Three Meals A Day in Gochang Ep 9

Three Meals a Day in Gochang Episode 9:

So the guys get on the expressway… and weave around wondering whether they can just enter the nearest exit back. But it’s blocked, so SeungWon gets off to put a call to the traffic centre and they get the gate lifted.

Once back, they head straight for the Gochang Dolmen Site, which promises to be an interesting place, what with Gochang having the highest concentration and variety of dolmen in the world, with about 2000 of them spread around the county. The Gochang Dolmen Museum there also displays figures depicting the history and cultures of the prehistoric ages.

But all our guys are really interested in is the air conditioning in the building, haha.

Nevertheless, they head straight to the first exhibition and as HoJun suggests, take their own sweet time appreciating all the pictures and art there. While SeungWon explains each and every exhibit like a high class museum curator, the others runs away. He then explains the sign stating that the CCTV is in operation, heh.


They head into another room and this time, they’re greeted with figurines depicting the prehistoric people’s way of life. HAHA, SeungWon sees them cook over fire, just like what the four of them have to do right now in Gochang and comments that prehistoric people ate even better than them, since they get ribs, unlike them. Pfft. What lies. They then see two different groups working and cooking – aka, the facilities and cooking departments to them, heh.

An animation plays on a large screen and they watch everything before heading outside. It’s like today is their day because it rains right then, taking the heat away. They sit on the stairs, looking over the large green plains. The rain and the ambience makes HaeJin crave for some soju, something that HoJun agrees with, but because there’s no such thing there, he goes to sleep resting against a glass panel, to the amusement of the other three guys, hee. The more they stare at him, the more they laugh and in his solo interview, SeungWon says that he loved that little time of peace and tranquil the most that day.

JooHyuk mutters that HaeJin’s neck must hurt, and as if his voice can cut through his dreams, HaeJin lies down, though SeungWon nags at them to go back home already, since it’s not raining there. That sounds like a lie, considering the storm they’re driving through.


Hahaaaaa, the moment they walk through the boundary to the house, Na PD teases and asks them if they didn’t go to Seoul. HaeJin pats GyeoWool then goes off to wash. JooHyuk takes that time to tease GyeoWool, acting like he has something for him. He just feeds the dog air and the doggie falls for it FOUR times. HAHAHA. But at least he has SeungWon fussing and cooing over him.

SeungWon suggests Jjampong for dinner and that’s the cue for the Food Department to get right down to work. SeungWon’s version of Jjampong needs a lot of vegetables and luckily for them, everything they need is in their garden.

Halfway through, Na PD interrupts to announce that the ducks have come out of the field and so JooHyuk puts on his raincoat to go get them. Pffft, is he using a mixing bowl to hold their bait? As always, food works, and all the ducks waddle into the orivan themselves except for one. Lol.

JooHyuk drags the orivan back home, bringing along another little doggie friend with him. That’s Hami!

Meanwhile, HoJun is already expecting the Jjampong, knowing that it’ll be awesome. There’s another reason he knows SeungWon’s Jjampong will taste fantastic – that was the first thing SeungWon fed him back when he was a newbie at Manjae Island.

And it really seems like HoJun exists at Gochang just to exclaim and hang around doesn’t he? In actuality, he does do a lot of work, though he always gets edited out (and Na PD acknowledges that, haha). Every time SeungWon needs something, HoJun is always right there with it. Like magic.

Back at the house, SeungWon makes short work of the Tofu and the other vegetables.

SeungWon needs their drum-can lit up, so HaeJin offers to do that. Instead, he dumps the garlic pounding job onto HoJun, heehhee.


SeungWon gets right down to work, masterfully manipulating the wok in his left hand and mixing everything up with his ladle in his right. HoJun and JooHyuk take turns braving the huge fire licking the wok and dumping ingredients into it. Last to enter the wok are the manila clams SeungWon dug up and lol, SeungWon jokes about them, addressing the clams as spies… what…

The last major ingredient added is a whole bottle of water and dang, the way he really cooks it at high heat makes it look as amazing as it surely tastes. The guys all have a taste of the Jjampong soup and of course it’s perfect.

