Law of the Jungle Episode 231

Law of the Jungle Episode 231: Law of the Jungle in Mongolia Part 3

A hare runs out the moment they start smoking the burrows, and like energizer bunnies, the three guys run frantically for it. But they lose the hare halfway and knowing not to scare it too much, they rest for the moment. Their chance comes again and once more, they charge towards it, like instinct.

Surrounding the hare on all sides, they know that they have the hare in their grasp. ByungMan starts to stop, since KangNam is running after it like a mad man, driven more by his instincts than anything else. It’s even like he has a GPS in him because he really knows where to run. They get their break when the hare drops into the little stream and KangNam catches it. Whoa.

In their little personal interview, MinKyo compares their chase to a movie while both ByungMan and KangNam make a case for KangNam’s desire to be a regular at Law of the Jungle, ha. After all, ByungMan really trusts KangNam to pull his weight and more.


But in the present, KangNam shares the credit with the others, even the cameramen, though he doesn’t forget to add the fact that they’re ajusshis, so their stamina is a bit… HAHAHA.

Meanwhile, SunBin and InGuk have abandoned the oasis and are at the little stream they’d caught frogs at the other day. They’re there getting those little critters they ate at the oasis by the dozens. Heh, this is like picking berries for them. Whatever inhabitations you might have had, the desert tears it down for you.

They spot a pair of dragonflies mating nearby and that launches InGuk into YounHa’s “We Broke Up Today”, the song that SunBin sang on another variety show, I Can See Your Voice. (The point of the show was for the guest to pick between the good singers from those who are really tone deaf through nothing but “made up” evidences and lip synching. SunBin appeared in the episode where Jung JoonYoung was the guest under the moniker “Police Unit 38 SeoInGuk’s That Girl”.) Heh, she gets shy and the show shares clips of when they displayed just how close they are, evidently closer than normal friends.

Hurr, the production question what they are to each other and SunBin is like, “Oppa has no choice but to take care of me!” But she pairs that with a funny smile loaded with meanings. She chalks that up to having worked closely with him for 5 months straight and nods that their meeting was a really great piece of luck for her.


On the other hand, Seo InGuk calls her a “Grandma-like Dongsaeng”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! I’ve never seen anything romantic in your interactions, but isn’t that just a bit too much? At a grand old age of 22, she’s become grandma-zoned by a guy so much older! Pffft! He explains that it’s because she’s so practical without pretense like a grandma and full of humanness like a grandma.

And while Oppa and Grandma glee over their critter-shake, Chunderella and JiWon are just sitting by the side of their half-finished Ger, a little out of their minds. They brighten up to see ByungMan come over and learn of the hare. HA!!!! When he asks them about the progress of the Ger, ChunHee says that they couldn’t complete it because it was dangerous (with just two people) while JiWon is blunt as ever and goes, “because (he) didn’t know how”.

HAHAHAHA, all of ChunHee’s braggart remarks come to bite him in the ass when ByungMan figures out how to build it within 30 seconds of looking at the structure. With the help of ByungMan, they get the centre piece up first, to the amazement of the other guys. They then put in the poles, and once a Chunderella, forever a Chunderella, as ChunHee gets his head stuck between two poles, pfft. ByungMan even has to show him how to get out. What are your apprentices back home going to say when they see you like this?

They get the poles up, but their work isn’t over. They still have to put the coverings up. They take a rest for a moment though, because Yeh JiWon, the (forty-)four year old wild mare has completely drained all her energy and has practically collapsed somewhere else to sleep.

It’s not a surprise, since the temperatures have hit 50 degrees Celsius and they haven’t had anything to eat in hours. In a personal interview, she admits that was the hardest time for her ever, since she’s never felt so lifeless before.

And while waiting, the other guys dig a deep hole in the ground, where the sand is so much cooler. They sit in it, getting a lot more refreshed.

After a very short nap, JiWon returns, apologising (though the other guys don’t hold it against her, aw), and they make short work of putting the covering up. That Ger makes all the difference to their lives and even though they’re just sitting outside of it, the shade of it is enough for them to feel like they’re in another world.


Heh, InGuk and SunBin walk up to them, InGuk leading her up like a groom leading his bride to the alter. Of course the others tease them for it, haha.

They present their shrimp-like critters to the others but MinKyo is not impressed to learn that they still need to gulp them down with water and tells them to release them all. HAHAHAH.  After all that work? But he has reason to be so choosy with his food because his group has caught a hare, to the joy of the others.

They set up a dung-fire again as the skies get darker. While waiting for their hare to be cleaned, they talk about how they’ve never eaten anything like that before, except for ByungMan. But of course, in their interviews, they reveal that they’re willing to eat anything, even lizards, and that a hare is a miracle to them.


