1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 144

“If there were no Hangul… what would it have been like?”

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 144:

So we return to the three guys stuck in that uninhabited island and the other three on mainland with the mission to send them the three things that they’d asked for – Fizzy Drinks, DongGu’s tablet and an Octopus (and soju) through a drone.

Yoo PD reads out their tasks… which is for the guys on the mainland to read out question-statements and the guys on the island to answer True or False by lying on the ground and forming the letters X or O using their bodies. Uh… Lol.

Anyways, they first bet on the fizzy drinks and the question is: “The dictionary meaning of the word ‘JJok-bak’ is ‘split bowl’.” I have no idea how they linked it but Defconn spits out an idiom that means ‘to go bankrupt’ (it kind of sounds similar) and TaeHyun agrees that it means that the question-sentence must be right. DongGu thinks that “Jjok-bak” means ‘small gourd’ though and because they’re not really sure,  they just form the letter X. And DongGu is right! So they win fizzy drinks. Across the sea, JongMin and JunHo wonder how DongGu knew that. Hahah.


JunHo reads the next question and it’s, “dogs have blood types too.” How the hell is anyone supposed to know that?? Only vets maybe. Pfft, Defconn wonders if animals act like their blood types like humans (supposedly) do. They discuss it and suddenly, DongGu is certain that dogs have different blood types too. He shares that he’d once seen fellow actress DoHee’s dog’s nametag (the dog was named DongGu too, hee) and is pretty sure that the dog’s blood type was written there.

But they don’t know for sure, so they ask for a hint. There’s no hint! They make the letter O together and the answer is that dogs have 13 different blood types. Are you for real? And JunHo asks what the hell DongGu is, heh.

Pfft, the time comes to send the drifters their emergency supplies and JunHo, JongMin and JoonYoung set the fizzy drinks in the basket. They then take them out to “confirm that they’re fizzy drinks”, practically drinking half a bottle, ha. They add the octopus in along with some handwritten notes (with their autograph) and they all then stare in wonder as the drone flies across the sea. Wait, the drone doesn’t even land. It just drops the whole basket from a height, HA! And DongGu’s the only one who picks up their “autograph”.


The third question is, “are the words ‘Me-mil (buckwheat)’ and ‘Mo-mil (buckwheat husk)’ part of standard language (and not slang or dialect)?”

DongGu thinks that it’s part of standard language. He even gives a very long explanation that recently, the “law” changed such that common words that have always used have been acknowledged as standardized/ official, just like Jjajangmyeon. Heh, and I thought I was the only one who researched about this kind of things. Originally, it was officially Chajangmyeon/ Jajangmyeon. He gives such a convincing and detailed explanation that YAPS warns him not to push it, heh. So does that mean that it’s not right?

Anyways, they decide that it’s right and make the letter… X. What? A rewind shows us that DongGu suggested making the X instead, influenced by YAPS. LOL. And that X is the right answer! HAHAHA, TaeHyun scolds JunHo for being so obvious about his attempt at reverse psychology (YAPS obviously wanted them to get it wrong) and then adds that they don’t want DongGu’s tablet anymore. Instead, they want JunHo’s phone. Hee!

JongMin and JoonYoung are VERY happy to do that but JunHo refuses. Instead, they send over “delicious” coffee and some snacks. This time, Defconn is prepared for the falling basket and catches it real good.

Hee, TaeHyun is totally happy with his octopus, giggling as he wraps one around a stick to grill over naked flame. Neither DongGu or Defconn are able to keep their octopuses on the stick and TaeHyun’s barely looks like it’ll stay there. In the end, food enthusiast Defconn does it the best. But the fire in their fire-pit doesn’t look big enough to cook anything… While waiting, DongGu takes a sip of the coffee and hee, as expected, it’s super salty.

TaeHyun takes his octopus out and decides to just eat it, whatever, and declares that it’s delicious. So the others eat their octopuses too and even shares some with the crew. After that is time to sleep and DongGu gets to sharea tent so he doesn’t actually sleep outside.


The other three, JunHo, JongMin and JoonYoung also get to sleep indoors, at the cow-farmer’s house. In the morning, when the morning song plays at 5.30am, they’re to wake up, make sandwiches for the stranded guys and head to the island to save their castmates. The house owner with them notes that if the tide rises high enough to flood the tents, then the stranded people will have to leave anyway. Aka, the three J-s won’t have to go rescue them.

