1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 142

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 142: Welcoming Autumn with Farm Work

Time for a new trip to welcome the new season. Pre-trip, Yoo PD tells our guys to come wearing whatever. Just come in anything that’s just enough. And JongMin comes in shorts and shirt like a bum at an Internet Café. HAHA. Yoo PD sees JunHo’s shoes and wonder why he’d come in something so proper and JunHo tosses them… to show that they’re really just glammed up slippers, heh.

They’re now at Jungwang-ri, a little farming village in the province of Chungcheong-do. It’s a place blessed with land, mountains and the sea and therefore has a very flourishing farming industry. However, as Yoo PD tells our guys, that means that they’re always short of farmhands. Pfft, I guess we know what they’re going to do today.


JunHo snarks that they’re really blatant nowadays and declares that it’s war. TaeHyun figures out that he should have just worn shorts since they’re going to throw their clothes away. Haha. Yoo PD has something more for them too – even though there IS work waiting for them in the farmlands, there is a possibility that individually, they may be able to rest the whole day if their luck is good. JunHo vehemently confirms that (“It’s luck not strength, huh!”) then immediately starts praying to the god of luck, hee. Heh, as long as it’s not me!

Furthermore, to prepare them for what’s in store, they’ll get a tour of the place courtesy of the village tour bus and… what appears is a buggy pulling 6 drum-cans-turned-carts. That’s just… amazing.

The driver, the chief of Juwang-ri Fishing Village, Park HyungGyu, steps out to answer some of their questions and reveals that the very interesting and cute tour bus was half DIY and half bought. He says that he built it because Juwang-ri is such a huge place and built it so that it can even ride on little lanes. After all, one should fall off a cart at least once for some fun. Excuse me?!

Introductions over, all six guys ease themselves into the carts, with Defconn having some problems because… eh… Hahaha. He mutters that it feels like he’s being punished and when JunHo the scaredy-cat confirms with the village chief that the buggy has the requisite licence, Village Chief just says that he has it but… their ride’ll probably still shake a lot, HAHAHAHA!


They head off on their tour of Juwang-ri and see all the different produce and farmland they have there. In other words, where they’re about to work. Heh, Village Chief rushes down a slope instead of slowing down and rushes them off for a quick picture at a local photo spot. Pfft, he rushes them though everything, taking that photo even before JunHo is ready and itching to just drive off even though the rest of the guys haven’t even sat in their carts properly yet, HAHAH. Whoever made that stereotype that Chungcheongdo people are slow?

They pass by huge expanses of cultivated farmland and then come to an abrupt stop at a wall covered in pots and pans, lol. Village Chief enthusiastically explains the place and quizzes them on a plant that’s growing nearby.  Our guys are actually terrible at recognising plants but after a while, it’s JunHo who guesses correctly that it’s ginger. Therefore, he gets a piece of ginger as prize and he makes a pun with it.

Village Chief then rushes all the way back to base, driving rather recklessly, ha, and depositing them just in time for their next game to determine who has to go work. The other guys volunteer DongGu, arguing that he should do it since he likes volunteering anyways and we’re shown pictures of him surrounded by kids while volunteering overseas in Africa, aw.

Their first game is: Dust the Work Pants!

Pfft, they’re forced to pull the pants all the way to their necks. 20 potatoes are slipped into those overalls and their task is to get those potatoes out just by dancing/wriggling along to the music that’ll play.  Heh, they complain that their pants are too tightly tied around their legs and when the music starts, DongGu’s the one who erupts in potatoes.

The others do okay and by the end of the game, everyone has a single digit number of potatoes in their overalls except for JunHo, TaeHyun and Defconn. Pfft, trust YAPS to brazenly pass off some potatoes as part of his butt and nuts. Defconn couldn’t even get a single potato out and moans about how those potatoes kept hitting against his shin/knee. And since he failed the worse, he’s the first one up for work.

Their next game is a relay of scissors-paper-stones against Defconn. But this time, they have to lose three times in a row. They’re to play against Defconn according to the tempo that Yoo PD gives them. And it’s really fast.


They all try a round and though JunHo gets close, his third game is a tie and therefore he fails then. TaeHyun doesn’t even pull out something understandable, ha! One by one, they unfortunately win against Defconn, and the second round is no better, despite JunHo closing his eyes and trusting his gut.

