Law of the Jungle Ep 232

Law of the Jungle Episode 232: Law of the Jungle in Mongolia Part 4

Having escaped from the horrifying bareness that was the Gobi desert, our tribe’s next destination is the birthplace of Genghis Khan, the Khentii Mountains.  They wonder about the natural, organic yellow (moss/ lichen) on the rocks and KangNam points out that his yellow hair is artificial, heh.

A little fact about Gengis Khan. He’s the founder of the largest contiguous empire in the world and a big reason for his empire’s growth is the Mongol Horse, the one that’s only about 120cm to 140cm tall, and its ability to move up to 160 km a day. They’re so important that there is/were about 4 to 5 horses per person in Mongolia.

And so, the tribe here is also given some horses to help them get through this unfamiliar place. PD asks who has horse riding experience and InGuk’s hands shoot up into the air. All the actors plus ByungMan have ridden horses before, having learnt it for mostly Sageuk filming. Therefore, SunBin and KangNam are the only ones who can’t ride the horses they’re given and hahaha, PD tells them to just run.


The 5 experienced horse riders take their horses round for a gallop and spot all those bogs that they have to avoid. ByungMan starts getting adventurous and eggs his horse on, galloping straight and fast into the vast plains. One by one, the rest of them follow and in voice over, ChunHee says that riding into the freedom on the back of a fast running horse was something on his bucket list… but in the present, his horse refuses to listen to him. It doesn’t even budge, HAAAAAAAAAA!!

ByungMan finds a huge body of water, meaning that they can get fish. He gathers the rest of the horse riders round an ovoo (sacred stone heaps used as altars or shrines in Mongolian folk religious practice) and following the practices of the Mongolians, JiWon ties her scarf around a rope, earnestly and seriously wishing for their trip to go well. That impresses ByungMan and he asks her why she can’t be this earnest and serious all the time, heh! JiWon just laughs that she can’t live like that.

They wonder about SunBin and KangNam, both of whom are just waiting for them at the same place. SunBin bugs KangNam to do a huge heart for them when she sees them approaching and though he complies, he gives her the what for, ha. The horse riders see water nearby and just decide to stay there for the night.


There’re only 5 hours of light left for them and ByungMan divides out what needs to be done. He tasks MinKyo and YeWon with scouting their surroundings, InGuk, KangNam and SunBin with getting fish for dinner while he and self-professed-genius-shelter-builder ChunHee will be responsible for building their Ger.

The fishing team heads off to the river and their eyes widen to see fish brazenly swimming obviously in the river. They throw their net out, but they miss the one they see. Ha, they see a duck nearby and KangNam’s hunter instincts come alive as he chases after it. But it’s in the middle of the river!

Pfft, they’re determined to get the duck and KangMan motions for InGuk to bring their net. He does, dragging that heavy drag-net behind him… but then they lose the duck and KangNam runs off to find it, telling InGuk to follow behind, ignorant of the fact that the net’s heavy for him, hee. The reason KangNam is so determined to get that duck is because he saw ByungMan do it on television in another episode and he’d looked so cool, HAHA! He eases himself into the river, pfft, and SunBin follows. He announces that he won’t be going home until he catches that duck!

They get a stroke of luck as the duck appears right in front of InGuk and his drag net, so InGuk throws the net right over where the duck was supposed to be, though he’s not sure if the duck managed to escape… and it does. Heh, they don’t even know how it escaped. This stresses KangNam and he mutters that this is the reason why he’s always second to ByungMan.

Now that they’ve got no duck, InGuk focuses on fishing. But all he gets in his net is one anchovy, HAHAHHA. He screams that he’d caught something and KangNam and SunBin come running over, expecting to see a duck when they arrive.

But there’s not even a duck feather waiting for them, nor even an anchovy (because Gguk threw that back into the river), and that seriously confuses KangNam. He begs InGuk not to con him and to stop with the lies, since his drama (Police Unit 38) is already over, HAHAHA! Fellow drama-actress Lee SunBin is just flabbergasted.


Meanwhile, MinKyo and YeWon plan out their scouting route then get back onto their horses, dreaming of living their dream and galloping through the green plains. Reality is that their horses just amble among the trees. At one point, MinKyo’s horse just stops completely… and that’s because he needs to pee. On the other hand, YeWon’s horse is too busy feasting on the grass to listen to her. PFFFT.

They realise that the land around them is large and vast, but there’s nothing there other than trees. So they change tactics and head for the hills, with YeWon getting waaay too excited. So excited that MinKyo tells her not to mess around, haha.

