1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 145

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 145: National Language

And we’re back to the moment when DongGu creams JunHo in a competition that pits their lung capacity. Since they only have 2 consonants and 2 vowels to form the name of a dish with, JunHo and JongMin just make the word Ma-nyeo, meaning witch. LOL. The “wish-granting” genie’s over at DeukRyang Island though.

The third round for dinner is one in which the winner gets to choose 5 letters from both vowels and consonants and this time, it’s a game of 2 against 2. Ha, TaeHyun volunteers DongGu and Defconn. JunHo tries to retire DongGu but the young guy is not having any of it.

Yoo PD reads out a paragraph about King Sejong liking to go hunting with his father King Taejong too and the guys all break out into sweat. The game this time is Piggyback Hunting. One member will carry the other and the one getting piggy-backed, using an ink-dipped ball attached to the end of a stick, must try to leave an imprint on the opposing team’s body. The teams will take turns being the hunter and the hunted and the game ends when the hunted makes two rounds around some cones.


Of course that means that Defconn has to carry DongGu though Team YAPS tries to argue that the other way around is the right way. Are you trying to send someone to the hospital?!

Defconn declares that he’ll be respectful (and be the hunted first) and JunHo asks the other team to cede to them since they’re losing. JongMin suddenly cuts in and says that he’ll defend (be the hunted) instead, earning a smack from YAPS, hee!

In the end, it’s DongGu and Defconn who get hunted while JongMin carries JunHo on his back to chase them. There’s even a picture of a boar stuck to the back of DongGu’s shirt, ha! The chase starts and sharp-shooter JunHo throws his sticks and scores three hits on DongGu but is left in the dust in the end as Defconn speeds up while JongMin slows down.

The teams switch and this time, JongMin has to run away while Defconn chases. Just half a circle later, DongGu stamps ink all over JunHo’s back since JongMin can’t run anything further than a step from Defconn, HAHAH! TaeHyun collapses in laughter and the players call a truce. So Defconn puts DongGu down, but that’s the moment when YAPS hops on JongMin’s back and runs off.


PWAHAHAHAHAHA, Defconn pulls DongGu back on and runs after them but halfway later, he trips over his own legs and they go flying. Of all things, Team JunHo and JongMin turn back just to pick the sticks up and use them to cover Defconn and DongGu in ink, HA!
What continues is a childish game of 4 kids attacking each other. When DongGu hops back on Defconn’s back, JunHo sticks a cone on his head before making his escape, PFFFT. That doesn’t even matter because he just gets more ink-stamps on his back, earning a total of 7 black spots, meaning that he loses, heh.

So TaeHyun’s team gets to choose another 5 letters and TaeHyun laughs that R is missing. That’s because YAPS has stolen them all, ahaha!

Finally, Team TaeHyun makes the names of several dishes with the letters they have and the possibilities are Galbitang, Tangsuyuk, Suyuk, seabass sashimi, mandarins, Sikhye, grilled duck, Baeksuk, beef, beef tartare and bingsu. Other possibilities include herbal tea, spoon worm, Honggetang, Bingsoo and ah ah (short for Iced Americano). They make a total of 17 different possibilities. Phew, the power of Hangul.

On the other side, JunHo and JongMin have enough to make the words Ramyeon (pffft), water, Jeon, porridge, alcoholic beverages, persimmon, oyster and mandarin. Heh, YAPS attempts to turn an O into a U (ㅗand ㅜ) but no dice. All of a sudden, he makes the word for sleep, hee. But with JongMin’s smarts, they make the word for Jolmyeon and for now, Yoo PD agrees, though the popular spelling is Jjolmyeon. Defconn helps them rearrange their letters and makes the word for Self-Destruction. LOL.

The time comes for Team TaeHyun to choose their dishes and they create a whole spread with their choices of Tangsuyuk, Galbitang, beef tartare, seabass sashimi, Shikhye and Bingsoo.

JunHo envies their BaekSuk, saying that he’ll buy it from them and when it comes to his turn, he chooses Ramyeon (seriously?!) with oyster, water, mandarin, persimmon and porridge.


