1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 146 Extra Debate

Topic: You’ve come to discover that your girlfriend, whom you’ve been dating a long time, is two timing you with your friend. What will you do?

Has someone been watching Jealousy Incarnate? Ha.

For TaeHyun, he’ll cut ties with both his friend and the girlfriend. JongMin cuts in, disagreeing, saying that it sounds too much like a sad and pitiful story.

Why? Because the woman is too pitiful. JunHo and Defconn don’t understand at all and criticize him but DongGu asks why she should be pitied. JongMin’s answer is because the woman too, is sick. What?

JunHo gets terribly confused, asking what sickness she has and JongMin replies that she has sickness of the heart. Uh… Defconn asks just what’s the relationship between the heart and cheating.

JongMin feels that a woman not being able to erase the other one in her heart is not necessarily 100% the woman’s fault. He says that rather than think that the woman is bad no matter what, it’s better to think that there’s a reason she’s acting this way.

TaeHyun asks him what he’ll do then and he asks if he really has to answer that. Pfffft. They all point to the last line in the question and so he answers, “break up with everyone!” HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!

JunHo would throw both love and friendship away. No, he’ll throw love away… and then when that friend gets a girlfriend, he’ll date her. PFFTHWAHAHHAHA!

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! I’m going to have my revenge!”

I can’t believe him, HAHAHHA! And even JongMin agrees with his thought process! But then TaeHyun breaks his day dream and asks him how sure he is that he’ll be able to get that girlfriend, heh.

JunHo replies that he’ll manage himself well, and his skin too… pfft.

Defconn notes that the question never says if she’s dating anyone else, meaning that there’s a possibility that she’s not just a two-timer but a three-timer, four-timer and because Korean actually use the word “legs” instead of the Β word “timer” here, he even throws in an octopus, heh. So his method is to find all those other guys quietly and reveal just what kind of woman she is with a bang.

Then JongMin cuts in to ask that he doesn’t have such an experience before right? HA. TaeHyun mutters that it sounds like he only watched dramas (and thus doesn’t have real-life experience or understanding), heheh. JunHo goes towards the question paper and then points to the words, “long-time” and “dating” and says that Defconn has neither, hee.

JongMin shares that he had such an experience before, when he was younger. A friend had introduced a girl to him and so they “dated”. But then when he went to his friend’s house to play, his friend was on the phone with the girl and that night, that friend told him that he and that girl liked each other. Are you JungWon? Pfft.

Totally absorbed, TaeHyun asked him what he did… and JongMin replied that he cried. HAHAHHA! Aw. He really cried a lot!

He’s still in contact with the friend but when they tell him to contact that friend, he answers that that friend is now living in Vietnam. What? Vietnam is close to Thailand! (Sorry for all the Jealousy Incarnate references if you haven’t watched that show.)

He tells the others that his friend and that woman broke up, and the woman had told him not to meet his friend or her anymore. What? That’s so selfish.

JunHo asks JongMin if that girl has seen his friend and JongMin replies that he doesn’t know. JunHo: “they’ll meet.” AKA, they’re gonna meet again without him knowing and DongGu, who’s been quiet this whole time, adds, “even now”. HAHAH.

Defconn tells him to share his opinion and DongGu says that so far, they’ve all been saying the same thing – breaking up. But actually, the important thing is… and Defconn interrupts to to say that even then, there’s no other choice other than to kill them both, HAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAA! TaeHyun laughs that he’s watched a lot of bad dramas and Defconn bursts out, yeah, he did! Then JunHo insists on having revenge. Pfft.

DongGu says that morally, she’s definitely wrong, but adds that love can’t be judged by morals. Oohhh…

He says that since it’s the woman he loves and the friend he likes, he’ll just push them together and back out.

TaeHyun then asks about making the woman choose between the friend and him. Heh. Since he knows about everything, why not just choose and end it cleanly and JunHo does the Korean equivalent of eenie-meenie-minie-moe, HAHAHHA.

He and JunHo stand to demonstrate how they’ll make her choose and then JunHo asks for a moment. They should have time to charm and attempt to appeal to her! HAAAAA!

JongMin laughs that the method of solving it is really clean. JunHo agrees, telling the girl to just choose and the captions tell us that that’s the Variety way, heh. Lightly.

TaeHyun just says that if she chooses him, then they’ll just continue to date, but DongGu adds that a person who cheats will… surely cheat again. JongMin agrees, adding that even the person who got cheated on will start getting suspicious.

That stuns everyone. Then TaeHyun asks if that happened to him, haha. But JongMin is serious this time. Because of the hurt he/she’d received, it’s best to get over the problem fast.

He then adds that since no one’s broken the law (and JunHo cuts in to ask if he’s done anything like that too before, haha!), it’s better that they just let go of/solve it well.


(Why does the sound quality suddenly worsen towards the end… =.=|||)


10 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 146 Extra Debate

  1. thanks for trans..aww such pity this get cut from broadcast but glad they still share πŸ˜›
    maybe because cheating topis too heavy for variety lol
    Jong Min sure is real life Jung Won


  2. Oh wow thanks for posting this and translating the whole comversation πŸ™‚ I saw the note in the actual episode informing us to go online to watch more debates. I’m delighted to find it here. Thank you. πŸ˜ƒ


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