1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 141

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 141:

The trip to Uruk ends and it’s back to the bus for our guys. Since they’re roaming around in Gangwondo,  DongGu thinks that their next drama stop on this Drama Road themed trip is Autumn in My Heart. Or literally, Autumn Fairytale. Heh, it stars Song HyeGyo, so they wonder if this is a Song HyeGyo special instead.

Another drama filmed in TaeBaek, Gangwondo is TaeHyun’s debut drama Our Sunny Days of Youth. Er, literally, it’s Young Person’s Sunny Place. And aw, TaeHyun wasn’t even credited for his small role in it, haha.

All that talk doesn’t interest JongMin and he starts drifting off. Heh, the others warn him not to sleep, but he can’t help it, to JunHo’s delight. (In the last episode, JongMin had splashed JunHo with a capful of cider when JunHo had slept in the helicopter.) His head starts lolling and once they’re pretty sure he’s out of it, JoonYoung prompts Defconn to prepare his cap of cider. So he does… and it lets out a hiss, waking JongMin, HA!


Oh! They really alight at the filming location of TaeHyun’s debut drama! They watch the clip of him in his drama and comment that SuChan looks exactly like TaeHyun. Or he would if the kid would just slim down.

They pick a scene from the drama and try to search where it was filmed but because the place had changed too much (it was replaced by a casino. And a sign right in front writes, “Please do not bet the happiness/fortune of your family” to JunHo’s chagrin, hehehe), they decide to just film at some place nearby – the local train station.

They find a cart of (fake) coal on their way to their base, which just turns out to be the train platform, haha. And because the drama is titled Young Person’s Sunny Place, they’re going to go through the “Young Person Test”. This is a competition for dinner ingredients.

Heh, their first test is a physical one. Put your arms together and raise them in front of your face. If, looking under your elbows, you see everything up to your eyes, you’re physically in your teens. To your nose, then you are in your twenties. Mouth, thirties and if you see your chin, you’re physically in your forties. If you see nothing of your face, you’re a sixty year old haraboji. Pffft, Yoo PD can’t even raise it past his chest and his writer needs to help him demonstrate what he means.


The other Haraboji-s on 1 Night 2 Days are Defconn, JongMin and TaeHyun, hahah. JunHo manages to “show” that he’s physically in his thirties while both JoonYoung and DongGu are in their twenties.

The train comes just as they’re done with the game and the cast obliges the passengers with friendly waves. HAHAHAHA, a certain lady waves happily back at them, then gestures powerfully for Defconn to move because he’s blocking her view of DongGu, heh. Aw.

The next game is one in which they have to form words with the syllables shown on a board. They can’t repeat a word and have to answer within 5 seconds. They go two rounds without any difficulty… except for YAPS and DongGu, who just gets stumped. Ha, some very interesting answers in the first rounds are Defconn’s “Porn” and JunHo’s “Infertile”. Then in the very third round, TaeHyun tries “Infertile man”.  Fail! Defconn fails too and the competition is down to JongMin and JoonYoung.

Both go at it like pros, easily prattling out words they see on the board. JoonYoung even lists three-syllabled words. They fight with their words until JongMin says, “Automatic Noodles”. He means noodles that automatically come out of a machine. LOL! JoonYoung easily comes up with another word to seal JongMin’s loss, meaning that the Maknae wins the game. “This is youth,” he taunts, haha.

The third test is a taste test. TaeHyun laughs that he’s going to be last in this too. Because of his mom. Lol, it’s because her cooking supposedly always tastes the same. I suppose that taste is MSG? HAHA.

Anyway, in this test, they have to figure out which of the three beef samples they have before them is brisket, the one usually used in stews or soups. All three beef samples they have belong to different parts of the cow. The first one is apparently hard to chew and TaeHyun thinks that 1 and 2 taste the same.


There are high hopes for Defconn, the “Food King” and he thinks that the third one is used for grilling. One by one, they get certain which one is the brisket, especially DongGu. TaeHyun really can’t tell the difference between the three, haha.

