Three Meals a Day in Gochang Ep 11

Three Meals a Day Episode 11:

Because of HoJun and JooHyuk’s desire to eat Galbi-jjim, our four men are once again heading out into the heat to work for money to buy beef ribs. Lol, their first job is to get out and pick hami-melons/cantaloupe and JooHyuk can’t help wondering if just milling those melons and freezing them gives Melona – a brand of melon-flavoured ice-pops sold in Korea and SeungWon is like yes! Hahaha, anything sweet is good and makes the maknae happy.

Pfft, they soon reach the melon fields and SeungWon is like nooooo!!! They ride through the bumpy road and finally reach the greenhouses that house those cantaloupes, each house protecting several long rows of melons each.

By now, they’re old hands at farming and the farmer-owners praise them for doing well. JooHyuk even reminds them all not to hurt the melons – they’re their life! Pfft.

After an hour and a half of work (that just got edited into mere minutes, HA!), they’re done picking those melons. In addition to their pay of $60, they also get a melon each, courtesy of the generous farmer-owner. Pffft, they don’t leave for lunch without getting their pay from Na PD first.


They head off to the nearby convenience store and while waiting for their Ramyeon, HoJun sighs at the realisation that just getting beef ribs to eat requires so much work and SeungWon the wise is all, “even the rich only eat it twice a year.”

So today, they’re happy with just convenience store Ramyeon. Na PD tells HoJun to slurp ALLLLL the noodles right up at once but he protests that it’s too hot, hee. The store owner comes out to treat them to some Kimchi and Rice, the latter which Na PD calls Duck Rice. What? It’s just really cold rice and ha, someone tells Na PD to shut up twice.

After lunch, they have to rush to their next workplace. Hee, HaeJin rushes a bit too much and exclaims when hit butt hits the hot driver’s seat.

Their next job is picking Korean pears and they’re really so great at harvesting now that they’re super-fast. Na PD tells them to do it slowly and SeungWon is like, “WHY?!” Hahahaha! The trees are of the perfect height for HoJun while JooHyuk basically squats and picks those pears.


After work, they’re given their pay, another $60, and heh, there’s no one without a smile on their face. They get back on the truck, where SeungWon jokingly curses the Galbi-jjim and JooHyuk admits that Galbi-jjim is his favourite food in the whole world.

Why are they rushing through everything?! I’m only at the 09.30 minute mark of the video!

But anyway, they head to the super market and get their glimpse of the beef they worked so hard for. Wow, it’s Korean beef and first-rate too, which is why it’s so expensive. Haha, Chajumma tells them to treat the beef gently while HoJun skips down the aisles like he’s the happiest person on earth.

Even when they’ve reached back home, the excitement doesn’t wear off.

First thing SeungWon does is wash the beef and soak it in water to drain the blood (and fat). That’s a very necessary step in order to get a clear broth and clean taste. Hee hee, I like Galbi-jjim too.

And while he waits for the beef to clean, he lists down all the ingredients he needs for the Galbi-jjim. After that, he plays around with the hula hoop, like he’s some artistic gymnast.

HaeJin releases GyeoWool from his leash and though he runs over to JooHyuk for a moment, he ends up running to the ducks again, HAHAHA. After a while, HaeJin calls him over and washes him up, even giving him a massage. Hee, GyeoWool starts sleeping.

Shower ends for GyeoWool and with a simple shake of the body, he’s all dry. Pfft, then HaeJin leashes him back.

After watering his dog, HaeJin goes on to water the plants in the garden, the source off all the family’s gastronomic delights.

And now that they’ have nothing to do, SeungWon and HaeJin laze around on the back of their open truck and enjoy the breeze. That’s when you know that autumn has truly and really come. Pfft, HaeJin ends up sleeping right there, usings two shoes as pillow.


A while later, SeungWon comes to take a photo of him like that, with a cantaloupe right next to his head and posts it on social media. He gets 17,352 likes, HA! HoJun, who was in on the photo-taking hops on the truck too and presents them with snacks. Ha, JooHyuk joins them too and they rip open the raw Ramyeon for snacks.

Pfft, all of a sudden, SeungWon looks at the camera and complains about being filmed, going “Zin-zza” (some kind of uppity-fake-posh version of the Korean word “Jinjja” which means “Really!”). HaeJin joins in the teasing and JooHyuk makes them burst in laughter with his totally cringy-coy version, HAHAHA. I heard that he’s been doing much better than expected in Scarlet Heart Ryeo and thought that maybe these guys had something to do with it but the timing doesn’t match, heh.

HaeJin thinks a bit of that word they keep using and laughs as he gets the feeling that it’s totally going to be their new catch-phrase. LOL, and Na PD shows us how practically all of them keep saying it over the next few hours. (*sniff*, it’s already the last filming!)

