1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 143

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 143: 3 Things to Bring to an Uninhabited Island.

After a day of tough farm work, our guys are treated to a full course lunch. Well, just 5 of them. TaeHyun’s been kidnapped, ha!

As shown last week, he’d been brought to a nearby uninhabited island, for Yoo PD’s nefarious plans. He’ll only be given the three things that he’d listed down as absolute necessities in the survey he took for the previous Free Travel trip.

Pfft, on that uninhabited island, TaeHyun wonders why he’s always the last to know about such things and says that the Variety God is shining down on him. He video-calls his trustworthy son and tells him that he’s on an island and SooChan tells him to run into the water and play (swim back), HA! That’s some sort of nonsense as TaeHyun retorts and SooChan notices TaeHyun’s red life vest. That’s just more reason to run into the water, goes the kid! PWAHAHAHA!


He ends the call and threatens to escape from the island, pointing to the mainland just right there in sight. Maknae PD says that doesn’t have that kind of option but tells him to just try, ha. He brings up that survey TaeHyun took that last time and TaeHyun wonders if he wrote down any of his kids as necessities, ha. They present TaeHyun with his three chosen items and in that box are just some packets of Ramyeon, a yellow unplugged telephone (not a smartphone or even a mobile phone, ha) and a tent. But there’s nothing to fear, because Joo PD tells our kidnapped member that another two of his friends will come to join him later. Pffft.

And back on mainland, the rest of the guys get informed of TaeHyun’s inability to return for a while. Yoo PD acts like they’re going to pick another guy to do farm work and the game that’ll decide who’ll go will be decided by a dispatched troop that recently returned from Uruk. He’s just Kim Seok PD, the one who stamped their passports there.

All they basically have to do is turn as he says and anyone who messes up will have to go (to the uninhabited island, hee). They do a trial run and they all ace it, pfft, but the moment the real thing comes, Defconn messes up. So he’s carted off by some bodyguard-like ajummas and sent to the Labour Train/ Tour Train! Pfft, the others look at him go off in glee, through that back window.


On the island, TaeHyun is told of his arriving island-mate being Defconn and he bursts out in laughter to realise that they’re the same three who got stuck on Yul-do together the other time – him, Defconn and Joo PD. TaeHyun starts to choose a place to set his tent up and asks Joo PD just how far the sea line will reach. Luckily,  the water never reaches the shrubs behind them and there’s some space for them on the beach to stay dry throughout the night though Joo PD notes that he doesn’t know if it’ll rain tonight, hee.

Totally confused, Defconn is sent to the uninhabited island where TaeHyun is currently setting up his “easy to set up” tent. Pfft, he stumbles around for a bit and then gives up in the end and decides to just leave it to Defconn. Suddenly, Joo PD comes to him, getting on his knees… and says that he wasn’t supposed to tell him that Defconn “won” the game (and therefore is coming). Pfft, he begs TaeHyun to act like he doesn’t know, HAHAHHA.

In repentance, he helps TaeHyun set up the tent and that’s when Defconn appears in the distance and TaeHyun calls, “WHO’S THAT?!”

Hahahaha, Defconn shouts to TaeHyun to finish up fishing and go already (pffft) and totally ignores TaeHyun’s shouts not to come. Hee, he doesn’t understand what the heck is going on and TaeHyun falls over laughing. HAHAHHA, the filming crew with Defconn get off the boat but Defconn rushes to the boat’s motor in order to try to escape.

Finally, Joo PD tells Defconn what’s really going on and Defconn can’t believe that this is Yul-do all over again.

The other four guys on mainland are allowed to laze around. Of course that means sleeping and they play rock-paper-scissors among themselves to decide who has to be the pillow (they’ll all sleep on, lol) and it comes right down to JongMin and JunHo. Heh, both of them swear to put out rock, because they’re men and when the time comes to play, JongMin the girl pulls scissors and therefore becomes the pillow, hee.


Of all places, JunHo chooses to sleep on JongMin’s butt so JongMin farts. JunHo retaliates by pulling both his pants and underwear down. Guys, you are on (inter)national TV, please…

On the uninhabited island, there is another reason for laughs as Defconn passes his phone over to Joo PD for a commemorative photo. They’re given the three things that Defconn wrote in his survey and the only thing extra thing they get is a pair of underpants. Defconn complains that it’s not even multi-purpose. What? And therefore, slowly but surely, TaeHyun’s determination to escape the place gets stronger.

Joo PD informs them that there’s another member about to join them, though they don’t know who it’ll be for now. So he read off the necessities that the other members had written in their survey. JunHo had written Instant (food), Fire and Soju. LOL. JongMin had written Ramyeon, Kimchi and camping pots. They need JongMin! DongGu had written Fire, Knife and Cloth. Ha! What about JoonYoung? We don’t know.