Heh, they must not be worn out yet because TaeHyun and Defconn mess around with TaeHyun’s unconnected yellow phone, lip-syncing to numerous songs. Ha, they totally have a party there, dancing ans singing crazily and passionately, pfft. TaeHyun’s the craziest while DongGu basically just humours them. They then go to sleep.

Eeesh, the tide starts to come in and Joo PD wakes them all up. They wear their life-vests and pack the tents up, shocked to see that the tide has reached their fire-pit.  They head up the hill behind and find a small clearing where they basically just sit dazed. But they’re not dazed enough that DongGu doesn’t make a lame joke. “Nak-ji” means octopus and they decide that it is also the short form of “people who reject being exiled” and they proceed to call themselves the “octopus club”.


The difference between the beach and the grassy patch they’re sitting at are the mosquitoes. Up in the forest, the mosquitoes are present in crazily huge numbers. They can’t wait for morning to come and end up sleeping in the meantime.

5.30am comes and the three J-s are woken up. While JunHo and JoonYoung prepare themselves, JongMin asks where he is, totally out of it. They’re informed that Defconn and gang are suffering because of the mosquitoes and JunHo just says, “one should donate blood”. Pfft.

They head out and thank the homeowner. The village chief is there to greet them with the cabby and he even drives them all the way to their food truck. JunHo and team gets toast with omelette and jam for breakfast (no game this time) while the poor guys on the uninhabited island deal with hunger and mosquitoes. This is the first time they’ve waited so eagerly for anyone.

They brighten up to see headlights shining their way and even make a fire for smoke. They see a boat pass by but unfortunately, that’s not their boat.

A long while later, the inflatable boat with the other three comes into view with JunHo standing in the middle and screaming, “ssongdi ssongdi!” while holding up some bags. TaeHyun just demands to know who put that fish sauce in the coffee, hee.

He points a huge stick at them and JongMin rats that it was JunHo’s doing, so JunHo returns the favour by outing JongMin as the one who added the salt to the coffee. Uh huh. I have picture evidence up that you participated too.

JongMin and gang call the crew to come join breakfast. DongGu’s sandwich is delicious but Writer Jung demands to know if they’d added salt. Hee, she sticks the sandwich in JunHo’s direction and tells him to eat it himself.

JunHo, “we made it, why would we eat it?” HA!


Of course they messed with the food on purpose and Writer Jung just says that JunHo’s dead. Why would you mess with the writer?! Pfft, JunHo and JongMin push the blame around and JoonYoung bluntly looks in JunHo’s direction and says that he made it. JunHo fakes like he can’t hear a thing, hee.

Finally, all six guys leave the island.

A new day starts on a new trip and aw… JoonYoung isn’t there. Yoo PD asks JongMin if he’d eaten Ramyeon because he looks bloated. They put their hands together and assure the viewers that they’ll do their very best before giving a deep bow. The serious moment is broken when JunHo removes his hat to reveal a short crop, ha.

The destination of the day is YeoJu in Gyeonggi-do (but they’re currently only at the train station with a new train route). They’re given 10,000 won each for their travel fares and sent off their way. Ha, they buy their tickets and then Yoo PD demands the money left over.


They get on the new train, walking through it confidently like… gangsters, heh. They wonder why they’re going to YeoJu and easily guess that they’re there to film for Hangul day. They’re right! Ha, they all promise not to say a single English word on this trip.

Yoo PD brings up their 10 000 won allowance earlier and says that they’re going to play a game: Find what’s wrong in a (10 000 won) bill. There’ll only be two rounds for this game and first will get additional allowance of 10 000 won, second gets 5 000 won and third gets 1000 won. He turns over a huge picture of an edited 10 000 won note and the guys all call out for a chance to answer.

JongMin insists that he called out the fastest but JunHo was the one who correctly notices that the hat on King Sejong the Great is different. The one in the edited picture is a mere official’s hat but the one on the bank note is an Ik-seon-gwan, which is something like a royal crown. Ha, I hear DongGu shouting “SiYoon” in the background. TaeHyun gets to answer next and he finds the words Dae-Han-Min-Guk (Republic of Korea) at the top of the note suspect. He’s right. It was supposed to read Han-Guk-Eun-Haeng (Korea Bank).