They head back in and SeungWon carves the radish into small ball shapes for the Galbi-jjim while HaeJin messes around with GyeoWool and tries to make him say, “Zinzza”. LOL. Then he suddenly puts on his grass-cutter outfit and heads to the rice field to cut weeds.


He wows over the rice that’s grown tall and sporting rice seeds. He looks over to the right and sees that the weeds have grown just as tall and just as thick and he’s not impressed, haha! Out comes the grasscutter and its man against weed as HaeJin makes slow but certain progress around the field.

SeungWon tells his assistant to get carrots and so HoJun heads out to the garden to get those once thumb-sized carrots. Hee, Na PD blurs the carrots this time but those carrots give a good pull. PFFT, we see those carrots the same time SeungWon sees them and they’re not much bigger, just a little fatter, HA!

While HoJun washes the carrots, GyeoWool barks up a storm and JooHyuk goes over to release him from his leash, making him promise not to go to the ducks. Ergh. Of course the dog does what he always does and heads there first thing first.

SeungWon complains incessantly about the carrots as he cuts them and HoJun offers to get more carrots. He rejects, just saying that he’ll just get more disappointed.

So now, they have radishes, carrots and pear in their Galbi-jjim pot. Next to be prepared is the marinade, which consists of water, soy sauce, pear juice, sesame oil, sesame seeds, garlic, pepper and white sugar. It’s not done without some jam (jam?) and JooHyuk grinds the onion. Lol, he’s terrible at it and HoJun comes to help him out by adding some water in his blender. That gets added into the marinade along with honey and HoJun’s ginger.

HoJun has a taste of the marinade and declares it great with a simple, “Uumph!”

Next on the to-do list is to get the fire burning in the furnace and HAHAH, this time, they use the portable electric fan to flame the fire.


Hee, JooHyuk looks over at GyeoWool and sees the ducks totally ignoring him while he walks circles around them. The dog gets frustrated and barks and over at the rice field, HaeJin hears that and screams, “NO!!! I said you can’t!!!!!!!!” HAHAHAH!!!! Pfft, JooHyuk and HoJun hears that too.

Now that the water’s boiling, Chajumma puts the beef ribs for yet another round of cleaning. Boiling the beef ribs a little (5 minutes?) removes fat and more blood and gives a cleaner and clearer taste.

Now that it’s washed, the marinade and other vegetables are added to it. The pot is them put back onto the furnace and the stew is treated to some wine. SeungWon asks for high heat and so JooHyuk has the honours of fanning the fire real hard. Now, it’s just time to wait.

And that means table tennis time, hee.

Mid-play, SeungWon goes off to check the Galbi-jjim and adds some more sugar. HoJun has a taste and so does SeungWon. HoJun notes that even though it’s not done yet, it’s delicious. Then he squats right by the Galbi-jjim and watches in anticipation, hee.

SeungWon gets him to get some peppers from the garden then adds that along with other ingredients (mushrooms and water chestnuts?) into the pot. Both HoJun and JooHyuk can’t help hiding their delight and JooHyuk laughs that he’s fine with eating it with his hands right now.


But they still have 20 minutes to wait and as the sun falls, HaeJin’s still out there cutting the weed. Na PD shows us clips of how devoted he has been to the rice field, always talking about it, working on it and worrying about it. And in the present, HaeJin needs some help in getting out of a ditch he’d climbed in just to clear weed.

Back at the compound, JooHyuk is just shaking his legs, hee.

They’re all impressed by the bubbling Galbi-jjim and HoJun notes that SeungWon first said that he would make it for them on the very second day of filming for this season. It took him a real long time for him to keep his promise.

Now, he promises that the Galbi-jjim will be done in 20 minutes, no compromises and 20 minutes later, they’re still just smelling it, hahhaha. Pfft, HoJun’s expressions are always MEME worthy. JooHyuk says that they have to go on diets and HoJun says the truth that “Diets are always for tomorrow.”

SeungWon tells them that it’s only another 5 minutes wait from now and so they set the table, taking out pre-washed, refrigerated leaves. SeungWon looks into the Galbi-jjim pot and then scoops the Galbi-jjim into a shallow earthen pot. HoJun transfers that over to the table, with all three other members following his every move. HAHAHAA, JooHyuk even reminds him to be careful, otherwise “there’ll be a big problem” (if he drops the Galbi-jjim).


It’s not that I can’t make it but… isssh!!!! If you want to try it, here’s a recipe from Maangchi (she’s says to cook it for just 1 hour, but I actually put it on low heat for about… 3 hours? It makes the meat softer. There is really no compromise with this dish.)