It’s time to choose which of the three is the brisket and except for TaeHyun, everyone else chooses option 2. TaeHyun chooses option 3. They all explain why they think 2 is the answer and DongGu just smugly says that he’s the King of Bread. Ha! What has that got to do with beef? He doesn’t know either. What kind of bull shit, heh.

Yoo PD therefore reveals what parts of the beef the different samples came from. As expected, option 1 is not brisket. (It’s loin or ribeye). Option 2 is the Neck Cut (Chuck). HAHAHAHHA! TaeHyun’s therefore the only one who got it right! And he suddenly goes from  confused to gleeful. Heh, Yoo PD doesn’t let DongGu’s confident but wrong declaration go.


The final result of the “Young Person Test” is that JoonYoung is the “youngest”, followed by TaeHyun, JongMin, DongGu and finally, the “very not-young” JunHo.

And since he scored best, JoonYoung gets to choose the ingredients from the table that he wants first. He takes the Pork Belly and the Squid. TaeHyun takes the Rice Cake and the Ribs. JongMin takes the Eggs and the Tofu while Defconn takes the Flour and Potatoes. DongGu takes the Sauces and the Bean Sprouts and so JunHo is left with Young Pumpkin and Cheese.

They do their ridiculous GOGO cheer and then head on to the bus to their next location. JunHo searches on his phone for a recipe that fits his ingredients while DongGu talks like a chef and entices JoonYoung into choosing him as a partner for dinner. Heh, nobody wants the cheese.

They start to get scared when the scenery outside changes to something foggy and dark. Ha, TaeHyun wonders if they’re at Gokseong again while DongGu soon figures out that they’re at a mountainous area where farming takes place.

He’s right. The whole place is filled with cabbages grown at high altitude.

They step off the bus and into the cool weather. They look upwards a wind turbine but it’s so tall and the weather’s so foggy that they can’t see the propeller.

Hehehe, they start feeling chilly and when told that this place never goes above 20 degrees Celcius even in the middle of summer, they complain about Yoo PD not bringing them here in the day time when it’s hotter instead, ha. Anyway, this is base camp for the night and is also where they’ll cook their food, though not exactly where they’re standing at right now because at that altitude, water won’t even boil properly. Yoo PD tells them that they’re going to move some place lower soon.

Heh, TaeHyun starts fidgeting in the cold and whines that Yoo PD could have told them everything in 10 seconds. Pffft, they complain about him talking too slowly and Yoo PD is all indignant: “I have a script you know? And I’ve never gone through a single paragraph properly!” Then he tells them that they’re to head down right now. In other words, they came up just to see the view, though there’s no such view to see because of the fog and the darkness. PWAHAHAHAHHA.


JunHo takes a photo with the signboard declaring the place as Ridge of the Wind. And the mat-hyung of the group poses really old-fashionedly.

They’re shown to their dinner preparation areas and are told to include cabbages in their dishes. They’re to cook in pairs, and first and second place gets to choose their partners. JoonYoung chooses DongGu, the one with the basic sauces while TaeHyun chooses Defconn. That leaves JongMin with JunHo, who wonders what they’re going to do with their eggs, tofu and cheese. You could really do a lot with those though, especially since you’re given oil, salt, soy sauce and sugar.

Pfft, YAPS just leaves the cooking to JongMin while he shares the raw cabbage with the rest of the production team.

TaeHyun and Defconn are happy with their simple Pan-fried Rice Cakes and Potato Pancakes.


While the others make healthy bland dishes, the youngsters of the group get busy making a feast, what with Doenjang Stew and a real marinade for their Squid Stir-fry. TaeHyun watches them from the side, nagging like an ajumma and getting totally envious of them for having Gochujang and Doenjang.

JunHo and JongMin try out a new stew, filled with a huge spoonful of minced garlic, tofu, cabbages and young pumpkin. LMAO, JongMin’s face says everything about its taste. JunHo complains that it really looks too white and sneaks over to get DongGu’s Gochujang. Of course he’s warned by Yoo PD and he backs away.

Mission failed, he and JongMin attempt their next challenge: to make fried rice. JongMin fries it up and calls for salt, which JunHo adds a whole handful of. HAHAHA. Then they taste it and realise that he added sugar instead. PWAHAHAH!