With their trusty horses, they reach the hills in no time and almost immediately, eyeball-fairy MinKyo spots a marmot hiding among the grasses. He gets off his horse and attempts catching it. Quietly, he stalks towards it, slowly and cautiously. But the marmot just hides back into his hole the moment MinKyo gets too close, fast as lighting. They decide to give up getting the marmot, since it can be dangerous and settle for coming back next time.


They continue on and find a well. Despite it’s appearance, they learn that it does produce potable water. MinKyo gets a small bottleful and tries it, declaring it to be delicious.

Their scouting has been very fruitful and they call it a day.

Back at base camp, ByungMan and ChunHee are already done with the Ger. HAAA!

In his solo interview, ChunHee narrates how it’d all gone: unlike those medical dramas where the head surgeon is all badass and bossy, he claims that ByungMan and him cooperated very well. No one raised their voices at all and flashback shows how the professional carpenter and self-proclaimed shelter expert played assistant to the almighty Kim ByungMan. But because ByungMan was so gentle, he ended up taking such a liking to him and the captions call ByungMan his “professor”, HEH.

Plus, because they’re done with the Ger so early, with 1 hour and 13 minutes left till the others come back, they head out in to the forest nearby. ByungMan brings along a slighshot that ChunHee uses to try his marksmanship. He aims at a distant branch sticking out of the river and… misses.

ByungMan just focuses searching for food and spots a duck that ChunHee can’t see. He aims at it with his slingshot and, aw, he misses. ChinHee gives it a try and just completely misses. ByungMan has his sights on the poor fowl and won’t give up. He tries again and manages to make it fly towards them.

The game is on and ByungMan and ChunHee  send a flurry of stones its way. But it’s so, so far, that they end up missing every single time. In the end, the duck escapes while they sit at the riverbank just waiting for it to come back into sight. Pfft, they wait so long that ByungMan starts getting sleepy.

Elsewhere, InGuk messes around with some wire and fishing gear, showing off his fishing expertise. They head off to the river and enter it, gasping to find that the water’s temperature has dropped a lot compared to earlier.


They head into a clear portion of water and InGuk starts setting up and shows SunBin how to work the fishing rod. KangNam has just gone his way, waddling thigh-deep right into the rushing river. He’s pretty sure that there’s fish in there, since he feels something and he shocks pro-fisher InGuk by being the first to catch one. Then he promptly loses it, HEH! I see InGuk smiling even though KangNam’s heart is shattering right in the middle of the river.

But soon, KangNam is back to himself and determined to get a fish. He easily gets another and this time, he makes sure to grab the fish immediately. SunBin happily cheers him on and makes a little well to hold his fish with some rocks. Gguk is not happy. His pride is hurt.

KangNam gets yet another fish and InGuk tries with his net over and over again, only to get nothing at all. He gives up on the net and after paying the fish KangNam caught a visit, Seo InGuk gets his rod and his game face on, challenging KangNam to get 10 fish.

YeWon and MinKyo come across some elderberries, ones that are even bigger than the harmag berries they found in the desert. They eat a few, expecting it to be even better than Harmag berries but… MinKyo totally hates it. Pfft, he doesn’t understand how YeWon can keep eating those things and even call it okay to eat.


They learn the Mongolian name for the berries from their guide and have some problems getting the pronunciation right. MinKyo gets it spot on while reeling from the sourness of another attempt at eating elderberries though, heh.

JiWon wonders if it’ll be okay if they just boil it but MinKyo points out that even if they boil it, they’ll just have sour tea/broth/soup/whatever. JiWon insist that the berries are fine. All they need is a little heat to ripen and they can help by hugging it to sleep. LOL. What are you saying lady?

So the show goes into clips of her talking about sleeping while hugging even before they’d left for Mongolia and later requesting to sleep next to a camel… then a horse… and finally her sleeping while buried in the sand. HAHAHA. MinKyo puts out a public advertisement, telling the production to find her a husband who’ll hug her to sleep.

MinKyo complains that his lips have torn/chapped and JiWon’s answer is that they’re plump. Lol, usually that doesn’t mean anything but after that exchange earlier, it gets a little “romantic”. In his pre-trip interview, MinKyo says that she looked so lovely and so he dated her even though there’s a 10 year gap between him and her… and ends it with “I was talking about my wife”. Ha. Yeh JiWon, you can’t sleep in his arms! He’s a married man!

They find rhubarb on the way. Since it looks like lettuce, MinKyo thinks that it’ll taste wonderful and tries chewing on it’s end. Ha, it shocks him. But the more they chew on it, the more they find that taste familiar, recognizing it as similar to that of an old childhood candy.

They continue on and find a horse’s skull parked on a piece of wood. They see eagles flying ahead and learn that there are even wolves in the area.