They carry the little table they set their food on to the back of the truck and HEE, JooHyuk is so excited that he grabs HoJun in a back-hug and swings the grown man side to side.

And dinner is Barley Rice, Galbbi-jjim and leaves. Hee, HoJun and JooHyuk totally devour everything, eating especially well this time. HaeJin asks JooHyuk what was the best dish he’s ever eaten on Three Meals and he replies that it’s the Dalk-gom-tang. He sighs that it feels like he won’t ever be able to eat it ever again and aw, SeungWon offers to make it for him.

They sigh that making, eating and sharing good food is the greatest happiness on earth, and how time passes by so fast and then demand to see the photo they took at the studio yesterday, scream “Zinzza” when Na PD delays that, HAHAHA!

They’re finally presented with the huge framed photo and they all cringe and laugh at the awkwardness but HoJun points to the photo with GyeoWool and says that he likes that the most. JooHyuk almost collapses in embarrassment but that’s not all and Na PD hands them the photo JooHyuk and HoJun took together.


They point at the pictures and tease each other for the weird poses, hee, but no matter what, this is a memory and HoJun really likes it as SeungWon wonders when else they’ll ever take anything like that.

HaeJin reads off the date at the bottom of the picture while HoJun just can’t stop looking at the photos.

HaeJin presents GyeoWool with the photo but the dog doesn’t understand what that means. HaeJin goes off to hang that in the house and choose the most obvious spot, right on the middle pillar in front of the kitchen and behind the veranda. Hee, neither him nor HoJun can take their eyes off the picture.

HaeJin hangs the other photo inside by replacing the hanging mirror with it. Aw, they can’t tear their eyes from that too and without even knowing it, they’re all smiling and laughing.

In his solo interview, JooHyuk shares that his family doesn’t have a family like this too and so did all of them (bachelors) at Three Meals. This photo made them feel like family and so he really likes it. Back at the house, HoJun adds his little photo with JooHyuk in the corner of the frame hanging in their room.

It’s time to wash up! JooHyuk paces around the room, taking his outer shirt off but stopping to stare at their family portrait yet again.

They spend their last night together sharing alcohol again and going “zinzza”, lol, with reminiscing about all the times they shared. They can’t let go of the awkward poses in their portraits.

They all look up at the portrait again and SeungWon whines while thinking about seeing it in 10 years. Pfft, HaeJin says that it’ll be funny, and then sighs that now, even season three has passed.


HoJun sighs too, and remarks that he felt that when during season one and two too. At the end of season one, he felt really sorry/sad/regretful (er… there isn’t really an English word that fully brings out the meaning of 아쉽다 in my opinion. Maybe, “it’s a pity”?). And then at the end of season two, he was sad too, thinking that it’s really the end. But this time though, it doesn’t feel like it’s the end even though it is the end, if only because it felt like it was time meaningfully spent. HaeJin agrees and sighs that it’s the same for him. This time, it just feels like they’ll meet again. Ha, they credit it to the family portrait.

HaeJin is reluctant to let the night end like that and requests that they gather out at the yard. That “zinzza” has to stop!

Zinzza, they’re really out there playing table tennis in the middle of the night again. LMAO, Na PD calls them crazy.

Day breaks… oof. I’m not ready.

But like many other days, it’s peaceful and comforting. GyeoWool lies on his veranda as the ducks sleep. Hee, Na PD shows us just how GyeoWool sleeps like his dad.

As usual, Dad HaeJin is first to wake and he brings GyeoWool to the hills behind for their morning workout.

The ducks are released from their cages, quacking loudly as they walk out to freedom.

HaeJin pays his dear rice field a visit.

LMAO, peace is for the weak and the ducks start taking over the yard now that GyeoWool is not here.

The ruckus wakes the others up, heh.

HaeJin returns from his run and pulls out some wooden poles to make a scarecrow. Pfft, he uses the tongs to scratch his back first.

The resident handy-man of Three Meals a Day gets right do to making the frame, easy as he pleases.


He’s not happy with the thin face on the scarecrow though, but it has to do. JooHyuk pulls out a raincoat for the scarecrow and SeungWon offers one of his pants for the scarecrow. HA, he even asks what top the scarecrow will be wearing so to coordinate its clothes.

HoJun brings that pair of bright orange shoes that wore to plant the rice over, HA and suddenly SeungWon complains that the scarecrow looks like him. It even looks like from the back! Pfft, they roll with it and add “Cha” to the back of it’s raincoat and SeungWon requests for them to add “Jin” in front, so that it becomes “Jin Cha” (it sounds like Jinjja and their “zinzza”).

