who’s not even on his team and by now, his pants is practically hanging halfway down his butt.  So he personally digs deep in his pants to pull that ice out. HAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

One minute ends and it’s time to check their temperatures. TaeHyun has an impressive final temperature of 32.3 degrees celcius. They check JongMin’s butt first, pfffffttt, and it comes up to 16.1 degrees celcius. But that’s not the place one usually tests for body temperature and Yoo PD sticks the infra-red thermometer in his ear. He gets 36.7 degrees celcius. Haha!

And then Defconn does the sound effects for the death of JongMin’s butt.


The games finally come to an end and the Medical Services Team get Samgyetang, while the Dispatch Services Team gets army rations. Those army rations aren’t ramyeon though, but boxes full of rice with jjajang-sauce or curry. JunHo mutters that Yoo PD isn’t “Mudori” anymore. Hurr, as the age old saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Given the suffering JongMin’s butt had to go through, TaeHyun offers him a piece of chicken. Of course JongMin accepts… but then he drops the whole thing in a bunch of salt. Heh. Salty chicken for you!

TaeHyun gets a call from someone who calls him “Oppa” and almost immediately the Dispatch Services Team hurry over to his side, with Defconn interrupting the call with, “this is the most heart-fluttering I’ve ever felt ever since I was born” and JongMin brazenly quipping, “Only look at me!”

Ha, TaeHyun has to tell Song HyeGyo who they are and then updates her on whatever they’ve been doing the whole day.

JongMin doesn’t let the chance go and mutters, “I’m sorry to be a little rude, but… what’s your blood type?”

That’s a line from the drama!

And she replies: “Human type (In-hyeong)” (which is a homonym of the Korean word for doll(In-hyeong))

Heh, that sends them screaming and suddenly Defconn wants to know about her relationship status. Ha! JunHo weasels a promise to visit 1 Night 2 Days from her and then JoonYoung declares his love for her. Defconn adds that HyeGyo’s the sun and they’re the descendants and JongMin thanks her for being born, pfft! So over the top!

They end the call but the cheesiness doesn’t stop as Mudori insists that they cheer “GO GO!” before they head off to the next location.



Next Week!

JunHo dances in a cabbage leaf skirt.



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17 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 140

  1. Always reading your recap before watching the subbed episode. Thanks a lot! I was wondering what are the next drama locations shown in the preview. I’m not familiar. 🙂


  2. Thank you ❤

    It's a given but Dong Gu was extra charming today and the ice tub game is already variety gold on it's own but they still managed to make it even more hilarious. "The death of JongMin’s butt" Pwahaha!


  3. I’m really tempted to watch DOTS, it looks amazing just based on the clips they showed but the writer is ughhh….

    I’m really curious about next week’s featured drama since the members are wearing front side bangs and it look so familiar…


    1. If you really have a lot of time on your hands, give it a try. Watching pretty on screen is never a bad idea and DOTS has a lot. Even just the scenery itself is winning.
      Those bangs remind me of GuTaeng’s Shim HyeongRae impersonation in Episode 1 of Season 3 even though they don’t even look the same at all, heh. I have no idea either.


  4. Thanks for recap. Enjoyed reading it while waiting for the subs. Love this episode! So funny, I laughed non stop from start till end.
    2 days 1 night is rather magical from cast, staff, concept to production, they seemed to get it right. Audience are entertained and fully engaged with them. From this episode, can tell that I’ll Yong PD and Donggu are doing well and have adjusted and found their footing and fans too!


    1. Magical 1 Night 2 Days, I agree.

      Yeah, they’re both settling in really nice. DongGu seems to be crafting a character that I’ve never seen in variety before: Heodang + slyness. Sounds like SeungGi on paper but very different in real life.


  5. Donggu is learning the art of being crafty from the rest of the members.. heh. He said he had to so he could survive(while hiding behind defconn) after they voted jongmin for the ice bath. It’s nice to see il young pd’s playful sight(i almost die of laughter when he took jongmin’s butt temperature).. hahaha. I’m curious abt their next “drama” but am very picky of what drama to watch so completely useless in guessing. Btw, the army rations look good.


      1. So glad to see how well the members and the staff gel together. I still giggle whenever i remember those burly “girls” from the cutting rope game. And did yoy noticed that while kim seong pd is wearing the army uniform whilst stamping their passports..he’s only wearing the top half of the uniform..hahaha.. reminds me of a scene from misaeng.


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