Anyways, those four left over on mainland are told that Defconn won’t be coming back soon and it’s time to select yet another member (supposedly for farmwork).


Yoo PD presents them with resident halmeoni Lee BokSoon, whose specialty is reading physiognomy. She lays a thick mat on the ground before them and takes out some Hwatu cards. Hee. The game this time is simple – choose a card and if you get the one with the lowest score, you’re the Chosen One.

She expertly shuffles the cards and then suddenly comments that they’re handsome. She directs that at YAPS and says that he’ll get good luck. She lays the cards out all faced down and tells them to choose one each, so they do.

YAPS throws his card out and gets a 10. Lucky guy JoonYoung gets a 5. Hehe. DongGu reveals his and gets 3. Oops. JongMin gives his to Halmeoni to reveal, believing that her touch will bring him good luck. He gets a 9. And so, DongGu is chosen for “farming activity” next and he gladly sits in the village chief’s Tour Train, commenting that he’d been feeling uncomfortable (since he didn’t do anything the whole day). You’re just going to continue doing nothing for the rest of the day, dear innocent one.

Ha, he’s totally excited to see the sea.

Out at the uninhabited island, TaeHyun starts hallucinating, thinking that he could just possibly, successfully, swim towards and reach mainland himself. Defconn warns him that if he does that, he could really just end up going on a one way road to visit Hades.

But TaeHyun doesn’t give up and brings two huge Styrofoam blocks from I-don’t-know-where and several long branches and proceeds to fashion a raft. He’s no Yoo HaeJin (see Three Meals a Day in Gochang) and in the end, he just ends up using the Styrofoam blocks as sofas.

Now that we have the three we need on the uninhabited island, the other three still on mainland are congratulated by Yoo PD. He comes clean to them and they’re totally confused to hear that the theme of the trip wasn’t “Welcoming Autumn with Farm Work”. They’re told the real theme and JunHo slaps himself for not realising that something was up. Oracle JoonYoung knew though and he’s totally gleeful once he gets over his shock.

Pfft, the island is even within their sight!


Yoo PD shares the three things all those three unfortunate ones wrote and they laugh to hear DongGu’s “cloth”. Ah, we don’t hear everything that JoonYoung wrote, but one of them is “boat”. That’s smart. Yoo PD tells the three J-s that Defconn, TaeHyun and DongGu will be staying at the island till tomorrow morning while JunHo, JongMin and JoonYoung get to relax comfortably. That doesn’t mean that filming is over though.

DongGu comes into TaeHyun and Defconn’s sight and pwahaha, they know that it’s him just by the way he enthusiastically waves. Pfft! On land, JunHo yells his teases at DongGu.

And at the same time, DongGu is crazy-happy even though he’s come to the conclusion that they’re camping out in the wild today. The production gives DongGu his roll of cloth and knife and Defconn asks him where he’s going to sleep. He points to their tent. But that’s TaeHyun and Defconn’s. What is he going to eat? DongGu points to the sea and the hills behind. Defconn says that there’s nothing there. But Boy-scout DongGu says that he can do this.


Joo PD tells them that they can choose another PD to join them as there’ll be a game of chance to decide who’ll have to stay overnight with them. But we love Joo PD in exiles! On land, all the PDs surrender their hand phones and whoever’s phone rings will have to join the other three on the island overnight, along with one unfortunate writer.

The LOST people are given some folded papers with the PDs’ numbers to choose from. TaeHyun picks one and calls the number while all five PDs on the show, from Yoo PD, KimSeok PD, Lee JeongWook PD , our lovable and reliable Joo PD to the real Maknae Yoon ByeongIl PD hold their breaths. Everyone on mainland stares at the four phones there but nothing happens.

All of a sudden, JoonYoung says, “it’s here!” but it’s just a fake, hee. But one by one, the phones light up, not from a call but from messages telling them that the chosen one is… Joo JongHyun PD. HAHAA!!!!!! Over on the island, Joo PD can’t believe it and asks if it’s for real while his phone continues to ring. He picks his phone up and hears TaeHyun’s laughter echoing back at him. HAHAHHAH!!!!!! TaeHyun waves the paper with his name in his face, hee!

It’s time to pick the writer who’ll come spend the night with them and Joo PD says that if they really pick the maknae writer, the Yul-do group will be completed. The writers of 1 Night 2 Days all surrender their phones and it’s yet another heart-stopping moment. TaeHyun and Defconn choose their paper and suddenly laugh, hee.

“SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!” the three musketeers on mainland scream and main writer Jung SunYoung hangs her head. LMAO, I like that her hat says, “No One Else Like Me”. She can’t believe it so Yoo PD calls Joo PD. He congratulates the PD whom the God of Luck shines upon but Joo PD just dryly tells him to send Writer Jung. Yes, the writer was chosen properly. Her paper was hand-picked by Defconn.

And so Writer Jung gets sent off on the village’s tour train.

The stranded people wonder what they’re going to do on the island and suggest their lucky-or-not dinner game and then a Truth game. But in the end, they just end up doing survival stuff like deciding how to cook their food and catching… what the heck is that… mudskippers?


TaeHyun succeeds in catching one with a basket while Defconn tries too with a milk carton. DongGu is just on land waving to Writer Jung who’s arriving on a boat.

On mainland, it’s back to filming for the remaining guys and they’re up for the lucky-or-not dinner game. All they have to do is teach the Cutie song to some elderly residents. OMG, JunHo gives a demonstration and… Just… see it for yourself.

They return to the community hall where they ate their lunch at and start teaching the halmeoni’s there the Cutie Song. HAHAHAH, the grandmas don’t look very amused but towards the end, they can’t help but laugh.

Our guys call for a volunteer and the grandmas all push their 60 year old maknae to show them what she’s got. But in the end, their chosen “volunteer” is village chief’s mom!

The three guys and the roomful of grandmas start doing that Cutie Song together. When it comes to making the heart gesture, JoonYoung shows them how to, the version where you put your hands together near your chest and make a heart shape, but someone among the ladies retorts that it supposed to be like this though – cue finger hearts. Ooh, someone’s trendy! Hahaha, some of them can’t make the heart shape though, aw.

At the very end, JunHo shows them how to kiss their fingers, likening it to how they eat their food, and a grandma snarkily asks who eats Gochujang like that these days. Hee! We have a trendy bunch here!

The three guys on the island start getting fire wood, wrapping DongGu’s cloth around their hands for protection. DongGu proves to be a good worker as he plucks branches and digs the ground. He gathers some long poles and makes a frame for the two metal canisters that they’d gotten (from somewhere).

Defconn gets the fire going with DongGu’s cloth and the paper with Yoo PD’s name and number on it. HAHAHA, they make such a huge fire it might as well be a bonfire. But at least it dies down later. Joo PD gives them a bag of water and leaves them to fend for themselves.


At the same time, the lesson on the Cutie Song comes to an end and it’s time for the three guys to choose their representative. HAHAHA, the grandmas look away and Village Chief’s Mom actually turns away. JongMin chooses Village Chief’s Mom Kim YangGyeong, JunHo chooses Maknae Song YiHwa while JoonYoung chooses Hwang JeongSun and aw, reassures her that he believes her.

HA, Yoo PD totally piles on the pressure and burden and tells them that their performance will decide whether their partner gets to eat.

They’ll be shown some arithmetic lines from the song and they have to do the gestures that correspond to it. JunHo’s student passes as does JoonYoung’s student. Hwang JeongSun-nim even ends it with a cute pose!

It’s time for Village Chief’s Mom to show her stuff… and she messes up, hee. So JongMin doesn’t get to eat the octopus soup that was on the line. But at least his student promises to give him anything (for dinner)! And so, only JunHo and JoonYoung get to eat the dinner that the production crew had prepared for them.


Out there in the darkness (not really), TaeHyun and gang are told that it’s only 7.30pm. All they have to do is last till 11.30pm, which is when they’ll go off to sleep. TaeHyun decides to just sleep in his tent in the meantime. HAHAHA, Joo PD wonders what he’s supposed to do now and Writer Jung irritably scolds him, hee. DongGu happily says hi to the helicam.

On mainland, JongMin, JunHo and JoonYoung call for DongGu. He hears it and Defconn yells back but JongMin and gang don’t hear it, HAHAHAH! Defconn wonders if they’re teasing him. The three head back for dinner while DongGu and Defconn scream for JunHo in banmal.

WHAT THE HECK, their octopus is still alive and squirming around!

As promised, only JunHo and JoonYoung get to eat the fresh octopus. They video-call the kidnapped guys on the island and ask if they heard their shouts. TaeHyun tells JunHo that they ate Ramyeon for dinner and how they cooked it and JunHo of course shows him their octopus. TaeHyun just jokes that that’s the octopus they released at the mudflat, hee.


JunHo repeats the name of their octopus soup over and over again and totally ignores Defconn’s warning that they’re not feeling really good (happy) there at the island. JunHo tells him that there’s always something on uninhabited islands though and tells them to eat that. Mosquitoes.

