SW0017: Week 3






1. Pure gratuitous naked male flesh








2. When you see a fairy

Don’t be fooled.
The lady back-stabs her real bad later.






3. When a guy is good at/ committed to his work.












“It’s aaaaaaaaalllllllllllllll for my joint class!”









4. Bromance!







5. and Kisses!







6. Jo InSung is a hot piece of meat.


No, not this one.

*Oppa’s face cannot be marred by any red lines!*






7. Money always makes me swoon.

“3000 won!”







8. When we eat together.







9. When someone’s always on your side no matter what the world does.






10. When many people love you.







But the most touching is when he treasures you so much
that he puts you before himself.








I love you

Pyo NaRi





My Love By My side: The song that HwaShin was singing while NaRi saw his real feelings.

Original song by Kim HyeonSik.

Lyrics, taken from AskaKorean:

내 사랑 내 곁에
My Love by My Side
나의 모든 사랑이 떠나가는 날이
The day when all my love departs
당신의 그 웃음 뒤에서 함께 하는데
Is with you behind your smile, but
철이 없는 욕심에 그 많은 미련에 당신이 있는 건 아닌지
I wonder if you are in the childish desire and those many regrets


No, you would not
시간은 멀어짐으로 향해 가는데
Time heads toward separateness, but
약속했던 그대만은 올 줄을 모르고
You, despite your promise, are not coming, and
애써 웃음 지으며 돌아오는 길은 왜 그리도 낯설고 멀기만 한지
Why is the way back, forcing a smile, so unfamiliar and far
저 여린 가지 사이로 혼자인 날 느낄 때
When I feel myself being alone between those frail branches
이렇게 아픈 그대 기억이 날까
Would this painful memory of you come back


내 사랑 그대 내 곁에 있어 줘
My love, you, please be by my side
이 세상 하나뿐인 오직 그대만이
Only you, the only one in the world
힘겨운 날에 너 마저 떠나면
If even you leave in these difficult days
비틀거릴 내가 안길 곳은 어디에
Where will I be held, stumbling


I’d thought of using a newer version but… that raw file played at the very end still haunts me and sends shivers down my spine. Kim HyeonSik’s voice may not be the best, especially towards the end of his career and life, but, he emotes really, really well, which is why he is/was one of the most influential singers in Korea.

4 thoughts on “SW0017: Week 3

  1. I dont even care who wins the swoons. all I know is the world need more of Byung-Yeonie´s and Louies and Bok Shils who get rid of ANYTHING with too many legs.


    1. ‘ANYTHING with too many legs.’

      You remind me of k-artist Tablo’s daughter Haru. She was scared of bugs and the reason was simply “it has too many legs”. LOL.

      Also, ByeongYeonnie!!! Louis is a crazy puppy I enjoy seeing on TV but he’ll frustrate me into a hernia if he were in real life, ha. BokShil is an angel, Mother Theresa, Buddha, Jesus, Ghandi and worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize, heh.


  2. LOVE these!!! You made my morning if only with the Gif those two dancing in front of the webcast camera.
    Please keep doing these!


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