They next add the cheese to both the rice and their soup. JunHo and JongMin declare the soup absolutely wonderful… though when TaeHyun tries a taste, he can’t disagree more. Heh, he asks how garlic could taste greasy.

They’re soon done with cooking and DongGu and JoonYoung proudly present their proper dishes. TaeHyun and Defconn really have delicious and simple food and JunHo and JongMin present the team with their feast of Maebong Mountain Cheese Soup, Maebong Mountain Cabbage Cheese Fried Rice, Maebong Mountain Cabbage Young Pumpkin Egg Pancake and finally Original Taste of Maebong Mountain (raw cabbage).

TaeHyun and Defconn thoroughly enjoy their simply pan grilled ribs, and JongMin declares his rice good. Heh, Yoo PD refuses his offer of a mouthful of their fried rice but has to down it when JongMin forces it on him. But it’s actually okay!

JunHo has a taste of DongGu’s stir fried dish and looks like he’s in heaven. In return, he offers DongGu his “baby”, the stew, and DongGu has like the most visceral “NO!” reaction ever. HEE HEE. The rest of the production staff agrees with him.


Yoo PD tells them that they have to eat everything and JongMin and JunHo start complaining that “good food” should be shared with everyone. Just like when Yoo PD and crew visited DongGu’s grandparents’ place and ate everything! HAHAHA.

TaeHyun backs him up and Defconn calls for volunteers. A cameraman happens to fall off his platform just then, meaning that he has to try JunHo’s “baby”, hahahahah! His expression doesn’t lie. Their next target is YooNa’s (the first girl whose blood type they guessed last episode) boyfriend and they pull him out from the Security Team. Pfft, that means that he WAS with them the last episode!

JunHo orders him to down the whole pot of soup, hehehe, but he goes easy on the guy and feeds him only a spoonful of soup. He monotones that it’s delicious, hehe. Then Defconn screams for him to publicly declare that he loves YooNa. So tacky, hee. But he does anyway, to YooNa’s embarrassment.

The rest of the guys finally try JoonYoung and DongGu’s cooking and TaeHyun’s remark is, “but they had the best ingredients…” HAHAHHA! I guess, even if you’re a power food blogger, you can be terrible at cooking. The best thing on their table is the raw cabbage, lol.


After dinner, it’s time to look at the moon. They won’t be able to see the stars though, because the full moon is so bright. Yoo PD tells them to look at the constellations. And they can, even though they can’t see the stars at all. They can see it through an app, which shows them the constellations when they aim the camera at the sky. JongMin has hold of the smart camera and pffft, he almost falls back just to catch a glimpse of JunHo’s horoscope.

Once they’re done playing, Yoo PD announces that they’ll all be sleeping outside tonight, in tents though. DongGu knows that it means that there’s a catch and it’s: waking up early (to harvest 100 heads of cabbages). Hurr, JongMin looks like he’s about to cry.

So their bedtime game will be replaced to determine who has to wake up early.

Since this place is where many visitors come to see the stars, the drama that inspired this game is old hit Star in My Heart, starring Ahn JaeWook. And because Ahn JaeWook has that funny floppy fringe in the drama, they’ll have to wear it too.

Pfft, Yoo PD tells them that they’ll be playing with Ahn JaeWook and TaeHyun interrupts to ask, “he’s here?!” Hehehe, no. They’ll be playing with him over the phone.

They’re given a series of phrases to choose from and through the phone call, they have to make Ahn JaeWook say out their phrase naturally. They all have a combined total of 10 minutes to play the game.

The phrases are, “Don’t act up/play/joke”, “Ah, Geurae Yo?”, “I’ll buy/pay”, “Hey, I’m Ahn JaeWook”, “If I don’t know, how am I supposed to go?” and getting him to sing Forever, that song from the drama.