Several frustrating rounds later, they’re nowhere close to knowing who’s safe from work and Yoo PD agrees to cut the number of losses to 2 instead of 3. Hee, TaeHyun promptly loses twice in a row, as do JoonYoung, and so they’re safe. DongGu goes up next and though he loses one round, he wins the next and he goes to the back of the line making hilarious, unintelligible, annoyed grunts. Then he and JunHo play against Defconn in turns, always winning in their second hand, HAHAHA. TaeHyun tells them to just play against Defconn together and they win and lose the first round alternately in turns. YAPS tries to change his winning hand, hahaha, but in the end, DongGu is the one who secures that last resting spot.


Whee, the winners even get allowance money for snacks. JunHo hollers after them to come work along with him, screaming that they’re brothers. Pfft, no one even turns to look at him, except to say bye.

While JunHo and Defconn are carted off to their work (as JunHo worries if they’re headed to the sea), the winners, minus DongGu, head to the local mini mart to buy ice cream.

JunHo and Defconn reach their destination, though they have no idea what they’re going to do. They’re happy to hear that they won’t be doing anything in the fields, nor will they be doing anything related to fishing. But then they’re shocked to hear that their task is to clear cow poop. PFFTHWAHAHAH! And it’s 30 days’ worth of cow poop too! A cow poops more than 5kg a day, and the farmer has 10 cows, so…

After dressing in the work clothes that the farmer gives them, they head to the cow shed. JunHo sees the cows and remarks about all the black soil under their feet. Maknae PD very helpfully tells them that it’s all cow poop. HA!

They shovel some poop into a wheelbarrow and JunHo suggests that whoever wins at scissors-paper-stone between him and Defconn send that poop off to the collection point. He promptly loses, hee.

Defconn and the farmer continue shoving poop and Defconn gets so into it that he ends up splitting his overalls, haha!

Back at the air-conditioned museum that’s been fashioned into the winner’s sleep area (pfft), the winners make the most out of their hour of rest. Then DongGu pipes up, asking that the two won’t actually be gone for only an hour, right? Since “intern-time” (training time) shouldn’t be considered part of working time. Pfft, YAPS junior. TaeHyun mutters that he really changed after going to Africa and DongGu replies that he left his kind-heart back there.


Out at the cow shed, the two make slow progress. That won’t do, so they drag Maknae PD to help them wheelbarrow that poop out, pfft. They treat him so roughly, hahha! They even complain that he takes so long to go there and back and so he complies, rushing back in the next trip. He sighs that it looks like he’s the only one having a hard time and JunHo doesn’t agree, all while resting against his shovel. In the end, the entire production team ends up shovelling poop, haha! But with their help, the poop is soon done being shoved.

It’s no wonder that they’re annoyed to hear that the winners are sleeping when they arrive at the resting area. Ha, both Defconn and JunHo greet their sleeping brothers with  happy hugs, enveloping them with all their love and the smell of cow poop.

Next on their schedule is the game to decide who works next. The game they’ll play is Deliver the Snacks. They’ll be given a movable seat and they have to hold the snacks (a kettle of water, two drinking bowls and a bowl of potatoes) above their heads and use their legs to move themselves forward. If they fall, they can just pick up everything and continue from where they left off. They’ll split into two teams, and the last to reach the finish line in both teams are up for work. They play scissors-paper-stone to decide the teams and it’s JongMin-JunHo-DongGu and JoonYoung-TaeHyun-Defconn.


JongMin, JunHo and DongGu go first, all of them making good progress. JunHo is the fastest among them at first, but he slips off his chair halfway, pfft. Knowing that it’ll make him last, he reaches out for JongMin, trying to cheat. HAHHA, he doesn’t even touch JongMin but JongMin gets so intimidated that he falls off his seat himself.

While DongGu steadily reaches the finish line, both eternal rivals fight over their fallen items, both cheating the entire time. Pfft, at one point JunHo hides the kettle in his shirt and later on, JongMin throws his kettle lid at JunHo. Right before JunHo reaches the finish line, Yoo PD reminds them that they must have the correct number of potatoes to qualify and so JunHo checks his bowl. He has a potato short and so he kicks JongMin off his seat and steals one from him, hahaha.

