Three Meals a Day in Gochang Ep 10

Three Meals a Day Episode 10:

As agreed, our guys have all come in their best clothes, ready for photo taking. HaeJin starts up their trusty truck and while the elders in front are basically wearing whatever, the youngsters behind can’t help preening.

They pass by their rice field and spot several shabbily made scarecrows, though they note that crows aren’t scared off by such things anymore. A lull in their conversation makes them think of their other non-human family members and so SeungWon puts in a call to the staff, asking them to bring both GyeoWool and the ducks. Ha.

HaeJin sighs to note that this is already their last filming for the season and HoJun pipes up that he was really excited for the photoshoot this time. HaeJin hasn’t done anything like it either and neither has SeungWon. Talk turns to lunch and HaeJin suggests beer and then nagging the kids over and over and again.

So SeungWon launches into listing the “Full Course of a Good Day”, which is basically, 1) The family going out to eat chicken 2) Dad scolding the son 3) mom trying to stop him 4) Mom and Dad fighting 5) Mom and daughter leaving and finally, 6) Dad continuing to scold the son and HaeJin says the one sentence that all Korean dads have said at least once in their lives to their sons: “Once you’ve gone and returned from the army (mandatory military service), you’ll understand my heart!” HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!


They reach the photo studio and delight over all the photo-studio-ish things, like the perennial arm chair and the over the top background. Pffft, they pose themselves like a real family, holding hands, putting hands on each other’s shoulders and putting on a stern face, HAHAHA. This is so awkward!

But in their personal interviews, they admit that it was great to do something like this.

GyeoWool comes too! And then HoJun bursts out laughing when JooHyuk does that cringy photo-taking pose of holding his hand. Pffft. The family shots are soon over and Na PD pushes HoJun and JooHyuk into taking a siblings photo. OMG, their poses, their hands, HAHAHAcringe~~ They can’t help laughing and neither can I!

Still, photos are precious captures of memories frozen in time and to remember this day, HaeJin requests for the photographer to add the date in a corner of their photos. HoJun’s heart flutters too, when he thinks about how the photos will come out.

Now that they’re really done, they head off outside, where the heart-shaped perspiration spot on JooHyuk’s shirt becomes apparent. The youngsters think that it really went over faster than normal while HaeJin is all about lunch. They head off for Jjajangmyeon.

LOL, the two oldies in front talk and then suddenly end up bickering like real moms and dads and HoJun laughs happily like he always does.

They’re back at the Jjangmyeon shop they went to the last time and order a lot. The dumplings come first, so they eat that. Pfft, they’re so fast that they almost finish it all before their noodles comes. They play scissors papers stone and it’s HoJun who wins it. He eats half of it then feeds JooHyuk the other half.

Their food still doesn’t come, so HoJun looks around and mentions meeting Yoon KyeSang at the hair shop. Pfft, he enviously lists out all the ways Yoo KyeSang is cool and HaeJin tells him to just worry about themselves.

Their food finally comes, Jjampong for SeungWon, HaeJin and JooHyuk while HoJun sticks to his Jjangmyeon. As expected, they just really enjoy their food and HoJun even has a sip of HaeJin’s soup.


Next place on their list is the supermart to get fish and other groceries. They pass by another corgi on the way and call out for GyeoWool.

They walk all over the place, but only get mackeral in the end, settling for Kimchi Stew with Fishcakes for dinner.

Now that their outing is done, they head to that place where SeungWon and the younger boys met together for Three Meals a Day in Gochang the first time. They see a signboard pointing to an attraction nearby and joke about going there.

Hehe, they’re greeted with shouts of “you’re handsome” by the passer-bys then head into the shop they first met at for refreshments.

Just like in the first episode, they sit outside, though the weather is a lot worse than when they first met, because they’re now in the middle of Malbok, the last of the three dog days. That reminds them of their “ancestors” words  and HaeJin craves BudaeJjigae again, ha.