They decide who gets to choose what through their trusty scissors-paper-stone and JongMin beats them all cleanly. He chooses the Forever song while TaeHyun chooses “I’ll buy”. DongGu goes with “If I don’t know, how am I supposed to go?” while JoonYoung picks “Ah, Geurae yo?” Heh, he’s all prepared for it already, expecting Ahn JaeWook to say that phrase out the moment he says that he’s a fan. Defconn and JunHo play scissors-paper-stone and Defconn wins “Hey, I’m Ahn JaeWook” while JunHo is stuck with “Don’t act up”. Hehe, that last one is not easy.


TaeHyun, the one closest to Ahn JaeWook among them, calls the guy and asks him if he knows where the Ridge of Winds is. The lead actor of the hit drama guesses Bogwangdong, a place in Seoul. LOL. Completely different province, dude.

TaeHyun simply explains the reason they’re calling and then passes the phone to JongMin, who says, “This is our first time meeting.” HAHAHA. Ahn JaeWook immediately guesses the game that they have to play. He says that he’s a fan of JoonYoung and when JunHo gets a chance to speak to the actor, he sneaks in an “act up” in his conversation. Defconn requests that they have Yaja time (when their speeches change to casual instead of formal) and when DongGu gets the phone, he’s shocked to get congratulated by him for becoming 1 Night 2 Days’ new member.

Ha, he then tries to make him say his hit phrase but Ahn JaeWook is like “that’s not mine, but Kim HeungGook’s!” Defconn calls for Yaja time, telling him to greet the viewers, and Ahn JaeWook says, “Dear viewers, Annyeong!” (formally, he should have said Annyeong Haseyo). LOL! JunHo has his turn and he asks the actor if he knows of his skit based on the word “act up” and all the guy says is that it’s funny, haha!


JoonYoung has his turn and asks if he knows that wild ginseng is good for his body. Contrary to expectations, Ahn JaeWook innocently replies that he can’t eat it because his body’s too heaty, LOL! JoonYoung tries another herb that Ahn JaeWook says “Ah Geurae?” to, meaning that he’s exempted from harvesting cabbages. Hee!

TaeHyun takes over and invites him to their dinner-gathering expecting him to coolly say, “I’ll buy”. He rejects the invite and tells them to enjoy themselves. Hehe. JongMin starts singing the lines to Forever and stumbles… so JaeWook continues it for him. Kim JongMin, mission clear!

DongGu goes next and laments that Ahn JaeWook didn’t come to his military discharge parade. Ahn JaeWook picks up the clues and complies with “if I didn’t know, how am I supposed to go?” That’s too obvious and Defconn now just straight up tells Ahn JaeWook to act. He screams, “Hey, I’m Defconn” and Ahn JaeHyuk answers with, “Hey, I’m Ahn JaeWook.”

TaeHyun gets worked up and shouts about the dinner-gathering. JunHo snatches the phone and repeats “act up” over and over again. Ahn JaeWook doesn’t say the phrase, “Don’t act up” to the end, haha! TaeHyun therefore takes the phone back and gets him to say refreshingly… “I’ll buy”.

That means that everyone other than JunHo accomplishes their missions.

Rightfully, JunHo complains that they’d cheated too much and Yoo PD agrees. Pfft, Ahn JaeWook interrupts the ruckus to announce that he’ll be putting the phone down now, hahha. Anyways, because they were too obvious, Defconn and TaeHyun are punished to harvest 70 heads of cabbages each while DongGu has to harvest 50 heads. JunHo, who failed right to the very end, has to harvest the full 100 heads of cabbages.

The long day comes to an end and they load up on the bus too. TaeHyun puts on some hip hop, which DongGu and JunHo rap to. JunHo’s lyrics include “Neighbourhood Babo”, and he directs that at JongMin who’s sleeping. Hee.

They head into their tents and joke that heavy snorers JunHo and Defconn’s tent is where no one will get any sleep. JoonYoung hilariously screams, “where are you touching!” just to tease JongMin, hee, but soon, they’re like DongGu and TaeHyun – in deep sleep.


Right at 4.30am, the losers get woken up for harvesting duty.

JunHo gets up… and then goes to JongMin’s tent to disturb him, hahahaha! Defconn joins in the fun too, heh.

Then in the bus, where JunHo has fallen asleep, TaeHyun chants his name incessantly over and over again.

