Moonlight Drawn By Clouds IMPcap Ep 13







RaOn now knows the truth of her predicament:


You should have appeared earlier! You should have told me!






I can’t just go, mom.

“(Yeong’s) waiting, without knowing anything.”










You went for too long!




So are you going to punish me?





Oh, you mean you were waiting for a kiss from me?

So close, yet so far.
But this feels like home.







Can I stay beside you for the whole day?



“Whatever it is, I’ll follow (all your wishes).”







Eeeps, Bromance in trouble here as Yeong prepares to go hardcore.








But at least this one is recovering.

“I’m sorry”



If so, can I think like this?

“Then, I won’t wait, won’t be considerate and won’t ask for favors”

“I have no intention of stopping (you).”

Maybe when you’ve exhausted all efforts, will you then realize how futile they were.






Don’t bother sorting out the books.


I can call you to read me them whenever I need anyway.






So blissfully ignorant.







I know he won’t love me, but…


I’m pathetic aren’t I?






I’ll help you. 


Use me.





I know I have to go.

I know.







His highness is relying on me!! Tee Hee!!







Interrogation of the unfortunate assassinator-wannabe who got caught.








Who asked you to trust a rat.














ByeongYeon, go away.






You baboon. I let him live because of you.

But I still really hate him.

Me too Yeong, me too.






Rumors are flying


Making RaOn uncomfortable.








“It’s you. You. The person I love.”

Complete and total banmal right there.







Heard a baby cry.






That’s right. Kick me. Hate  me.







Two poor unfortunate souls, sad puppets of one old man.


… And YoonSeong knows that she’s up to something again.







You and your goddamned nonsense.




Threatening Hong RaOn’s safety.








YoonSeong is me and I am YoonSeong.

Also, he should totally work as a spy.

He’s always at the right place to hear things.






Take RaOn away without anyone knowing.


Can you do that, YoonSeong?







Somehow this,






Became this:

Hey, I’m not complaining!







“If I were a Yangban’s daughter, would you still like me as much?

Then, if I didn’t act as a Yangban and turned up that day, would we still have met?”







“Even that, isn’t it an of-course thing?”




“Didn’t I say it before? We, even if we circled around, in the end, we’re just fated to meet.”




Your Highness, if someday, you find out that I’m the daughter of a rebel,

meeting me… won’t you regret that?

Right now, this moment, would you even miss/ pine for it?







































Is no one there? RaOn ah?






Something weird’s going on.






What is it?

We’re looking for the traitor’s daughter.





Hong Ra On.


















Ra On ah.


9 thoughts on “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds IMPcap Ep 13

  1. oh dear – talk about swoony moments mixed with terrible angst!!!!! I don’t know if I can bear to watch now. then again wasn’t it a given that Ra On would run away when she found out?
    guess I’ll settle for Drinking Solo instead tonight. 😦
    thanks for the ever so fast recap!


  2. I just found your blog through DB and I’m so glad I did!

    You really had captured all those precious moments and I can’t help but cry again and again!! T_T

    Oh my Crown Prince!!!!!


  3. Thanks Peeps for doing the IMPcap and adding some gifs!
    I was lucky today to get to do the gifs… not sure about tomorrow but thank you for doing the IMPcap!

    Sorry I didn’t see your message in DB until JUST because I haven’t had time to read the comments properly- any time I had was spent watching and then speed gif-ing! lol.

    Anyway more the merrier! And I really LOVED your IMPcap
    The comments made the screen shots extra special- you are very creative 🙂 And going through them felt like watching the best parts of the episode again.

    Liked by 1 person

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