That reminds HoJun of the day they actually did that, AND played table tennis non-stop. He guesses that he lost 5kg just from that day, ha. So Na PD eggs him on to parody a youth film, daring him to run towards the sea while ripping his shirt off.  As incentive, he promises to give HoJun beef in exchange. JooHyuk immediately says, “(he) will do it! Have to do it, hyung.”

HaeJin knows HoJun better and laughs that he won’t do it even if you buy a whole cow for him. They talk about all the different ribs, from beef, to pork and finally, SeungWon jokingly offers his.

Their desserts come and they relocate inside to better enjoy the cold bliss. Of course, JooHyuk is the one who eats the most.

They former models JooHyuk and SeungWon skips down the road, imitating females models posing for commercials. HoJun skips right up to them, their forgotten mackerel in hand. He hears what they’ve been up to and slings that bag of mackerel over his shoulder, strutting down the road like a consummate runway model. Hee.

Finally, finally they head home and it’s only now that they open their luggages to change. Pfft, HoJun has a photobook to help him decide how to coordinate his clothes (because he has no fashion sense) and even then, he’s the last one to get changed. Pfft. He comes out looking just like how he always does and SeungWon one-ups him by wearing a bare-backed shirt.

Meanwhile, GyeoWool has no such concerns and just busies himself by running circles round the fowl’s home. HaeJin calls him over for food but the dog prepares to go off running again after just one mouthful. HAHAHA. HaeJin has him under command though and has him rest for a while with a belly rub.

Pwahahaha, then he runs off towards the exit of the compound, only to swerve and turn to the coop to bother the ducks again. While they’d once tried fighting back, in the end, the ducks just ignore GyeoWool, hehe.


JooHyuk suggests playing table tennis but HoJun doesn’t want to. So he and SeungWon play together. SeungWon calls HaeJin down for another team game but he’s tired of table tennis. Hence, he heads inside and pulls out baseball equipment, asking to play that instead.

He and SeungWon carry on with a game of catch, warning each other of all the fast balls, curve balls, S-balls and whatever they’re going to do. It just all looks like a simple throw to me though, ha.

HaeJin warns SeungWon that he’s going to do a fast pitch, like you see on TV but though SeungWon doesn’t feel safe playing the home-base catcher, he bends down anyway. And HaeJin throws the ball over head. LOL. He persuades SeungWon to squat again, then throws the ball overhead again anyway, ha. SeungWon doesn’t fall for it this time.

SeungWon’s series of nice catches has Na PD asking him if he’d played sports before. He did. He was a baseball athlete until middle school. Oh.


Next up is batting practise and pffft, is that the mallet you use to make rice cakes? Why are they making to much noise? HAHA! HaeJin misses a few balls and then remembers seeing an athlete smear black paint on their cheeks. He wonders if that’ll improve his catching skill and so he goes to try, painting his cheeks with soot from their fireplace. PPPFFFT, he actually does much better like this.

Play time ends and HaeJin washes up. He orders GyeoWool over, wanting to give him a bath. But the dog doesn’t want anything like that. So HaeJin has to personally pick him up. Then he ends up sleeping while getting bathed again, HAHA!

Bath over, GyeoWool shakes all the water off him as HaeJin warns him not to go near the chicken coop again, or he’ll need to bathe. So GyeoWool heads straight for the chicken coop. LOL.

Afternoon comes and because they have nothing to do, JooHyuk just ends up sleeping after eating some eastern medicine, heh, while the others watch TV.

The ones awake end up taking a trip to the green house and they’re astounded to see just how the fruits – the watermelon, the honey melon and the… other melon- have grown.


SeungWon washes the melon – he says that there’s a special way to do that: wash it with care – and then works on making their dinner. HaeJin asks him if he has anything he needs them to do but SeungWon just tells him and HoJun to sit and rest. That’s totally uncomfortable for HoJun, so he pokes around, wanting to peel the potatoes without even being asked. But SeungWon makes him rest.