They wrap up the segment by realising the power of Hangul and when TaeHyun imagines SuChan looking at JunHo’s board, JunHo guesses that he’ll cry, HA! Because he himself wants to cry too.

They bunker up in the car and TaeHyun drives them to wherever they’ll eat their dinner at. While Defconn makes small talk with DongGu and JongMin, JunHo is passed out on JongMin’s shoulder. Cue Defconn splashing a capful of water in his face.

They reach their dinner and while TaeHyun gapes at the luxurious spread before them, JongMin complains about his plain porridge. It really looks like just water and rice, ha ha! Defconn teases JongMin, calling his name every time he’s about to take a mouthful of something delicious. JunHo calls for soy sauce at least and Yoo PD tells him to season his porridge with Ramyeon soup. So cheap, eesh.

Even the rice on the winner’s table is luxurious as it’s rice from Yeoju, which is also the rice that the kings once ate.


Of course JunHo and JongMin want some of that and offers to play a game but in the end, they just add their Ramyeon when their water boils. TaeHyun gives them four letters (ㅇㅇㅇㅇ) to  make a poem with in exchange for food and JunHo picks up the seabass sashimi, going, “U wah, mermaid?” PFFT! TaeHyun laughs that he doesn’t even make the word for carp, which isn’t even that far from the word for mermaid and YAPS changes his answer and just eats the sashimi anyway.

All of a sudden, Yoo PD tells them to hurry and eat because they don’t have time, haha! The winners come up with yet another four letters and JunHo looks at a nearby portrait and steals its words and then the winners’ food, hee!

One by one  more of both team’s food arrive, the ones that the restaurant they’re in doesn’t sell and the production staff had to run out to buy.

The food is soon cleaned off its plates and they all enjoy their fruits before heading out again.

Before they leave, Yoo PD passes them some cue cards. Defconn checks the one that JongMin holds and reads out that rhyme about the kings of Joseon, slowly trailing off towards the end, haha. Thinking that it’s important, they try to memorise it, with JongMin trying the hardest. He totally makes some sentences out of them just to remember the order.

They arrive at their destination and Defconn says that he knows why he can only remember up to SeJo. Because they’re the only ones worth remembering, hur. I’ll be honest that I can only remember them too, hee.

They’re met with a huge gate, the entrance to Silleuksa Temple. Silleuksa Temple is located in Yeoju and built in the reign of King Jinpyeong during the Silla period supposedly by Monk WonHyo. In it lies the Josadang, the Dacheungseok-tab, Dacheungjeon-tab and more and is important to Korean culture. It was made a prayer sanctuary to the royal mausoleum of King Sejong the Great and his Queen during the reign of King SeongJong. It’s one of the 50 most beautiful places to visit in Korea.


Out in the lake right beside it are several Hwangpo sailboats, ones that were used in the Joseon period. Apparently, it’s possible to reach Seoul if you ride those boats from here and that’s how Yeoju rice reached the capital back in those days.

They all relocate to the pavilion near the river and there, they’ll play the Sejong the Great Quiz. To answer a question, simply wear the “crown” placed at the hot seat and answer it. The ones who answer correctly get 10kg of Yeoju rice.

The first question is about which tribe in Indonesia adopted Hangul to teach it’s kids its own language. Defconn stands up, certain that he knows the answer and when JongMin pipes that the answer is 2 syllables long, Defconn hesitates because his is four syllables long. TaeHyun: “why would you believe that kid’s words?” HAHAHAH!

Defconn says that it’s the Jji-ri-jji-ri tribe. What? Close but no cigar. DongGu tries Cha-reul-cha-reul tribe while TaeHyun tries Kki-ri-kki-ri tribe. WHAT?! JunHo proudly goes, “Jji-rit-jji-rit tribe”, sounding like Pikachu when he’s gearing up for an electric shock.


Yoo PD gives them a clue, saying that the Jji is right and JunHo goes “Jji-Jji-Jji-Jji”. Pfft. No one gets it right for a long, long time. In the end, with one more clue from Yoo PD, JongMin gets the question right. It’s pronounced Jji-a-Jji-a tribe in Korean but in English, the tribe’s name is spelled CIA-CIA.

Yoo PD has even prepared a video from the CIA-CIA tribe greeting them in Korean and even shouting out 1 Night 2 Days. That’s amazing.

