Three Meals a Day in Gochang Ep 12 END

Three Meals a Day in Gochang Episode 12 END:

Guess who’s back! Filming at Gochang might have ended, but there’s more to see than has been seen (why does that sound like something from a Disney movie?) and even our guys are feeling that way. None of them feel the emptiness they felt when season 1 and 2 ended at Manjae Island. JooHyuk even still feels like they’ll all come back in two weeks’ time and meet again.

HaeJin credits his happy time at Gochang to JooHyuk following him well and aw, we’re shown a clip of when Chajumma had asked for HoJun’s hand to hold in the sweet potato fields and it naturally eases into views of the empty blue-tiled house.

They’re asked about table tennis, that game they all went crazy over and oh, it seems like JooHyuk was the best player in the end. That match wasn’t shown on air though, aw. Table tennis is not the only game they play and we see HaeJin and SeungWon playing baseball too.

Pwahahah, turns out that right after their Jajangmyeon/ Jjampong lunch, HoJun had been hesitant to return back home so soon. So, they head to a pool arcade to play snooker (and Na PD writes in captions that it’s for the air-con, hee). I have no idea how to play snookers at all, like JooHyuk, hee, but it seems like SeungWon and HaeJin, who are both in the same team are creaming the youngsters.


Well, that’s until HaeJin announces that they play until the clock strikes 40 minutes and decide the scores then and JooHyuk, with HoJun’s coaching, starts playing so well that the older guys start to feel threatened. That continues into clips of all four guys making the rounds in Gochang and in his interview, SeungWon credits that to their trusty four seater truck, that allowed all four of them to travel together.

Haha, at the very start of the series, when HaeJin hadn’t even joined them, JooHyuk was the designated driver and he’d noted that the truck doesn’t go very fast. SeungWon totally liked the air-con of the car and he liked it so much that he actually went for a drive with JooHyuk for no other reason than for the air-con, haha! Contrast that to their “Dark Horse” (bicycle) on Manjae island, hee.

Other than their trusty truck, the four guys have also been supplied with the New Black Horse and a motorbike, the former of which SeungWon rides round the town with and the latter which HaeJin takes JooHyk for a spin around on, following after SeungWon. But a few minutes later, SeungWon falls behind, almost crashing the bike and has to drag it all the way back himself, ha. Pfft, luckily for him, a elderly resident had given him packed juice to replenish his energy.


HoJun appears from the house when HaeJin and JooHyuk return, asking HaeJin to teach him how to ride the bike. HaeJin notes that it’s dangerous, but because that particular model is easy to drive, he gives HoJun some tips and even takes him for another ride around town and HoJun totally falls for the feeling of freedom. He loved it so much that the actually went back to Seoul and learnt how to ride it. Haha, at first he keeps jerking to a stop but by the end of the series, he’d gotten a motorbike license and ends up riding that red scooter at Gochang himself. Hee, he does a timid round around the yard and declares that maybe he needs a few months more of practice. It’s scary!

But even JooHyuk has fallen for the motorbike and had stated that the one thing he absolutely wants to do is ride a motorbike with HoJun, just the two of them. HoJun shares how diligent he was learning to ride it, even going for practice even when it rains. Test date comes and HoJun looks nervous but forbids the cameraman from telling him that he looks nervous, hee. But a few minutes later, after a round around the circuit, the automatic testing system announces that he’s passed (the test). Hee! In his interview, he says that he did it because even though he wanted to be a cute younger sibling to the hyungs, to the younger sibling (JooHyuk), he wanted to be a cool Hyung.

HAHAHA, so he totally shows off his motorbike skills right in front of JooHyuk though when asked if he would like a ride, JooHyuk is like, “No… it looks scary.” HAHHA! And HoJun admits that after getting his license, he totally didn’t ride a bike after that out of fear and basically forgot everything, hee.

There’s another reason he doesn’t ride the bike too though – it’s because the hyungs were totally against him riding him the motorbike, in concern for his safety. So even when he wanted to, he never did, out of consideration for them.

HoJun gets asked what kind of hyung he wants to be for JooHyuk and he answers, “an ambiguous Hyung”. What does that even mean? I think he means a Hyung that’s not like a Hyung but not so comfortable that he can be TOTALLY and COMPLETELY casual with. The clips go on to show us how their brotherhood progressed, from their first meeting where HoJun was like, “(doing all the work) is not being pranked on. It’s just how you learn” to him squatting at the side while JooHyk washes all the dishes (and JooHyuk totally was nervous about that, hee).

HoJun gets into the chicken coop instead of JooHyuk and praises him for working well, but then he also fobs work off onto JooHyuk, haha, but then also works alongside JooHyuk to make their meals. They share books, save each other from falling into pools and laugh when their eyes meet. They follow each other’s crazy little antics, hold umbrellas for each other and even smack each other’s butts.


