Three Meals a Day in Gochang Ep 8

Three Meals A Day Episode 8:

To beat the summer heat, Winter has joined as the newest member of the family at Three Meals in Gochang and just like the duckies, he has the love of all his human roommates. Hee hee, JooHyuk commands Winter (GyeoWool) to sit, but the dog just breezes past him and JooHyuk goes, “that’s right! (good dog!)”

HaeJin thus calls GyeoWool over and he listens but when JooHyuk calls for his hand, JooHyuk has to physically pull his paw himself. “Good dog!” Then they all roll with it, telling GyeoWool to jump, play dead, and then SeungWon goes, “GyeoWool, Table Tennis!” HaeJin tests him on his times tables and then when GyeoWool lies over himself, JooHyuk commands him to lie. “That’s it!”

HoJun: “There’s nothing that GyeoWool can’t do, huh?” PWAHAHA.


SeungWon starts preparing lunch and first item on the menu is Tofu. He seasons it simply with pepper and then dries it, in order to remove the beany smell and keep it chewy. He goes on to make the accompanying sauce, with very simple ingredients, as always, and GyeoWool comes along to join him.

Haha, they’ve taken to saying “that’s it” at any random time and while SeungWon grills the Tofu a little, HaeJin goes to water the plants that have almost wilted due to the heat in the garden. Food Department member HoJun goes to the same garden to get some produce but gets sprayed with water, which HaeJin claims was a “mistake”. Then he does it again, HA! Kiddie HoJun complains to Chajumma and the ajumma tells him to just throw stones at them!

Because they have nothing to do, the Facilities Department has taken to ordering GyeoWool around and going, “that’s it!” And when SeungWon replies to HaeJin that he’s cooking, he says, “that’s it!” HAHAH.

SeungWon wants something from the market, so HaeJin hops on his motorbike to go get it. JooHyuk has to restrain the dog and while waiting for HaeJin to return, he bounces GyeoWool on his lap like a baby. HaeJin comes back and he passes the packet to GyeoWool to pass to SeungWon, heh.


The youngsters then head off to go collect their other babies from the rice field and are thrilled to see that they’ve all come out of the field themselves. But the ducks are determined not to make their work easy for them and two of them run away, ha.

Back at the house, SeungWon finishes up on his Tofu dish. Heh, a weird dog barks at them but instead of fighting back, GyeoWool hides behind daddy. JooHyuk also reassures the duckies that there’s nothing to fear. What he fears more is GyeoWool hopping onto the orivan. Pffft, then the dog does just that, hopping round the van and scaring the ducks. Oof! He destroys the platform.

Since the bad dog has scared one too many ducks, JooHyuk takes him away to exile.

Chajumma continues cooking, now working on the fish and other vegetables for the Pollack Stew, and making short work of it. He’s also in charge of the seasoning and like the ol’ hand he is, he mixes it up real well in no time at all. One by one, the ingredients enter the huge pot of bubbling red broth and after putting a lid on it, he’s done.

Or as done as he can be because JooHyuk can’t clean his beansprouts fast enough. Finally, he can’t wait and asks the kid to bring as much as he can. Once the beansprouts enter the stew, he finishes it off with tofu and even though he’s the one who made it, the taste drives him crazy too.

HaeJin goes produce picking in the garden and haha, he sighs over them. Pfft, he’s terrible with washing and layering the vegetable leaves and SeungWon has to come help.

While HoJun sets the table in their living room, SeungWon ladles that Pollack Stew up into a shallow pot, filling it right to the brim with yummy goodness. And just like that, another meal is done.

As always, Chef SeungWon’s food is a hit with everyone. There’s not a single complaint (but the older ones do cough, haha) and JooHyuk loves the soup for being refreshing. HoJun just eats in silence and because this is their first time eating fish at GoChang, SeungWon relays little messages for all the different kinds of fish they left behind at Manjae Island, HAHAHAHA! They especially thank the Spotbelly Greenling, lol. HoJun is especially happy to eat fish too and behind him in the distance, Na PD fiddles around with the leftover stew in the pot, heh.


