Moonlight Drawn By Clouds IMPcap Ep 12

RaOn finally meets mom, thanks to Yeong.






And thanks to Yeong’s love.

“I don’t know what that danger is, but I don’t want to stop them just because of me.”







They say that people in love end up looking like each other…







Mom realises the danger her daughter is in.

But she still smiles after her, because she’s her little girl.






At that stage of a relationship,

Where they don’t even need words.






ByeongYeon helping Yeong in secret








But luckily, he escaped early or he’d turn into a bug-eyed fish! Because:







“It’s scary,”

“because I like it(now) so much.”
Because I’m so happy right now*






Keep your promise!

“Without your highness’ permission, where can I go?”







Head Eunuch is not giving up on his rebellion. Damn.







Yeong’s not playing.








The more I see you, the more I like you.







Oops, third wheel alert!




(But YoonSeong knows that she’s RaOn now. And knows that she’s in danger.)







Gets scolded by the love of his life…


…and then gets lied to by her. Aw.







Is my best friend… not my friend?





He… lied. To me.







Eunuch Han trying his hand at being a persistent K-Drama second lead.

She says to leave her and her daughter alone!










My niceness was just a facade.

Don’t you dare hurt RaOn.




















I’M still your friend! Stop being so cold to me and listen!








“Who are you?”

Don’t play with me.







You see it right?


I’m still on your side.

(Note that Yeong doesn’t draw blood at all while YoonSeong is happily slicing people open)




I wasn’t going to hurt you.


But how DARE you!

And now Yeong cuts them down mercilessly.

YoonSeong continues to be happily bloodthirsty.








TREASON! HIGH TREASON!!! MY YEONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








ByeongYeon? Is that you?






Why were you so late?

But at least you weren’t part of them.









Stop your bullshit.










“Never let go of my hand.                  I too, definitely won’t let go of yours.”


“Without my permission, there is no taking your happiness away from you. Therefore, don’t cry. This hand… I definitely won’t let go”











And now RaOn knows


“What if someone knows that she’s Hong KyeongNae’s daughter…”









Where is she? She promised to return by sundown.


Surely not…









No, I’m not running away.










I love you so,


so much.





I’d put off doing the IMPcaps because I just couldn’t catch up on it… and so even when I had time never made them but… heck. The first IMPcaps I ever did started mid-drama too, so. Here this is!


Don’t just swoon, leave me a comment! Also, share! On Twitter, Facebook, etc, etc. Happy watching!


*Edit 29/09/2016: “Because I’m so happy right now.” I know that the subs wrote that, but because I’m a more literal translator, I just translated the phrase as that. I’ll just leave the explanation I gave on Dramabeans in reply to maryxiah:

Ah, I was just translating the single phrase “너무 좋아서요”

좋다 can mean good, like, or happy, as you translated, depending on context though personally, 행복해 is the one I associate more with “(I’m) Happy/ Fortunate”. So…

But if we’re basing it on context, yours makes more sense though I’m a habitually more literal translator, which is why that came out, haha.

Thinking about it now, maybe the most literal and accurate translation would be: “Because (it’s) too good (to be true)”


10 thoughts on “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds IMPcap Ep 12

    1. YoonSeong! YoonSeong! I practically stared at him TWICE in his episode. The expression he had when he was motioning the informant over and the one he made when protecting Yeong. So. Damn. Hot. Never provoke a Nice Gentleman.


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