They transfer the soup elsewhere and with the wok free again, SeungWon works his second dish. I’ve been watching him cook for hours already and he still continues to amaze me. Wait, wait, wait… that’s MAPO TOFU! I think. Whoa. SeungWon has this amazing sensitivity, knowing when to go hard with the dish and when to treat it as gentle as a new born babe.

To respect their extra-special dinner, the boys plate their food real nice, with HoJun opting to use huge colourful plates to hold their rice and JooHyuk paying special attention to how he cuts the kimchi, ha. The large plates of rice are given to HaeJin, who ladles the tofu over it, one plate at a time. Whew. Just like that, dinner – Jjampong and Mapo Tofu with rice, Kimchi and fresh cucumbers – is ready for devouring. Na PD complains that there’s no noodle (to accompany the Jjampong).


JooHyuk doesn’t care and declares the Jjampong DAE-BAK. Damn, I want a taste too. Everything’s so delicious that SeungWon has yet another bowl of rice with yet another bowl of Jjampong soup. Though he laments towards the end that there’re no noodles.

HaeJin volunteers for dish-washing duty and talks to GyeoWool who’s lying anywhere else but in his kennel while at it. The other guys don’t feel comfortable leaving him to do all the work and surround him… to do nothing but look, hehe. HoJun suddenly laughs, and then points out the youngest kid in their team downing herbal supplements. Old, rickety ajusshis are the ones who usually do that, not young people, ha. That unleashes the rap talent in SeungWon and HoJun starts dancing to the beat, pfft. That’s his method of keeping the mosquitoes away, the same mosquitoes that have been terrorizing HaeJin.

Once HaeJin is done, they gather to watch TV, moaning when they hear that the temperatures outside is high and set to get higher. And soon, they’re off to bed.

Morning comes, like it always does and GyeoWool is the first one wake, mostly because of little sounds that startle him, hehe. The bugs are busy crawling on the plants while the bird preens itself on the tree. The peace is suddenly interrupted by SeungWon’s snore, hurr…

HaeJin wakes up soon after and the first thing he does is to take care of GyeoWool, his baby. They head up the hill behind for a run, with HaeJin singing as he does. He tries to mess with the dog and make him follow instructions, but it takes more effort than usual because of the heat. Then he films GyeoWool’s butt, HA.

He comes upon some resident-ajummas, and asks them if they went to the clinic yesterday. Lol, what? Because it’s hot? They tell him that it’ll probably hit 38 degrees Celcius today. That’s just… crazy.

JooHyuk washes up, then fiddles around, waiting for breakfast.


SeungWon calls HoJun to heat up the left over rice… but that rice has gone bad, because they hadn’t plugged in the rice cooker. Oh no. That sends SeungWon into a mini (very mild) panic and for some time, he doesn’t do anything but sit and stare while he thinks.

Then he tells HoJun to bring the flour. HoJun ambles towards the flour, mutter-asking if they’re going to make flour dumplings instead. Heh, the apprentice knows too much about his master’s ways.

Menu for the morning is Kimchi Sujebi, or Kimchi clear soup with flour dumplings.

SeungWon mixes and kneads the dough for the dumplings, throwing it around everywhere, jokingly pretending it’s Yoo HaeJin, heh. Meanwhile, HaeJin is back at the tap and accompanied by GyeoWool.

SeungWon puts the dough in the fridge for 30 minutes, in order to make the dumplings smoother and chewier. And while they wait, they eat some PPL vitamins. I’m pretty sure those are PPL.


HoJun sits next to SeungWon and points out their same-coloured pants. Poor lonely JooHyuk sits too, but is shocked out of his seat by a grasshopper. SeungWoo fearlessly takes it in his hands and admires its body. Meanwhile, JooHyuk hides at home. Pfft, are you smelling the grasshopper now?

