Law of the Jungle Ep 230

Law of the Jungle Episode 230: Law of the Jungle in Mongolia Part 2

It’s a new episode and we open with… dung. They’re still not done being amazed by the dung, haha. InGuk tells them to just bring it home then, ha, which is when the 4 year old mare declares that the poop-fire relieves her fatigue, pfft.

Now that they have fire, it’s time to prepare the frogs and though JiWon’s in charge of it, she drags MinKyo and KangNam in with her, the latter of whom gets afraid of those moving things. Pfft, in the end, it’s Chief Leader ByungMan who helps them skewer the frogs while MinKyo runs away.

They have one skeward and JiWon goes to put it near the dung-fire. Hahaha, SunBin takes over and puts it way too close to the dung for InGuk’s comfort but no matter their fears, because soon, they have a whole row of frogs stuck around the poop-fire. Heh, even in the desert, they’re able to have fun as they imagine the frogs posing for the Olympics and something that looked so disgusting suddenly looks artistic.


The frogs are soon cooked… but no one wants to take the plunge eating that unsightly thing. After a lot of hesitating, it’s leader ByungMan who tries it first, with 6 other pairs of eyes trained on his every bite. He declares it okay. It’s even crunchy, nutty and salty and they’re a little put off when JiWon wonders if the last flavour is due to the poop, heh.

ChunHee goes next and tries it. He doesn’t have too great an impression though. InGuk goes after that KangNam wonders very loudly why his doesn’t seem crunchy, because he can’t hear the crispyness. In his solo interview, InGuk very blunty says that it wasn’t nice, heh. Turns out, his wasn’t fully roasted because the bones aren’t fully cooked yet. By the way, why is your face so abnormally wet?

Next to try the new food is the group’s biggest whiner KangNam and even though he made the wrinkliest face before he even bit the frog, he’s one most impressed by its taste. Heh. He even thinks that it’s tastier than chicken.


SunBin can’t wait to eat her frog, more hungry than bothered that it’s unfamiliar. And the moment she takes a bite, she falls head over heels for it, heh. Soon, everyone has a taste of that frog and InGuk and ByungMan start sharing stories about frog dishes they ate back at home. All of a sudden, ByungMan realises that he’d just ate with his gloves… the ones he used to pick up the dung. Urgh.

They try the Harmag juice and JiWon lets out a hiss of satisfaction, as if she were drinking soju. Compared to the frog that got mixed reviews, the Harmag juice is a winner with everyone… except for InGuk who couldn’t even savour the taste because a moth attacked him right after he took a sip, making him choke, HAHAHA! Of all things, KangNam is jealous that he gets that unexpected laugh-out-loud moment.

Oh no, as the night gets deeper, InGuk’s cough gets worse and finally, he has to have the team doctor look at him. He was sick even before he arrived in Mongolia, since he worked on Police Unit 38 until the very moment he left for the airport, but with all the added stresses, his body now succumbs. Everyone is worries for him, especially fellow Police Unit 38 actor Lee SunBin. Ha, I know someone who’s eager to send him kohuke for his recovery.


Aw, ByungMan and the other guys head into the dark to search for something more substantial than frogs for InGuk’s health. They don’t find anything edible immediately, but they get vey conclusive clues that something bigger than frogs live in the sands nearby, what with their discovery of burrows, bones and little balls of black poop. They walk a little longer and find something very, very interesting – a large, flattened piece of dried camel poop. HAAA! And of course KangNam gets to collecting all of them.

PWAHAHA, ByungMan finds one and after picking it up for a bit, he puts it back down. KangNam pulls up the rear and picks that same one up, only to realise that it’s new. Oh no! It gets on his hands, making him annoyed and then he complains to ByungMan about not telling him about it, putting all the blame on him, pfft.

At base, the others have boiled the Harmag peel and residue to make Harmag tea. They offer InGuk some, but he’s too out of it to have any right then. Instead, he lets out a terrible groan and SunBin walks over to check his condition. Pfft, turns out, there were just too many bugs hovering around him.

In his personal interview, he shares the story of how he got the phobia of bugs – when he was young, he saw a moth resting. He was curious about it, so he went up… and the moth took flight right then and attacked him in the face. And in the present, a moth does just that right then. PWAHAHAHA. It’s a miracle! You can’t script these kind of things!

