SW0017: Week 2






1. Kisses!







2. Men in hot clothes are swoony












3. as are Puppies








4. and men with kids.







5. But swoon-ier is when he misses her 

(even though he doesn’t recognize he does, HA)






6. As always, Familiarity and Comfort brings on the swoon.










7. But when someone cares, that’s when I really melt.







8. When he really just wants the best for her


“Eunuch Hong doesn’t know anything.

So can’t you just… let her live not knowing?”






9. Or when he really loves her (but he can’t have her)


My heart breaks.






10. But it skips a beat whenever he looks at her and his eyes just say,


“I care for you”






“I love you”

“RaOn ah”






8 thoughts on “SW0017: Week 2

  1. Hahahaha! That gif of Winter running right past Joohyuk made me spit out my drink. I’m so behind on my variety watching, but I’ll definitely have to catch up on 3MAD when the dramas get bad again.

    So glad you’re including Shopping King Louie in your curriculum. Thanks!


  2. LOVE these Peeps!!! Thanks for doing this. I’m not familiar with all of them, but enough to know you got the right ones. Right now there are so many good dramas that I’m not getting enough yard work done. I have to do my work and then ‘reward’ myself with a treat to watch another episode of what’s on today. I’m watching way more than 5 dramas. Moonlight, Scarlet Heart, Drinking Solo, Jealousy, Shopping King, 2nd to last Love, Cinderella, Fantastic… ouch! and then I love to read all the recaps.
    hmmm – what a pathetic life I lead. hmmm.
    I’m just” studying Korean”
    Thanks for this!!!!


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