HaeJin goes out to check on GyeoWool, happy to see that he’s resting. He releases him from his leash and calls him back every time he looks like he’s about to run off to the ducks. Na PD sees that and suggests that HaeJin pretend that he look away. Will GyeoWool run over to the ducks?

So HaeJin pretends to give HoJun some instructions, turning away from GyeoWool. But GyeoWool doesn’t move. Whoa.

JooHyuk calls him over, pretending to feed him a snack like he did last time. But this time, GyeoWool turns away… and runs straight for the ducks. HAHAHAHHAHA! Hence starts GyeoWool’s merry go round and HaeJin screaming after him.

Pwahaha, after that scolding, GyeoWool runs out of the compound.

Chajumma watches everything from his kitchen but continues on with his fish. Pfft, and after he’s done with the fish, he smells his hands, remarking that it smells like Manjae Island. In the meantime, GyeoWool has returned.

SeungWon lets the fish rest while he continues to mix the sauces.

He pulls the kimchi from the fridge and now that he’s all fired up and in the last stages of making dinner, he’s got something for the youngsters to do. HoJun doesn’t need to be told twice and heads to the garden to get some produce. JooHyuk goes around helping too, running to the garden himself when HoJun is too busy washing the other vegetables.

Ha, welcome to the HoJun-looks-and-gulps-in-anticipation show again.


SeungWon brings all the ingredients together in a shallow pan and this time, instead of getting the guys to fire up the firepit/drumcan, he just uses his portable stove. He even fashions a board to block out the wind.

Dusk falls and it’s time to put on insect repellent. HoJun stomps over like a kid, haha and SeungWon poses like a bodybuilder while HaeJin sprays the repellent on for them.

Na PD looks at the Kimchi with Mackerel Jorim (a kind of food made by boiling down with sauces) burning up dry on the fire. He wonders if it won’t burn and if it doesn’t need water. Nope, not yet, because the radish below will release water itself. But adding rice water later helps make the sauce richer.

Time for the very last stages of dinner and the other boys, sans Chajumma, lights up the fire pits to make rice and Kimchi Stew. In no time at all, their dinner at Gochang is ready to be eaten.


Nyam nyam nyam nyam nyam. They keep raving over the kimchi. And then  it’s just me watching them eat for five minutes straight. I’ve seen them eat a lot on this programme but never for this long. Must’ve been a really, REALLY, delicious dinner.

Ha, the sky gets dark and the bright moon above head and the shadows of the trees gives them that “Legendary Hometown” vibe. In other words, something creepy and HaeJin tries scaring SeungWon, haha.

While they laugh over that, GyeoWool heads to the chicken coop to be really scary. HAHAHA.

HoJun remembers his mother always asking him to go buy beansprouts in the middle of the night, all alone, hee.

Dinner ends and they wash up, with JooHyuk just looking on as the dog runs rounds around the coop.

Lawl, I have no idea what they’re doing, but HaeJin and SeungWon watch TV while HoJun and JooHyuk run around the kitchen getting snacks and AAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL the alcohol. They watch sports on TV, remarking on the muscles of the women athletes and I think JooHyuk has fallen for Australian runner Ella Nelson. I think she’s the same age as him!

HaeJin and SeungWon suddenly talk about an old cartoon character – Honey – and guess that she must be married and her kids must’ve grown. Heh, they must be watching the Rio Olympics, though their team loses and they head off to bed, sighing.

Morning comes again and today, the sky is bright blue, and the trees are calmly shaking in the breeze.

Pfft, that peace is interrupted by a Public Service Announcement. SeungWon wakes up to that and continues with his morning ritual, washing up, putting on facial-care lotions, shaving and everything.