The second question is about the greatest inventor during King SeJong’s time, Jang YeongSil. He was a great inventor who brought Joseon’s technology to new heights, with his inventions of the rain gauge, celestial globe, iron printing press, the water clocks and more (even the sundial you saw last week).  However, an incident happened later on which resulted in his dismissal. What is that incident?

DongGu hops up to answer then backtracks when Yoo PD tells them that this is a multiple choice question, HA! Option one is that JangYeongSil told the King to stop eating meat (LOL) and option two is telling King Sejong that he got a math question wrong. Option three is that because of a fierce argument during a meeting, Jang YeongSil didn’t turn up for the next meeting (really, Yoo PD?).

PFFFT, DongGu pretends to get up at that and JunHo trips over his legs while running for the crown, HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! And suddenly he turns back to see DongGu sitting back down, and feels completely betrayed. So he proudly says that the answer is option four, though when Yoo PD presses him to say what it is, he sniffs and goes, “You’re going to say it anyway”.

Option four is that there’s a hole in the rain gauge and JunHo runs with it, acting like it’s the right answer, HAHAHA!

Of course he’s wrong and option five is the correct answer – Jang YeongShil didn’t make the (king’s) palanquin properly. But no one moves. Am I wrong?!

Option 6 is that Jang YeongSil acted waaaaay too out of line with his drunken acts at a gathering where Sejong was in attendance. Heh, TaeHyun and JongMin fight for the crown and TaeHyun chooses option 6. He’s wrong!


Defconn gets the crown and though he chooses option 5, he can’t get the thing that broke down right. In other words, he can’t say out what option 5 is about, HA HA.

JongMin and DongGu fight over the crown and while in the middle of trying to decide who gets to go first fair and square through scissors-paper-stone, JongMin just snatches the hat off Defconn and places it on his own head, leaving DongGu to groan, HAHAH!

JongMin correctly says that the problem was the palanquin, but says the problem was that there was a hole in it. Pfft. So DongGu gets a try at it and he correctly answers that the palanquin that Jang YeongSil made broke and therefore he had to take responsibility for it. Right behind him, Defconn demands for 5 kg of his rice, hee. And holding on to the crown is JunHo who was hoping to get the next turn.

The third question is: what is SeJong’s grandfather’s temple name. Why are you guys making this so difficult?! Both Defconn and JunHo get it wrong (I can’t believe it, really) and TaeHyun easily answers, “TaeJo, Lee SeongGye”.


Fifth question is about King SeJong’s birthday. The day TaeJong was born has been turned into a national holiday. What day is it? DongGu calmly gets up and puts on the crown and answers, “teacher’s day”. Then Yoo PD calmly continues his question, HAHAH! He asks for a well-known song about teachers and Defconn sings it but gets it wrong. JunHo sings it wrong and gets it wrong, so Defconn goes again. He stops… and Yoo PD tells him to continue, haha. He flubs the last two words though. The crown just passes around between Defconn, JongMin and JunHo as they all get it wrong in turns, haha.

But in the end, it’s Defcon who gets it right.

Sixth question is about the many welfare policies that King Sejong did to better the lives of his people. To orphans, he made sure that rations for them were enough and to anyone above the age of 90, he bestowed to them 290kg of rice regardless of their rank. He also gave slaves benefits that were unheard of during his time. What is it?

It’s something that’s available to all office workers to this day… and Defconn guesses that Sejong gave his slaves homes. LOL. JunHo doesn’t fare any better as he guesses childcare assistance. JongMin goes next and he gets it right that they get childbirth leave.

He gets the next question right too! And another question. What’s up with that?

Therefore, he leads the others with 4 questions right by the end of the quiz while TaeHyun, Defconn and DongGu trail behind with only 1 question right each. JunHo scrapes the bottom with ZERO questions right. Hee, the “babo” with two brains has 40kg of rice to bring home now. And flashbacks show us that the “babo” was never stupid anyway as he keeps getting quizzes right.

And now that they’re done, they have to head to the next location. And anyone who won anything has to bring their spoils to the car themselves. HAHAHAHA! Note that they have quite a long distance to walk to get to their vehicle. Kim JongMin you better not lose your back! To lessen his load, he gives JunHo 10kg of rice, which he easily balances on his head all the way back.


