1 Night 2 Day S3 Ep 146

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 146:

Night has come and the magic has lifted. The kings return to become ordinary citizens and our five (sobs) common folk enter their base camp in Sejong Village, the place where King Sejong was born.

It’s time for the top three ranked music-makers, JunHo, TaeHyun and Defconn, to eat and out comes various meat dishes. Hee, there’s nothing on their table but meat. They don’t even have kimchi, ha! The other two get vegetarian food and are made to eat on the floor outside while the meat-eaters are allowed to eat in an open room just beside them.

Both Defconn and JunHo try to tease and tempt JongMin and DongGu with their meat, pretending that it’s so fresh they still can hear the cow moo, pfft. But DongGu and JongMin cannot be bothered and halfway through his dinner, JunHo suddenly holds his cheeks, complaining that his jaws hurt, HAHAHHA!!! Before long, the meat eaters end up craving for the vegetarian’s vegetables and the tables turn, with Defconn asking them what they want the most, trying to barter, and DongGu going, “well, I’ll think about it!” HAAAA! Then JongMin and DongGu chow down, hee.


JunHo asks if he can’t have kimchi and Yoo PD refuses to give any so JunHo swears that he’s never eating meat after this, hee! The winners even get dessert and it’s beef soup. PFFFT! Is this a privilege or a torture?

Dinner ends and it’s time to decide who sleeps where. But it seems like they’re not going to be able to play any physical games, because all the meat-eaters’ belly pouches have revealed themselves, thanks to all that meat, heh.

Yoo PD tells them that King Sejong’s first words after ascending the throne was, “dong-eui (agree)”, meaning to say, “let’s discuss together”. He was known as the King of Communication (or a King who can communicate) and therefore, their game to decide who sleeps where is titled, “Corner – all night debate/discussion”. Pffft. That sounds terrible already and they complain.

The game is simple – they just have to discuss a given topic and at the end of it, vote for the most persuasive member (other than their own selves). JunHo checks that they’re just going to vote among themselves and when he gets the confirmation, he laughs that they just vote now because the discussion is going to be meaningless.


Just like how they divided for dinner, the first three will get to sleep indoors while the last two will have to sleep outdoors, on the stone floor where their legs are resting on right now.

The first topic they’ll be talking about is… “how do you wisely tell your girlfriend that she has bad breath?” Pffft. This has 1 Night 2 Days all over it.

DongGu shares that he once had a friend like that before and says that it was the most difficult when they went to the movies because in movies you have to be quiet and that’s when most people lean into the other person and whisper in their ear (and therefore coat the poor person’s face with their breath, heh) when they have to ask something.  So DongGu’s method was to pretend that he liked eating gum. He’d eat a gum himself and offer his friend one.

JunHo hears him, but states that some people have breathes that smell so bad gum doesn’t cover it. The smell comes from their internal organs, he demonstrates, pfft. He shares that he once talked to a top model, one who was taller than him, and she had bad breath. So when she opened her mouth, her bad breath would come down on him like rain from the sky, ha. He goes on to explain that women who diet usually have intestinal problems that lead to bad breaths.

DongGu offers another method, which is to open a new bottle of mouth spray and spray it in his mouth, her mouth, ask her to go, “haa”, complement the smell and then give her a peck. Defconn frowns and says that only works with DongGu’s face. Aw. DongGu argues that the other person is supposed to be your girlfriend so it should work no matter who you are! Defconn vehemently argues that it’s not a method for everyone, hahaha.

JunHo notes that if a lady really had that problem, he mother would have told her and he and Defconn act out what happens when the gentle notice doesn’t work and the word POOP comes out, HAHAHHA! DongGu has to remind them that the topic has the word “wisely”. JongMin insists that they have to tell it to her politely and the others demand to know how. His reply is to not talk for one hour. PFFFT. JunHo just laughs that if everything comes out after being trapped for three hours………. oh please don’t make me imagine it!