But there were also times when they were awkward with each other. One such time was when HoJun was left to watch JooHyuk eat (we all know how much the kid eats, ha) and they suddenly start talking about random things like blood types and the stars (that aren’t there). Lol, HoJun had muttered that even though they don’t do anything, the programme is fun, right? JooHyuk answers that he never imagined that he’d be eating so well. Cue Eating Broadcast! Back in the “present”, JooHyuk laments that he’d gained weight and HoJun is all “you could do with some”. Aw.

Next on the road of nostalgia are clips of all the guys slouching around due to the heat and HoJun putting on some refrigerated Aloe on his face. Oh! It’s self-made! The night before, he and JooHyuk had harvested some Aloe Vera from the garden and had peeled it all. Pwahahah, the next day, HoJun puts that pack only on himself, hee.


There’s something that HoJun envies JooHyuk for – his fashion sense. On the other hand, of all the clothes that HoJun wore on the show, only the red ddeokbokki pants was his. And he wears them a lot. Ha, he even calls his stylist for tips even though she’s overseas but at Gochang, he’d ask former model JooHyuk. Personally, he says his dress style is casual and comfortable. And nothing too eye-catching. Uh huh.

Compared to Manjae where they ate what they fished and grew, at Gochang, they worked for money to buy their food. A staff member brings that up and that leads HaeJin to point out the rice field right behind him, where they’d done their first work (planting rice seedlings). In total, our four guys have done 7 different kinds of work and worked a total of 46 hours together. They earned 427,280 won through those and it all started because of one little sausage, hee. They experienced many different things, suffered from aches and pain from thorns.

According to all of them, the watermelon job was the toughest, and after that is the sweet potato job, the latter which drove SeungWon a bit crazy, ha. Of course, we can’t not talk about the galbi and JooHyuk very frankly admits that he never thought that they’d do two jobs in one day – picking cantaloupes and pears.

We rewind to the moment they arrived at the cantaloupe farm and this time, we’re shown the little bee hive installed before the greenhouses that we never got to see before. Those bees were responsible for fertilising the flowers.

Hee, I hear the OST from Jealousy Incarnate! It plays while our four guys work on the melons. It’s just a replay of what was already shown in episode 11. Nothing new here. HoJun and JooHyuk load the melons into the baskets carefully and elsewhere, SeungWon loads others with HaeJin.


After work, they’re treated to some cantaloupe blends and a whole melon is even cut into slices for them to eat, just like that. Hee, HaeJin is incredibly pleased to have cantaloupe-blend in his left and a slice of cantaloupe in his right. HAHA, the farmer-owner-boss knows how to advertise and suggests that SeungWon make side dishes with their melons. But SeungWon comes clean and says that they have a more astonishing menu for dinner, which is the reason they’re even doing the job. Galbi!

Just like in the last episode, they get their pay and then head off to the pear farm for their next job.

HaeJin just rushes into it, haha, and when SeungWon sees how low the trees are, he begins whining that they’re all between “182cm” and “2.6m”, feeling all concerned for his back. Uh huh. Ha! The boss farmer-owner-boss doesn’t even laugh.

He just shows them how to pick the pears (which is to simply gently twist them from the tree, no pliers/scissors or pulling required) and explains that the bells he hangs around those trees are to chase the birds away. And then it’s just them working. Haha, HoJun sees the tall ones squatting and jokes to HaeJin that they should probably sit too. They’re at the perfect height to pick those pears when they stand though. JooHyuk grunts like a grandpa.


The same footage as shown in episode 11 plays, which really means that they really did nothing but work, ha! After work, HaeJin pats a pear and notices that they’re supposed to be shipped to the US and they realise how precious Korean pears are. The owner-boss picks a huge one for them to share and it’s so big that all four of them get to eat two pieces each.

In his solo interview, HoJun gets asked what’s the biggest difference between Manjae and Gochang and HoJun replies that in Manjae, they were really isolated and the place was really remote. Here, they just buy everything at the mart. And that’s the very reason we get to see Chajumma display his cooking prowess, from chicken stew from the very first day to the galbi-jjim.

Hee, we see JooHyuk eat Chajumma’s food for the first time again and Na PD totally laughs at how JooHyuk sighs in happiness. Even HoJun couldn’t help but shake his head at Chajumma’s food again. Heh, they repeat the moment Chajumma asked what fish was and then it’s just a series of the guy requesting for meat, meat and more meat and Chajumma cooking them all in various different but equally delicious ways.

Still, HoJun sighs that the best was the galbi. Chajumma gets interviewed about that galbi and he’s said that if it turned out bad, he’d have had to go to jail, because the ingredients used were the very best.


That’s the phrase that gets repeated over and over again and Na PD plays all the meals they ate at Gochang in one long series. Chajumma is asked what he puts in his food and he goes, “love, sincerity, joy and faith”. Pfft.