HaeJin wakes up too… and his ritual is to just wash up, wear socks, a beanie and get out. Ha. He releases GyeoWool from his leash and the first thing he does is run past SeungWon to get to the ducks. HAHAHAHA, how is this dog so consistent?


To save the ducks, HaeJin prepares GyeoWool’s breakfast… but that only distracts him for a moment. Pfft, one quack from a duck sends him running back to them.

Chajumma tells HaeJin to get some ingredients for their meals but HaeJin wants to go together. Chajumma is so flabbergasted, lol, and then HaeJin points to the sky and says that this is a good day for ribs. What are you talking about. You don’t have the money! Pfftt, it’s just because the pattern of the clouds remind him of ribs.

They decide to just go off to the mart first and they head off on the motorbike, with SeungWon sitting right behind HaeJin as he drives them off. HoJun and JooHyuk remain sleeping.

HaeJin asks SeungWon if they’re really going to get ribs for dinner and LOL, turns out, it was SeungWon himself who’d shot himself in the foot. In the first trip, he’d talking about Beef-Rib Stew and from then on, HoJun had latched on to it, calling for Galbi-jjim on almost every trip. Even just the day before, that ribs-talk was about this. Heh, even JooHyuk admits that the thing he wants to eat the most there is Galbi-jjim.


They ask the butcher at the supermarket how much their required portion of ribs will cost and it turns out to be an astonishing $120. Eh… Na PD the instigator weasels his way from behind the camera and asks them if they’re willing to work now, because they DO have an opening and that sends SeungWon thinking back to earlier during the trip, when he’d suggested that they do nothing since they still have $71.

In the end, they decide to work. Ha. And work a lot, in fact.

They ride back home, riding along the green fields, blaming the clouds and then having GyeoWool greet them the moment they’re back.

HoJun’s peeling the potatoes while JooHyuk has only just woken up. SeungWon informs HoJun that they’re having ribs today and HAH, his face splits into a huge smile.

HaeJin checks on GyeoWool and laughs to see that the dog has made a track round the chicken coop. Pfft. Also, the ducks have totally become so used to GyeoWool that they just ignore him now.

JooHyuk comes out, rubbing his eyes and suffering from a puffy face, hee.

HaeJin sees a helicopter overhead and plays around.

They make breakfast, making a dish that’s very, very familiar. They’d made that back at Manjae Island! It’s the A set, the one with Doenjang-jjigae and eggs and scorched rice with water and everything. This is JooHyuk’s first time eating the real thing, but whether it’s your first time eating it or not, it’s still equally delicious.

There a little difference though. Back at Manjae Island, they didn’t have tofu.


SeungWon gets up in the middle of breakfast to get kimchi. Hee hee, JooHyuk is the last one still eating and the other hyungs just look on as their maknae eats and eats. They note that his tastes have changed. Instead of just meat, he now eats vegetables too!

HaeJin sees the ducks looking out of their cage sorrowfully and decides to let them out. Hee, GyeoWool wants to play too! HaeJin sprays water on the ducks while SeungWon comforts the dog still on a leash.

They prepare to head out to work and HoJun gets to the toilet first. JooHyuk waits around then mutters that he wants to use the toilet too when SeungWon tells him to get onto the car first. HAHAHA!

In the end, they all just get on the truck together.


Next Week!

They make a Scare-SeungWon.


6 thoughts on “Three Meals a Day in Gochang Ep 10

  1. thankyou for episode 10 recap! another remark that im still reading your post, hahaha. Its so sad the shooting is coming to an end 😦


  2. Thanks for the recap. Delightful read! Whilst i loved fishing village more, reading your recaps made me realise how great gochang was. The subtitles did no justice to the contents. In fact i think what you wrote here were not translated in the subs which frustrates me. Half the fun gone bevause of bad subtitles. Will you be recapping fishing village seasons 1 and 2? And reading your recaps made me hungry. I do remember watching every episide with some food in my hand if not it is tirture, apart from inadequate subtitles.


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