TaeHyun suggests that one buys something like medicine for it and give it to her, letting her realise the truth herself. JongMin presses him to answer what he would do about a peck and even despite JunHo reminding him that the smell is coming from her intestines, he refuses to pinch his nose out of respect for the girl and shows how… he takes a breath before going in for the kill, HAHAHAH!


JongMin decides to beat around the bush and tell her, “there’s a smell coming from your intestines,” making DongGu pfft in laughter. How is that not being direct?! Hehehe! He slays the whole house with that one sentence and he argues that it’s better than saying that it smells like poop! But then he also offers to send her to the hospital to get a surgery, heeeeeeh!

JunHo pretends to be the girlfriend and acts offended and in reply, JongMin just says, “I’m sorry”, but he doesn’t give up on going to the hospital. Yoo PD gets intensely interested in whether he’ll give his girlfriend a peck and JongMin easily says no.

Defconn’s idea is to go eat some Korean (oriental) medicine with her and JunHo immediately pretends to the girlfriend opening the box of Korean medicine, screaming, “oh, it smells of poop? Might as well tell it to me!” HAHAHHAHA! Yoo PD wants to know if he’ll still kiss his girlfriend and Defconn says he will. He just wants to kiss!


DongGu says that this kind of problem is not solved in a moment but over time and with that, the debate comes to an end.

It’s time to vote and TaeHyun is the king with two votes. Three other people got one vote each… and JongMin is the one who’ll definitely have to sleep outside, hehe.

The next debate topic is: “If your parents are against it, will you go through with your marriage or not?”

TaeHyun gets up and declares that he’ll be sleeping on the floor. JunHo says, “no comment!” HEHEHEH.

This time, we don’t get to hear much of the discussion but it’s definitely long and boring… because Yoo PD has fallen asleep right in the middle of it. HAHAHAHAHA! He tells them to stop now and says that he’ll take a minute to tell them their morning mission then messes up his explanation because he’s still half-asleep, hee.

Bed time arrives and JongMin’s the only one sleeping outside on the hard floor. But they’re all not far from each other and JongMin easily strikes up a conversation with JunHo, the contents of which include JunHo telling JongMin: “It’ll rain tomorrow morning. Don’t think of coming to my room!”

Morning comes and they’re woken by a recording of Kim NaNa (the pansori singer from the last episode) doing a really interesting and fun song.

They’re ported off to the representative gate of the Joseon royalty, the Gwanghwamun. The palace it guards, the Gyeongbukgung, was a palace built in 1395, the 4th year of King TaeJo’s reign, and was totally destroyed in the Imjin war due to a fire. In 1867, it was rebuilt for Hungseon Daewongun. Later it was destroyed again during the Japanese Invasion and restored in 1991 to the façade as seen today.


Their morning mission is to make T-shirts for foreign tourists – to personally write their names for them in Hangul. It’s a joyful and colourful affair as our guys, whom we’ve only mostly heard speak Korean, end up speaking English to all their foreign friends.

There’s a cute moment when JunHo goes, “I’m forty-two” to a kid and the kid replying, “I’m three!” back at him. Then he points to JongMin and says he’s sixty, heh. TaeHyun gets a request for his autograph on a shirt but he regretfully rejects.

We’re shown the shirts and filming for the King Sejong special comes to an end.

It’s another day and another start. Our five boys walk down the wide sidewalk together in a row and they tease JongMin for not eating ramyun. There IS a day when he doesn’t eat ramyun before he sleeps!

DongGu looks up and notes that they’re walking along the Metasequoia Lane… a place that’s very familiar to me because I was just there last summer. Damyang! They’re in beautiful Damyang (the place with the cultivated bamboo forest – Jongrokwon (pronounced Jongnokwon) ), and currently walking under the shade of 40+ year old trees.