The show segues into him personally picking the Manilla clams that were used in three different dishes and making stir-fried brinjal/eggplant/aubergines for HaeJin despite declaring so loudly that he doesn’t eat that vegetable. Other than that, he’d also made crispy Jeons and filling toasts with coleslaw and omelette for breakfast. When HoJun mutters that he really likes Korean food and Chinese food, SeungWon makes Mapo Tofu and Jjampong.


In their separate interviews, HoJun, HaeJin and JooHyuk are asked what the best dish they ate in Gochang was and they all answer, “Dalkgomtang”.

HaeJin calls it special and VERY delicious and HaeJin mutters that it was the first time he’d eaten anything like that. He’d wondered what it was but it was so delicious that he couldn’t stop thinking of it. JooHyuk calls it a legend, ha, and says that he could live on only that.

So of course, Na PD repeats SeungWon cooking that dish for us.  In essence, boil skinless chicken, shred it, add red chili pepper flakes, some minced garlic, pepper, roughly chopped green chilli and spring onions. Throw the bones back into the boiling water to make broth and once that’s done, ladle the broth into bowls and add the dry-marinated chicken into the broth. Eat with bean rice. How long do I have to watch them eat? I should get a bowl too for this, you know!

Finally, they finish dinner and JooHyuk declares that it’s the best thing he’s ever eaten. Hahaha, he very unapologetically tells SeungWon that his mom cooks the exact same thing as he does after it gets aired and in his solo interview, he spills that his mom made Dalkgomtang too. When asked about how it was, he just shakes his head and follows it with an impish smile, hee!


He explains that they’re both delicious but her’s was “disappointing, sorrymom”. HAHAHAH!

For SeungWon though, the best food for him was the Kimchi-jjigae he’d made for breakfast on their last day. Chef explains that right now, autumn, is the best time to make Kimchi. They ferment the fastest and the dishes made from it are the best – Kimchi-jjigae, Kimchi-guk. And there’s a rewind to all the kimchi dishes they made.

It naturally leads into their nightly gatherings (or book gatherings), all 10 of them.

The first night, SeungWon was taught how to play music on his phone, the second night, it was the ajae gags and so on. We finally get to see never-before-shown clips. On the gathering during their third night together, JooHyuk was still a little awkward with the hyungs and he’d made an Ajae gag that was not funny. But at least he’s good-looking and SeungWon says that it makes him look cute.

But of course, he becomes king of those gags, starting from following up HaeJin’s “give me nat-to” (nat can also mean day) with “give me bam (night/chestnuts) too”.  And from being the unsure makae, he’s now become self-confident with ajae gags. “Because they laugh!” he says. And the kid gives a proud look, heh.

Talk about maknaes and we’re now shown a clip of them talking about ages. HoJun never thought that he’d become 30 and now he’s like…33. HaeJin shares that he was totally shocked when he turned 40. Till today, he still can’t accept that he’s in his forties, haha!

In that same meeting, SeungWon murmurs that it feels comfortable now (that HaeJin had joined them). Aww. Before HaeJin came, he basically interrogated JooHyuk just to keep the atmosphere from becoming awkward.

He says in his solo interview that without HaeJin, there would have been a huge problem. They wouldn’t have eaten Dalkgomtang, wouldn’t have eaten Galbi-jjim, wouldn’t have eaten Jeon, the grass would have become overgrown, it wouldn’t have been fun and he wouldn’t have been able to continue with their nightly (book) gatherings.


And aw, he shares with the youngsters in one of those meetings just what kind of friend and actor Yoo HaeJin is. They take a we-fie together that night and before they go off to sleep, they suddenly get amazed by the veins on JooHyuk’s veins. HAHHA. Is he an animal at the zoo or something? Pfft, they make him reveal his six-packs and HaeJin pipes that he has 12-packs. SeungWon has 24-packs!

Na PD shows little clips of all the other nightly meetings and finally at the very last and tenth meeting, which we saw just last week, the guys end it off with table tennis.

“Good night!” says someone.

What a lie. They just end up sitting together outside playing I Am Ground. Ha. And SeungWon keeps stealing HaeJin’s ideas without meaning to, like they’re telepathic. And later that night, HaeJin howls to the moon as GyeoWool looks at him like he’s crazy.

Time to talk about the animals at Gochang and of course that means talking about the ducklings.

SeungWon confesses that they were really, really pretty/adorable/lovable when they were just born. When they were still small and yellow, they were the apple of everyone’s eyes.


“But now, no,” goes SeungWon. HAHA! He apologises and apologises but… right now, he avoids them. HAHA! The difference between the young ducklings and their grown up version is just too big for him!

