Three Meals a Day in Gochang Ep 7

Three Meals a Day Episode 7:

“What’s important now?”

“Table tennis!”

Pwahahaa, that’s the very first thing said that opens this episode. Table tennis has taken over their lives.

But it hasn’t taken over their love of eating and after making his Kimchi and Pork Stir-fry, next thing on SeungWon’s menu is Clam Gochujang Pancake. Mixing clams, flour, oil and salt, the batter is soon done. Frying them in small batches makes it a perfect side dish.

Meanwhile, HaeJin uses the tongs for the firewood to straighten their shoes and JooHyuk washes the dishes. HoJun plays the gourmet or guinea pig. After that, it’s preparation for Omok-guk, or Fishcake Soup, something that’s very easy and quick to prepare.

Put that all together with some fresh produce straight from the garden and dinner is done again, at their little place in Gochang. Of course it’s delicious. Chajumma is here, not Seo-“genie”.


The Kimchi with Pork Stir-fry is a fabulous hit with everyone, (and I should know because I made it immediately after watching Chajumma do so last episode, heh) though HaeJin needs some raw garlic to go with that. Chatter turns to HoJun, who surprised HaeJin with his timing – he always knows just when something needs to be added, or how much more and instinctively cleans all the rubbish (even without being told that they’re rubbish) away. This is the guy with sense.

After that, HoJun gets some food for the ducklings and has fun luring them to their can, inadvertently interrupting JooHyuk’s personal interview.

Ha, Na PD asks if they’re going to have a party tonight and SeungWon replies that it’s just a gathering. To talk about books. Pfft.

Chajumma starts moaning from the backache and HoJun helps him put on some patches. HA, are they eating again? But this time, they’re eating in the dark for some reason.


They sit together to share about their day, and then about books, heh, starting from HoJun, who read a really old book, that was first read 800 years ago. JooHyuk has read that book too, thanks to HoJun’s recommendation and HoJun re-enacts how JooHyuk got sucked into it, hee. They start missing SanChae and Byeol, the animal friends that accompanied them when they were in Manjae Island. Aw, HaeJin even has fan-drawn picture of the two saved in his phone.

Ha, of course they discuss about the ducklings, about how shockingly fast they grow and imagine what the ducklings would say if they could talk. HoJun sounds like a dad, lamenting and reminiscing about the time they were so small and young, when they were first born.

Pwahahahaha! Then they go out to play table tennis again, with SeungWon persuading HaeJin (who was reluctant) by agreeing not to collect that $20 bet HaeJin had lost to him in the last game, LOL. HaeJin refuses to play.

Cut to HaeJin preparing the table first. Seeing how he’s playing, HaeJin probably just lost this game too.

Night falls and day comes. As usual, SeungWon is the first to wake. He washes up, all while the kids continue sleeping, and then lets the ducks out, leading them to wherever it is he wants to using food. They make a hell of a noise, quacking incessantly and waking the others up.

That’s the Gochang Alarm and now that they’re all awake, breakfast must be prepared. Breakfast is fried egg, Kimchi Soup with Fishcake and rice. So simple, yet so filling and satisfying. Pwahahah, Na PD is out there gleefully watering the plants even though nobody told him to, and they make that his job.

Time to make another side dish, and this time the spinaches are harvested. The Food Department and JooHyuk get busy cleaning them and aw, JooHyyuk just really sucks at this, heh. Yoo HaeJin dresses up to go cut weed but is interrupted by SeungWon, demanding him to go get some chilli for him.

He does, then puts the scythe on a pillow, just to make the pun “Not Bad” (Because scythe (nat) on a bed (beh-deu) equals “Not Bad (nat beh-deu)”). LOL! He is unstoppable, seriously.


He tries to lure the ducks out for their work at the field with food, but they’re full and the lure doesn’t work. Food doesn’t work?! Oh well, he leaves without them then, with a parting pun and on his bike.

Now that the weeds are not as dense and only just a few, he just uses the scythe to clear them away instead of his grass-cutter.

Back at the house, work is on the way, turning a whole row of spinaches into side dishes – another kind of kimchi. There’s no time to rest, because while the spinaches soak in salt water, the marinade must be made. And HoJun does all of it, while enduring the dangerously hot weather.

Whoa, HoJun’s the one who instructs the other two to add the raw garlic that they’d forgotten and Chajumma starts feeling threatened, like his position of head chef is in danger of being taken away, hahaha. They mix the Spinach Kimchi and pack it up, adding yet another kimchi pack to their already huge collection.


Heh, HaeJin returns and while SeungWon shouts out orders, HoJun just hides behind HaeJin, only verbally replying, leaving JooHyuk to do the work. Pwahaha, he’d even dressed purposely like HaeJin and muttered that this is his method of teaching JooHyuk. Are you changing departments now, Hojunnie?

Chajumma announces that lunch will be White Buckwheat Noodles. Heh? From where?