They wonder if there’s a guest today, noting that a nearby pavilion is covered. Yoo PD tells them that there are friendS waiting for them and they announce a long list of ladies they would like as their guest. Heh, TaeHyun is a loyal fan because he calls out TWICE again.

Yoo PD tells them that the guest is a friend of one of them and they all groan as they remember Yoo PD asking them for the names of the friends whom they’d lived with. HAHA. They moan that they should have called out the names of some ladies (but they can’t too, because it’ll be such a scandal if single males lived with single females) and then call out for the one female friend that JongMin has – ShinJi – when he asks why not. HEHEHHEHEHE!

They call ShinJi to come out already but are stunned when they see the silhouette. Through a voice modification device, the friend says that his friend has a nice face (Defconn eliminates himself and JongMin, aw) and is glib-tongued. JunHo laughs that there’s no such person here and the friend continues to say that the person has a lot of popularity among women. They point at DongGu, heh.

He has short legs and plays the guitar well and JunHo finally knows that the friend is talking about him. TaeHyun has a good look at the friend’s silhouette and guesses that it’s Yoo JiTae.

They call for him to come out but he doesn’t so DongGu asks if he has a kid. The friend turns it on JunHo and says that his friend has a kid. JunHo flips out because he doesn’t HAVE any kid and then they realise that TaeHyun’s the one who has a kid and is also a friend of JiTae.

Finally, the friend reveals himself and as expected, he’s the super tall Yoo JiTae. He looks good with the tall Metasequoia trees behind and DongGu quips that JiTae’s the Metasequoia of the entertainment world. AHHAHAHHA!

Of course JunHo brags to the rest that they’re really friends then proceeds to share stories about them in university, totally revealing all their embarrassing stories. They’d both taken their university entrance examinations together, the same school that TaeHyun apparently applied to but failed, aw. JiTae says that JunHo hasn’t changed at all, just like how he’s still the problem, heh, and how JunHo had refused to be treated as a same aged friend.


There’s a next friend and they all guess that the friend is a female. “She” says that “her” friend is nice, a bit of a fool, sings… okay-ish… (ha!) and is popular. They all guess that “she’s” JongMin’s friend. “She” says that girls like him but never actually tell him and DongGu note that that’s exactly how girls treat JongMin. They all clap and go, “oh, it’s JongMin,” but no one wants to be introduced to him, HAHAHAHHA! DongGu is getting good at this!

TaeHyun asks the friend if “she” drank alcohol today and “she” says “she” drinks every day! HAHAHHA! They then scream for ShinJi to come out now. Yoo PD asks them how they’re so sure and JongMin says that it’s because “she” drinks so much alcohol.

They get the shock of their lives to seeJunHo’s comedian colleague and friend Jeong MyeongHun appear from behind the blinds, heh. JongMin goes into damage control and says that ShinJin doesn’t drink nowadays and TaeHyun apologises, hee.


MyeongHun jokes that he’s a C class comedian and after introductions, admits that he’s annoyed that the nice actor is introduced first, not able to look in JiTae’s eyes, heh. He shares stories about JunHo (he uses too much electricity, heh) and JiTae shares how he ended up living with JunHo, four persons to a room that’s paid for by three people. Heh, JunHo shows the world how 3000 divided by 3 becomes 800 and apparently JiTae never paid for rent or anything because he came with his second-hand TV and did all the chores.

JiTae says that he became the mom and MyeongHun cuts in to add that living with JunHo means there’s no other option but to turn into someone like a mom, hehe. JunHo tells him to go.

This reunion is the first time Yoo JiTae and Jeong MyeongHun have ever appeared in a KBS variety and Yoo PD says that they need some initiation. He gives them a list of games to choose from and JiTae chooses rock-paper-scissors, the one where he has to lose three times in a row. JunHo even gives JiTae a demonstration but JiTae can’t help but win. And he wins over and over again, hehehe. After a series of wins, he finally throws out a losing hand and he demands for one more try. Then he pulls out a winning hand. Heheh!