Heh, hunger makes everything look more delicious and heavenly, but upon seeing more meat that they can eat than expected, their eyes grow big. Hehehe, short ByungMan tries to portion the hare for cooking while tall ChunHee holds the canteen. It takes them quite a while before realising that ByungMan is having a rather hard time because of the height difference, and laugh as ChunHee voluntarily kneels for him. Heh, the canteen is now at the same perfect height as his kitchen sink at home.

Dinner is Boiled Hare in Clear Broth (basically water). They put it over their dung-fire and groan when KangNam spills some poop-powder over it while adding more poop to the fire. Luckily, the canteen is covered. But they decide that it won’t do and so hammer a pole into the ground, using a huge log. And since Chunderella is with them, that job is left to him… though the rest help him towards the end.

With the stake in the ground, the canteen can now hover over the fire from a safe distance and they can stoke the fire without worrying about the poop contaminating their meal too. Then ByungMan opens the canteen and strokes the inside of the canteen with his gloved hands, LOL.

They all have a taste of the boiled hare, seasoned with some of JiWon’s salt, and nearly go out of their minds when they taste the meat. They all agree that it’s has a craze-inducing taste. It could be their hunger speaking (they hadn’t eaten anything for 10+ hours since their frog meal), but KangNam declares that it tastes better than duck. InGuk agrees, since it doesn’t have a rabbit-smell or any kind of smell to it. JiWon actually cries from the taste, haha.

Hare meat is not all they get and even the broth is crazy addicting and satisfying.


In her interview, JiWon explains that she cried because she was so moved by having hare to eat. Just thinking about what would have happened if they didn’t have the hare is enough to make her shiver. The rest share their feelings of the hare being a miracle to them too while the guy who caught it says that he felt like a dad seeing the rest enjoy the hare.

Back in the present, ByungMan has a mouthful of pure salt and the rest insist on trying it too, ignoring the whether the production allows it or not.

After their dinner, they head out to catch the rats – more food for the next day.

Almost immediately, something moving catches their attention and… it’s a hedgehog! So Cute!! Pwahahaha, it rolls up into a little ball and they lightly kick it around like a soccer ball. They’re insistent on seeing its face, so they decide to bring it back.

They go further into the grasslands and run among the little hills. They find quite a number of mice and no matter how fast the mouse runs, they always have their torch trained on it. SunBin catches one with her net! Ha, they joke that the rat understands Korean since it stopped just a bit when they started shouting.


But ByungMan and KangNam lose their rat and heh, he even drops the hedgehog in the process.

Now that they have a catch, they take a rest. KangNam blows at the hedgehog, willing it to open up but it doesn’t care and remains in a ball.

They find another rat and start chasing after it. MinKyo catches it with his net. Oh, the species of rats here are Spring Hares. Ha, seems like in the night, it’s SunBin and MinKyo who excel at hunting. ByungMan finds another Spring Hare and they all chase after it. KangNam pounces on it but misses. Luckily, SunBin is right behind to grab it with her hands. Yup, in the dark, SunBin is the winner. KangNam groans in embarrassment. HAHAHA.

They return to base with their hedgehog, which is very welcomed by the others. Hee, they all coo over it, and fiddle with it, but it never opens up. So they leave it alone with a single camera while they stand far away, just watching on. Eventually, only SunBin is left to watch over it. They even come up with a name for it: DoChi. Heh, the cameraman asks if its family name is “GoSeum”, which will make its full name be the Korean equivalent of Hedgehog but SunBin insists that it is Mong. Mong DoChi. The end.

Slowly but surely, the hedgehog starts unfurling itself and eeeeeeeeee! It’s so cute! The other members have come to see it too and can’t help but melt at how it’s sleeping against a heated rock.

Now that their “maknae-member” has slept, the rest of the members head into the tent to sleep too, except for ByungMan who sleeps out under the stars. Unlike the previous night, they’re now warmer, though InGuk has an extra bump on his head because he forgot that the door’s short. HA.

Morning comes and ChunHee is the first one to wake. The very first thing he goes out to do is play with DoChi, who plays hide and seek with their bed of plucked shrubs. It then hides near a rock and ChunHee makes a little shelter for it.

The others soon wake up after a very comfortable sleep. MinKyo is the only one who oversleeps… because he slept near the hole in the tent and so felt cold throughout the night.

This day is good to InGuk, because he finds a rainbow in the middle of the desert. Whoo! Can it really be called a rainbow if it doesn’t bend? It just looks like a colourful spot in the sky.


Meanwhile, ByungMan is concerned about survival again and tries out something he’d seen on the internet – making fire using water and a plastic bag.