Down at the river, InGuk and KangNam are battling it out. Nothing happens though, and so KangNam moves from his comfy spot near the river back into deeper water. Almost like magic, he gets a fish immediately, to the dismay of InGuk. Hehe.

InGuk rocks his line, praying for something. Nothing greets him though, so he back on land to change baits. He asks KangNam if he’s okay… then tells him to rest. Is that really you being concerned for him or you being concerned for your pride?

In his interview later that night, he swears that it’s not the case. Everything is for the tribe! There’s no rivalry! But in the present, his face says something else. Heh.

On the other hand, KangNam almost freezes, so he gets out. He wishes to go back to the desert and SunBin disagrees. She sees something on his face and reaches out to wipe it off him. Trust the entertainer to sing the “dururu ru durururu” chime, the one used to signify a Romantic Moment. InGuk sees them and ha, he’s so transparent that KangNam can tell from that distance that InGuk is getting angry. (Because he can’t get a fish, what are you thinking?!)


And angry he is, as InGuk moves along the river, trying over and over again to just get One. Fish. At one time, he does get something – his glove, ha! Hard work doesn’t fail the persistent and InGuk finally manages to catch a fish without even entering the water. KangNam delights at that and rushes to InGuk’s spot. Now that he’s caught a fish, InGuk’s a lot brighter. HEHE, in her spot from a distance away, SunBin asks what’s up between the two guys. InGuk gets his groove and catches yet another fish, though KangNam doesn’t.

At another part of the river, ByungMan spots a group of ducks and tries his hand at hitting them. He misses though, and they disappear out of sight. It’s like magic the way they just escape. ChunHee tries whistling to get their attention but none come.

SunBin watches her over Oppas fish and since she doesn’t have that kind of talent (or tools), she decides to just clean the fish. The guys don’t get any fish for a rather long time. InGuk’s the one who breaks the silence by catching one first. And in the lull, the production plays the song Friends for them, lol.

InGuk tips the scales in his favour by catching their next fish. He’s positively laughing and enjoying this, I swear. He’s not the only one who’s enjoying himself though, because SunBin’s getting excited too.  Their attention is caught by a family of ducks charging through the water, haha. But because it’s getting so dark and because they don’t have the tools required, they just go back to base with their 7 fish.

The rest have arrived back at base too and ByungMan shares his stories of the ducks while MinKyo shares stories of his marmot. KangNam annoys ChunHee, grabbing ChunHee’s leg to hug for the warmth despite himself being all wet, haha.

InGuk shares about their fishing adventures and then apologises… for bringing exactly 7 fish back. Pfft, this conman. Those fish have even been cleaned. The rest of the team clap happily to see those fish and JiWon hands KangNam and SunBin their elderberry. They’re excited to see that they’re different to those they found at the desert. They eat the berries excitedly, with KangNam going, “oh, these are exactly the same as- pplllfffttthhhh!” HAHHAHA.

They grill their fish on sticks prepared by ChunHee. The salty smell that comes from the fish reminds them of the sea and ChunHee guesses that they must really be close to the sea. Mongolia is a landlocked country though.


And right then, a flaming piece of wood flies straight for ByungMan’s family jewels. HA, that was KangNam’s doing! It burns a hole in his trousers.

JiWon gets to eat the fish first and she says… that it tastes of chestnuts. I seriously thought I was misunderstanding something but the pictures do show that she did mean chestnuts. Eh…

KangNam bites into his fish too and loves it so much he hits SunBin on the shoulder out of excitement. ByungMan eats the bones too and JiWon adds that it tastes like scorched rice. Lol, she cries again, but she claims that this time it was due to the smoke.

MinKyo tries his fish and totally understands what JiWon means. Even ChunHee agrees and SunBin completely melts at the taste. InGuk credits her for cleaning all the fish.


And now that they’re done with dinner, aka the fish, JiWon presents them with their “dessert” – the rhubarb. KangNam has a bite and spits it out immediately, though ByungMan thinks that he’s just exaggerating it for the comedic effect. He and InGuk find it okay… and JiWon innocently assures them that they have a lot of it. HAHAHAHA. No thanks, JiWon. Once is enough.

ByungMan wonders if the horses can eat it. JiWon says that it can! He goes over to his horse, feeding it grass which it accepts. The horse very obviously RE.JECTS the rhubarb though, HAHAH! And ByungMan relates all of it back to the tribe.

Now that they’re done with dinner, PD has something to tell them… but he starts off apologising and that scares them. We don’t get to hear what his request is though. Uh…


Next Week!

KangNam manhandles some kids.


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