Defconn notes that the stache is missing on Sejong the Great and JongMin finds the additional “Il” before the “Man-won”. TaeHyun gets another one right as he notices the word “governor” spelt wrongly in the corner. SiYoon gets a try and he notes that SeJong the Great is looking the wrong way.

Ha, JunHo tries to force something but he’s wrong and Defconn is right when he notices that the background is different. They have two more differences to find and DongGu notes that the years in the corner are wrong. He doesn’t know what’s wrong and TaeHyun answers that the latter year listed there is wrong. Rather than 2016, the year listed there should be 1450, the year SeJong the Great passed away. Because DongGu was the one who found it first, he gets the point.

There’s one more left and they all stare at the picture, trying to find the difference. Ha, they can’t, so Yoo PD flashes a real 10 000 won note before them. HA, DongGu gets that last difference by pointing out the hilarious “who am I” in the script written in the background. HAHHAHAHAHAH! Of all things to change and write…


The original script was of the very first poem written in Hangul, which is the Yongbieocheonga or “Songs Of Flying Dragons”. Fun fact: that’s the inspiration for the title of the drama Six Flying Dragons starring Yoo Ah In and Kim MyungMin and in its very first line is the inspiration for its drama prequel (though in story terms, Six Flying Dragons is the prequel) Tree With Deep Roots starring Jang Hyuk and Han SukKyu.

First round comes to an end and so far, DongGu is in the lead. Round two starts and Yoo PD shows them the edited version of the back of the 10 000 won note. HAHAHA, they all fight to answer when the see Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man on it. That’s so obvious!

Hee, Yoo PD asks JunHo what’s on it but he can’t answer. Anyways, the Vitruvian Man was supposed to be the Celestial Globe, developed during King Sejong’s era. JongMin gets the next one right, noting the “Bank of Korean” at the top, hee. TaeHyun points out the Music Bank logo right beside it, HAHAHHA and then points to… what the heck is that? A Mars Rover in the corner?


Hee, JunHo tries to search a nearby cameraman’s wallet for a 10 000 won note but gets found out. In any case, there isn’t even a 10 000 won note in there anyway and it’s filled with bills from other countries, HA!

JongMin finds something weird in the corner but he can’t tell what’s wrong. He doesn’t get the point. Yoo PD finally announces that the “Mars Rover” in the corner was always there. It’s the Bohyeonsan Optical Astronomy Observatory’s Telescope. Wow. So basically on that note is the old and modern version of the same thing. That’s super cool.

Round two comes to an end and the score shows that it’s DongGu in the lead, followed by Defconn and TaeHyun sharing second place. In third place is JunHo and last is JongMin. Ha. Everyone gets some sort of allowance save for JongMin.

The train ride continues as do the sights passing. Ha, JongMin asks if the train is powered by electricity and they have a ball of a time teasing him, acting like they’re driving coal-driven trains.

They finally reach YeoJu and return their tickets. JongMin tries to steal their tickets from them for the refunds on the deposits. Hee, that money just ends up in Yoo PD’s hands anyway and JongMin doesn’t get away with trying to steal 500 won.

YeoJu is where King Sejong the Great’s (maker of the Hangul alphabet, if you still don’t know) tomb lies. 9th October is Hanguk day and 2016 marks the 570th year Hangul has been in existence.

Yoo PD tells them that therefore, “for today, their concept-”

And they all start punishing him for using an English word, ha! Defconn complains about the PD having so much perspiration and he’s the next one to get punished, hee!

The theme of this trip is “King Sejong the Great Special – National Language”. Haha, JunHo plays around and TaeHyun says the word “gag” in response, so he gets beaten. They read the reason Sejong the Great wrote for creating the Hangul letters and basically he just wanted the citizens to all be able to read and write.


Ha, JunHo is next to be smacked for saying an English word: “Fan”. Then he gets hit again for saying “pro”. HA! They try out an old gag only in Korean and Defconn ends it with “Let’s go!” Hee!

They head off to their next destination together in a car with TaeHyun at the wheel. Lol, they all talk about King Sejong and eventually about the actors that acted as Kings in dramas.