Defconn, TaeHyun and JoonYoung go next. Defconn goes the fastest  but the race is neck to neck. Defconn reaches the finish line first and he’s estatic. Right behind him, JoonYoung falls off his chair a mere one meter away from the finishing line, meaning that he loses and has to go work, hahah.


Seeing the losers being driven off for their work makes Defconn laugh, now that he knows how happy one can feel to get out of work. Just like the earlier team, the winners are sent off with allowance for their snacks.

JoonYoung and JongMin are dropped off at a farm, and JoonYoung is relieved that at least they’re not scooping poop. Instead of poop, they’re greeted by a very smiley and cheerful granny. Their job is to pick red chilli peppers and fill two huge bags with it. That means that they should fill one whole bag each. JoonYoung wonders when they’ll ever finish the task and Granny happily says that it’s what she does for a living every day.

Granny takes their movable chair and JoonYoung offers to give her that if she gives him a box of chilli peppers instead. Haha. That’s not even your chair!


Back at the rest place, the winners play for snacks. As JunHo suggests, they play scissors-papers-stone and the one who’s third place in ranking gets the snacks. So DongGu and TaeHyun win first and second place respectively. JunHo and Defconn play against each other and JunHo wins! Yes! Then JunHo belatedly realises that means that he’s third and has to go get the snacks, pfft.

So as agreed, he goes to the local minimart and buys the required snacks. That adds up to $4.50 and since he has 50 cents left of his allowance, YAPS buys a coffee right there and drinks it right then, ha.

YAPS then pays the workers a visit, happy to taunt them. JongMin and JoonYoung tell the Granny to make him come help them, so he runs away when the Granny threatens to scold him for fooling around.

Once JoonYoung and JongMin are done, they head back to the resting area and complain about Yoo PD not giving them breakfast or lunch. So Yoo PD bundles them all into the Village Tour Bus for lunch and the Village Chief cracks DongGu up with how he goes “Beep beep!” like a child. His voice cracks me up too, heh. That horn that sounds like a Rubber Duck is hilarious too, pfft.


They reach the local community centre where they’re welcomed very warmly by the ajumma there.

They’re surprised to see a whole spread, filled with local produce and local catch and general local delicacies, waiting just for them and lol, they’re sure that the dishes will be taken away one-by-one as they lose their games. They threaten to just eat everything right now before they’re taken away but there’s no need for that because they ALL get to eat lunch today.

That launches them into a chant of Yoo-dori, meaning reasonable, the opposite of Mudori’s unreasonable. Haha, Yoo PD doesn’t look that amused. TaeHyun remarks to DongGu that today is a daebak, since they’re given food without even doing anything. Yoo PD pipes up to inform them that this is not all. They’re shocked to hear that they’ll get Web-Feet Octopus Bibimbap too, with the ingredients served separately from the rice. They stare at the rice in suspicion, sure that something’s up and Yoo PD does tell them that they’re going to choose their worker for the third job now. LOL, TaeHyun announces that he won’t eat then.

Pfft, Yoo PD retorts for them to listen to everything that he has to say first and TaeHyun explains that it just feels like he or DongGu will be chosen next. JunHo threatens to flip the table if he somehow has to leave without eating, pfft.


Their next game is Rice Bokbulbok (Rice Lucky-or-not). Just like the servers at the restaurant, they’ll shake their rice containers (they’re given 10 seconds here) and dump the rice into their Bibimbap ingredients. The one with the most number of grains of rice in the container is the loser and will be sent off to work. TaeHyun and DongGu complain that they’ve never done anything like that before.

But the chosen worker will at least be given his Bibimbap anyway, even if he has to eat it on the way to his work place. JongMin swears that if he’s it, he’ll gobble the pancake right before him before leaving and JoonYoung slyly laughs that that image (of him losing) looks good.

They play scissors-paper-stone to determine the order in which they’ll shake and dump their rice and it’s JunHo, JongMin, Defconn, JoonYoung, DongGu then TaeHyun.

JunHo prepares himself for his turn and shakes his bowl real hard. He dumps his rice and not a single grain remains in his bowl! JongMin goes next and pulls a terrible face as he shakes his rice container. He dumps his rice and… there’re three grains left in his bowl, haha. Defconn gets off with a totally clean bowl and JoonYoung has one grain of rice left in his bowl. Pfft, he looks like he’s up to no good. DongGu goes next and he’s like Sonic the Hedgehog the way he shakes his rice container. He’s super fast! To JongMin’s dismay, he only has two rice grains in his bowl.