He barely recovers from the shock and then stares at the moth innocently fluttering its wings nearby. He buries his face in his hands, unbelieving at his damned luck… which is when KangNam comes to tickle his ear with a blade of grass, and he rolls over faster than a rocket on a mission to Mars. HAHAHAHAAAA!

The PD tells him to say a few words to the moths out there and he just says, “It’s okay to hover, but to come so close…” before a moth flies right into him and sends him running away, PWAHAHAHA!

Back in the present, he moans that he can feel a bug in his ear and SunBin checks it like a mom, before nonchalantly assuring him that there’s nothing. Suddenly, she changes tune and agrees that there’s something in there. Pffthwahahaha. They turn off the lights and the bug comes out, ew, but SunBin just blows the bug away and keeps his head up. She asks him if he’s okay and he’s like, “NO!” Yeah well, I wouldn’t be okay if I were you too.


The trio who went to get more food return, only with more poop, heh.

MinKyo starts to feel the aches and asks if there’s a message shop nearby. Of course there isn’t, though JiWon has just the perfect solution for him – dung moxibustion. HAHA! That grosses MinKyo out while KangNam practically begs him to let them try it on him. Pfft.

So KangNam goes first, with a small piece from their fireplace. He loves it, so he tries it on MinKyo, who jumps and smacks him in the chest, haha. SunBin laughs that she told him that piece was too hot!

Now that they’re done with their experiments, they recall the times they watched documentaries about deserts and saw billions of stars in the sky. They can’t see any now, and PD knows that it’s because of the bright lights they have shining on them right now. So, it’s time to turn them all off.

And their first comment is that they can’t see a thing. Haha. But a short while later, after their eyes adjust to the darkness, they’re amazed by the night sky. It’s billions of tiny while dots of lights against a dark blue background. They even see the Milky Way. No one is not amazed, though leader ByungMan reminds them to conserve their energy and not get too carried away.

They head off to sleep after that, with KangNam choosing to sleep upslope a dune.

Their sleep doesn’t last long, because it starts to rain. Really? It rains in the desert right when they’re there. They all wake up and have a small meeting. But of course there’s nothing tp shield them against the rain and there’s nothing they can do about it, so they just head back to sleep.

Day breaks and ByungMan is the first to get up. He tends to the fire, and is joined by a freezing KangNam, who hadn’t listened to ByungMan the night before and had slept without any thermal wear whatsoever. Though the desert in the morning is a picture of beauty, it’s devilishly cold and it soon wakes everyone up. Except for JiWon, heh.

SunBin spies an eagle circling around them and gets scared that it wants to eat her. It looks like it’s targeting KangNam though and while KangNam remains lying on the ground, SunBin fears for her life and starts dancing around to let the eagle know that she’s alive. Pwahah.

On the other hand, MinKyo really wants to catch it and make lunch out of it. Ha.

While they deal with the eagle, ByungMan is off somewhere to look for some place drier to spend the next night. He find some shrubs and starts making a nest out of them, in order to create a shelter that’ll block out the wind while they sleep. ChunHee gives the nest a try and feels like he’s in a coffin, heh.

Survival in the desert is not on JiWon’s mind, because all she cares about is re-enacting the “Ogenki desuka” scene in the movie Love Letter right there at the top of the dunes. Heh. She drags KangNam with her, using Harmag tea to call him over and then force him into following her. Pfft.


The two of them climb up the dunes, with KangNam complaining the whole way. Finally, they reach the top and JiWon screams, “Ogenki desuka?!! (Are you healthy?)”. KangNam tells her to scream louder, so she does, letting out a very hoarse, “be healthy!!!!!!” and then she repeats it in French. Once in three different languages is not enough and she goes for yet another re-enactment, complete with the girlish run. Pfft, KangNam tries that out too and looks more like The Scream than a lady wondering about her lost love. Poor InGuk, SunBin and MinKyo who are sleeping right at the foot of those dunes in a pile.