Chajumma prepares sausages for their breakfast, pfft, the one similar to that one sausage in the first episode that sent their debt 7 cents over $50 and doomed them to work in the fields, HAHAHA. But really, that’s all for the youngest, JooHyuk, the sausage lover.

HoJun even cuts some mint for garnish and Chajumma prepares ketchup for JooHyuk too.


Next to be cooked is the fishcake that HaeJin likes so much and by now, Chajumma knows everything about his dietary preferences – nothing too sweet.

JooHyuk and HaeJin bring the scarecrow out to the field to plant him. JooHyuk notes just how clean the place is thanks to HaeJin. HaeJin hammers a stake into the ground and then ties the scarecrow to it with some cable ties.

LOL, that statue stands there tall and proud, just like its doppelganger Cha SeungWon. Pfft.

HaeJin pets the rice for the last time ever and then they both walk off, with JooHyuk admitting that it was fun.

Back at the house, SeungWon cuts up some pine mushrooms and kimchi. This dish, is gonna become kimchi-jjigae, just for HoJun who’d sighed that no matter where he’s gone, he still hasn’t found any one that tastes like the one SeungWon made back at Manjae Island.

Pfft, HoJun goes to tend the fire and attempts to throw some newspaper into it. He misses FOUR times, HAHAHAHHAA.


In addition to everything he’d cooked, SeungWon cooks up an omelette too and feeds the ends to HoJun.

HaeJin and JooHyuk return from the field and HoJun goes to see the scarecrow from between the bushes. Hee, he happily notes that it’s bright and obvious.

HaeJin and HoJun aren’t the only ones going to miss Gochang. GyeoWool will miss it too… its ducks. HEE! HaeJin sees his little doggy of 4 years staring sorrowfully at the ducks and offers to buy him some ducks home, hee.

He smiles and mutters that GyeoWool is an innocent dog and SeungWon cuts and says, “yes, so innocent. Unlike his owner.” HA! He tells HaeJin to buy all twelve ducks for him.

HoJun has a taste of that Kimchi-jjigae and declares that it’s all done.

So they set their table, and this must be the most abundant breakfast ever in the history of Three Meals a Day. HoJun stares at the food and wonders just how SeungWon made all those.

SeungWon: “With love!”


That’s their last meal together at Gochang, aw, and HoJun thanks SeungWon for all the food.

In his solo interview, HoJun confesses that he’ll miss SeungWon’s food the most, because back in Seoul, he always orders in and eat alone. But food is always more delicious when you eat it with others.


LOL, GyeoWool doesn’t let that time to chase the ducks go and starts pacing round his “GyeoWool Road” while the others clean up. But in addition to the dishes they have to wash, this time, they have to clean the kitchen and tidy the wooden planks behind the house too.

HaeJin harvests a watermelon from their garden and play-acts like a watermelon seller with SeungWon.

It’s time for last interviews and SeungWon shares that nowadays, he’s becoming more and more thankful for having HaeJin as a friend while HaeJin says that SeungWon hasn’t changed much, except that he’s become more gentle, in a lot of ways and thanks his old friend for taking care of all three meals.

Then he cuts open the watermelon and sees more whites than red in there, HA! SeungWon has a bite and jokingly loves that it tastes bland like radish, heh.

Meanwhile, HoJun consults the model-turned-actor maknae for fashion tips with the help of his fashion file. LOL.


He later comes out and declares that he’s done packing and announces that he didn’t bathe despite HaeJin telling him too. JooHyuk doesn’t wash up either and HoJun is all, “but you look so dandy, why don’t you/how do you not?!”

HaeJin takes a photo of their family portrait while SeungWon has the boys pretend to sleep cheek to cheek and takes a photo of them like that. One by one, they clear out their rooms and head out with their luggages. HaeJin takes GyeoWool out to the ducks for his last goodbye, hee, and SeungWon comes along to join them.

SeungWon says bye to the table tennis table and then they’re off. They turn over to face the compound and bows in gratitude.

Thank you, Gochang.

JooHyuk thinks that they’ll return again, because they have their family pictures. HoJun would like to do anything, anything, with the others again.

And finally, they take a last photo with Jin Cha in the fields then walk down the dirt road, on a day that’s hot but feels different.


Next Week!

Never before seen clips, especially one where JooHyuk and HoJun prove to be terrible at snooker, hee.


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  1. Thankyou so much for this recaps. Same like aro, i still have tiny expectation for someone to sub this season especially when i found someone has sub this show in chinese T_T .


    1. Not quite sure sinxe Manjae Island isn’t even subbed yet. Your best bet would have yo be VIU, but they’re not very fast with this show. They did sub season 1 of Three Meals. I don’t know about the rest.


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