TaeHyun is last to go and after a while of vigorous shaking, he dumps his rice into the Bibimbap bowl, sees his own container… then dumps his container on the ground. JongMin is saved! TaeHyun had 7 grains of rice stuck to his container, hee.

The guys all gleefully bid him goodbye and pfft, through the window, you can see the Village Chief leisurely just waiting for him.

Now that they’re free to eat without burden, the other guys thoroughly enjoy their lunch. Outside, TaeHyun wonders why the situation seems so familiar, haha. They try out the special Kimbap wrapped with Sea Trumpet instead of normal laver. It tastes like seaweed but it’s soft and JunHo tries describing it like JunHyun showed him when he came on 1 Night 2 Days. Ha, TaeHyun pops up from the window behind them.

TaeHyun wonders where he’s going, then decides that he’s fine if he has delicious food, hee. He revels in the new experience of eating along the street, then looks up to read off an arch, welcoming him to the Fishing Experience Centre. LOL.


He laughs when he sees the sea, and monotones to read off what you can experience there. Pfft, he suddenly stops, because the Village Chief has decided to take a picture of him at a particular spot. Then he’s joined by some fans and they take a picture of him like that, sitting in a drum-can, holding his half-eaten Bibimbap, on the way to some place he doesn’t know where.

He notes the helicam above head and concludes that he’ll be taking the boat. Pfft, he’s joined by Maknae PD, the same one he was exiled at Yul-do with.

They head off, and TaeHyun wonders just where they’re going to. The islands look like they’re uninhabited to him. He asks the boat driver what is usually done in the place they’re going to and the driver replies that he doesn’t know. Because he doesn’t come to that island frequently, HAHAHA!

That sets off TaeHyun and he starts suspecting everything. They step off and Maknae PD happily tells him that the beach before them is the end of everything there. That’s it. Pfft.

TaeHyun immediately thinks that they’re being exiled and Joo PD (Maknae PD) replies that he doesn’t know for sure yet. Then later when TaeHyun sits on a rock and plays with the sand, he informs TaeHyun that the theme of this trip wasn’t actually Welcoming Autumn with Farm Work. WHAT?! Instead, it’s “The Three Things Taken/To Take to an Uninhabited Island”. EXCUSE ME?!

PFFFT!!!! Back on mainland, Yoo PD informs the others that TaeHyun won’t be coming back for a while to their shock and they correctly guess that he’d gone on a boat. But they incorrectly guess that he’d gone clam digging/shrimping. LOL, you have no idea.


Out there, TaeHyun lets out an incredulous laugh, and then laughs helplessly again when he asks if he really won’t be working and Joo PD simply answers, “yes”.

In flashback, Yoo PD shows us that he’d been planning this for a while. Back on that very first questionnaire about their travelling styles, the last question had been: “What are the three things that you absolutely must bring to an uninhabited island?” WHAT THE- HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

This is just AMAZING!

And because TaeHyun won’t be working, the rest of the members will play yet another game to decide who has to take on the next job, all on his own.



Next Week!

Guess who’s going to work? And TaeHyun really gets stranded on that island, mwahaha.



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6 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 142

  1. Omo… i haven’t watch the episode but reading your recap almost make me fell off my chair..especially abt jongmin vs junho racing in those wheeled stools. And it take a really huge willpower to stop myself from cackling like mad since i’m at work! Ooooh… i am super curious what il young pd has up his sleeves..that feast alone should trigger off our boys’ radars! Hahahaha!


    1. The feast DID trigger their radars. But they had no idea that what was in store was so crazy, pfft. This reminds me of Na PD tricking the Laos cast into a “holiday” but on a smaller scale. HAHAHA.


  2. Thank you for the recap! Enjoyed this episode. The ‘labour train’ is a pretty cool way to travel about. I felt so sorry for Defconn and Junho for landing that ‘poop’ job. I wouldn’t be able to handle it at all, so hats off to them for enduring it! Joonyoung jumped straight into the chilli pepper job without the movable chair he brought. I think he meant for the old grandma to have it.


    1. Hee, I wouldn’t put that past JoonYoung. He is a sweet kid. But, ah well, poop that must be shoveled just has to be shoveled. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment as always!


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