JiWon’s next act is a dance piece, accompanied by her apprentice KangNam. She gets it in her head to slide down the dune and so goes all the way down to get her luggage to use as a sled. Pffft. Why don’t you just use your jacket? Back in Korea, kids used to slide down slopes on empty rice bags.

Poor KangNam has to follow her, going down and then climbing back up again. They reach the top, and open it up, taking one side each and imagining the thrill of zooming downslope. Pfft, the rectangular luggage just digs into the sand and stays there. So JiWon rolls all the way down, which KangNam follows too. Hahahha.


Once done, JiWon climbs back up with KangNam following after her. He’s not the only who followed her, because the cameramen have to too… and one of them develops a nosebleed. HAHAH.

They reach the peak and enjoy the view properly this time, something that KangNam is really thankful to her for. They next dig into the sand at the peak and bury JiWon in there. Then KangNam makes his escape. Pwahaha.

Back down at base, he checks after her though a helicam, with ByungMan and ChunHee looking on. Haha, all of them are amazed by her odd ball energy. Individually, ChunHee describes her in one word as “Yeh!” (a syllable uttered when trying to stop someone from doing something) while ByungMan calls her a (forty)-four year old wild mare. She’s so amusing and amazing, heh.

By now, the entire tribe is awake and gathered. The PD informs them that it’s predicted that there’ll be rain that night too and considering that and that InGuk is sick, he’ll give them a ger, a traditional Mongolian tent, but on condition that they set it up themselves.

Ha, ByungMan has to pull the tall ChunHee down to his level to speak to him and tasks him and JiWon with setting that tent up. He and the others will look for food.

A ger is the tent developed by the Mongolian nomads over three thousand years. It’s easy to set up and pack and perfect for all seasons. In the summer, the white cloth over it reflects excessive sunlight and in the winter, the round shape of the tent keeps heat in. It’s easy to add and remove layers too, allowing them to control the temperatures in the tent. An added feature is the built in sundial, created by light flowing through the little hole at the top of the tent.

That’s the amazing tent that ChunHee and JiWon see laid out on the sand, looking a lot bigger than they’d expected. Hee, ChunHee stakes his reputation as a carpenter on the line and bets that he’ll be able to complete it in 40 minutes, when he’s told that with two people working on the tent at the same time, ordinary nomads take just 30 minutes to set one up. Pfft, he rates his building skills higher than ByungMan and says that there are two leaders in this team now – ByungMan, leader of hunting and himself, self-proclaimed leader of housing.

They check out places they can set the tent up at and decide on the flattest piece of land they can find. Then they run around transporting those different parts and putting them into place, with the PD’s promise of Cola if they manage to set it up in 40 minutes on their mind. Pffft, ChunHee may be a genius according to JiWon, but he is still as clumsy as years ago and keeps getting his fingers caught in the “fencing”.


The foraging team splits into two, with InGuk and SunBin going one way and ByungMan, KangNam and MinKyo the other.

InGuk and SunBin power on, with SunBin’s legs threatening to give out. But like some adventure story, they find an oasis and run toward it, with InGuk even kneeling before it. Haha, SunBin thanks the heavens for it.

It doesn’t seem to just be a temporary puddle either, since there are moss and frogs in there too. They decide to toss their cast net in the water and try their luck. InGuk goes into the water first, with SunBin worrying after him from land. While he pulls the cast net back up, SunBin waddles through the water, enjoying the cool relief it gives. But all they find is one frog and one larva in their nets.

They try their luck again in another spot.


Down on land, the three hunters are determined to get a rat or something. They spot an eagle up in the clouds and understand now why the rats don’t come out at day time – because they’d just get caught. MinKyo and KangNam try out the slingshot they have with them, using a piece of dried poop as ammo. Pwaha, KangNam volunteers as target and then flinches when the poop actually flies towards his face. That power surprises them both.

Now knowing how much power their slingshot packs, KangNam suggests that they hunt birds with hit, pfft, and then continue to check out the ground riddled with holes.

KangNam’s the first one to find a rat, though it escapes him. He finds a lizard and catches it too. That’s a great mood booster. Seeing rat poop excites them even more, what more rabbit poop.

They choose a hole and ByungMan checks it out with his endoscope camera. Are you serious? You have an endoscope camera?


