TMAD in Deukryang-do comments

Searched Kkuljaem up and down for some translations of the reactions to the first episode but it seems like we’ll never get it which is odd considering its popularity so I tried my hand at this. After all, this takes the shortest time to do among all the other formats I’ve done (recaps and IMPcaps).





TVREPORT: Don’t you smell Kimchi being made somewhere?

1. [+69; -3] Him stopping to think was so funny! His cooking is also better than expected… My expectations are getting bigger!

2. [+68; -4] From the broadcast, he seems to have a meticulous, delicate/detailed personality. He seems to be talented at cooking too~ Slowly, easy-going-ly, even when he does his work well without trying to stand out, he seems/ looks cool. Three Meals a Day Moon JeongHyeok-nim, I’m cheering for you!

3. [+62; -4] Eric really seems more attractive the more I see him. I thought he was a chic city guy/ cold city boy. Instead, I realised he’s a passionate/sentimental, neat/nice person who also cooks well. There’s no end to his charm, huh?

4. [+43; -3] Eric’s Seoul accent is really sweet/mellow. *heart*

5. [+28; -1] I thought of a phoenix.





OSEN: ‘Three Meals a Day Fishing Village 3’ Na YeongSeok’s maknae was (chosen) correctly again.

1. [+71; -2] The mixture of the three is good, huh ㅋㅋ. After watching yesterday’s episode, I understood why they said that there won’t be any guests in the production’s press meeting. Like Gochang-pyeon, the three’s chemistry along with the words Na PD throws or his actions make it more fun.Instead, if a guest comes, it seems/feels like there’ll be antipathy/hostility.

2. [+54; -3] Yesterday was fun~ ㅎ He matched really well with Lee SeoJin and Eric hyungs. The two cats too were really pretty. Just watching Three Meals a Day makes me happy too.

3. [+55; -5] Really giant baby! O-gu-o-gu. [T/N: Sounds one makes when cooing at a baby, *snerk*]

4. [+36; -1] KyungSang-ie totally is like a modern-day MuHyeolㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Overflowing with niceness, tall, strong, but can’t be hard/tough and is an idiot/ a fool [T/N: He/she meant it affectionately]… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Anyways, his overflowing with charming-ness image and chemi(stry) really endears him to me!

5. [+33;-1] He’s good though, Yoon KyunSang ㅎㅎ





TVREPORT: ‘Clouds’ Park BoGum. ‘Three Meals a Day’ Eric, TV casts that are #1 Hot Topics side by side

*cue comments from fangirls of Eric that somehow only shows on my mobile phone and not my computer while my puppy BoGum gets no comments :(*

But that picture is hilarious.


And SeoJin has little to no articles dedicated to him. When there are, there are no comments. So far, I’ve only found one. But it’s for an article about him demanding for meat in the preview, heh.



Done while listening to Moonlight Drawn by Clouds OST, hehe.

To those who read my Moonlight Drawn by Clouds IMPcaps, I apologize for the delay. The next episodes’ will go up… as soon as I find 8 hours somewhere.

Also while searching for articles, I came across those about Na PD’s new season of New Journey to the West. I am so deeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaad, considering I haven’t even finished recapping the last season. Should I just admit defeat for that? Ha.


2 thoughts on “TMAD in Deukryang-do comments

  1. thank you thank you … endless thank youuuu for recapping this .. since im crazy n impatient, i read ur recap first , then see the raw version of 3MAD ..😂😂😂 coz i just cant wait for the subs .. haha .. keep on the great work u’re doin ❤️❤️❤️

    // ❤️ fm Malaysia


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