They get sleepy and hungry and DongGu enters a store happily. JunHo waves his lone 1000 won at a bottle of 1000 won iced water and while JongMin, the guy with absolutely no allowance, piles up on eggs and ramyeon. In the end, JunHo buys a bar of chocolate… which he instinctively divides into six portions, forgetting that there are only five of them there without JoonYoung. Aw.

Defconn mutters that he misses “that dongsaeng’s” nagging and they start talking about JoonYoung as “that dongsaeng”. Aw… JoonYoungie. JongMin asks if his name isn’t taboo now but that’s not true at all. Ha, seems like JongMin managed to get some money out of DongGu seeing how he’s scarfing down his ramyeon.


They head into Sejong the Great’s tomb and the place is HUGE.

The first thing they see is the Angbu-ilgu (Hemispherical Sundial), invented in the year 1434. They try to read the time on it and lol, they need some time to get used to it. DongGu’s the one who reads it right and they note that there’s even a little graph at the side to fix the differences in time read directly from the sundial itself and the actual time on their clocks due to the earth’s orbit.

The next thing they see is the Celestial Globe made by Jang YeongShil and again, DongGu is the “professor”. The Celestial Globe maps the stars in the sky and tells them which part of the year they’re at then (there was no such thing as digital clocks and western calendars  where each year is definitely 365 days in the old days!) and that basically influenced the country’s farming industry back then. JunHo declares that he’s going to become Sejong the Great’s fan.

They enter the HunMin and walk down the paved path and past the tall trees by the side. Ha, JongMin complains that they can’t talk well with that rule of No English and JunHo brings up how terrible they were at just the introduction.

They arrive at the HongSal door (which holds the meaning of “sacred place”) that leads to the Shin (god) road (through which the late king’s soul will enter and leave), which means that they should walk beside it and not on it. YAPS just walks right in the middle of that road, haha. And when he steps off, DongGu takes over, hee.

They follow the road and come to the tomb of Sejong the Great. That place has awesome Fengshui with hills and open spaces around it. In respect, they take their hats off and observe a moment of silence. We’re shown just how Hangul has influenced the lives of all Koreans and how it’s been recognised as probably the most rational alphabet system in the world.

They head off to continue their shoot elsewhere and Yoo PD tries to show them what the world without Hangul would be like. He gets JongMin to read a word spelled out in English and then gives them another word written in traditional Hanja (Traditional Chinese). They recognise the first two words but can’t continue and DongGu finishes it off by getting the last two words right. (Fun fact: DongGu went to a Seodang, a traditional school that taught Confucian values and Chinese characters, during his pre-elementary years).


Yoo PD makes his point that without Hangul, they’ll only be able to speak and not write or read.

LOL, JunHo simplifies that by pointing out that DongGu would be the smart guy and he’d be the foolish guy who’d happily walk past a “DANGER” sign and into trouble.

In Hangul, there are 14 consonants and 10 vowels and together, they can form 10 million words. That’s amazing. So now they proceed to their dinner games, which is “form the words of delicious food”. In other words, just mix and match the letters to form the names of different food. TaeHyun quips that “that dongsaeng” would be good at the game while JongMin is all “Ah, I get it”.

Yoo PD says that because “that dongsaeng” isn’t here today, they’ll play 3 against 2 today and DongGu just splits them into “Uninhabited Island Team” and “Not-unihabited Island Team”.

Yoo PD explains that there will be three rounds for dinner and in each round, the winner gets to choose 5 consonants/vowels while the loser can only choose 2. Ha, JunHo sighs that it’s fun while TaeHyun mutters that he doesn’t understand anything nowadays, hee.


Yoo PD promises that they can order anything they want if they have the letters and JongMin and JunHo get confident. HA, Defconn tells JongMin to be careful with his pairings and asks him what he’d do with the letters R and M.

JongMin: “Ra-Myeon” Pfft.

JunHo proposes that they eat something with a short name and JongMin suggests “Chilk (칡) (Kudzu)”. Lol, that has many letters too and TaeHyun laughs.

Yoo PD explains that the reason behind Sejong the Great’s many inventions is… math. And therefore, they’re going to play… the “Babo game”. LOL. JongMin declares that he’s confident at this.

