Random “because I’m bored” post

So, I did a recap of Three Meals a Day in Deukryang and saw a very interesting phenomenon happening in my stats. The Power of Eric, HA.

There’s something that has always intrigued me and it’s the number of views for the final “recap” of Master of Revenge/ God of Noodles. That one is like the fastest post I’ve ever done and the sloppiest and yet it has the highest views at 899 views to date, HA. Is it because people use that post to head over to Alexandra’s Dramaswithdrinx website? Because it’s hilarious.

Readership for Gochang Ep 1 was and is actually a slow burn and it’s high views were accumulated over a long time. Just like the show, it seems like people are in no hurry to read the recap or catch up on the episodes because that’s true for all Gochang episodes.

Obviously, 1 Night 2 Days dominates the chart since this website was built on that show and started because of that show in the first place but there is no lie that Park BoGum brings all the people to the yard. Lee Yeong seja-jeoha! Man, I love that show, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. It’s so pretty. Though the story last week kind of disappointed me. Writer, is this your revenge for me commenting in Dramabeans last week that the writing was the weakest link in that show?! Oh come on, so petty!

What cannot be discounted is the draw of the Eric (and some parts, Sir Grumpypants, I must add) because:

Considering the time I took the screencap, the stats for this episode of 1 Night 2 Days is NOT weak but, ha, Eric, SeoJinnie and KyunSang are crazy popular, that’s all I can say.

Anyways, in other news, sorry that the SW0017 posts aren’t coming for those who actually read them. I haven’t exactly been very free this week, which is why the Moonlight IMPcaps aren’t coming out either. But it’s so pretty! I feel like I haven’t been doing my homework.

Now that I’ve gone Eng-sub-less on all the recaps for the variety shows, I’m learning more but I’m actually also taking more time to do them (I’m not Korean, for those who still don’t know). I took a whole Saturday just to write and create the recap for Deukryang-do (but I admit that I didn’t do it all in one sitting… and there was a lot of procrastination that went on). 1 Hour and 30 Minutes. It’s like Na PD is planning to kill me. Yoo PD over at 1 Night 2 Days almost killed me with his King Sejong special too because it’s so educational that they used so many words that I’ve NEVER heard of before. *Drowing like a cat in milk* I think I took 6 hours for this episode’s recap.

Ah, I’m not affiliated to this website or anything, but it’s so good that I have to recommend it to anyone who’s trying to study Korean: How to Study Korean. It’s thanks to that website that I’ve been able to bring you 1 Night 2 Days and Three Meals a Day recaps even before the English subs hit the net/broadcast, even though I’d only properly started learning Korean 11 months ago (and I just learnt it all for free online, no classes, because I’m cheap like that, heh).

For a Random post, this has been long enough. Just wanted to reach out to you guys because if there’s any perk about running your own website/blog, it’s that you can write and publish anything you want , hee.

(And I must admit that every comment you guys write to me thrills me. I could have kept the recaps for myself but sharing brings more happiness and I love it when people respond.)

Variety Recaps – Recapping Laughter.


Also, anyone with a real website and traffic must be laughing at my stats, har har.


13 thoughts on “Random “because I’m bored” post

  1. Hi Peeps! You must have a talent for language if you can understand the raw episodes in such a short time (11mths seems short to me) – applause 👏👏👏😀
    I must say it’s thanks to you that we can enjoy 1n2d recaps (and other variety shows too). I do not know any other websites that does the same shows. Fighting!


    1. Ah, like I wrote in the comments section of Episode 144 of 1 Night 2 Days, I had 7 years of K-Drama watching behind me, so I had a rather large vocab of very commonly used words which I had known of before I even started. Then I used HowtostudyKorean to make sense of it all by learning the grammar.


  2. Hey Peeps! I check your site almost every day to see what new and interesting posts you have created. I will confess that I have yet to watch an episode of 1D2N. There are so many I don’t know where to begin. Still, I enjoy your work and am raising my hands to say “Hwaiting!”. I also like the site “TaltomeinKorean”. Many times I’ll watch an episode Raw and feel like I can follow enough from just the random words and phrases I’ve come to know – however it’s easy in a drama when one is familiar with the characters and storyline.
    But when it comes to a variety series – I’m really impressed.
    All this to say that I really like you site and enjoy your writing. You are inspiring me to get back to my blog and start writing again.
    But not until “Drinking Solo” and Jealousy Incarnate are done. 🙂
    Thanks again!


    1. Thanks so much for being a loyal reader! Talk to me in Korean is fun but I wanted something more systematic and detailed and so I choose HowtostudyKorea. Though of course the lessons there are a lot less fun (though some example sentences make me snort in laughter).
      The good thing about variety is that there are captions and you can just search up the dictionary for them (I use the Naver dictionary app on my phone).

      I visited your blog and if I’m not reading it wrong, Hwaiting to you too, Jo

      With regards to 1N2D, just plunge into any episode.


      1. I may just start with one of the variety shows to ‘wet my whistle’ so to speak. I watched the Producers recently and was intrigued as it was all about making a variety show. Well not ALL about that.
        My experience of kdramas is about a year and a half – but my son taught english in Korea (his birth country) for almost 3 years and he has helped explain many things Korean to me. It’s fun to answer the phone with ‘Yobesayho’ when he calls now.
        Thanks for looking at my blog – it’s been too long since I posted anything. Thanks – you weren’t reading it wrong. And it’s very outdated. I need to write again about the days with my mom until she passed last Nov. I still count every day with her and my dad blessed days.
        Which is why I’m so intrigued by the storylines with Alzheimers in so many kdramas. I’ll check out one of variety shows these days.


      2. I love your posts about your mom. Maybe because you’ve got so much more experience than me, but your words of wisdom are very relaxing to me. I can feel the love for your family in your posts. Anyway, see you around!

        Also, your son was born in Korea? That’s cool.


  3. Hahaha, for me the draw was Chajumma 🙂 Actually I discovered your blog recently and I have been enjoying it since then. I read your comment in a different post about learning the language for the past year only and I was impressed…and thanks for the tip about that website, it looks good. No matter how busy I am, I always make time to watch some k dramas, I might as well learn something…:)


  4. Hi Peeps! I saw the link you provided to your variety recaps over on Dramabeans, so I’ve only just started reading your blog… I must attest to the “power of Eric,” cos the reason why I’m here is to read about him in Three Meals A Day! : ) Thanks for your posts…all this hardwork, which we get to enjoy!


  5. Oh, goodness, you’re recapping variety after studying for 11 months? You must be one of those chaebol geniuses we see in the dramas. I can understand conversational Korean so I can watch most dramas without subs, but variety is still difficult for me, I have to watch with your recaps on the side. But, you’ve inspired me to study — howtostudykorean looks intense but I’ll give it a go and hopefully I’ll be able to get to your level in a couple years!


    1. *snort* I am NOT a genius of any sort. It’s the 7 years of K-drama watching. Variety is actually easier to recap for me because there are captions which I can search up if I don’t understand, unlike dramas where you can only rely on the actor/actress’s pronunciation. And so far, only Seo HyunJin’s pronunciation is always crystal clear for me. (The other is Yoo PD the stickler of 1 Night 2 Days)


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