GyeoWool goes off running and disturbing the ducks, so HaeJin orders him to come back and stay. But the moment he’s off, GyeoWoo is back to bothering the poor birds again. So HaeJin leashes him up. But seeing how easily GyeoWool can terrorize the family’s babies has HaeJin thinking about building another house for the ducks… and he decides to just halve the chicken coop, and turn it into a “share house”, LOL!

HaeJin complains about GyeoWool, but SeungWon just sings a gibberish song to the dog, ha.

JooHyuk takes the ducks off for their daily work at the rice paddy and though they once fearfully jumped out of the rice paddy when they were younger, now, those same ducks can’t wait to run into the green fields. As this the very last time JooHyuk will be sending them there, he tells them to work hard and not eat bones (lol). He sighs and remembers the time when they couldn’t even enter the water.

While HaeJin works on the ducks’ house, SeungWon washes some green grapes and turns them into some very refreshing ice blends. He divides that out into four equal glasses and then sends HoJun to deliver HaeJin’s to him. Chajumma appears right then and nags.

SeungWon hands JooHyuk’s his and demands that he gives it an assessment after he drinking it… and the kid just does a very anti-climatic, “Oh.” PPFFFFTTT…

The grape ice-blend has HaeJin breaking into a 1957 song, hahaha, and after the refreshment, it’s back to building the divider for the ducks. He just makes a very simple rectangular frame complete with triangle stands. And HoJun gets amazed by that.

SeungWon comes along and thinks about table tennis when he sees it. The shape reminds him of  soccer and they think real hard about turning it into a soccer goal instead, HAHAHA. But in the end, they finish it up with chicken wire and create a dividing frame.

They insert it in the chicken coop and Na PD laughs that the chickens’ place suddenly just turned into a “rented room” (as in they have to share it). But now that the ducks have a stable home, GyeoWool can be let free. And so he’s let go and the first thing he does is ignore HoJun and run towards the fowls.


SeungWoo suggests making the broth for their Kimchi Sujebi now and calls for the fire to be made.  He takes the Kimchi out and seasons it with more Red Pepper Chilli flakes and minced garlic. He adds more spring onions and large white onions, then some fishcakes.

HoJun loves the way the broth bubbles and turns brown and SeungWon knows that it’s the time to take it off the fire.

HoJun doesn’t give up playing with GyeoWool and asks for a ball. He throws it and… GyeoWool just ignores, him, hehe. Instead, the dog goes off to play with the fowls and gets rejected by the chicken.

HoJun complains that it’s too hot and HaeJin suggests that they think that it’s cool instead to ally their suffering. HoJun doesn’t think that’ll work though and sighs to see that it’s already 34 degrees Celsius at 10.30 in the morning. This is crazy. And it doesn’t help that I was in Korea right then too, so I know how they’re feeling. It’s all coming baaack!!!! I remember the heat!


HAHAHA, then the show shows us just how ALL of them go crazy due to the heat. Maybe not HoJun though. He’s the one who points out that they’re all acting funny and different, hee.

SeungWon adds the ingredients to the boiling broth, along with some salt. He takes the dough out of the fridge and kneads it again while the stew bubbles and gurgles. But soon, it’s done too. LOL, there will never be a day when HoJun doesn’t stare in anticipation at the food SeungWon made.

They pair the steaming hot Kimchi Sujebi with cold side dishes and cucumber. But the secret ingredient is the pepper they add to the Kimchi Sujebi at the end. LOL, they even get extra cooked rice from the production, which SeungWon and HaeJin add to their Sujebi soup. JooHyuk adds the rice too, with a very enthusiastic, “Bap-seu”, and HaeJin remarks that JooHyuk telling jokes now doesn’t even feel weird. Na PD replies that it means that he’s stayed here for very long.

JooHyuk agrees with SeungWon that he really likes the Sujebi, mainly because he likes flour-based products, and meat and fast food. The only thing he really doesn’t like is raw vegetable, though he admits that he’s getting better on that front nowadays.