Heh, JooHyuk joins HoJun in hiding from Chajumma and Na PD tattles on them all. Like a mom, Chajumma doesn’t get angry and just threatens them with food. So HoJunnie gets up again, though when Chajumma orders them to go cut a radish, JooHyuk volunteers. And so, a very familiar situation happens again – JooHyuk working and HoJun watching on and giving instructions. This time, he’s accompanied by HaeJin.

Pwhaahahha, and then SeungWon gets annoyed that HoJun knows too much. Pfft, he orders for something to be done and HoJun is just, “aren’t you going?” to JooHyuk.

But when it comes to really doing work, HoJun does it himself and while he grates a whole radish, Chajumma deals with the chives. HoJun has impeccable timing again and delivers the grated radish just as Chajumma is done with the chives.

Under Chajumma’s magic fingers, that grated radish become little white balls. He prepares wasabi too and puts them all in the fridge. HaeJin tells them to inform him when they want the fire burning… and then goes to sleep. Hee.

Chajumma pulls his pre-prepared mushroom stock out of the fridge and adds ice while HoJun sends JooHyuk around on little errands. Heh, he’s just so good at cooking now. That confidence boost makes him puff up his chest just a liiiiiittle bit, until head chef Chajumma takes issue with their pot, calling it a little too small, which is when he visibly deflate, HA! But there’s no other pot! So they just make do with it.


The fire gets too big and ends of the noodles burn in the too-small pot before they can become submerged in water. SeungWon jokes that they have to re-boil those noodles again, but is not joking when he says that he doesn’t like them not-white. JooHyuk just replies that they’ll just be buckwheat coloured, and that, SeungWon is okay with. Plus, they’ll have that nutty, charcoal-ish taste of the fire!

As always, they add cold water to the boiling noodles and then wash them in cold water, to make them chewy.

They plate the noodles, and pour ice cold broth over it. Add some strips of seaweed, chives and radish and lunch, perfect for the summer, is done. That looks like a delight, dang. I’m hungry.

PPFFWAAA, SeungWon pulls out his cheeky answer of “Love” when HaeJin asks him what he put in the broth. HoJun comments that this is the first summer dish they’ve eaten. Every other dish they’d eaten was so piping hot, which didn’t help at all in battling the heat out there.

End of filming!

Time passes, each day hotter than the next. The ducks are left to roam the house as masters of the place, and soon, they’re like pterodactyls. Okay I exaggerate, but damn, they’re huge and it seems like Na PD agrees with me because he puts roaring sound effects for them.

Hee! Hojun arrives for the next filming his first word is, “WHOA.”

He stands there stunned for a good long while and then mutters that they’re scary, HA! Of course, that comment isn’t left to die without a clip of their growth, from tiny palm-sized ducklings to huge fat white ducks. Ha, he wonders if they’re still controllable or if they’ll fight back and brings out the broom to chase after them. They still waddle away obediently. Still controllable then.


JooHyuk is next to join them and this time, he’d come after eating with mom.

They’re both tired, their energy zapped by the 34 degree Celsius weather. HoJun just really, really wants to eat out, but is scared to do the call himself, because that might mean debts. So he really just waits for mom and dad to come, hoping that one of them will make the call, stopping JooHyuk from building a fire in the meantime.

HaeJin in here too! But this time, he’s here with his doggie Gyeo-Wool, or Winter. HEE!! Flash forwards show animal lover HoJun becoming his best friend. And in the present, HoJun already predicts the problem of the dog joining them – he’ll be chasing the ducks around. HEE!!! Na PD shows us just how right he is, with clips of Winter wreaking havoc and generally disturbing ALL the fowls, be it chicken or ducks. He even sleeps while HaeJin washes him up.

HoJun hesitantly suggests that they go out to eat, but is interrupted by Winter scaring all the ducks out of their hiding places under the platform. So JooHyuk brings it up again, heh.

HaeJin preps them for their lunch, but can’t find Winter. So he goes… “Winter! Where are you! NO!”


Pwahahahha! Even though he can’t see the dog, he’s already screaming out “NO!” like he knows his dog is doing something bad. And the doggie soon comes running out from whatever corner he was in and earns a belly rub from HaeJin. Then it goes around disturbing the ducks, HAHAHA. So while JooHyuk imprisons the dog in his arms, HoJun lures them into their van. They then send those ducks into the field, where they go right between the rice to do their thing, like it’s their second home. The ducks are not the only ones that’ve grown because the rice has grown so much that it now provides them foliage from the summer heat. Our guys drag themselves all the way back home, envious of the ducks and complaining about the heat the whole way.

I guess they just can’t stand going out anymore because they change lunch to Freestyle Bibimbap (then decide to head to the hill behind to fulfil HoJun’s desire of eating out). But no matter what you put in bibimbap, there’s no escaping the rice, and as the only one from the Food Department (Chajumma is stuck in Seoul for some filming), HoJun’s left to prepare it, while Facilities Department’s JooHyuk is left to build the fire. That’s like torture in this hot weather. HaeJin just watches Winter mark the whole place as his and then because he has nothing to do, takes his tools out to measure the dog, hah. That’s so that he can make the dog a kennel.