Hahaha, the rest are just taken by DoChi, chasing after it and cooing at how it totters around. ByungMan even joins in the fun and pretends that he’s walking the hedgehog.

The cast gathers for their mission for the last day in the desert which the PD announces as: trading/bartering with the local Mongols here.

The group splits into two, with SunBin, KangNam and ByungMan in one group while InGuk, JiWon, ChunHee and MinKyo form the other.

SunBin, KangNam and ByungMan are the ones who find some sort of structure first. It’s a stone structure, locked and it’s surroundings is littered with bones and skulls. They wonder what it’s for and generally tries peeking into it. They aren’t sure, so they head to the other stone ruin they see nearby.


ByungMan pokes around it and sees that it isn’t made with concrete but mud. They guess that it was some kind of military post or military barracks or some kind of historical site.

The show kindly informs us that it’s just a storage and animal shed once used by by the local nomads. HA! That mud? It’s not thousands of years old.

The other team finds some Ger and calls out to the owner in Mongolian. JiWon explains their situation in Korean and that’s translated to the lady owner, who invites them in and offers food. Wow, she brings a basketful of bread and cheese… though they don’t really know how to eat the hard bread without breaking their teeth, hee hee.

She even offers Suutei Tsai, a kind of Mongolian salty tea, made with water, milk, (green) tea and salt. While YeWon explains it, InGuk is all, “it’s delicious to me”.

HA, are they secretly pocketing the bread?

The production refuses to let them take it all and InGuk immediately produces the two loaves he’d hidden in his bag, HA. The lady is fine with them taking the whole basket though, so generous, but rules are rules and our group offers them everything they’ve brought.

She doesn’t need everything though and only wants some rope. She accepts the gloves from InGuk and rejects the horse food from ChunHee, hah. Her husband (?) who had been sitting nearby eyes InGuk’s sunglasses, which he freely gives.

In return, they get bread, cheese, Kumis (a fermented dairy product from mare’s milk) and camel milk.

The group returns to base, with ByungMan’s team coming in empty handed. JiWon’s team brings all their goods in and delights in the fact that they have three days’ worth of food.


JiWon offers to make cheese, confident that she can do it, with vinegar, salt, milk and fire. It won’t be easy though… or maybe I’m just thinking about all my failed attempts to make mozzarella. I always end up with ricotta, dammit. They’re impressed by her confidence and are impressed again when they hear that she’s even brought a straining cloth… then are shocked still to learn that it’s her stockings. PWAHAHAHAHHAHA! Yeh JiWon, you never fail to amuse me. She doesn’t even know if she’d laundered it!

But whatever, they just use it, haha. While waiting for the milk to boil, JiWon explains through the process of cheese making, though the boys don’t look very interested in that. ByungMan returns and JiWon explains how to make cheese again. MinKyo just tells her to make it, not talk, heh.

So she does whatever she needs to do and then leaves it in the Ger to rest.

Sometime later, they bring it out… but it doesn’t really look like cheese to me. It does have little clumpy spots though.


JiWon explains that it actually needs to be filtered for them to get the cheese and that once filtered, the cheese would only amount to 1/10 of their original amount of milk. But that’s too little, so she suggests that they just eat it like that. ByungMan monotones what he thinks she means – it wasn’t that her cheese couldn’t harden, so this is not a failure. She just didn’t do that last step because of them, (so it’s their fault that it doesn’t look like cheese) haha.

JiWon has a taste of it and heh, it’s amazing to him. InGuk has a taste of it with bread, as do the others and there definitely is a cheesy taste to it. SunBin remarks that it tastes like carbonara and like this, JiWon earns her reputation back, hehe.

Once they’re done eating, the PD announces that their ordeal in the desert is finally over.

But now that it’s over, it means that they have to separate from Mong DoChi.

SunBin has that honour and she’s accompanied by InGuk. HAHAHA, they can’t help but laugh, seeing how the hedgehog waddles home.


Next Week!

InGuk and KangNam have a fishing competition while MinKyo worries over YeWon having too much fun on her horse.


4 thoughts on “Law of the Jungle Episode 231

  1. Chunnie is just such a typical Maaaaahnn! I can do it! bam! Nope. Well, if I had the tools… khmm. yeah right. I guess he should stick with building hedegehog shelters.
    even my mom watched this episode. I was embroidering with it on the background and she saw Mong and was caught in an instant. first time ever my mom has watched something korean.

    cannot wait for the next episodes, they really are like a bunch of folks on a deserted island, forming an odd type of community.


    1. I admit that this is one of the funnier and nicer one to recap. Everyone has their own quirks that just melts and blends together and makes the group so cohesive.

      Also, I want a hedgehog as a pet. I want my own DoChi and watch it waddle.


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