Yoo PD tells them that they’re going to TaeJo’s hometown next and they gape and wonder if they’re really going to JeonJu.

HAHAHA, it’s time to get off the bus and Defconn comfortably lets it rip just before he heads out, leaving JunHo to suffer from the smell.

They arrive at Deoksugung, a palace that wasn’t really a palace in King SeJong’s time. They see people gathered and sitting in droves nearby and start getting nervous. They see musical instruments laid out on the field behind them and are not surprised that they’re related to their dinner games.

King SeJong wasn’t just gifted in maths. He had interest in music too and had an absolute sense of pitch. This guy is unbelievable, I’m jealous.

He was the creator of the JeongGanBo, some sort of music language. So the dinner game is, “the making of the music for my ceremonial walk” (sorry for the long title). Ceremonial walk as in the walk that kings take down the red carpet in ceremonies or something.


Yoo PD gives them all score sheets and calls the performers out. At the mike is the Kim YuNa of Korean Traditional Music, Kim NaNi and then she proceeds to put on a performance of Nangamhane (I’m in a sticky situation), HAHAH! Is the modern interpretation for real? Yep, it’s a crossover between two eras of music.

Yoo PD tells them that they’re only allowed to use do, re, mi, so and la in their music making and JongMin has a little embarrassing moment where he can’t spell.

Our guys are all a little floored to hear that they’ll have to make their music themselves and later on, they’ll personally walk down the lane as kings themselves.

They’re given melodicas to use and midway, TaeHyun can’t focus with all the playing around him that he heads out. He tries a small tune and gets a rather pretty tune right away. But he forgot the notes he just played!

Meanwhile, JongMin and JunHo fool around with their melodicas while DongGu and Defconn try their best. The mission is not easy for the musicians in the group either, though, because the genre is so different.

Later, both DongGu and Defconn head out, leaving JunHo to raise a ruckus in the room himself while JongMin conks out.

DongGu checks his phone for little moments that he’d wrote while thinking about the other members. He has the lyrics but he doesn’t have the notes. Still, he’s a hard worker who writes the notes that he can and cannot use on the melodica itself, HAHA!

The members all work hard and JongMin is the first out to show his work to the music conductor in the performance group. He only has the lyrics though, so he consults the poor guy as to how to proceed.


DongGu is the next one to consult the pianist and conductor, followed by Defconn who demands something huge of them, hee. So when TaeHyun arrives with his very simple script with his very simple notes, the conductor thanks him, ha. He then asks TaeHyun about what tempo he wants and TaeHyun’s mind goes blank. “What would be good?” he asks back, haha!

JunHo is next up for consultation and his instructions include Pororo and zombie music, LOL. He then goes to the singer and requests that she emphasises the YAP. One by one, the performance crew breaks down and finally the singer is all, this is not music!

Then she almost panics when she hears that they’re doing it right now.

Yoo PD informs them that there’s one piece that really is not playable, HA, and tells them that they’ll be judged based on their walk and their performance.

The music starts playing and no one has any idea whose music that belongs to. In the end, JongMin guesses that it’s him because it’s fun. And he knows it for real when the lyrics are sung so he runs out and prances around in the yard. It’s a pretty good piece though? Considering the time given…


The next piece comes out and it’s something a little fun yet not too exciting. TaeHyun thinks that it’s his but he’s not sure until the lyrics are sung, which is when he comes out waving his fan around. That sounds nice too? And JongMin says that he looked like Jeonwoochi and then complains that he set a note too high for the singer. She just says that it’s okay. She’ll sing like this is her last day. HEE.

The next piece is much more sombre and slow. DongGu thinks that it’s his, but no one moves because they really don’t know which is theirs. PFFFT, the lyrics are just that rhyme about the Kings of Joseon and DongGu and Defconn chase JunHo out. HAHHAHAHAHHAA, that “YAPS” comes out (he calls himself King Yaps) and is suddenly followed by the Pororo theme song, where Pororo is replaced by YAP-SEU! Isn’t this plagiarism?! And right after that is that goddamn nonsensical lyrics to his zombie song HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! JunHo hops, plays, twiddles, flaps and even does a fish wave on the ground. PWAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! Don’t expect anything less of a veteran comedian!

