Moonlight Drawn By Clouds IMPcap Ep 14




Like every other day,


YoonSeong is here to save the day.





Without RaOn

 Cold on the outside, cold on the inside.
Frosty like Antarctica’s winter.






Babies pay taxes. The dead pay taxes.


“I’ll cut all your pay!”

There has never been such a thing!
Please understand your highness!”

“How can you aristocrats, who call yourselves the roots of this nation, whine over this much?

 And you think you have a right to take a salary from the country?”




So not amused.






Eunuch Hong, where are you?


I the prince misses you.






Future Bro-in-laws UNITE!

One of the assassin’s brothers was playing around with gold from Minister Kim.
(What a heartwarming brotherhood.)






RaOn’s not here









Because she’s with Mom.

“Is it difficult?”












ByeongYeon almost dooming himself

ByeongYeon! I love you! Don’t give me a heart attack!






You won’t tell me about RaOn

But I miss her so much.
That I’ll ask anyway.






Don’t walk past me like that

Don’t walk without strength. Don’t walk as if you’ve lost the world.






The moon reminds me of you




Never changing




Never wavering




Just like the love you once had for me.







The queen gives birth to a daughter

“There’s no need (to see her face). Erase/Take her away.”





Better than the FBI, MI6 or even Perry the Platypus,
all-seeing YoonSeong witnesses the evil deed.






Time for cute!

Uh huh. That’s not obvious at all. Nope.




Why’d you need RaOn?

“I can’t (lower my speech) your highness. Because I don’t know your name.”

You bring on the swoons yourself pretty well.




Uh… Okay, maybe you need RaOn.






Gossipy Ajumma disguised as an Eunuch

You keep your mouth shut about all the suspicious things about RaOn!






Don’t threaten me.

You might just die.






And don’t do anything that you’ll say sorry for!

Whacked from both sides, hee!






Look at the moon. It never changes.



Just like your feelings, huh.






Minister Kim’s gold was simply reward for information

…that Hong RaOn was involved in your assassination attempt. 

“Even if I have to cut off that wench’s arms and legs, I will bring her to you.”





“Could it be, perhaps, that you knew, your highness?”

What kind of bloody-smart bullshit is this?






No. My RaOn didn’t betray me.

 E…ver… Never…She wouldn’t.






HaYeon is selected as Crown Princess


“I will love and love and love some more.”






RaOn ah,

  Yeong is getting married.






Don’t come here.

Because you are not Hong RaOn.                           Because you are not Lee Yeong.












I just…

I just…
Really, really, miss you.






And because it’s so hard not seeing you,






“I won’t ever forgive you.”













I just came.







Even if there are soldiers outside waiting to pounce on us.


7 thoughts on “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds IMPcap Ep 14

  1. Dammit! Leaving this here because the html is playing with me and going nuts. Now that I’ve got at least some spaces in there, I’m just never going to touch this post (other than comment). Before I managed some magic, everything really was together, all bunched up, like the core of a black hole. I’m not actually happy with this IMPcap because it looks too cramped. It needs some white space. But, oh well. I wanna go all Yeong on the HMTL here.

    Also, just a quick note that in the last IMPcap, Master Jung actually said “The person I love” rather than “The person I’m enchanted with” that I wrote. It took Chae SooBin (and that old form of the word “love” actually got tossed around a lot this episode) for me to realise that they were saying 연모 rather than
    영묘(하다). Oops. Also, can’t change the other post now because…HTML FML!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s okay Peeps, I still loved this post of yours. I kept on scrolling this page because I still can’t get over with this week’s episode. I’m really glad that CP didn’t give up his faith on Ra-On. He shouldn’t be since he knows her best better than anyone else!

      Ugh, can Monday come by already? I have lots of questions and I want them answered! >_<

      – How did Crown Prince sent that letter to Ra-On if he didn't know where she is? I even thought it was Head Eunuch Han who gave her that letter! Omo, or maybe they joined forces? Ugh, they should be! It's the Kims who are really their enemy!
      – Where is BY and YS? Did they accompany CP on this heartbreaking reunion? He shouldn't be moving around alone, you know. T_T
      – Did CP knows the danger of him meeting Ra-On? Didn't he know that the Kims are following him around?? They better runnnnn!!!!
      Crown Prince, you are really wise and smart, I do hope you have a contingency plan on this!

      Anyways, Thanks a lot Peeps!


      1. Yay! Managed to change some things without the editor eating up my HTML. It took such a roundabout way and the IMPcap still looks funny to me though.

        I have no idea about that letter though. But I really do not like the way the black-dressed guy who went to visit Prime Minister Kim walked. It was arrogant, assured and self-confident. It doesn’t look like any servant. More like a man who knows he has power and eeps, Eunuch Han DOES have a lot of power.

        Waiting for Monday!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha, I love your screencaps, so much humor. “Don’t walk as if you’ve lost the world.” I love that speech by Ha-yeon, she clearly see through Yeong and that he’s lost his whole world when Ra-on left. Oof, YeongOn couple crying scene still hurt me so good. I can’t stand watching them cry like that. Don’t forgive Ra-on, Jeoha. Punish her! Muahaha.


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