The rule of the game is that they have to put out some fingers and say out a number that doesn’t correspond to the number of fingers they’d put out. They also can’t put out the same number of fingers as the opponent. TaeHyun laughs that this is the same as that lose-at-scissors-paper-stone game they’d played at the beginning of the last “Farming Special” and doesn’t hold back at all as he tells the world how his son asked how he could’ve done so badly at that game before continuing to lose over and over at that game afterwards, HEE!

Defconn agrees vehemently that they’re not stupid. It’s the game that’s too difficult!

Yoo PD and Writer Jung give an example and Defconn tries it out with DongGu. Defconn puts out four fingers and yells out “four” immediately, hahahah! And later, he calls out for seven even though they’re only playing with one hand. (Defconn doesn’t have 7 fingers on one hand). Both guys reel at the difficulty.

JunHo and JongMin try too, as does TaeHyun (with himself) and it doesn’t go very well.

So they decide to just go into it and it’s JongMin against Defconn.

Ha, JongMin can’t even understand who goes first despite playing rock-paper-scissors. Defconn finally starts and puts out a finger while calling for another number. JongMin stares at that finger, thinking that something’s wrong. HAHAHA. That means that he’s failed. Immediately. And it takes all four of the other guys to yell it at him for him to get it.


DongGu and JunHo go next and all-knowing DongGu flubs at the simple game as usual, hee.

TaeHyun complains that the rounds are passing by too fast (DongGu failed in just his second number) and he goes up against JunHo. Ha, he turns his three over and calls another number, making JunHo laugh, thinking that he’d won. But JunHo’s the one who’s mistaken, hee! So TaeHyun wins that round.

JongMin and Defconn face up next and JongMin has to discuss with JunHo about who he should pick to go first when he wins rock-paper-scissors. Whatever, he just fails anyway and TaeHyun has to tell Defconn that the game’s over, hee. Even JunHo didn’t realise it.

It’s time to choose their consonants and TaeHyun’s team chooses ㄱ, ㅂ, ㅌ, ㅅ and ㅇ. JongMin and JunHo choose ㅁ and ㄴ(which is enough to make the word 면(noodles)).


TaeHyun innocently asks what kind of noodles he’s going to ask for and JongMin replies, “Cho-myeon!” That sounds the same as the word for “first meeting” and Defconn says that it’s nice meeting him, making TaeHyun burst out in number.

Yoo PD asks for a volunteer from each group and tells them that their second game will be “Book Wrestling”, because Sejong the Great really liked reading (like someone we know). But it won’t have anything to do with knowledge because both guys are just going to put their faces on either side of an evenly spilt book and blow pages over for a minute. The one who blows more pages over wins.

Hee, DongGu is relentless, going powerful right from the start and despite his best efforts and JongMin’s cheering, JunHo practically stops 30 seconds in. A minute ends and JunHo gets up, looking like he’d aged 20 years older, retorting that if JuHyeok were here, he would have needed to go to the hospital. Hee. He pretends to put on an oxygen mask and gets told to stop smoking by JongMin. Why don’t you BOTH quit smoking together? I totally remember you declaring that it is definitely smoking over your girlfriend for you Mr. Kim JongMin!

While JunHo tries to recover from his dizziness, Defconn gleefully tells us that the book was open at page 1445 and DongGu blew it all the way to page 924. Pfft, he blew 500 pages over!

So TaeHyun and gang get to take 5 vowels and it’s easily seen that they’re preparing to make the words Galbi-tang and So-gogi (beef). JongMin finds a stray vowel and claims it as theirs.


Next Week!

They make music themselves, just like King Sejong the Great.


17 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 144

  1. Wow! Fast recap indeed! Woke up at 5.30am and saw this! Thanks! Can’t wait to watch this.. i mean, hangul is quite easy and i could learn it in a few hours. Of course, i could only read words but dun know the meanings! Heh. It’s so sweet when junho broke those choc bars into six portions, forgetting jjy is not there. Goes to show how tight these guys are..members and staff are one family unit. Hope jjy returns asap now that the case is over.


    1. I learnt Hangul in 2 hours and that says something about how easy it is. I am simply in awe when it comes to Sejong the Great.

      *Channels Lee DongHwi*
      “Jung JoonYoung, where are you?”