The next song is one that was the hardest for the performers and they get right into it. DongGu thinks that it’s his, HAHA! He slowly walks out while JunHo tries to conduct the performing group. It’s the slowest and grandest… and also one of the shortest because the performance team just cut off the rest of his essay after a few lines, hee. DongGu yah, we’re not trying to make a single here!

Last but not least is Defconn’s, who walks out dancing to the beat. It’s the prettiest to me and the beat is really strong with this one though I somehow hear something familiar in it… and so do the others who sing the melody to the theme song of Howl’s Moving Castle after the music ends.

All the pieces sounded really nice though? And TaeHyun asks if the music were really those made by them. The conductor comes up and he explains that he just picked their individuality from their compositions and then just made the music that way. TaeHyun asks if there was any melody worth using and the conductor brutally says that there were none, HAA!

Defconn asks for a general review and the conductor says that everything was just so-so, all while wearing a nice, calm expression, hee.


But let’s not forget that this is 1 Night 2 Days and that food is on the line here. Yoo PD tells them all that those ranked 1 to 3 three get to eat meat while 4 and 5 will have to go vegetarian. The ones who’ll choose who gets to eat what will be the performers themselves.

Yoo PD calls for third place and singer NaNi sings JunHo’s composition. She can’t continue after just a few words into the zombie rap, bursting into laughter. The conductor explains that third place and second place actually got the same number of votes, but because he’s a fan of the guy who’s the first runner up, JunHo became third place, HAHAHAH!

And the person he’s a fan of is TaeHyun whose song gets sung.

First place is Defconn! Hee, that means that DongGu and JongMin are the ones having to go vegetarian for dinner.

The singer ends it off for them, singing the catch phrase that they’ve been doing the whole day, “Join in the national language!” And because the word for “join in” can also mean “go off” she sings that after them as they leave, seemingly chasing them off, HAHA!


Next Week!

Yoo JiTae appears? Yoo JiTae?! They make him do the elephant turn and then throw all their shoes as him as he stumbles off and collapses from the dizziness, hee.



Naratmalssami (나랏말싸미) is the early Joseon pronunciation of the words for National Language which now sounds more like 나라의 말. It’s a phrase used in the HunMinJeongEum (훈민정음), the first document written in Hangul which lists the reason for King Sejong’s passion and purpose for making the Hangul letters.

The following video shows the HunMinJeongEum as read in the olden days versus the newer version, though the pronunciation in the newer version is a bit funny, because the reader sounds like he has a short tongue, heh… Anyways, if you head over to the video itself, in the description part underneath the title is a translation of the HunMinJeongEum from Korean to English.

10 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 145

  1. Thanks for the recap! I’m surprised that jong min didn’t finish in the top 3 for the music game..considering he’s a singer..heh. looking forward to watch this one as the guys look mighty fine in the king’s clothes. Next week’s guest is yoo ji tae? Isn’t that the guy in healer?(sorry..i’m bad in remembering faces n names)


  2. The hunting game is so…chaotic..LOL. tae hyun just can’t stop laughing..i even forgot which team is hunting and which is the hunted. Love the hangul day episodes as i learnt some fascinating facts abt king sejong. I think this is why i love 1N2D coz i learn stuffs(like korean history, food, culture, etc) and discover hidden gems like places i never knew(like those islands few episodes back). I mean whenever ppl say they are going to s. korea, the places that pop up are seoul, busan, incheon, jeju.. so i’m grateful to the show for making it known there are more to korea than kpop and hallyu stars..


    1. *ding dong! Ding dong!* I cry!

      Jeonju is glorious. I love the Hanok village. Large enough for you to feel like it’s a little town on it’s own, small enough that you can get to everywhere on foot. When I went there, my mom said she saw someone filming something. Thinking back, it could have been MDBC. But I wasn’t with my mom *cries*

      Yeosu has more activities than Mokpo, but definitely visit Mokpo in the winter for steaming hot fresh oysters. Oh, those islands were off Mokpo!


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