MyeongHun goes up next and loses three times immediately. JiTae plays again and finally maintains a rock when JongMin throws out paper.

The next game JiTae chooses is the game where he has to catch his own shoe after doing the elephant turn. TaeHyun even gives him a demonstration and now it’s JiTae’s turn. He turns around slowly, which is cheating, and so after like three turns, Yoo PD goes, “ONE!… Two.” HAHHAHA!

He finishes his 10 rounds, tottering all over the place, and in the end can’t even throw his shoe because he forgot to loosen it and falls in a faint somewhere else. HAHHAA. JunHo screams at Yoo PD for his harsh treatment of his actor friend, heh.

MyeongHun goes up next and JunHo is sorta confident that he’ll do well because he’s athletic. But MyeongHun turns so fast that he just stumbles and falls over right in front of them. JunHo scolds him for not being as funny as JiTae was.

Next game up for JiTae is the coffee-kkanari classic. JiTae laughs that they all look the same. Both JiTae and MyeongHun choose their cups… but nothing happens because they’d both chosen the coffee. MyeongHun later sighs that he thought his cup was kkanari but… today was not his lucky day, heh.


JiTae gets asked how he feels so far and he says that he’s having fun. TaeHyun says that that’s what everyone says at the start but by the end of the day, they’ll want to go home. And the day after, when asked if they’ll come again, they usually say, “no”. DongGu points out that JiTae will probably go off quietly. Heh.

JiTae teases MyeongHun, saying that he looked like he was acting earlier with the elephant spins and JunHo shares that there are people who really can’t tolerate it, like GuTaeng Hyung, JooHyuk. However, there are also a lot of masters at that, like TaeHyun and “that dongsaeng”. DongSaeng ah, is France fun?

Because they have guests today, they’ll get food before heading to their next filming site, and it impresses all the other 1 Night 2 Days members though JiTae says that he’d eaten breakfast before coming since he’d heard that they don’t feed you, hehe.

Yoo PD brings up JiTae’s 2001 iconic drama One Fine Spring Day and tells JunHo to act as the female lead there, asking JiTae to act out the well-known scene in which Lee YeongAe said, “let’s break up” and without even any hesitance at all, JiTae says his line: “how can love change?”


They try it out and JunHo breaks down in embarrassment at the end, having the flutters for JiTae. He calls JongMin over to feel what he feels and when JiTae acts that line again, JongMin reels because his own heart fluttered too!

The other iconic scene in that drama is the one where Lee YoungAe goes, “shall we have Ramyeon?” and that ties in with their next game – the one in which they play Red Light, Green Light while eating Ramyeon. (The Korean version is called the “Moogoonghwa kkotchi pi-eott seumnida” game.)

They have to eat the Ramyeon while heading towards the catcher and can only tap him when they finish with their Ramyeon. MyeongHun is the first catcher and he catches JiTae mid-mouthful. He stares so long that JiTae bursts out in laughter and has to go to the back. The game continues and Defconn gets caught reeling from the scalding Ramyeon when he shouldn’t even have been moving. JiTae ends up moving too and walks back voluntarily.

The game continues and Defconn keeps failing while JongMin keeps complaining that the Ramyeon is too hot. Yoo PD even has to tell JunHo to come up because he’d hidden behind the table, HAHAHAHAH! And later, he hides behind the tree… but responded when Yoo PD called, not when MyeongHun called, and therefore has to return to the starting line. In that time, JiTae had sped from dead last to become the one to finish his Ramyeon and tap MyeongHun first.

As time passes, TaeHyun, JongMin and Defconn pass too, leaving only DongGu and JunHo in the race. DongGu is like the turtle, slow and steady while JunHo attempts to be like the hare, fast, but ends up having to return to the starting point yet again because he can’t stop in time, hehe.