  2. So fast! Thanks! Glad that 2 days 1 night live up to the motto of “remember each member’ and mentioned Joon Yong in their conversations. They were not bothered by public sentiments. Thumbs up to them!


    1. Ha, I totally didn’t believe the rumours that the production didn’t edit JoonYoung out because of a lack of time. Editors can pull off magic if they really want to – just look at the very first episode of Three Meals a Day; Fishing Village.


  3. Thanks for the recap! I learned Japanese in college, and Hangeul (just the alphabets) because of Korran visitors on our school then. I really think that watching KVariety (more than drama) helped me learn some vocabularies, but I always feel like I’ll suck at spelling them. I know the words, but the spellings are just difficult compared to Japanese. But my fascination for foreign language has always been there so I’m still hopeful to master Korean soon.

    Btw, have you taken TOPIK just to assess your level of Korean? Or if not do you have any plans or learning Hangeul is just a hobby?


    1. 日本語? 難しくないの? Ha, took a stab at learning that language (actually learnt it for 12 lessons when I was younger) but… the words drive me nuts. Korean’s spelling doesn’t really bother me because it’s so phonetic (which was how it was created anyway).

      Uh… no TOPIK. Can’t be bothered since I don’t need the cert anyways. But if I DO need it I’ll be ready. Of sorts, haha. Went to Korea, the countryside ajumma and ajusshi-s understood me and I got to buy Korean-grown sesame seeds simply by asking for it. That’s good enough for me.


      1. Really? I find Nihonggo easier because it’s syllabic and easier to spell. Maybe because my mother language is syllabic as well so Nihonggo was easier.

        Ow good for you. I watçhed a lot of YT videos and they said that pronounciation can be bothersome because even if you know the words but can’t pronounce them right (at least how Koreans would say it), they still won’t understand you. I’d say I have a flexible accent ahaaa. I just need actual exposure. I’m planning to go there (or Japan) to study, so I’m basically doing crash course (review) in everything includig language. Thanks for your reply.


      2. Hm, I think it’s the 7 years of K-drama watching that helped the most. Because by the time I actually started learning the grammar (which was like 11ish months ago), I knew quite a few words already and so I picked the language up real fast. Also, about 4-5 years ago, I sat down and really nailed the pronunciation of each letter. For that last one, thsre’s no other way around it. I didn’t have 7 years of J-drama watching behind me 😛, so maybe that’s why the words are difficult. I don’t think it’s a syllable-problem (English words are syllable-ish too) but more like it’s difficult to learn grammar when you don’t even understand enough words to get through a single example sentence without asking “what does that word mean?”.

        Plus, Korean has a really good website dedicated to teaching it (www.howtostudykorean.com) and I haven’t found a single Japanese website that’s as comparable yet.


  4. wish i could understand korean language on the whole..instead of merely able to read it..too busy to go for classes..maybe when i’m retired? would love to go to korea one day..and explore all those places featured in 1N2D. that’s definitely in my bucket list.


      1. Yup! Love the grilled octopus that they sell in Korea! And really enjoyed the chemistry of the octopus club- defconn, taehyun, donggu and PD Joo hahahaha!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. “Ha, I hear DongGu shouting “SiYoon” in the background.” I noticed it too, hahaha. From YSY to Kim TakGu to Enrique to Dong Gu-yaaaaah! I think Jong Min quit smoking already some time last year, they mentioned it on the show. But maybe he started again? Quit Smoking Special Part 2?!!!!

    Thanks for the recap!


  6. Finally watched it…the party on the island..LOL. Maybe one day, there’ll be a noraebang set up on that island and will be named the octopus club. The part where they stopped for snacks..is sweet. Not only becoz of the chocolate..but jongmin also gets to eat coz donggu bought him the ramyeon. It’s the sharing..the caring..the friendly fights..the pranks..that makes this “family” special. And i’m waiting for writer sunyeong’s payback for junho..heh.


  7. Caught this 1n2d episode and the RM episode on hangeul yesterday. Somehow I enjoyed 1n2d more. Watching them play a random game on flipping the pages of a dictionary by blowing makes me lollll…. (dunno why..just so funny)
    Plus it is educational too. I now know that dogs have 13 blood types!


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