So he starts cutting wood and HoJun, after checking his rice (why would you do that?! You must never bother rice that’s cooking in a pot), heads over to check on the kennel’s progress. LOL, HaeJin complains about the food department coming over to the facilities department, so HoJun takes his “anger” out on HaeJin’s doggie. But nothing beats the cute fluffiness of a corgi and HoJun is soon cooing after the dog.

LOL, and because he has nothing to do, thanks to HaeJin not welcoming him in their activities, he just sits in a corner, really, really still and… waits. HaeJin is extremely pleased to see beans in his rice. HoJun fries up some eggs (but I don’t think he pre-heated his pan…) and while JooHyuk struggles to peel a potato, HaeJin just adds Chajumma’s Kimchi to his bowl and is ready to eat.

The youngsters are more ambitious and decide to stir fry some potatoes for their bibimbap. Heh, HoJun can’t remember how Chajumma used to fry those potatoes and just adds a heck ton of pepper into it… and then he goes like whatever and throws everything, rice, eggs and soy sauce into it.

Well it doesn’t look like much but according to HaeJin, it smells really nice. HoJun spoons that out for him and JooHyuk. JooHyuk adds ketchup to his and HaeJin adds pre-fried anchovies to all their bowls. Then, they head up to the hills behind and eat in the cool opening there. That’s four bowls of food there, one for each person and one for the corgi.

HaeJin digs into his food, as do the other two… though JooHyuk doesn’t look very happy with his. Ha, he just gives HaeJin a very rueful smile when HaeJin asks if its delicious. He gives the cook a spoonful of his food and HoJun is like, “you shouldn’t have added the ketchup”. Then he admits that his is oily. So the verdict is: Simplicity is best.

But a bad lunch doesn’t stop them from enjoying the cool shade of the trees around them and soon, they’re done and back to the house.

HaeJin finds a super ripe yellow melon in their garden and they really enjoy that.

Next on the itinerary is… rest. Through Winter has no interest in that whatsoever. Like son like dad, and HaeJin is off to complete the kennel.

Heh, HoJun comes along to offer help, though HaeJin rejects it. It’s not because they’re of different departments (like HoJun asks, haha) but because he doesn’t have the design down pat yet.


JooHyuk hovers around him though, and soon he gets a chance to try sawing wood. He has a rough start, but in no time, he’s working it like a pro.

Food Department HoJun is just ravaging the garden and getting amazed at how big all their produce are. He plucks all the ripe melons and tomatoes and turns them into juices/smoothies.

HEH, he calls after the “ahjusshis” and hand them their ice cold glasses of smoothies. That greatly pleases them and HoJun is happy to hear their praises.

While HoJun washes up, HaeJin perspires and works on the kennel. Pwaaha, JooHyuk, who had been helping out, has no idea what he’s making. On the other hand, HoJun has nothing but admiration for HaeJin’s skills.

They finish the frame for the kennel and take a rest, just in time to see SeungWon arrive. Heh, the guy has no idea that HaeJin’s dog is here and wonders what they’re making, asking hopefully, “table tennis?” HaeJin orders his dog to go bite SeungWon.


Not familiar with him, Winter barks, though the innocent dog does run to him when SeungWon calls. Then he runs off, HAHAHAHA, because of the helicam coming up behind him stirring up all the sand. Then SeungWon does EXACTLY what HaeJin predicted he’d do the moment he sees them, heh.

But now that Head Chef is back, it’s time to make food again, this time, a simple chilled tomato salad. Ha, HaeJin gets confused at all the food.

SeungWon shows them the super-cool photo of HaeJin he’d texted HaeJin and then tattles on how the guy had praised himself. While HaeJin and SeungWon check the half-complete kennel out, HoJun asks JooHyuk just how it’s made and JooHyuk replies, like a true jerry-rigger. Ooh, someone’s been learning.

HaeJin and JooHyuk continue to work on the kennel, with SeungWon stopping by occasionally with an electric fan.


HaeJin requests DongTae-JjiGae, or Pollack Stew, a dish that SeungWon is VERY happy with. But that means more shopping and JooHyuk’s sudden pun earns him a second of SeungWon’s electric portable fan.

HoJun suddenly starts laughing, because of HaeJin’s habit of screaming, “NO!” at Winter even though he can’t see the dog. And then HaeJin demonstrates for them right there and then. The dog’s really missing now though. So SeungWon joins in and from round the corner, Winter comes.

LOL, HaeJin writes the Chinese word “Winter” on the kennel, but dots it wrong and so he turns that into a kite. Then he adds a snowman and pine tree. Doesn’t it look pretty? I think Winter doesn’t care for it though…


Next Week!

Time for green grapes!


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4 thoughts on “Three Meals a Day in Gochang Ep 7

  1. So that’s how Winter appeared. Heheh… Amongst all animals that have appeared in 3MealsADay, Winter is my favourite. Because he is hilarious with the duckies!!! 😁


  2. Thanks for the recap! I admit I do miss Sanchae (and Ho Jun’s little scream when he sees him) and Bul, but I’m glad Winter is here to receive Ho Jun’s love.


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