Dinner ends and JooHyuk rubs his tummy, making HoJun envious of his six packs. That prompts HaeJin to pull another ajae gag, and he asks the young one if he eats Muscle Rice (Bo-geun Bap) every day. That word rhymes and sounds like Fried Rice (Bokk-eum Bap).

HoJun sighs that he would like toast for breakfast tomorrow and heh, HaeJin agrees that it would be perfect with a glass of milk, all while doing the gesture for Soju-drinking.

Rain starts falling and so they rush to wash the dishes. The rain gets heavier, so JooHyuk goes to cover HoJun with an umbrella and the elder bro sweetly asks if his arm doesn’t hurt and tells him that it’s fine, since he’s going to bathe soon anyway. Mommy Chajumma soon tells them to just come in.

The summer shower is a welcomed one for all of them, a relief from the terrible heat. JooHyuk and HoJun play with the water falling from the eaves with their faces. Meanwhile, Haejin can’t stop worrying about his kid and orders GyeoWool to stay in his kennel, scolding the dog whenever he takes a step out. In the end, GyeoWool just ends up joining HaeJin in their house and having his kennel brought to him by HoJun and JooHyuk.


All the humans wash up and spend the rest of the night watching TV together, with the elder two messing around the whole time, ha. SeungWon calls himself Jason Cha and HaeJin calls himself Rock Yoo, lol. They christen HoJun “Man Son” and then just call JooHyuk “We are Nam”. That’s their hip hop group and they’re ready to join the K-hip-hop battle show Show Me the Money. GyeoWool is like, “crazy people”, LOL.

HaeJin sees his dog sleeping on the veranda and rendering the kennel he spent the whole afternoon making useless. They start talking about breakfast the next day and SeungWon is okay with their suggestion of toasts and milk. But they can’t decide on the toast toppings, so SeungWon just offers them eggs on toast. They can add whatever they want themselves then. They can add curses on their toasts too if they want, he says.

Pffft, they’re supposed to sleep, but instead, they pull out the table tennis platform and start yet another round of table tennis in the middle of the night. They’re unstoppable! SeungWon and HoJun win the first round, and lol, they mess around while playing this too and SeungWon hurts his finger while trying to be funny. He wins the second round too, so HaeJin and JooHyuk, according to their bet earlier, will have no eggs for breakfast tomorrow.

PWAHAHA, JooHyuk and HaeJin can’t let this go, so they suggest another round, with bread on the line. SeungWon doesn’t bite, so they change that to milk and now he’s like “OKAY!” Oof, HaeJin and JooHyuk lose that too!

Then, they all go to sleep.

Day breaks yet again and while the guys slowly wake up, the bees are all awake and going about their day, flitting from flower to flower. GyeoWool has woken too… but then slowly, he returns back to sleeping, hehe.


Now that they’re much bigger, the ducks are feeling cramped in their orivan. They make a heck lot of noise and that gets GyeoWool barking, waking the humans up.

HaeJin’s first order of the day is to check up on his baby and the moment he releases him from his leash, he’s off disturbing the ducks before running up the hill behind the house. HoJun takes his own sweet time waking up and SeungWon puts on lotion.  HoJun gasps in horror to hear that the temperature today is expected to go as high as 35 degrees Celcius. WHAT?! And the actor worries that he’ll tan, because that’ll make his character just look weird in his current drama.

HaeJin has a ball of a time running around with GyeoWool, happy for the company. That dog has endless energy and runs all the time and all the way back. It’s only back at the house does he then show that he’s tired. Pffft, but one tongue-ful of water later, he’s back to terrorising the ducks.


JooHyuk tells him to stop it then brings the ducks to the field. HAHA, GyeoWool follows too and even though his owner is completely certain that he won’t enter the field, out at the field, HoJun and JooHyuk see a totally different scenario as the dog unabashedly waddles into the rice paddy, chasing after the ducks.

The trio returns from the field and JooHyuk tattles on GyeoWool. His daddy doesn’t get angry and just gives his kid a shower without complaints. Heh, the dog promptly falls asleep mid-shower, amusing the other humans.

Shower done, the dog heads off for food and while looking down at him eat, HaeJin mutter-complains about him being so naughty. “And your owner is so calm though…” he says.

SeungWon: “Eo? Who? His owner? He’s exactly like his owner.”