They don’t have hope with the endoscope camera though, because all they see in those holes are roots and darkness. Getting the idea that the holes are entrances to tunnels that link the other holes, they start digging around, sure that there’s something in them. They dig about 10 holes, over and over again, pushing their hands real deep in those holes. No luck though.

Back at the ger, it’s taking shape and in just 16 minutes, they have the outside walls all set up already and ChunHee is fully confident that they’ll make it within the stipulated time. Pfft, he even brags that locals Mongols can’t build it as fast as they can. But… sometimes things are easier built from the top down rather than the bottom up like you’re doing now, you know?

And cut to a short conversation with the production’s local guide and translator who just says that they’re doing it all in the wrong order. PWAHA. Instead of setting up the poles that make the ceiling like they’re doing, they should set the roof’s centre piece up first and then follow it up by connecting the poles.


Haha, they soon hit that snag, wondering how they’re going to set the roof up right without the centre piece to attach it too. Pfft, ChunHee tries being a human crane at first, but soon succumbs to the weight of the centre piece. They just can’t get it up and like that, 40 minutes passes by, heh.

In her interview, JiWon recalls just how ChunHee looked like he knew everything and then comments nonchalantly that he wasn’t a genius after all and if he were going to make it so hard, then the tribe should just sleep in the open while looking at the stars, heh. On the other hand, ChunHee is completely bothered by his failure and smarting from the hit to his pride. In the present, he and JiWon run off to grab some berries, ha.

They’re not the only ones who need food and at the oasis, both SunBin and InGuk pray for something in their nets. There’s nothing but a frog and a twig though, ha. Oh, they have insects too.

SunBin starts losing it too and getting annoyed from the hunger but, pfft, the next moment, she’s all aegyo when InGuk nags at her to come already.

They find some shrimp like insects, wondering if it’s edible but get the shock of their lives to hear that it’s delicious. Heh, they can’t believe the interpreter when he tells them that they can just put it in clean water and drink it down like that. It’s apparently good for people with stomach problems too!

Pwaha, they stare as the interpreter shows them just how to eat it and get their minds blown. Pwahaha, they are so confused that they think that this is a con because they both acted as conmen in Police Unit 38. But by now, they’re so hungry that InGuk gives it a try. Heh, he gulps it down hurriedly. He can’t really describe the taste though. All he knows is that he has mixed feelings and that his stomach feels fuller.


Seeing him successfully eat it gives SunBin the courage to try it too. So she does… but she reels immediately because she chewed it! EEEEK! Ha, they both scream in terror. Now truly giving up hope, they sit by the water side and pray that ByungMan and team get some rats.

Near the burrows, ByungMan is indeed hard at work digging through those holes. It makes him really sad, since it’s hot, he’s hungry and his energy is all spent. He wonders with the other guys if they should just go eat berries like when he was in Siberia.

There are no birds and no prey. As a last hope, they burn twigs near a hole, hoping that something will come out. And come out it does – a hare! That sends adrenalin pumping through their veins and KangNam and MinKyo go dashing after it. Aw, MinKyo misses it with his slingshot and then misses it again with his hands. They lose it, but it pops up again in the distance.

Off they go, running after it.


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4 thoughts on “Law of the Jungle Ep 230

  1. ohhh yeah. i would send a whole box of kohuke to all of them if I could.

    I love how Gukkie and Sun Bin were so suspicious to think they were being conned. I am still mightily suspicious of that critter they ate.

    crazy unnie is seriously entertaining


    1. I knew crazy unnie was cray. And she reminds me od you in that she really goes for what she wants and does a lot of things. Hahaha.

      And SunBin and Gguk being suspicious is the funniest: Because of a drama he thinks he’s purposely being pranked! Conman Cool Level drops 100 points, pfft


      1. ah, but the drama did the same thing to me! I am suspicious of everything and I even got my colleagues paranoid by talking about possible swindling tactics clients may use. There is a lot of side-eye giving in the museum. like the ring thing, even our shopkeeper thought it was plausible someone might make a copy and perform a switch buy byuing and returning. but eating unknown critters, cmon! it is not even logic, it is a battle between two survival instincts- to eat and risk some weird conditions, or to starve but be on the safe side.


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