JunHo doesn’t give up on sleep and lies on the ground right before the cabbage patch. He gets up only when he sees the farmer-owner.

Lol, the farmer demonstrates how to harvest those cabbages and YAPS adds those cabbages to his pile.

They ask why they have to wake up so early to harvest the cabbage and learn that it’s because that’s when the cabbages are the freshest, with dew on them.


All four guys get right down to work, bending over to harvest one, then take it to their mat and then going back again. DongGu just works smarter and harvests a row first before moving them over, two at a time. Meanwhile, JunHo works as fast as a snail runs 100m.

In no time, DongGu has 50 cabbages harvested. He continues on to pack those into sacks, working steadily, while JunHo is still busy cutting those cabbages down. Pfft, he threatens the production team to help him, muttering that if he can’t go home, they can’t go home too. Soon, he has three helpers, one of whom is Yoo PD, hee.

The sun soon peeks from behind he mountains and DongGu is taken with the view while all Defconn cares is that it means that JongMin should wake up and help them.

While DongGu finishes up with his 50 heads of cabbages, JunHo plays around with the leaves. He even buys a head and proceeds to make a mockery out of himself… though it’s sadder that no one pays attention, pfft. He begs for attention… but the others still don’t care about him because they’re busy doing his work. Yoo PD even rubs it in his face and asks, “That’s it?!” Work, Kim JunHo, not play!

Many hands make light work and soon, they’re done. Neither JongMin nor JoonYoung had come to help them, so they creep up to their tent, getting real close before screaming, “JONGMIN AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” shocking him awake, HAHAHHA!

And that’s the end of the Drama Road!



Next Week!

They act up.



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9 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 141

  1. Thanks for the fast recap! Have yet to watch it but looking forward to see the boys in aprons! They looked cute! Hahahaha…why is junho keep reminding us how much he looks like a frill-necked lizard? Am dying of laughter here!


  2. Jun Ho with the cabbages…even more funnier when he got ignored. Ha!

    You know it took me too long to warm up to Si Yoon/Dong Gu since Gutaeng was my 2nd fave member (Jong Min forever #1 Lol!) but I’m really glad that he was the one they chose as the 6th member. Especially in this ep. That diss to TH: “Only his face looks young”. His random nonsense-ness like the other members sometimes does: “I’m the king of baking” when it has nothing to do with meat. Sucking up to the maknae who has the meat and when JH and DC were messing with sleeping JM, he joined right away.


    1. Ha, DongGu is learning the ways of 1 Night 2 Days and learning that it’s okay not being perfect. Welcome to the DongGu club!

      Seriously, the 20 bucks he paid to change his name is the most useless 20 bucks spent ever.


  3. Thanks for the recap! You always post faster than Eng subs come out, so I always have to resist clicking for a while…

    I like how this episode showed once again how casual Taehyun is with big name actors. He’s really well-connected. Dong Gu was adorable in this episode, he seems to be letting loose a little, although I wish he would get cuddly with hyungs/Joon Young.
    The end of this episode reminded me of 3MaD, when everyone ended up pitching in to harvest crops. It was cute how New PD was willing to do so, especially since I can’t really see Yoo Ho Jin PD willing to do manual labor.


    1. TaeHyun is like your everyday guy who just so happens to be a huge celebrity himself, with loads of connections. He’s a miracle.

      Yeah, DongGu just needs to let himself go with his instincts instead of checking whether it’s okay every time. I mean, he probably does that because he doesn’t know where the line is for the others and so he keeps checking himself, even though I’m pretty sure that everyone else has no lines with him. And I think he was traumatized by the table tennis, lol. They really gave him grief over that. He’ll be fine. Give it till the end of the year and I’ll bet that he’ll out-YAPS JunHo. He’s actually kinda started doing that already, ha.
      I was a little sad that Yoo HoJin left directing but I can’t say that I’m not loving push-over Yoo IlYong though, haha. The dynamics he has with the other guys are different and his editing skews more grandpa-ish, but heck, this PD is like a toothless puppy with them and it’s so hilarious.


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