Moonlight Drawn By Clouds IMPcap Ep 15


All the lies that were like truths.





I…met you.




But I was the one who called you over.







I’ll believe everything you say. Even lies.

Yeong: “Was everything you showed me… sincere?”


RaOn: “Forgive me, Jeoha.”






ByeongYeon here to save the day.

Like Your Highness expected, this is a trap.










Did you think I would fall so easily in your trap?

You just fell in MY trap.


“Find the person who put you up to this. That’s your way to survive, do you get it?!”








You can’t know where RaOn is.


How is it that I became the most dangerous person to the one I love?








Jaded                                                                                      Pure

 The Crown Prince has been refusing to get married. Do you know why?
Because of an Eunuch whom he treasured like a girl.












With every word he says, he steps closer towards the edge.

Eeeeps, Eunuch Han, don’t look at our Gat like that!








Talking bad about Dad, hee!








Getting to the root of the matter:

Who told you to do this?





“Draw his face.”






Just draw this face.








My biological cousin.

 I’m sorry I have to leave you in a Gibang.







What the *bloob*!

Oh my Gat.







The kid there looks nothing like his “parents”.


“Are you happy? Really, are you that happy?”








Gat ByeongYeon on the move.

“I warned you didn’t I? The Crown Prince isn’t your friend.”




Well he’s certainly not your friend because he’s having you arrested.


Oh shit.





I’ve got your tail.


Just a heads up. 😛







Oh for kdrama-god’s sake.

You’re more persistent than a second lead.







But he really knows where to hit and twist his words.


His Highness hasn’t been living well.






Eeesh, never make a promise with a Kim.

They’re bloodthirsty.








At least Yeong knows how they work.

“Just who is that guy’s backer? We should ask him personally.”








What the hell. Who killed him?!








I resign. Because you don’t trust me.


Let him resign!







And so Yeong is forced to let them put up WANTED posters for RaOn.



“That means that she’ll be leaving soon, right?”







And that means I won’t be able to even know if she’s alive.









ByeongYeon, forget about my promise not to ask about her.

“Once, just once, can you help us meet?”








Alright, let’s leave.


But I have to send him off first.
So that he won’t feel sorry towards me.








Face off.


I won’t just follow the drawing you have painted. I’ll paint my own.








“RaOn ah.”



“It’s the most dangerous beside you!”
Forget me.




Heartaches are not dealt with like this!

Don’t have hope.


“Who was it who made my father a traitor and who made him die?!”

LIESLIESLIESLIES SO MANY LIES! Why are you suddenly talking about your dad who died 10 years ago?!

Not even a sliver.








I’ll hear your lies as truths.

But I see everything else in your eyes.



“Let’s never meet ever again.”











And now, I’ll get married, like it’s okay.










My daughter…

“HaYeon ah. This is the last time dad will call your name.”






And from now on, I’ll really, really have no one to lean on.








Eunuch Jang feeling like a dad as he puts an important hat on him.


But all Yeong can think of is RaOn putting the hat he wears everyday on him.







Annyeong, Jeoha.

Annyeong, Lee Yeong.








HaYeon-ah, myself.








“Why did you come so late?”






Who the hell are you?









What is it this time now?


“The King has fainted.”





  Hong KyungNae has just appeared.








10 thoughts on “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds IMPcap Ep 15

  1. Aw, sad. But laughed at your “Hi” moment. Badass Yeong is badass.

    Why are Dumb and Dumber still there? I thought they were fired. I was gone for a week, maybe I missed something.


  2. “Does she really not have anything she wants to ask me, or hear from me? Or argue with me, or request of me? Does she not even wonder about me, or miss me?” Is she even alive?”

    Oof, that speech me killed me, jeoha.

    “I won’t hurt you with my word. Do I have to say these unbelievable words?”


    I hate the stunt Ra-on pulled here, but I really love that scene a lot, it goes to show how deep Yeong’s love is for Ra-on, he was hanging on real tight in Ep.14 and didn’t even let the doubt waver his decision to leave her, but she had to resort to lying, he cut off the bracelet and honored her wish in tears.


    1. “didn’t even let the doubt waver his decision to leave her” Ahaahah, I crack myself.

      I meant he didn’t let the doubt waver his decision to never leave her.


  3. “You’re more persistent than a second lead.”

    I’m still laughing about this.

    These are great! Thank you for sharing these with us.


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