For breakfast, SeungWon prepares coleslaw and omelette. That egg is the one that JooHyuk can’t eat because of the bet, haha. SeungWon has a wonderful time teasing them about it, but of course when it comes down to it, they relent and let them share the egg too. That’s good for JooHyuk who’ve been following SeungWon’s every move with his eyes. They even add in the milk.

Soon, breakfast is done.

SeungWon and HaeJin have jam on their toasts while HoJun has sugar.

After breakfast, it’s time to work at the grape farm. They don’t really want to though, because it’s really getting scorching hot. They’re given even more bad news when they pass by their neighbour who laughs that there’re probably going to be a lot of mosquitoes there. Eesh.

But when they get there, their workplace is much better than expected. It’s in a closed greenhouse, kept cool by sprinklers. And because the grape vines are grown above their heads, they get shelter too. LOL, because SeungWon is too tall and has to bend inside, he runs out. He tells HoJun to go in and HoJun bends into it… and announces that he’s too tall for it too, HA. There’s like half a meter above him. When he stands up, he’s just the right height. HaeJin tells him to admit that he’s short and when HoJun is like “I’m 1.84m”, SeungWon goes, “I’m 2.4m!”

But play time comes to and end an HoJun and HaeJin start to really work, gently picking those grapes by the bunch. Or eating grapes, if we’re talking about HaeJin. He’s also amazed that in that huge greenhouse, despite spanning such a huge area, only has 18 green grape trees. The grapes are organic too, with no chemical pesticides whatsoever.


The tall giants are out folding boxes, and JooHyuk delights to find a job that he’s excellent at. They’re soon joined by HoJun and HaeJin bearing carts and carts of grapes. They just continue working, with the “shorties” refusing to accept their height, haha. They’re served various fruits as snacks, and that includes sweet green grapes and juicy peaches.

Next up is packing the grapes, in 2kg boxes. SeungWon failes to box at 2 kg, falling short by quite a lot. HoJun is terrible at estimating the weight and gets his box returned over and over, at 1.72kg, 1.66kg and 1.9kg, HA. JooHyuk on the other hand, has a perfect 2Kg box prepared. He hands over another and guesses that it’s 1.8 kg. It comes out to be 1.84 kg. Whoa. Then he continues, always guessing right exactly to the first decimal. He surprises the others with his weight estimation accuracy, getting freakishly accurate every single time. He’s sure that a box is 1.5kg and dang, he’s exactly right as the weighing machine reads 1.50kg.

They leave most of the packing to him and with his talent, they’re soon done, earning $60 with that morning’s work.


They head home, though SeungWon wonders what they’re going to do at home. Table Tennis? So they head off somewhere else, to anywhere that’s cool (and probably has an air conditioner).

Now that they’re rich, they send the kids off to buy snacks. But then SeungWon hops off to order the food himself, haha! JooHyuk points out that the coffee is 3,500 per cup and Chajumma reduces his order, heh. He orders some innards and even eats right from the ajumma’s chopping block, helping himself. Pffft, Chajumma can’t quite keep his excitement to himself.

He returns to the van, a smile stretching from ear to ear, happy to have enough food to get them through lunch. They park at some random corner to stop and eat in their van. HaeJin films their food and everything but soon, they’re all devouring it in complete satisfaction. SeungWon is especially happy about the innards and cold coffee combination. He calls this the life.

After lunch, they head off to the nearby EupSeong, seeing some kids playing in the fountain on the way. Young at heart HaeJin goes to join, followed by the real babies JooHyuk and HoJun getting completely soaking wet. Old grandpa SeungWon stays out.

Once they’re done playing, they continue on to EupSeong, the place where HaeJin filmed King and the Clown and where SeungWon filmed Blades of Blood. Seeing the place brings back memories for them. The walls of the place stand tall and strong, protectors of the land, and protectors of their memories.

The guys get back onto their van and and SeungWon starts nagging again, HAHAHAHA! OMG, mid nag, HaeJin takes a wrong turn and gets onto the expressway to Seoul, HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!


Next Week!

They build a bigger house for their ducks and cook Mapo Tofu. SeungWon annoys GyeoWool, heh.


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