Hee hee, SeungWon and HoJun leave HaeJin and JooHyuk alone and they share jokes and giggle over them, with HaeJin doing better as the veteran.

HoJun comes back and laughs that HaeJin is too funny. He and JooHyuk hanker for ice cream and try to get their ice pops out of their moulds. Heh, the bottom breaks off and remains in the mould. That’s the tastiest part though.

GyeoWool has his water, while the ducks play around in the rice paddy. Na PD can’t get over how they’ve grown and shows us yet another clip of them frolicking in there as kids. And just like the ducks, the rice has grown too, now with rice seeds growing at their tips.

They guys all go to get the ducks together, chasing after them one by one, until all twelve of them are in the orivan. Where’s the trusty bait?


As the youngsters pull the ducks back, SeungWon remarks that they’ve all grown so much. Do you mean the ducks or the boys?

Hahahha, GyeoWool never lets up on playing with the ducks and runs to them the moment they come back.

The guys all set up the ducks’ new place lovingly and introduce them to their new home. And of course that’s a new milestone. Just like kids growing up and moving out, the ducks getting too cramped for their orivan and having to move is a Moment.

This is the last time they’ll see the ducks as duckling/teenagers and they’re all a little sentimental, having seen them from the moment when they’re small little babies till now. It’s like they made memories together with the ducks and they really, really love and adore them. It’s thanks to them that the rice paddy was weed and pest free. Summer passes and that means that the rice is getting ready to harvest.

That also means the end of filming for this trip.


Autumn comes and HAHAHA, JooHyuk still hasn’t gotten used to the ducks growing so big. He gets scared of them and wonders if they’ll bite. But when he chases them, they still run away, heh.

He’s first to arrive and all alone, he just decides to read.

A staff asks him if his mom made him anything after watching the broadcast. He replies that she made DalkGomTang, boiled chicken soup. Then because he has to be honest, he goes, “I’m sorry to mom but… SeungWon Sunbae-nim’s is more delicious.”

Thought bubble: “Will mom scold me?” Hee.

He lies down for a rest before the others come.

Next to arrive is HoJun… and he runs straight to the toilet because he’s having a stomach ache, leaving his luggage outside, HAHAHA.

Na PD asks whats up with his formal-ish clothes and he replies that it’s for the group photo they’ll take later.

HoJun greets JooHyuk with a slap to the butt and asks if he didn’t get to sleep. Nah, he just stayed up all night watching soccer. The elder guys haven’t arrived yet,  and they make small talk among themselves, comparing their clothes.

HaeJin arrives with GyeoWool, wearing exactly what he wears all the time. He laughs at the youngsters’ fashionable clothing that makes his look sloppy in comparison. And because the dog is like his master, GyeoWool never changes and the first thing he does once released is ignore JooHyuk’s outstretched arms and run around chasing the ducks, HAA.


HaeJin admits that he’d thought of wearing a suit, though he’d second guessed that decision after talking to SeungWon over the phone. He’d brought the suit though, and with the younger ones’ encouragement, he goes to change.

That means that HoJun and JooHyuk are left alone to control GyeoWool. Control they cannot, and the dog continues to terrorize the ducklings without rest. He even eats their food, HAHAH!

The young men just decide to turn GyeoWool into a Shepard Dog and tell him to chase the ducks into their cage.

SeungWon arrives for their last shooting of the season and hears the commotion. He knows that GyeoWool is the cause of it and calls out to the dog affectionately. All of a sudden, Na PD is calling out for “Abeo-nim” (a father, aka, an older than middle aged guy), and SeungWon turns around to see HaeJin in his formal suit. He spits out his cola. HAHAHAH!

This prompts Na PD to show us all the fashion that HaeJin has been sporting throughout his stay at Gochang and HoJun becoming one of his fashion-fan, hehe. That ends with HaeJin in his formal tuxedo… and in a cap. HAHA!

HaeJin then calls for them to go take photos together.



Next Week!

They go photo taking but… What the hell is SeungWon wearing?! He’s bringing SEXY BACK! Yeah!


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