But finally, JunHo is the one to tap MyeongHun next, meaning that DongGu is last in place and loser of the game. Heh, he complains that his has rice in it. I REALLY don’t get the Rice and Ramyeon combo! And poor DongGu totally chose the wrong cup noodles.


The game comes to an end and JiTae’s first words are, “It was hard.” HEHEHHEHEH. Welcome to 1 Night 2 Days!

However, since he’s the winner of the game, he’s spared from punishment, but poor DongGu isn’t. Yoo PD lets them choose from a list of punishments and because DongGu says that he’s never tried the “pickaxe” before, they choose that.

Heh, he calmly sits on JiTae and MyeongHun’s thighs, which is when Yoo PD reminds them not to go easy because they could find themselves in the same position later. So JiTae presses his elbow down hard on DongGu’s thigh. But Yoo PD hadn’t signalled for the start of the punishment yet so they have to go again! HAHAHAHAHHAAAAA!!!!

A man from the Marines is as tough as nails and DongGu manages to endure pickaxes on both thighs and his sideburns being pulled for 10 seconds, his face betraying nary any pain. He impresses JunHo while JiTae is all “I had fun! I really felt the enjoyment!” HAHA! And DongGu spills that the actor totally was wriggling around, trying to find the spot that inflicts the most pain.


MyeongHun is given his cup ramyeon to eat alone at the side, heh, and before we end filming right there, Yoo PD insists on them doing one of his grandpa chants. Pfft, JiTae is super stiff but it doesn’t matter because all of them get out of sync mere seconds into the chant.

They board up the bus where MyeongHun says that he saw SiYoon in a bath house, both completely naked, when he was still filming Unstoppable High Kick. Heh. JiTae shares that his son’s name is SooIn and declares that there’s nothing better than raising a child.

Defconn asks Yoo JiTae which faction of Yoo he belongs to and learns that they’re both from the same place. Oh you mean Defconn’s real name is Yoo DaeJun? Pfft, the other members are surprised and JunHo jokes that he thought Defconn’s family name was “De”. What bullshit, hehe.

They list all the entertainers from the Yoo clan like Yoo JaeSuk and even Andy Lau (lol) then wonder why Defconn isn’t a huge celebrity like them. MyeongHun notes that he and JiTae share the characteristic of having wide shoulders at least.

JunHo confirms that his dream was always to be a comedian and JiTae backs up that claim, saying that when they went for MTs, JiTae would play Lee JungJae and JunHo would play Choi MinSoo, haha, then JunHo insists that he was more popular back then.

TaeHyun sighs that if he’d passed the exams, he would have been classmates with them. But Defconn notes the if JunHo went to that school, then he must have been good in his studies. No, he was just good at bluffing, heee, and sang instead of miming and so totally aced the performance part of the entrance exam.

They go on to discuss that people who look alike generally sound alike too and while Defconn looks and sounds like Kim GuRa, DongGu looks and sounds like Shin HyeSung from Shinhwa. JiTae on the other hand, looked and sounded like Taiwanese-Japanese singer-actor Takeshi Kaneshiro (or JinCheng Wu).

The stories continue coming as the bus continues down the road.




Next Week!

JiTae shows the world just how well he can act coy.



Sorry this came out later than usual!

I actually had 2/3 the episode recapped but then something cropped up and so was taken away. Anyways, there’s still the rest of the debate posted online to cover, so wait for it!


4 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Day S3 Ep 146

  1. 1n2d continues to entertain me weekly without fail. There were so many funny moments that it’s hard to just mention one or two. But i must comment that the accompanying cartoon sounds/music for this show are on point. It really brings out the mood of each moment so well. Loving it!
    (Ps: was the wake-up song, Jongmin’s song?)


    1. Yes, the editing is LOT better these days.

      Eo, you’re right. I went back and heard it again, heard “King Simba” in the lyrics and went to check the actual song with Kim NaNa. You’re right. It’s JongMin’s song.


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