HaeJin likewise laughs that they grew up to become pterodactyls and even says that they smelled bad, like a teenaged guy’s room when they went into “puberty”. We’re reminded of the Orivan that HaeJin made for them and the little platform that he added to it for them later. He says that seeing them walk up the plank themselves really gave him satisfaction. Then he screams, “NO!” at GyeoWool even though he’s at the rice field and GyeoWool’s at home, ha!

Who can forget our resident duck-torturer GyeoWool? Pfft, that dog is so amusing. He goes wherever the ducks go to, even into the field. In the “present”, HaeJin promises to buy GyeoWool a duck plushy. Hahaha, we’re shown once more how HaeJin bathes and adores the dog… who betrays him by zooming straight for the ducks the moment he’s released. Pfft, HoJun can’t help but laugh as he hears HaeJin scream for GyeoWool again.

Recently, HaeJin has been bringing GyeoWool around with him too. Pwahahaha, we’re shown a clip of him kept in a room like that and one of the staff plays a video of the ducks. The sound of their quacking sends the little furry doggie searching the whole bare room for them, hee!

The ducks are not the only ones who grew, because the rice grew up real well too. HaeJin sighs that it would have been great to see them get harvested but… oh well. The programme ends when it ends. At least Jin Cha is there to protect it from sparrows, right through to September, which is when the rice grains hang from its stalks, golden brown.

The ducks bathe in their drinking water like they miss the paddy fields and JooHyuk sighs that everything there was picturesque. And that’s how they spent summer – together.

Thanks for watching Three Meals a day in Gochang!



Three Meals a Day in Deukryang Preview!

Calm blue seas hide scores of fish. A cage is thrown into the sea and a crab comes by to say hi.

Elsewhere, Na PD checks out a camera, making sure that it’s properly hidden. This guy and his habit of installing hidden cameras, ha. Through the doors walk… resident grumpy pants Lee SeoJin!

Na PD frankly tells SeoJin that their next destination is an island and the banner-caption announces, “Lee SeoJin is about to be dragged to an island.” Hee! He casually takes out a picture of a boat and points to it, saying “Hyung’s boat. Get on this boat and get to the island.” PWAHAHAHAH!!!!!

SeoJin laughs and asks if he’s serious… but the next thing we know, he’s in the middle of boating lessons, pftt. During a break, he asks who else will be joining him and a staff replies that finding someone who has good feelings towards SeoJin… was hard! HAHHA! Sir grumpypants asks if it really was that hard.

Captions: Yes, it was hard!


So a few days later, Na PD brings them all together. SeoJin arrives first and he stares at the door when it seems like someone’s coming. Pfft, his dimples pop into view as he smiles to see “JeongHyeok”, aka, Eric Moon. Hee, SeoJin pats Eric’s thighs and admits that he’s really glad.

Next to come is Yoon KyunSang! They don’t know him personally, but from his open demeanour, it seems like he’ll fit in just fine as he talks about the table tennis table table that HaeJin made. LOL, the other two guys just stare at him speechless and then Eric asks, “who’ll make that? Among us? Let’s say you make it… but who’ll play?” HAHAHHAHA!!! KyunSang finally understands that this group is not like the other, hee. SeoJin even adds that if he did everything, the hyungs will be very happy. It hasn’t even been a day, Lee SeoJin!

Na PD says halfway that he doesn’t know if luck will side with KyunSang or not and just laughs that he hopes it will.

Then he adds, “you just stepped on poop.” HA!



9 thoughts on “Three Meals a Day in Gochang Ep 12 END

  1. This series have a idyllic lazy feel to it. Makes me want to lie down and just read books, sleep and do simple stuff.
    It’s only after reading your recap that i realised i missed the last part of the show where GyeoWool appears again. Ah…he is one funny dog.


    1. Yes, yes it does have that idyllic feel. That’s why I love recapping it. It’s just so… relaxing. The next season with Lee SeoJin is sure to be a lot of complaining and talking and I’m feeling a little scared of recapping it already, ha.

      Also, Woof!


      1. The tvN Awards only gave the humans recognition! No Minky, no Sanchae, no Byeol, no GyeoWool… no Jackson, no Pearl, no Dia, no Eddy and no Saphy. So discriminatory!


      2. Heh heh… imagine trying to herd the animals up on stage. Though it would not be a problem for GyeoWool cus we jus need to send one poor ducky up there first. Quack!

        Thanks for doing variety recaps!


  2. And here is the end 😦 Thank you for the recaps! They were so nice and tempting, I am watching the raws now (your recaps help me understand at least some things and actually enjoying it a lot)…It’s amazing how the two Three Meals a day give a different feeling like they are entirely different shows. I love both (looking forward to the next season with the grumpy guy) but the one with Chajumman is so much closer to my heart…Thanks again!


    1. I agree that this one is closer to the heart too. Maybe because the family was so closeknit and everything’s so relaxing. Learning to cook with Chajumma is the highlight for me, hee.


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