Ooh, the tide has backed off to reveal a mudflat. TaeHyun wears his boots to go check out what there is to catch but ends up just returning because of the fearsome dark.

But DongGu talks about additional ingredients in their ramyeon and now, all three of them poke at the mudflats. Ha, TaeHyun totally goes into the deep. DongGu and Defconn return back almost immediately though and talk about washing machines like ajummas. Uhm… what is this… Defconn totally sounds like a salesman. Or a really adamant housewife.

TaeHyun returns empty handed and joins in the washing machine talk. Ha.

On the other hand, JunHo and JoonYoung happily enjoy their octopus soup. JongMin can only watch enviously from the side. Yoo PD is doing it right this time. Showing the delicacies of the region and making its viewers salivate is what 1 Night 2 Days is all about.

Defconn decides that now is a good time to cook their Ramyeon and DongGu the boy scout makes short work of getting the fire going and boiling water. TaeHyun tries his luck out at the mudflats again but all he finds are stones. He digs… and digs… and digs…


Ha, DongGu and Defconn totally just cook their Ramyeon in its packets while TaeHyun returns, complaining about not getting a single octopus. But once he starts eating the Ramyeon, he giggles from happiness. Hee! (But he’s still not over the octopus.)

Ha, they eat and drink all the soup and suddenly TaeHyun worries about SooChan cooking and eating his Ramyeon like them now. So they put out a Public Service Announcement that Ramyeon should be cooked in pots. But cooking them in packets is actually fine too! I’m living proof of it! TaeHyun threatens to send SooChan to an island if he doesn’t listen, hehe.

HAHAHAHA, Defconn suddenly gets testy when his Ramyeon doesn’t cook fast enough and TaeHyun laughs that he’s just like SooChan when he’s hungry.


The three musketeers on mainland walk to their next set on the beach, wondering along the way where DongGu is going to sleep since he doesn’t have a tent. Pfft, they monitor those stranded people through the camera feedback. Their new mission has relief items for the stranded at stake.

They call TaeHyun and ask him what they need. Unexpectedly, TaeHyun says it’s not so bad out here, ha. They’re pretty comfortable.

So he tells the guys that what he needs are some refreshing carbonated drinks, DongGu’s tablet PC and an octopus! Along with a bottle of soju! HAHAH!

But the mode of transport for all those things is… a drone. And it can only carry 1.5kg.



Next Week!

The drone delivers the relief goods as everyone realises how amazing technology has become while in the background, GOT7’s comeback song “Hard Carry” plays. Got7 came back at the right time.


Ratings for this episode of Happy Sunday was 12.8% on Nielsen Korea and 14.5% on TNMS.


15 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 143

  1. thanks for the fast recap..still yet to watch it coz no subbed version.. oh well. such a bittersweet moments for 1N2D..what with JJY’s case.. but i am so glad this episode is a super happy one by the sound of it. i dun think anybody would feel depressed if they are stranded on a deserted island with dong gu..he’s a hard worker and optimistic to boot. and tae hyun’s hyena-like laughter..enough to scare away any monsters or mosquitoes..LOL.


    1. “tae hyun’s hyena-like laughter”

      Pffffffttttttttttttttt!!! Hahaha! What. Ha.

      I don’t think anything will happen to JoonYoung. Wishing him luck! Thanks for the comment!


  2. Read the recaps while waiting for the subs. Thanks!

    Enjoyed the reunion of Joo PD, TaeHyun, Defconn and now with Donggu. They are funny together haha good combi!

    Wow! delivering supplies through the drone, I heard of the concept before. Now can see it in screen! The production team never fail to amaze me.


  3. Also, I love that top screencap. Dong Gu always optimistic and smiling, Defconn making the best out of a bad situation and Tae Hyun partly annoyed/partly bored. Ha! I hope he finally gets his octopus next week.


  4. The games weren’t particularly ingenious but the episode was funny. The wash machine talk was so random (probably due to the editing) but hilarious: I like how the English subtitles that I saw just stated (and I paraphrase): “some wash machine talk” without even translating the actual dialog. Also, the way they set up the fire pit to be able to cook wasnt bad at all!

    Can’t wait for the next episode!


  5. I am always amused when they get the crew involved in the show. The PD on his knees is hilarious.
    Will JJY still appear in the next episode? I hope he comes back quickly.


    1. I watched a season 1 episode and there was one time, they totally aired all of the managers’ private life stories, ha! I haven’t watched the next episode so I don’t know, but JJY did state that he’s going on a break so… I expect him to come back soon though.


  6. Hi! I’ve been following your website for some time now and finally got the bravery to
    go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Texas! Just wanted to say
    keep up the great job!


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